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  • bhavna_singh 2w


    No one is example.
    No one know your struggles.
    No one knows your story.
    No one know your strengths.
    No one know your capabilities.
    People will comes and go,
    find your SEAT!

  • ananias 5w

    At times, a thought occurs to me which seems so absolute that it must exist beyond my own mind. I search, but never find, the shine of this contrived idea outside myself. I hear its echoes on others' words, in the breeze's whisper and the songs of birds; I strive and drive myself to realize my mind's reflection.


  • cinxcin 13w

    Ideals sometimes, can be deadly.

    "In The Mind Of An Idealist"

    I don't hide.
    You don't have to find me,
    I am here.

    Just come.
    I will welcome you,
    with everything.

    Why can't you see the good in all I've done?
    Why you people persecute me?


    Now you will see.

  • rangsyahi 14w

    कमबख्त घड़ी

    समय का साथ किसने छोड़ा
    वो जो समय के साथ चल नही पाया
    की वो जो समय से आगे निकल गया?

    जिंदगी चालू होते ही बाल सफेद हो जातें है
    जवानी के रंग कागज़ पे ही नजर आते हैं
    खट्टी बातें शहद जैसे लगने लगती हैं
    और मीठी बातों पर आसू घिरते हैं।।

    समय का साथ छोड़ने वाले हम कौन है
    ये कमबख्त घड़ी कभी हमारा था ही नहीं ।।

  • rodney 24w

    When I say.

    Falling from the sky,
    I know I feel like I'm about to die.

    I don't like to speak lies,
    I'll let my lyrics pass through you like you aren't alive.

    I'm worn out of my lines,
    Trying to change your mind is not my life.

    Let me change myself,
    I don't care about life.

    From the place of honesty and sincerity,
    I've come here in clothes of music to free what I hide.

    I don't prefer to talk much,
    For my love is where I side.

    If today's world ended on my rhymes,
    I'd breathe life to you,
    Before I lay mine - beside.

    (If nobody was a person,
    She'd understand.

    Since, nobody is nobody,
    I'd rather let the time stand,
    Paint canvases on my way towards your land.)

    As for the people, the prospects of peace,
    The accords and all the documents in safes of treasuries—
    They lie next to country's conspiracy theories.

    For my faith lies not on human anatomy, physiology or wars fought on grounds of humanity,

    For my faith lies in Almighty.

    For if Islam speaks of God's abundant grace towards humanity,
    For if Jewish survived on Nazi's holocaust strategies,

    Why do we fight, taking sides for something so temporary?

    What's holy, if our body is defiled in Adam's ancestry?
    What's holy if innocent children's blood rain on the heads of the holy?

    If my country could live in harmony,
    With my Muslim, Hindu and Jewish friends sharing our traditions like long lost family,

    Why couldn't you be responsible for what you do henceforth,
    Than blame each other for what you did for all of eternity?

    Can a piece of land survive without someone feeding to its serenity?

    Did David kill Saul, just because Samuel anointed him instead of Jonathan?

    Did Abraham kill Ishmael, after Sarah conceived Isaac?

    Did Lord end the lineage of Cain, after he assassinated Abel?

    Didn't Akbar have all of world's religious leaders in his court of the literary?

    Why do we blame a religion,
    For what one does with his own hands?

    Why do we point fingers to each other,
    When I, myself am convicted of several?

    For blood runs red,
    Blood clots black,

    Whatever you think or pray,
    Pray that you never slay,

    In the name of God,
    Who never had a say.

    Who never had His say;
    In this matter,
    Even when you prayed.


  • jayyayyemehhbadaboom 32w

    Blind the masses

    majority of American tax money will be used for war
    with engraved initials of innocent civilians on bullets in the barrels of soldiers guns
    tanks and bombs are used to intimidate other countries
    they say in the name of lady liberty, the enemy must fall
    but she sobs over the ideals of our present administration
    in planting fear and dependence on the masses
    controlling everybody and claiming the future generations
    using pretty words of justice, charity, labors, and the pursuit of happiness
    never seen any official take the meanings of the words and put them into practice
    discussing ways to control the population
    simply done while everyone focuses on greed, dangers, and material objects
    dazed in front of lit-up screens
    no one sees the purpose of their lives
    obtaining true happiness is a reality no one ever achieves
    put down the screens
    pick up a book and read
    see the illusion in front of our faces
    scream in the face of injustices and grip onto your life
    understand the way we govern our nation is not right

  • simplysaumya 70w

    Not so fair
    Of a reticent smile
    Full of storms
    Burying all of it's secrets,
    In the tranquiliest form.


  • ankitj 85w

    Misplaced History

    While in India some augmented reckless religious outfits are pelting stones at the Government for alleged seclusion from citizenship with a greater motive of facilitating communal and religious supremacy, in Pakistan the Government is hurling stones and sticks upon womens participating in Women's Day March 2020 due to instigation by some religious caretakers !

    Just some misplaced history and want of impractical ideals made situations harder for all.

  • coldhead 104w


    All creations great
    Never imitate bygone history blind.
    Imagination is essence.


  • howlunatic 110w

    The night has been the most loyal listener of my voice.
    It has seen me cry,laugh,suffer and win.
    Yet it stands beside me ,
    Stays with me
    Makes me better
    Makes me what I want to be.

    A creature of the Night..


  • howlunatic 110w

    Only you needs to know what your true motives and ideals are,
    Its not likely that the world would appreciate your thoughts,
    WEAR A MASK till you claim your goals and then let your success make some noise


  • johnconstantine 121w

    A person can work for their ideals.
    But if you lose sight of those ideals
    when things don't work out as you'd hoped,
    you'll never accomplish anything!
    You won't be able to protect yourself
    or those dear to you!.

