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  • poeticstears 82w

    Keep Fighting

    Take that hood off your head!
    Stop resisting! Stop fighting back!
    I feel threatened, who cares if you can't breathe?
    all the rest of America tells you to forget the history.
    Country built on our ancestors backs, yet they try to keep us in our place.
    How is it I fought for FREEDOM, only to see my brothers die in the streets?
    Why are you after me?
    I want to go outside please stop the violence my eyes are all cried out.
    No Justice No Peace!
    My people even afraid to sleep, no humanity!
    FREEDOM still isn't free, even after all the people have die to fight to be that land of the free home of the brave.
    Yet I see more of my people in Graves , and you can't say their names.
    Stuck in a system were even if I'm peaceful you are disgusting by me.
    Take your kneww off my neck!
    I can't BREATHE!
    Don't stop fighting do what ever it takes for the word freedom to mean the same for me that it does you. I ..... Ca...n'.t B....

  • akp2000 82w


    Free is the mind searching the soul
    Free is the spirit shining like gold
    Free are the eyes to wander around
    Free are the feet to stand firmly on the ground
    Free is my tongue, the words that I speak
    Free is the body, the company I keep

    But why is freedom not offered to all?
    Isn’t everyone allowed it, Both big and small?
    A world is born of liberty
    A world is born of equality
    Why do you fight to take away my rights
    Why do you wallow in my plight
    Does it hurt you if I say I’m black and I’m proud?
    Does it hurt you the way I’m able to rally a crowd?
    Black is beauty, I stand by my words
    I will not be deterred

    You take one look at me and all you see is the colour of my skin
    Do you think because I’m black that I don't have potential within?
    Why do you think the texture of my hair
    Gives you the ability to make me live in fear
    In fear for my life and those around me
    History has made you so blind you cannot see
    Using only parts of the Bible to justify slavery
    What happened to ‘Love our neighbour as yourself’
    You're so blind that you don’t even see your hypocrisy
    Putting all your senses on a high shelf

    If free is my wings if I want to fly
    Why did they kill me, I did not ask to die
    If free is my speech to explain my innocence
    Then why was I incarcerated before explaining myself
    If free is the man to roam this earth
    Then why am I treated less than I am worth

    A world is born of freedom
    Freedom some have not yet won
    A world is born from diversity
    Yet they hold me in captivity
    A world was born of every man
    Freedom was its original plan

  • kevinosullivan 82w


    Juvenile squirrels darting in traffic,
    playing chicken on the streets,
    Sparrows bath in the granite shadows;
    gutters of dust and debris,
    Hot asphalt stained cold with summers death,
    urban roses keep overwatch silently over the scene, Chirping and wafting scents of fresh morning life,
    Serenity prevails after the gunshots and sirens of night,
    Another innocent black man will be killed by police on streets like this by sundown.


  • lionelruff 83w


    Why are we always relegated to a day or month?

    As if our history doesn't span beyond time
    As if anthropologists trumping race apologists haven't proved the origin of humankind
    As if we weren't systematically forced to binds and the backs of lines
    As if we aren't seeing racism in real time

    Why are we only celebrated when we're fun?

    As if we dance, sing, rap, thrust, for the likes
    As if ghettoes weren't engineered to produce black on black crime
    As if in dark times you only provide us with a gaslight
    As if my life mattered less, cause they "feared for their lives"


  • nonnahs 83w

    Dear Mr. Floyd,
    I’m sorry, from one human being to another.
    I’m sorry that you ever had to suffer.
    I’m sorry your life was stolen from you.
    I’m sorry that law enforcement of our country murdered you.
    I’m sorry your family had to say goodbye to you too soon.
    I’m sorry that you cried out for help and no one helped you.
    I’m sorry Mr. Floyd that 46 was your old age.
    I’m sorry that your last moments alive were so brutal that they are now replayed on the world’s stage.
    I’m sorry that your life ended face down in the street,
    I’m sorry that they ignored you when you begged, please, I can’t breathe.
    I’m sorry that you had to be all alone and have no one to hold your hand as you were taken away from this life.
    I’m sorry that when you cried out for your mom,
    she couldn’t be by your side.
    Im sorry you had to be alone and scared.
    I’m sorry you ever had to beg another man for one single breath of air.
    Mr. Floyd, if ever once in your life, you felt like you weren’t worth a dime,
    Just know that your name has now been spoken by millions, millions of times.
    I’m sorry for every second of each minute that you struggled to stay alive.
    I’m sorry you ever had to beg another human for your life while bystanders recorded the evidence footage of your unfolding homicide.
    I’m sorry that you won’t get to see what will be forever changed by your brutal death.
    And I’m sorry that you won’t get to see the day that skin color will no longer determine whether you get your next breath.
    I’m sorry that you are a casualty of this unending war in yet another horrific battle.
    And I’m sorry that your name, Mr. George Floyd, is now on the list with others that should still be alive because black lives matter.

