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    In for the kill.
    I set the bill high.
    No t's and i's.
    Remain unwise.
    To my teeth and eyes.
    Let my blood tell lies.
    Honesty was my foundation.
    Now let me revoke my station.
    Back to basics.
    Physics and mathematics.
    For someone who doesn't.
    Speak his mother tongue.
    Yes! I've rung this bell.
    What is the point of cohesion.
    With so many languages.
    They say it's all variations called love.
    I wonder if love could make you levitate.
    Or charge your phone.
    There is an infrequent stutter.
    In hearing you mutter.
    Aye, but if all we all thought about was i.
    Maybe the world would say hi.

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    I am a man who is bharatiye but stay away from cast system.

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    Because it's I ♥

    There is an important
    There is an individual
    And I'm both at the same time.


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    #i wanna won u...#lovesick#dream❤️

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    Mohlat nhi ke mil aau mai khud se..
    Arsa hua khud se mile hue..
    Zehen me tumhari yaado ki ek basti basai hai maine ...
    Filhal inse hai fursat kahan....

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    You #die once #you live every day ❤️ I miss my lifeline in between the hours of work�� can't help it#I#will#stay#loving where #loveisu

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    I remember

    I wasn't after love,I was after life that called me to get into,Now I'm working to get out of confusion both made at same time!

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    3AM Me

    Her eyes are burning by now,but her heart will be lighter.
    Her head is banging,but her sleep will be longer.
    Her thoughts are spilling over,but her mind will be clearer.
    Her Smile is hidden,but her morning will be brighter.
    Her dream is sleeping, Can't wait to watch her.

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    #I hope you like the story ,please comment ����

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    When The Jacaranda Blooms

    Chapter 3

    The soothing melodies of Demi Lovato's 'it's okay not to be okay' filtered through the slightly ajar door,Shar raised her head from her notepad smiling wryly to herself ; Alice must have been playing that song loudly for her to hear,she mused as it continued,'all you need is somebody to say it's okay not to okay' .What a coincidence.

    'Ally must at least develop better tactics ,' Shar murmured to herself as she wheeled herself to close the half opened door.She had just spent an hour dwindling absent-mindedly on her notepad,maybe as an attempt at achieving some sort of distraction ,any kind was greatly welcomed these days .A much welcome break from her thoughts .

    'Beautiful Child
    Whose existence
    She keeps me awake at nightfall
    Much like a dedicated demon
    Warrior stance,battle lines drawn
    Nightmares in attire
    Much like soldiers at war
    Beautiful Child
    Whsoe pain?
    Tears of shame
    Tears of pain
    Burdened by melancholic fevers
    Thoughts of regret
    Beautiful Child
    Whose existence ? '

    It couldn't have been a more destructive blow to her life to wake up hospitalised ,with no ability to control any of her lower extremities; but the loss of her baby was the worst .Eileen had been just a few months old and the apple of Shar's eyes and her center of attention, no wonder Ally was playing the psychologist (everyone was worried about her ,the past months had slowly reduced her to a shadow of her former self ).The .ca accident now eight months later was still freshly imprinted in her memory to be relived repeatedly every single night.Shar in the eyes of her family had lost her sense of being and identity when she had awoke in the hospital to realize her child hadn't survived the crash and even though she tried to act as normal as she could be ,everyone could see the change.

    Shar smiled as the door so to a close shutting out the emotionally provoking melodies .As she turned back to her writing her eyes as if by gravity landed on the only picture in her room she hadn't asked Ally to pack away from sight - her baby Eileen.She felt the tears begin to pool at the back of her eyes ( almost now a well developed reflex when she looked at the pictures or at her husband) .Shar sniffed a little bit as she lifted the wooden framed picture of an adorable baby ,she willed her tears to stop as her eyes got teary and the room became a little blurry ; but that toothless smile, the twinkling eyes,the pudgy hands reaching up - her baby ,her poor baby,the tears forged a course down her cheeks into her lap as she soundlesly wept.

    'My poor baby,I'm sorry ,I'm so sorry baby ,mommy really misses you Eilly, 'she whispered heartbreakingly clutching the picture to her heart.

    'Ahem!,'a throat cleared from behind her startling her out of her miserable cocoon of guilt ridden tear shedding.
    She must have been deeply engrossed in her tears that she didnt hear the door open and her mother let herself into the room.How long she had been standing witness to that scene,Shar didn't know.

    'Mother,' Shar responded with a rather teary voice with her hand automatically swiping at her face to wipe away her tears.As she turned around to face the much dreaded confrontation that was long overdue given the sheer look of disapproval her mother had pinned on her just a while ago when her husband had come to try and get them to resolve issues and Shar had simply rejected him yet again.
    This is what they don't understand she had thought ,my baby is dead and its all my fault ,I can't walk,I can't do anything by myself ,I'm a burden to a man like him ,and I'm giving him his freedom ....what don't they understand. That had been the question she asked him,'what don't you understand ?'

