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  • emotionalpoet 2w

    A Wife

    This is the one that goes to bed with worries on her mind
    Too busy with her children and her chores to unwind
    She keeps a list of things needed so nothing is left behind
    She keeps her children well behaved, polite and kind
    She's the wife that constantly worries so nothing goes wrong
    Always checking for her husband's approval through his tone
    Her husband works hard so she doesn't waste a dime
    Although his wife is beautiful his love isnt blind
    He was taught as a young man that beauty is in vain
    He wonders how she does it all and still remains sane
    Her mother taught her when she was young, you see
    What a man expects from a woman, his bride to be
    Its not about being dolled up and ready to spread your legs
    Its about offering what other women can't and giving him the best
    Most men are looking for a partner that has both beauty and brains
    Who after the wedding day doesn't cause unwanted tears and pain
    One who is responsible and who makes decisions together
    Who can be that shoulder he can lean on through stormy weather
    One who can ride an emotional rollercoaster for the rest of his life
    A woman who can live up to the definition of being his wife

  • artha_ram 9w

    మన్నించు మగువా!

    కూర్చని మాటలు జారెను కూర్పుగా...
    గతి తప్పి నీ గుండె గాయాన్ని చేరితే...
    మన్నించు మగువా... మౌనన నిలవక...
    మన్నించు మగువా... కోపాగ్ని రాల్చక...
    నీ రౌద్రాన్ని చూసి భీతిల్లిన కనులని జూసి...
    మాటల దాటికి తాలని నా మనసుని జూసి...
    మన్నించు మగునా... ఈ మౌనశీలిని...
    మన్నించు మగువా... ఈ ఏకశీలిని...

  • _infinity_writer_ 19w

    Little hands

    The room was filled with people…

    She hadn’t been like this for a really long time. All dressed up and mingling with everyone. Her earring was heavy when a little hand tried and grabbed it. She looked down at the bundle of joy in her hands. Her a year old son was trying to grab and play with her earring. She smiled down at him and held him closer.

    It was hard, when they were told that they couldn't have a baby. They didn’t know what to do. One hand it was guilt that she couldn’t give him the joy of fatherhood. On the other hand, it was people and their opinions. She was infertile. He was unlucky. It’s their job. Did they see an astrologer when they got married?, where their opinions. Like a guy sitting at his home and predicting things would know more than a guy with a 5 year degree, she chuckled looking at her son.

    Adoption was the last call. Everyone in her family denied it. There might be another way. See this doctor. Look at this treatment. Eat this. They said. But She knew they were just in denial. They didn’t like the idea of adoption. Fighting against her family,he stood by her all the way. Maybe another marriage.. Made them put their feet down.

    They chose adoption. They met the mother, talked and were happy about their final decision. Everything was good. But the mother did not make it. Take care of your son, were her final words. Thank you, she thought, looking at her son in her arms now, thinking about his real mother.

    “Hey, you okay?” he asked, hugging her from behind, making funny faces at his son. “You asking me or your son?” she teased. “Both mamabear and babypanda” he said. “We are good, just...happy” happy that we have our son. “Wish she was here”, she said. “She will be happy that you are taking good care of her son,” he said.

    Happy that you are his mother….


  • _infinity_writer_ 21w

    You're home

    It was a long trip. He was bone tired and sleep deprived. He slept in the plane and ate something but not enough. I should stop going on long trips, he thought as he stepped into their apartment.

    It was early morning. He came into the living and saw a figure curled up on the couch with Netflix on the TV. He smiled to himself as he went and crouched down near her head.

    Adorable, he thought as he stroked her hair. She woke up blinking at him with a sleepy smile. "you're home", her voice croaked from sleep. "yeah, why are you sleeping on the couch?", He whispered, kissing her forehead. "couldn't sleep and bed's too big and cold" she yawned, rubbing sleep out of her eyes. "missed me too much", he teased. "yeah", she said with so much love and hope in her eyes, making him melt inside.

    "There's the puppy dog I know. It's still wanna cuddle, I have a day off " he said standing up. "Yeah, let me clean this up" she said, trying to stand up. He stopped her and lifted her bridal style. " Cuddles first, clean up after" he said carrying her into their room.

    welcome home

  • _infinity_writer_ 25w

    Burned Out

    She thought they were happy...

    she didn’t know what changed. They love each other. she did. she thought he did too. “What changed?” she whispered to the empty room. They met in college. They fell in love. she did. They decided to get married. They even fought their parents on it. she did. she thought he did too.She moved out of town for him. she stopped calling his parents, because they didn’t trust him. She didn’t talk to his college or school friends, because they didn’t trust him too . She helped him with household chores;never doubted him; never questioned him for being Iate;never fought for his time. ’she trusted him’. “ trusted you” she whispered to the empty room.

