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  • diyabedi 15w

    300th post!
    Happy new year everyone ❤

    January: The Longest Winter

    In the depth of winter when the world is white,
    I find praise for January in its monotonous hue,
    Where summer lies in the graveyard, six feet out of sight.

    When the cold wind blows in the empty streets of lost delight,
    How pleasant ,as the sun declines, to view
    in the depth of winter when the world is white.

    People have seem to forgotten that January is a flower of night,
    Welcoming coldness with new beginnings as the world goes wheeling through,
    Where summer lies in the graveyard, six feet out of sight.

    Waiting for the snowflakes in the blinking stardust of skylight,
    Seeing the good changes to bring laughter on every morning when the wind blew
    In the depth of winter when the world is white.

    From the domes of church and the gable roofs hang the icicles quite,
    My heart stirred to imagine that a world approached after a year of anticipation anew
    Where summer lies in the graveyard, six feet out of sight.

    The time will shift, the transition will occur and the poets will write,
    "Curse on the fog to hide our sun, is there any wind that I knew"
    In the depth of winter when the world is white,
    Where summer lies in the graveyard, six feet out of sight.

    Pic credit: @mehtaharshita
    Pushing my boundaries this year so I tried writing a Villanelle Poem. Tell me if I did any mistake in writing this.

    Happy reading!

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  • _iexist 15w

    Sitting under a blanket,
    Hands quivering in the snub winter
    I used to admire it most before it docks
    on the grassy fields of areas
    tracked down above sea level
    where Zephyr warmly comes backs and forth
    Like your odor urging the blood of me
    to stream down the whole system
    Enduring the memento
    of love with untamed scars
    rather than known Universe
    beholden when clashed

    empty pages no more
    envy the resolutions
    Of froze out vows
    and thawed ink
    engaged in the war
    Between turn on
    exploring the world
    and solely love
    seeking identity
    simply fits
    the corpse
    like mistletoe
    the Christmas tree.

    subtle fragments
    pretends as a
    hidden veil
    wrapping up
    metaphorical notions
    when bodily ink
    crave it most
    enfold within icicles
    frozen to minus Celsius
    plaguing the letters
    eager to get
    posted and surpass
    her mailbox

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    #mistletoec #nyrc @writersbay

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    Eager to get posted
    and surpass her mailbox

  • bonitasarahbabu 16w

    All the ridicule they faced,
    The pain imparted upon them,
    This created a pair of cold hearted individuals.
    They were compared to icicles,
    But no one knew them behind closed doors,
    They were full of life and happiness.
    Their persona outside their safe zone,
    Was just that, a persona
    To protect themselves they became cold.
    In the privacy of their home,
    It was a different story,
    They went from icicle to warm hearted people.
    Treat all kindly,
    For we never know the trauma and pain they are facing.

  • sproutedseeds 16w


    Hoping to be like SPRING
    in the new year 2021
    renewal of life with positive energy
    and not be like ICICLE
    like it was in 2020
    frozen at home.

  • _creatingworldsthatdonotexist_ 16w

    @writersbay ~ You feel like the boy next door. So generous and hard working, too. I love you (•ө•)♡
    @writersnetwork ~ You give me hope and I seriously wish i keep up to how high you're raising the bar by giving me all this love. Thank you and I love you (•ө•)♡

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    Why I Could Only Love You
    Nine and Three - Quarters (9¾)

    Loving somebody is not
    Cobwebs hang from their
    Chandeliers and,
    Their eyes live
    With the fear of leaking,
    Because someone
    Broke their belief
    That the creases under
    Were meant to hold their

    Loving somebody is not easy
    When they
    Decorate their charred doors
    With pearls and
    Tie platinum chains
    To their broken heartstrings
    And hide under
    The old willow tree
    They planted in their heart
    And nurtured with their
    Gloom and there are
    Flowers of poetry
    That bloom on the grass
    That's greener but they don't
    Know where

    Loving somebody is not
    When loving them
    Means staying up
    And watching the sky
    Waiting with the stars in a vestibule
    To hold the sun by the waist
    Knowing that your arms
    Will hurt
    And you will not be
    Able to walk
    The road you laid down
    Because on your shoulders
    The fatigue of the past night
    Will clamber
    But understanding that
    Lending a shoulder
    And holding the pieces
    Of the painting
    That eases your sunsets
    And letting them
    Feed on your smile
    Is worth it

    Loving somebody is not
    When you must write them
    Song lyrics and poems
    Without a single inch of paper
    And without your
    Red blood and black ink
    Because your tongue
    Must become the ink
    As their lips become the words
    And your vulnerability
    Creates the punctuation
    So your breaths can make the
    And in each other you
    Leave paragraph imprints
    But before
    Your perfect novel
    Is writ
    The storms you
    Both cannot cut through
    Tear you
    Like lasers in your eyes