  • d_pete17 85w


    Dear black man

    Pay attention to how people treat you
    We are no longer separate, but we still are not equal

    Tell the truth even though they will not believe you

    Your word is all that you have
    Do not be deceitful

    Help those in need even if they aren't your own people

  • mimi2235 85w

    We march


    Three words: "I can't breathe"

    The "crooks" on Fox News or in the White House tried to silence us but we will NOT stop until our voices are heard our system is fixed

    We need justice
    Not just for George Floyd but for everyone that the system has turned against.

  • pepper_16 85w

    Are you black or white?
    This is a question of past.

    If he can't breathe, I can't breathe too!
    This is present us!


  • sharvida_jackman 85w


  • victoriastokoe 86w

    Bystander.. A waste of death.

    #RIPGeorgeFloyd ❤ Bystander..A poem.

    Read the words,
    I can't speak now,
    I can't breathe..
    I'll say the words
    for you..I choke
    on tears and disbelief.
    I can't breathe.
    A waste of death.
    A loss we didn't need.
    A murder we can't

    'I can't breathe man, please'..
    Words you force out.
    Calling your Mama,
    with your precious air
    and you bleed.
    Take to both knees,
    help him,
    force the air in him

    Bystanders saw you
    killed by a knee.
    Check his pulse,
    he's not moving.
    It's police brutality.
    Mask wearing protest.
    Protect and serve,
    all your morals gone,
    killing me..

    I'll say the words,
    I can't breathe.
    I'll remember you,
    I've seen the proof
    and I will grieve.
    There will be justice.
    George Floyd ❤
    A waste of death.
    A loss we didn't need.


  • sunleo 86w

    I don't know how to capture my emotions right now. How does a person of my fortunate circumstance even speak to what is unfolding across the United States in this current moment. The thing I realized is now is the time to speak up, louder than ever. We can't walk back 400 years of oppression and racism but we can unite our voices in saying enough is enough. Our silence is screaming that we don't care when we fucking should. If you're angry, you should be. But let not anger be the blindfold of hate. Hate is what got us here. Hate is a learned thing and so it can be unlearned. Together, collectively we have a choice. We either ride this flaming dumpster all the way down or we unite our voices and say no more. Humanity forward, one step at a time with love and compassion being our Polaris. Our guiding star to the future we want for our children.
    Be safe and be well my fellow humans.
    #blacklivesmatter #forwardtogether #icantbreathe #love #compassion #understanding #oneworld

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    I can't breathe

    i can't breathe
    he said,
    she said,
    they said
    "I can't breathe"
    and we stayed silent
    we watched
    in fleeting horror
    with brief outrage
    we raised our fists
    only to lower them
    no more

  • rohinisarah 86w

    Everyone is special...
    Everyone is wonderful...
    Everyone is equal until some motherfuckers discriminate it!


  • the_kid_that_wrote_away 86w

    All it took were three words to send an entire nation into a frenzy. What a pity is it that we must resort to violence to keep our governments and justice systems in check!

  • mimi2235 86w

    #icantbreathe #georgefloyd #BlackLivesMatter
    For George Floyd:
    I can't breathe

    Those three chilling words

    There ain't no safe place in the "land of the divided"

    Every time I step outside my house
    A target is placed on me

    Always the same.