    His business was down. She didn’t berate him. She worked for him too. “It’s too soon for a baby. Abort it. We will wait for another year”. He had said. They had a big fight. But she gave in the end. She cried that night after her abortion. He wasn’t there. “I killed our baby... my baby for you” she whispered to the empty room.

    She got through it. She worked, worked , worked to the bone to escape from the pain.’everything would be fine. It’s just a phase’, she said to herself. She tried to talk to him. “Look, I’m going through a tough time. My business ideas aren’t working out. Nobody is ready to invest. I don’t have the qualification or interest to join a stable job. Am l whining like you? Quit whining and stop disturbing me.” he had said. She stopped telling him her problems.

    He was out always lately. ‘Maybe he got a new business’ she reasoned to herself. “Yeah” he replied when she asked him about it one day at dinner. ‘He is stressed due to new business’, he reasoned to herself again. Her calls were ignored. Her texts were unseen. He stopped having dinner at home too. ‘Had dinner with the investors’ he had said. She believed him. “I believed you” she whispered to the empty room.

    She had left for an official trip the day before. It was for 4 days. But she skipped last day tour activities conducted by the oPice and decided to surprise her husband. She came in early in the morning and opened the door. She went to their room to surprise him. She could never erase the image she saw there. ‘You were supposed to come tomorrow. Did you come to check on me? You were never there for me. You were always working or whining. I x‹as depressed and you cared about only you. You were selfish. Only your career was important to you. I was never there in your life. She likes me. She wants me. She’s not like you. I’m leaving’ he had said. All through this she had stood frozen, not able to talk; think; move.

    “What changed?” she questioned the empty room. She saw his lighter and ashtray on the bedside table. 'Oh he started smoking because i didn’t give him enough attention. Funny’ she snorted. She took the lighter in her hand. she had given it to him as a gift and made him try and quit smoking. ‘Don’t burn yourself out too fast’ she had said that day. “So you burned my life down,” she said to the empty room, lighting it and staring at their bed.

    I will burn myself now...


  • _infinity_writer_ 26w

    A wild ride

    She had no clue what to do...

    she had never done this like this. How do people do this all the time, she thought.
    She didn't even know how to sit. This was not her idea.

    She had once told him in the past that she had never done this and she would like to try some day. She never even thought about it after that. "I'm gonna screw this up and your gonna hate me and divorce me" she said to him. "you are gonna screw up but i am not gonna hate you and definitely not divorce you. You are like a friend now to me" he said.

    Are we now? she thought. They met one day in front of each others parents and boom! and Here they are married for 7 months. They didn't talk to each other that much at first. TV shows made them talk to each other. She showed him shows he never watched. He would want her to watch it with him. Thats how they are here 7 months later. She watched this on some show and said to him she wanna try it. And here they are.

    That’s how it always is. She shows or tells about something and he will try and make it happen. She finds new recipes, shows or songs he likes and introduces it to him. "Now put your legs on either side, yeah like that" he said. "I gonna screw up" she said. you are not, you are the most talented, determined and beautiful woman i had ever met, he didn't say it out loud.

    He took her hand and placed it on the handle bars. "So it's an RE 350 classic powered by a single-cylinder, 4-stroke, twinspark, air-cooled, 346 cc engine that makes 19.8 bhp and 28 Nm of torque. The motor is oPered with a 5-speed gearbox and -" " I have no clue what you are talking about" she cut him oP. God, you are adorable she thought when he explained it. But she did not here what he was saying.

    He stood beside and watched her. I would marry you again if i could, he didn't say it out loud either. "wait, here", he kick started the bike and sat behind her. "I have to feed more just to start this thing" she said. He was teaching her and it went good. Just when it was getting dark they called it oP and stai1ed to go back. "How much does this cost?" she asked.

    "um »
    "you were reciting the specs"
    "you know money doesn't matter right" "what did you do!?!"

    "as i said, Money. doesn't. matter. lets go out have dinner and go back home. I heard that they opened a new dhabha. Lets go and -" he started rambling. She knew he wouldn't say the price. She would look it up afterwards. But now...

    She loved this man for making her smile...


  • _infinity_writer_ 26w

    Paths and horizons

    She loved walking here.. .

    He walked down the shore of the sea. waves crashing reminding her touch. The sound of the waves reminding her laughter. The blue of the sea reminding her eyes. The vast expanse of sea reminds her open heart and mind.

    The Horizon far away is supposed to be their future. They always come here together. The smell of the salty sea air. The feel of rich sand under their bare feet. The harsh but cool wind. Everything reminding him of their future.