    Loving somebody is not
    When they don't always
    Like contentment and simplicity
    And they build
    In you
    The home they never had
    And when you
    Walk into
    And bandage promises
    Like the flowers
    Pressed between the pages of your
    Knowing that both,
    The promises and pages
    Will not have the privilege of

    Loving somebody is not
    When loving them
    Means diving headfirst
    Into arctic waters
    With icicles rooting from
    Your hair follicles
    And singing prayers
    That inhabit your veins

    Loving somebody is not
    But let me tell you
    I can love you
    Without talking to you
    For ten years
    And i can still love you
    If i push you
    To let go
    Because I know
    What it means to
    Mistake succumbing to boundaries
    For succumbing to love

    Loving somebody is not
    But sometimes,
    Not loving them is
    more difficult



  • pooja17 16w

    Life appears as icicle When we got entangled in The obstacles cycle and there's no space & no solution for Overcoming
    The same by any means So we are like that ice piece Which has to stick to In upside-down position only that can't allow it to move Or to slow down the pace rather just to keep itself standstill only**
    **do remember one thing -
    Life is too short to enjoy fully
    Beautifully truly fruitfully and fantastically
    So always try to make the best use of everything bcz we have to move with time and time never follow us...
    Every phase
    Gives space
    To face
    The extra ordinary case
    As per your pace
    To enhance the beauty around ****
    Please don't give up Rather
    Try to move back strongly than ever...
    Everything happens with a reason behind. .
    Trust god and believe yourself
    You will surely get the right route
    Which you deserve ***

  • pallavi4 16w


    He was the light of her life
    A luminous candle in the dark
    They’d spent they lives together even though
    The difference between them was stark
    He would often come home late
    But always with flowers in his hand
    If he ever messed up he would rectify
    The situation by doing something grand
    One day while she was shopping
    And humming to herself
    She saw him standing in a cafe
    From across the grocery shelves
    It was as though someone had
    Punched her in the gut
    When she saw the woman he was with
    Her eyes in utter shock she shut
    Hoping the image would disappear
    From her mind and her heart
    Quietly she collected her things
    Walked home dismally in the dark
    She vowed to not question him
    Instead wait for him to confess
    It was as though an icicle had been
    Pushed inside of her chest
    He came home early that night
    And tried to be his jolly self
    He noticed she’d grown weary of his jokes
    She refused to play along or melt
    The silence hung heavy between them
    Neither one willing to make the start
    Of breaking down what had gone wrong
    Why he’d gone and broken her heart
    Quietly they ate their dinner
    He knew looking at her this wasn’t alright
    She kept wondering what was wrong with her
    Staring into the ebony of the night
    He tried to work his way out of it
    Tried very hard to convince her otherwise
    But she’d seen what she needed to see
    And told him from him she’d like to cut ties
    With the love he believed he still had for her
    He tried to make a yes out of her no’s
    The next day she packed up all her things
    And left him watching the joy out of his life go


    29th of December, 2020

    Pic credit: Pinterest, picture credited to its rightful owner- “Moving on” by NaBHaN

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    #iciclec #HappyTaehyungday #Taehyung
    KST 12:05
    IST 08:35
    30 DECEMBER 2020

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    In the icicle of your love
    My wings stuck
    Holding Alyssum in my hand
    Waiting for your glance

  • words_flake 16w

    Sun has raised after long time..
    That frist sun ray falls on icicles hanging off window edges,
    Icicles shines against blue sky,
    Slowly icicles started dripping,
    Sound of dripping water comes to my ears,
    icicles were getting smaller by each dripping drop of it
    Sound of dripping water continues...
    Atmosphere was getting little warm
    And a bright cheerful day begins...


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    Image credit to rightful owner

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  • astronomia5222 16w

    Beautiful but fragile in the extreme
    Deep rooted yet brittle
    That's what makes trust an icicle


  • shreyah 16w

    All the perks went astray as I preconized being a wallflower.


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    Winsome Wallflower

    Through the throng of natter
    I grew as a wallflower
    Incarcerating my fervour to listen to you

    Amidst the boisterous wind
    I hid under icicles to survive the wintertide
    Festooning your spring with my fondant fragrance

    Tagged as demure and bashful
    I habitually bask in taciturnity
    Blooming among the astutes

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  • daphnae 16w

    wave to me

    sing to me
    the way you last
    left your notes open
    to the sky.
    the moon whispered to me
    about my name in them,
    how you hushed
    the shrieking zephyr
    playing along above
    the letters of my name.
    the stars reflected you
    among themselves,
    how we thawed
    the flakes and the icicles
    adjourning themselves
    from warmth and earth.
    they formed patterns
    of how you still
    frame your words
    with the same intensity
    while stirring it up
    with my "sugary eyes"
    and "salty lips."
    my eyes are now guilty
    of watching the nightsky
    and my lips,
    of playing with your name
    slipping off
    against the heartache
    it brings in
    to the blue of my pink laces.

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