  • rani_pathmini 123w

    All things great
    never imitate their history blind.
    It creates new.


  • _shaurya 124w


    Living by ideals or knowledge; as far the inner you is concerned, is futile. It imprisons you worse than your habits. It's like trying to meet two parallel lines leading nowhere.

  • the_words_of_a_wanderer 130w

    A Tale of Mistaken Ideals

    There was a simpler time
    Where I could look across the bar
    Of a distant corner and spot my love
    She would smile the prettiest from afar

    That was the only connection needed
    The only approval I ever thought was good
    Years went by and added sincerity
    Then came the valley of indecision, as it should

    There was a big bad villain named Society
    Trying to interfere where it wasn't invited
    I stopped it so it went after the elders
    Influencing them to be blinded

    Not to concern with the happiness of two souls
    But to be concerned with upholding of tradition
    Pride was valued greater than a human life
    Adjustments to ensue mediocrity and unhappy expectations

    Suddenly we both were fighting not out of love
    But out of spite the big baddie had spun
    Grinning in the corner, diabolical in nature
    All our hopes and dreams dead by a shotgun

    Then detachment, reality and hatred
    Brewed at the chaotic demise of dreamy optimism
    "How lovely would it be if we live and let live?"
    Changed to "Suffocation in bigotry and conservatism"

    No longer we lived in a time so simple
    All hope and beliefs were crumpled
    If once it was love, not anymore
    Orthodoxy turned it to a malignant tumor


  • anupama_sarkar 134w

    सुनिए मेरी कविता "रावण" #youtube #channel #MereShabdMereSaath पर


    #recital #hindi #poetry #raavan #ideals #God #evil #traditions

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    नकारना बुद्धिमत्ता का पर्याय ही बन चला
    मौलिक नहीं सोचना बस परंपराओं को नोचना
    विभीषण को कोसना
    खुद दोस्त के सीने में खंजर घोंपना
    शायरी की आढ़ में चिलमनों से झांकना
    दिखावा कर स्वच्छता का दूसरों को कमतर आंकना
    निष्पक्ष हो सोचो तो पाओगे केवल प्रतीक हैं
    रावण का पुतला गांधी का चरखा
    सुभाष का खून मांगना
    बस इक पुकार है इंसानियत को जगाने की
    लुके छिपे आदर्शों को दिया दिखाने की

  • aphrolighte 150w

    Revolutionary Devil

    Chin down
    The face of an angel turns devil
    As you reveal in idealistic hopes
    Trying to bevel unfulfilled moping
    Souls doping daily on The Machines
    Forced grey sheen of control

    Our holes growing larger
    The farther we walk away from nature
    Nurturing is what we need
    Sons plead to their god believing mother's
    Who've forgotten how to rise from their knees
    Shackled to lost dreams
    No one will ever be free in this cycle.

    But you've gotten me off the beaten path
    Desire contorted into wrath
    What can I say
    You've brought lightning to my sunny day
    Electrifying the Waves coursing through the air
    Sharing pain and pleasure...

    Your body on mine is getting heavier and heavier...

    Never hearing a viciously valiant voice
    Like yours before tore my mind
    Scattered it to the floor
    It's last dying words were it
    Crying out more and more.

  • aphrolighte 152w

    Say whatever you want

    What makes a man?
    What makes a woman?

    What traits are a sure in to succeed
    While others die off quicker from disease
    Does a man create war?
    A woman peace?

    Does a man always crave more
    Does a woman keep what's Between her knees
    A secret only for the strongest to seize?

    Bend and heave a man must be strong!
    Flirt and tease a woman must sing her siren's song!

    Do we have these ideals all wrong?!

    We shot down KING KONG for climbing the ladder
    What's the matter?
    He was strong
    Took what he wanted no idle chatter

    The men who've created these limits have grown fatter
    Their feet no longer patter down parliament
    They snarled and sent Orange Clark Kent
    Trying to keep their twisted laws bent

    But away from the shadows bigotry and sexism went
    Millions of eyes spread open grand schisms rose like tents

    Don't be scared there's still time to repent
    The new world hasn't risen yet
    Given the smell of the breeze however,
    I bet this weather will freeze and break us

    Either come together or forsaken trust
    Trust in today
    Stand up and say...

  • aphrolighte 152w

    New Ideals

    I'm not supposed to be in one place
    Not meant to only see one face
    I'm misplaced in my ideals
    On the hunt searchin for what's real

    Feeling the need to read
    And dig deep into history
    Learning about more than misery and spilled tea
    Looking to free myself of these meandering standards

    I want it to be me and you and her too
    Then travel somewhere new
    Our bonds aren't glue
    I'll always be fond
    but who can be happy staying in one space
    Before long I'll want to hear different songs
    Needing diversity’s taste

    Put here to experience and love
    We're all one, no one's a waste
    Like a Dove I'm spreading free across countries
    Please pop in and out of my life hunny
    Here's one free pass I just gotta ask
    In the morning
    do you want your eggs scrambled or runny?

    You don't need some key for my heart and soul
    Be yourself, even if you barter, even if you've stolen
    I'd love to check the holes in your Barrio's order
    We can talk
    no need to brick and mortar
    If our time is long or if it's shorter
    I'll love you passionately getting warmer and warmer
    More beloved then Warner Brothers
    Take my hand let's soar under these covers.


  • stan_shivam 153w

    There will be inspirers ,
    There will be romantics,
    There will be dreamers,
    There will be ideals,
    But only surrealists
    will tend to survive.