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  • unsung_seagull 5d

    Butterflies in stomach
    Are overrated.

    For many,
    Hunger is not that colourful.


  • cardelljhardy 3w


    We are blessed when we are hungry but come to Jesus we are to never hunger.

  • chandana_k 4w

    Paradise Dine

    The Asian condiment rushed;
    All down the aromatic starch,
    Wine in sheer chalice gushed,
    Relishing buds awaited a march.

    Italian appetizer left a tint
    Filling the sense and soul!
    Delicacy gave a burly glint.
    And all of them gave a skoal!

    'Oh!' Stroke about the mortals
    At the end who go hollow!
    And live in the edge of fatal,
    This thought dashed in a billow

    Blessed is a life of quotidian fare!
    Where many left with no spare!

  • chocolate_coated 4w


    My eyes are weary
    Weary of shedding tears.
    Tears that gush out out of anger
    Anger & sadness is my new normal
    Normal because happiness vacated
    Vacated when they failed to understand
    Understand me fully; I'm alone.
    Alone and devoid of love;
    Love, the word I hear only from others
    Others enjoy, I cannot because I'm hungry
    Hungry is the state of this angry man

  • saral32 5w


    मेरे नसीब में, तू दौलत लिख या ना लिख!
    तू हर किसी के नसीब में रोटियां लिख दे......

  • heetvyas 6w

    I search for my light beyond this blocked eclipse,
    Only to lull the catastrophic apocalypse!

    Enticing my reincarnation!


  • raman_writes 6w


    इतने महँगे ख़्वाब देखना ग़रीबी में गुनाह है ।

    कभी रोटी ना मिले तो भूखा सोना पड़ता है ।।


  • thebhavnasaxena 8w

    Two roads diverged in a yellow wood
    And there she stood, twilight hanging
    Over her shoulders, she heard love sing
    To her, its promises of bliss thickened
    The air, so she choked on them each
    Time she drew a breath, but there was
    Something else too, her heart that had
    Been battered, crushed and torn apart
    In the name of love, its pieces were
    Seduced by the glitter of power.

    Wearing her dilemma as a blindfold,
    She went around in circles, pouring
    The shards of her heart into the soil,
    Her tears quickened the womb of
    The earth and there sprung up a
    Forest of hungry fruit, with a passion
    For power, seasons came and went,
    And yet blind she was still, till one day
    The clamoring of the trees was loud
    Enough to drown love's song, and its
    Promises of bliss dissolved under the
    Aroma of the hungry fruit ripening.

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    As she sits on her throne today,
    She ofttimes thinks of the fork
    In the woods, of what lay on the
    Other road, were there really pillows
    Of sunshine on a bed of flowers
    And the arms of a lover waiting for
    Her to snuggle into?

  • devilfish 8w

    The Devil

    What a better way for man to hide
    behind this marker modified reflection in the glass with two horns drawn on loosely
    But the very ideas they cast out to be so against were the principles that they were systematically building a legacy of lies upon
    An absolute reflection of what they saw in themselves and what they wanted to conceal from on every level possible

    To condemn generations to an eternity of sightless eyes
    Compressed between the paper hands prayers
    Paper hands burning as they stretch out to the sky in terror
    Only to fill the books with their pages
    And the martyred dry up like the ink did in their story

    Man has immobilized lies to assimilate themselves like dust in between pages containing their fitted words for you to admire their innovations
    The anger and rage that boils into my heart and out of my worried eyes
    When now to us they have lied

    But now it seems to be getting to the core of my contemplation
    and ideas become weaponized like tiny tanks as if to kill off this evil they have rid themselves of
    While they commit wrongdoings under the cloak of a false identity
    “The Devil”
    They fully diminish responsibility and protect their dark affairs they cheapen the people of their truth
    We give people a shred of truth like mangled bait
    Only to rip truth from hungry hands and consume it in a dark obscurity of history books and genocides
    The biggest robbery of all time occurred over generations
    When did we split off from our nature only to be protecting the worst parts of it while leaving the beautiful parts wither off in the sun dried petals turned to blackened ash
    and deem those with a conscience
    The eternally forgiving equally met with the eternally brutal an ocean of desperation
    An ocean of us