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  • twofaceed 86w

    Very depressing
    Time has changed
    Perspectives did not
    As black men are dying

    White men celebrates what they've arranged
    The world still accomodate murderers, a lot
    "Superiors" are rejoicing
    They love to rule, and so they engaged
    In hell, they must rot

    Good must prevail
    Murderers must be prevented to sail
    Handcuffed and locked in jail
    No help and without bail
    For all of these words entail
    Racism must stop; And we must not fail

    Take the leap of faith
    End supremacy
    No more non-racists
    Start being anti-racists
    The inhabitants of Earth
    Control the future
    Unite as one
    End the cruelty
    For a better future awaits
    If and only if,
    You are willing to change;
    If and only if,
    You are willing to stand up
    Promote what is right
    Let the good prevail


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  • as__writing 86w

    Kis Baat ka guroor hai tumko?
    Wo khubsurati ka?? Jo kuch saal mea hawa ban gayb hoo jaygi
    Ya un paiso ka jo maarna ke Baad tumhara kuch kaam nhi ayenga
    Bus wahi shaksiyat Meeti na meeta payegi jisna apni pehchan logo kea dil mea baithaye hai....
    Kab khatam hooga yea goro ka raj, aye mera dost khuda nea khubsurati haar jageh banaye hai.
    Achaye aur buraye shakal dekh thodi atti hai
    Jiski jaisa neeyat wo samna Aa he jaati hai.
    #justiceforgeorgefloyd #icantbreathe #mirakee @writersnetwork

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    Kis Baat ka guroor hai tumko?
    Meeti sea bana hai aur Meeti mea mil jaynga.
    Na paisa kaam aye tha aur na kaam ayenga
    Wo khubsurat chehra rakh Baan jayga par khubsurat baata sabhi ko yaad rh jaygi
    Kaala ho ya gora khuda to sabhi ka heesab lega
    Bus wo shaksiyat ki khushboo to wo bhi na meeta payega 

  • amodee 86w

    Spent the past few hours trying to write about the #georgefloyd incidence yesterday, but realized for the first time I'm utterly lost for words. It's literally suffocating even thinking about it #icantbreathe
    #writersnetwork #poem #mirakee

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    Leave this poem untitled and unread
    I've got no words for it


  • sherrys_poetry_space 81w


    I'm raising black boys in a world I'm terrified will never love or let them be. This shit is becoming a longer marathon everyday.��

    #SherryT #sherryspoetryspace
    #SOS #blackcommunity #STANDUP #STANDFOR #HELP #icantbreathe #racism #WECANTBREATHE #STOPIT #thisneedstoend #wearetired #why #blacklifestruggles�� #standtogether #blacklivesmatter✊�� #poetryislife #poetryislove #poetsofinstagram #poemsoflove  #poetsofmirakee #poetyfix #femalepoet #blackpoetry #blackpoet #blacklove #writersofinstagram #writer #writemyheartout

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    In all corners of the world
    You've seen our skin tone
    We arent news to you
    Seen the empires we have built
    Strength and ambition we bare
    Forgiveness in our veins as we build on
    Even after being sold and bought we build on
    You continue to tear away at us
    We wake up work away with missions
    Why do we scare you
    And even when we are under your feet
    Why do we scare you?
    You cant help but bury us
    Why do we scare you?
    No matter our shape,form, or position

  • ahomsey 86w


    "I can't breathe"
    "I can't breathe"
    skin color is mahogany
    that means they can't see
    so when I can't breathe
    I'm more likely to die
    they tried to socially construct us
    to not challenge law enforcement
    as the government stamps their endorsement
    on the hunting of black lives
    and then tell us we overreact when we protest their lies
    because most of the time when they're involved another black man will die
    and we sit here their mother, daughters, sisters, wives
    us black women helplessly mourn their black lives
    because when they can't breathe
    police don't hear our screams
    and ignore our cries
    giving us distorted reasons why they keep stealing black lives
    and each time it's never a surprise
    like how the fuck can't they get he needed oxygen to survive
    stuck on the ground with a knee in his neck
    but they expect us to be peaceful
    as if we don't live in fear
    or our vision isn't clear
    because we're sick of this injustice
    protect and serve
    doesn't come with death undeserved
    and that's why we can't trust it
    many still can't see why Kaepernick took a knee
    even in 2020 we are still protesting in the streets
    just to be able to fucking breathe
    as they choose to be blind claiming they're not able to see
    an innocent man being murdered slow yet so brutally
    and all he wanted to do was simply breathe... but in a world while living black the air is toxicity
    hopefully now he'll rest in peace
    because living like this...we all can't breathe

  • thecordialrebel 88w


    The eyes that's polarized to see only black and white,
    Can never make out how vivid a colourful soul can be.