    'You have to stop this madness Sharlene,'said her mother with a certain tone of finality that brought a look of absolute incredulity to Shar's face.
    'And don't give me that look, young lady ,that young man is willing to lay down his life for you even after all you've put him through ,and yet here you are caught up in your pityparty, it's not the end of the world okay,so I suggest you get over yourself. Its been 9months already,'she said while soothing Shar' s cheek a sensitive act juxtaposing the spears she had just thrown at her.

    'I understand mom,but not yet, please not now I don't want to fight today, 'Shar responded resignedly.
    'This is what the problem is,'She thought to herself ,it's never about me,never was about me or how I feel ....it's always been how I'm making everyone feel'
    At that moment she did wish she had the courage to voice that thought out , but instead of fanning out her mother's already lit fuse,she opted for a more peaceful alternative .
    'can we talk after my physio ,Miss Smith will be here soon'
    Maybe sensing a pending losing battle her mother excused herself,leaving Shar once again to the workings of a guilty conscience .


    'Shar, Miss Smith is here,' Steve (her brother's voice) breaks into her thoughts.
    'Okay I'm ready ,let her in,'she responded closing her laptop and placing Eilly's picture back on the desk.

    'Time to heal,'she whispered to herself. Shar preferred physiotherapy sessions as a better option to the 3 hour long psychological drillings with her therapist.
    'Should I join you today sis,'Steve said already in the room ,being a student doctor also ,he found his sister's situation a better learning experience and Miss Smith being attractive and sweet of course could have been another factor.
    'Of course,' was the reply everytime

    'Good day Shar,are we ready for today ...we are focusing on your knee reflexes today', Miss Smith smiles .


    to be continued

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    I&U - I LOVE YOU

    You start with Tea and end with Coffee
    I start with a Prose and end with Poesy
    Yes we aren't the same
    But that's isn't troublesome
    I'm not in seek for me
    I'm searching for something new
    I'm not in seek for the same
    I'm in seek for a change
    And that change is you
    I love this change and I love you


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    #I’m back

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    I’m back

    I know it’s been long
    But I return with a new song
    It’s back in my heart the rhythm of love beating like bump bump
    So everyone beware a new set of poems coming near

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    #i love u TUBELIGHT

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    #my thought

    I don't need anyone without my best friend until I die......Aur jb mar jaungi to tumko upar bulakar swarg me ludo khelenge....#mastmaskalife

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    You were the metronome,
    I was the sync.

    You the flower,
    I, the unpaid shill.

    You were life in motion,
    I, was silent, still.

    You said you wanted to go up the hill,
    I, devoured by unlived thrill.

    You were the monsoon,
    I, the lake you could not fill.

    You were the sure one,
    I came with frills.

    Abandon me you did,
    I knew abandon you will.
    Like a bird without the wind,
    Waiting for the kill.

    You weren't expected to come calling
    I, hoped against hope that you will...

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    I AM

    Am okay
    Am happy
    Am strong
    in front of everyone But, inside me
    Am not okay
    Am not happy
    When the lights get of
    Am myself know...
    Who Am
    And how strong Am

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    Mujhe Jaanne ki
    Koshish na kar.

    Pehle Main
    Khud to Jaan


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    #i'll always write for you and to you mama
    Continue RIP��

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    I wish that the dream becomes a true,
    Just I want to get you, just don't want anything else.
    But it's not............
    I want love ❤
    I want care
    I want respect
    I want trust
    I want Happiness
    I want understanding among us
    I want everything that will strong our

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    #i am# self love#pod

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    I AM

    I am underrated...but I am modern by my thoughts.
    I am sure and I 'm not an great poet.
    I am not the one,but I 'll be the one who shares their own ideologies..
    I am not yet good for someone.
    But,I am ready to split my goodness to whole my well wishers and enemies..

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    #i will go....

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    Even the Highest Rank
    Have to Fast
    Giving the Spirit a Blast
    Leaving the flesh Blank

    Aghast I'm blessed...
    Leaving the cursed
    I'm relieved
    No more Deceived

    I've received
    The master Guide
    By my Side
    No where to Hide

    I will Go
    Even though
    It becomes tough
    I'll smile and laugh...

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    I miss you all the time
    But I'm better off without you

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    #self respect #attitudes with confidence #I, me and my self.

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    एक दिन दुनिया से जाना ही है,
    क्यूँ न अपने आप को दुनिया से रूबरू करा दूँ l

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    #i just lost my older brother

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    I hope that wherever you are now....You're happy
    I hope you don't have any regrets about the life you lived or couldn't have.
    I hope your pain eases and you find solace where you at.
    Don't worry about us; we'll be fine
    Just make sure you're doing ok and staying strong.