    They had watched countless beautiful sunrises and sunsets together. There would be a calm and comfortable silence between them while watching them together. But not today.

    “ Promise me... Promise me you’ll go to the horizon" she asked. Her breath getting slower; eyes unfocused. He begged, pleaded, threatened her. "I will be waiting for you" she had whispered at last. He closed his eyes and bit his tongue to stay strong.

    His eyes were brimming with tears when opened. We were supposed to go together he thought. You promised me. A single tear ran down his cheek. Yoc promised too... her voice echoed in his mind. He turned around and saw one set of footprints. There were supposed to be two, his heart broke at that thought.

    A tiny hand circled his finger. He looked down. In his arms were those same blue eyes in a tiny bundle. A bundle of joy with a toothless smile. He smiled down at their boy in his arms. He held on to his father strongly.

    He kissed their boy's forehead. ’I will be a good father, a mother, a best friend to you and i will be with you till the end of my horizon’ He thought. He whispered...

    I promise you...


  • annievins 40w

    She said, 'It's raining baby'
    He asked, 'Are you feeling cold !?

    She said, 'Yes with a mild voice.'
    He went out and brought a cup of tea

    They both went to the balcony and shared their love with a cup of tea❤

  • annievins 41w

    He said, 'baby, I'm going for a walk'.
    She replied,'I too will walk with you'.
    He said, ' you're not going to walk with me, baby'.
    She asked ,'why baby'?
    He replied, ' I'll carry you in my arms like a baby'.
    She blushed!

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    Do you remember the colours of our life?
    I was black and you were white.
    When You painted me red, tears that I shed,
    When You painted me green, I was afraid to scream
    When You painted me blue, I thought you love me too,
    When you painted me yellow, you never let me grow,
    When you painted me orange, you thought only about revenge,
    When you painted me brown, my presence made you frown,
    When you painted me black, you made me feel dead.
    The colours you gifted to me in my life,
    I would remember and regret
    For being your wife.

    @writersnetwork #deadpoetsociety #abusiverelationship #husbandandwife #mirakeewriters

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  • the_parttime_poet 48w

    A man, who's really, really, really, insanely, madly, seriously in love with a girl wouldn't be able to help himself but worship her.

    They're aka #Husband(s)


  • nuhaa_clara 77w

    Why would not I chase after you?
    A whole new world is awakened,
    When my portal of happiness gets opened,
    And I enter,
    To venture,
    The heaven like unmatched joy,
    With pain and pleasure,
    Being one above the other,
    I am hunger-stricken,
    Feed me with all that you can,
    While exploring the mountains and caves, now
    Quench my thirst from your lake,
    And the melodious music that you make,
    I'll make it louder like an endless concert for our love's sake.
    I know that you're tired,
    'Coz of the daily routine,
    But darling I'm double the tired,
    So refresh me by your feelings that are saccharine,
    In return,
    I promise that you won't go empty handed,
    I'll glorify, the sultry you, with my tongue,
    Lingering every inch with strong and deep kiss,
    In your sanctum is where I abode,
    Conquering all the thrills that we both rode.


    @mirakeeworld #love #lovepoetry #eroticpoetry #erotica #couplegoals #couple #couplegoalquotes #lovequotes #lover #girlfriend #boyfriend #husbandandwife

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    You are my woman


  • snigdha_aggarwal 86w

    Bus travel often screen a lot of stories. Here is one I tried to decorate with love ♥️☺️
    #husbandandwife #lunchbox

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    Lunch Box

    With every passing jerk in the bus, the chant from empty lunch box came up with an embarrassing sweet smile.

    Today he got his first lunch box made by her loving wife.
    ©Snigdha Aggarwal

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    Don't worry
    I always try my best to stay
    No matter how hard it is
    No matter how hurt it is
    No matter how disappointing it is
    I will always stay

  • sahanaa 114w

    Serve your husband with love; not with feminism.
    Pampering him like a child, feeding him food or washing his clothes has nothing to do with your self-respect!
    Infact, it's all about how much love you have on him.
    When you're tired and exhausted, it's understandable.
    Otherwise, you should be doing all this to him, out of love.
    When you're expecting a guy to marry you, cook for you in the weekends atleast and share the household chores; isn't it fair that you also pamper him a little?
    Remember, you're not a Queen. You become one, when you treat him like a king; and vice versa!

    #husbandandwife @writersnetwork @mirakee

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    Serve your husband with love;
    not with feminism.
    Remember, you're not a Queen.
    You become one,
    when you treat him like a king;
    and vice versa!


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    She didn't know she was being cheated until she saw it herself..

  • farhanafana 137w

    I don't want to know your name because I wish to call you mine..

  • farhanafana 137w

    Love had hit me hard that I fainted..