  • czarcasm 9w

    Without sorrow

    Stiff was the stringed bow as it was laid to rest
    Upon the pile of ferns after a long hard test

    The quiver empty and the arrow about
    The beast had fought, yes it was stout

    A hunger had settled upon my community
    Til it was left only to me to do what I could see

    To make it through the winter

    A puff of smoke from my mouth stood starkly in the air
    Reminded me of last night's frost and the snow in my daughter's hair

    It's not a woman's place to hunt for her families table
    A husband lost to a war so unstable

    The blood stood bright against the white of the snow
    Warm almost comforting against the sudden cold
    I cut and I skinned right straight to the bone

    The sled wiped off from it's layer of white my children helped me load the food without a fight

    A rabbit today a mammoth tomorrow

    Helping my community, a woman

    Without sorrow

  • frankotega 10w

    “If you want to get to the root of a murder, you have to look for the blacksmith who made the machete”

    Poverty and hunger were created by man and they can be solved by man, but we rather make nuclear bombs and fund projects to mars while billions die in poverty and hunger. We have made the machete and have murdered our own people including innocent children.

    #poverty #wod #hunger #mirakee

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    Pregnant With stomachs of emptiness,
    They stand gallantly on rickety legs
    Nodding fleshy bony heads
    With bulging eyes;
    As clear and bright as hopeless spectators tempering pains and comforting bereaved souls.


  • cosmicpoet 11w

    This virus is much more dangerous than COVID.
    #hunger #virus #article #mirakee #story

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    Hunger - a virus

    What is Hunger? Can you define it?
    Oh! Of course you all know what hunger is right!
    Whenever you feel your stomach grumbling...you know that you need some snacks to put in so that your tummy goes silent. 
    Well that's your definition not mine...I'm just focusing the light on that simple definition which is acceptable to everyone.
    If you think that's what hunger is then you actually don't know the definition of hunger.

    Hunger is a virus. Yes, you get that right. We are so privileged that we don't even know what real hunger feels like. It even has a face.
    Oh! Yess!
    Have you seen the children sleeping on the footpaths...homeless.. . Not only children but many youngs and olds too. The entire family sleeps on the footpaths...or on the railway station...or others. Most of them work so so so hard but still can't get one time meal. And their face? That's the face of hunger. It can't be treated until they too become privilege just like us and that's why I considered HUNGER as a "virus".  Small small children who need so much of nutritive foods for their physical and mental growth...go to bed without eating anything for three to four days or even more. I can't even imagine. But whenever I see them, I could see the pain in their eyes and hunger on their face. This virus as almost affected 2.5 billion people in the world but no government is working on it. Why?
    This virus is not like covid that gets transmitted person to person. So it can be cured very easily if we become a bit more kind and sensible.

    Please...take a pledge today that no person around you could sleep without food. No children die of hunger. One person can and is capable of bringing a change. So let's do it and let's eliminate this virus too. This virus is much more dangerous than COVID - 19.


  • tortoise 12w

    @writersnetwork @miraquill #hunger

    Very random post, because i was hungry.

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    Food for the Soul

    I'm hungry, and i know it. More than know, i can sense it. Hunger can't be unfelt. The rumbling stomach, the ache, and the sinking abdomen make it obvious for anyone and everyone to know it's time to get a meal.

    The problem is, i know I can't have meal now, like right now, since i am traveling. Though, i know my food is just 30kms away, yet i can't make my appetite convinced about it.

    The lady infront of me has opened up her white clothe bag, to take out one medium sized round steel box. Even before she's opened the lid, i knew it'd be cookies, and i dreamt of my favourite coconut cookies in her box. The alluring smell of my fantasy enhanced my appetite, when i shook myself to see, she's having berries actually.

    It's still 10kms, before i can jump onto the bed and have my appetite fulfilled, so i distracted myself with my phone. A news bulletin popped up, claiming about robbery at food store, because the accused was hungry since a week due to lockdown and unemployment issues. My stomach gurgled again, and i felt, may be hunger can make anyone a criminal.

    As my mom served my meal, i thanked her for making my food all day, everyday, and she smiled. I gulped my food down, and she asked me to be a little patient, else I'll choke myself down. I told her, it's because you made it so delicious, and she corrected me, it's because i was starving. May be, hunger can add taste to everything.

    While washing my hands, i noticed how my stomach has stopped making noises, and my body feels heavenly. The energy, that went drained while working, is rejuvenated. And, i wonder, what if every time i feel blue, even when my stomach is full, is it my soul, that's hungry?

    What will happen to our world, if our souls could produce sounds everytime they went hungry? And, what would be the news bulletin if someone were to commit crimes just to fulfill their soul's appetite?


  • kritikakiran 13w

    वो धर्मनिरपेक्ष है,
    समाजवादी है,
    समता - पसंद,
    और तर्कसंगत है।

    वो बिल्कुल वैसा ही है जैसा
    या उन्हें होना चाहिए।

    क्या अब भी तुम्हें इसमें कोई संदेह है कि,
    भारत देश का
    "सर्व - सर्वोच्च" नागरिक है?!


  • athulya_nair 14w

    Hunger virus,
    Killing everywhere,
    Now, where is its vaccine?


  • loftydreams101 15w

    Disturbing the Peace

    "No more"
    These freeing words, are like jagged stones
    Falling through the heart
    Of a quiet ravine
    "No more"
    Is the honest flare of light
    A molotov bursting
    Through a calm windowpane
    "No more"
    Let the waves fan out
    Let the smoke stack climb
    I'll rise from this crawl and fight
    "No more" of this hunger
    Sprawling in the dark
    So well-fed souls
    May slumber in peace

    © 2021 William Wright, Jr.

  • synth_ 17w

    Devouring the void

    Today, I bit the void

    Just a little though, cause I am not greedy,
    enough for it to grow into my head,
    turning my hair black

    I took another bite of the void.
    It settled heavy in my gut.

    It was intoxicating sweet,
    but it soon gave way to an unnerving metallic after taste.
    Still it was addicting.
    I needed more.

    I took another bite of the void.
    This time hungry for empty.

    The void is not dark,
    it is not what we are made to believe.
    No, the void is as bright as an emerald
    glimmering under unnatural bright light

    I took another bite of the void.
    This time a big one, for there was plenty.
    I could see what I had been blind to.
    I could see the void others had devoured.

    I took another bite of the void.
    This time it curled up in my throat.
    I gagged in an unsuccessful attempt to purge the venom.
    It grew into my lungs, it stole my breath.

    I thought I was devouring the void,
    but the void was devouring me..


  • sabhya_shehari 17w


    Khane ki kimat tu usse puch,
    Jo aaj bhi langar ka intezar karta he .


  • abihnav 18w

    Night comes down
    All over the town.
    #hunger #poverty

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    What all part without the whole?
    What is a person without a soul?
    Who thinks, what others kept in store?
    We keep much, but we desire more.
    Hunger is never about food,but about consuming well,
    It isn't currency in the Bank, or Land you can sell.

  • sou_scribbles_ 18w

    POV of someone who is not fortunate enough to be blessed with a meal...

    #meal #wod #life #hunger #pain #shortstory
    @mirakee @writersanetwork

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    And when I would be left defeated after a long battle for food, with the scorching sun, the freezing winds, or the cruel rains...
    When my naked feet would give up, and my empty hands would not be able to find an answer to my empty stomach...
    When my eyes would well up with tears and my belly would growl with hunger, as I would go to sleep yet another night, beckoning the nightmares to engulf me for ever...
    I would once again tell myself, "Life is short. This too shall pass...."