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    "I'm still having the footprints of that fear.
    I'm still afraid of your suffocating tears.
    I'm still searching for your dusty smile
    that genuinely cheers."

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    Sometimes in the process
    of becoming the most sober,
    we abode the devil inside us.

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    रज के रुलाया,
    रज के हँसाया,

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    शा य रा

    इश्क की इजाज़त ना दे पाए,
    तो हमारी ही आँखों को इश्क कह दिया।।
    पर वो ख़फा अब भी है हमसे,
    हमसे मोहब्बत करने की रंजिसे नहीं है ,
    पर वो बेखबर अब भी है सुबहों से।।

    इस बेरंग सी दुनिया से अलविदा हमें भी कहना था,
    पर उन्हें, दर्द देकर जा रहा हूँ, हमसे ये कहने की आरज़ू है,
    धुंधली सी यादों में ।।

    आज फिर से सुबह हुई है,
    क्या पता इश्क आँसुओ में डूबा है,
    या अंधेरो में रोशनी से छुपा सा।।

    पर आंखें मिलाकर अपने इश्क से,
    अभी नींद की गहरी सी वादियों में,
    मुझे सपने देखने से भी तो बस मोहब्बत ही करनी है।।

    वो खुश रहो बस ऐसे दुआ देकर,
    कह गए कि तुम सलामत रहो।।
    हमारी जान मुट्ठी में समेटे,
    और कह गए कि अब जी कर दिखाओ।।

    आँखों का इश्क, नींद और आंसू
    सब साथ ले गए,
    अब बताओ इश्क बेरंग ना हुआ भला?!

    बेरुखी तो नहीं है ना ये ?
    सादगी बोल देंगे,,,
    दिल बहल जाएगा
    फि से।।

    हाँ हम संभल जाएंगे फिर से,
    तुम फिर से इश्क कहने लगो
    हमारी आँखों को।।
    और उनके रंग बन जाओ।।

    तुम फिर से लिखने लगो हमारी बातों को,
    एक बार फिर से शायर बन जाओ।।

    बस एक बार
    अभी की सुबहों के लिए,

    बस बार-बार,
    इश्क ही तो है ना।।

    Written on 12th of october ...
    Kabhi baton baton me ek kch alfaaz banaye the,
    Jo kehna na tha vo uljhano ko sajane ke liy,
    Mai kabhi kabhi shayari nahi karti
    Ek din yuhi par,
    Haan shayara hu mai nayi nayi..
    Wah! Mai Shayara ban gayi ������ :p

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    @mirakee #hindishayari #hindipoetry
    October 25,2020.

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    तुम फिर से लिखने लगो हमारी बातों को,
    एक बार फिर से शायर बन जाओ।।

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    Just playing the piano for the sake of nothing..

    #recipec #writersbay #writersnetwork
    #humblebee #pandapages
    @mirakee @writersnetwork

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    Open your eyes and see the fog,
    If you can see something that is not visible,
    That is reality.

    Open your palm and let me touch your destiny lines,
    If you can feel my hand through the lines without a rough fear,
    That is real ecstacy.

    Open your arms and embrace the air that is heavy to breathe,
    If you can have a slumbering hug with the weather to feel numb for a while,
    That is the presence of sharpness being mirrorless.

    Open your hearts and if you don't die of infections,
    that is the real world of angels that you bleed like the tasteless water,
    that is the season of painless vibes.

    If you know the story of reality and I'm not the education to read between the lines,
    That is the real me without editing for a life.

    and I can't be funnier when I write..
    for the lame jokes I do..
    I ask for the realities for more than once and time goes by side,
    that is the real fight I change my path to walk alone and say,
    Open your mouth Hahahaaa...


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    Have you been through my hollow heart,
    Have you been there to be taken away with my empty art?

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    Might be he was talking to the nights,
    and days as well for sure.
    I would have been reading him,
    In his these last days beyond the shores,
    from life to death,
    the poetries he does,
    He was talking to the scribbles,
    and I was awakened in the nights,
    I was reading him for a while.
    maybe I was a reader with a numb soul.

    #kindness #love

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    My Masquerade

    Put down the mask which you had on all day,
    Leave the drama behind, and forget all charade,
    While the hustle did give you a good reason,
    Rest for the night, now have at your freedom.

    Stars will guide you across
    to a place where no love is lost,
    Lay down and go to sleep
    I'll see you in your dreams.

    Rest your shallow soul,
    and your lazy conscience.
    Night still looms long,
    But your watch is now done.

    As guarded as you have always been
    It's time for embracing the demons,
    Time for you to let them in,

    And know this,
    you can count on me,
    I'll be standing guard,
    while you go to sleep.

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    A poem he shared with me and I wrote my part then,
    and he was the one to inform,
    that mine was the popular one.
    unsaid collab though,
    but his was the deepest to make me numb.
    I remember the moment,
    I was not able to write a single word to make the poem through sonnets,
    To the first rays of the risen sun.


    October 23, 2020.
    #kindness #love

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    Confused and betrayed, he saw around.
    Behind his back, to his side, and below his feet,
    The moment that darkness grew abound,
    His shadow had left, in a manner indiscreet.

    He had asked her, would she ever leave him?
    And she had replied, Not if she had a choice.
    So at the first instance of the promised sun setting
    True to her ambiguity, she left without a noise.

    Neither had He claimed to be perfect,
    Nor had He expected her to be.
    He has no one to forgive but only to forget
    running short on time, to her a diss.

    He couldn't be surprised after all
    as that is their nature, it is what shadows do
    Promise to be forever as you stand tall
    but words of mirages should never be held true.

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    S O L I T U D E

    A S i l v e r L i n i n g of v i b e s

    //And those memories having your smile because of me and you called that silver lining when you were in pain. Yes, I remember the vibes of you.//


    //Because the introverts aren't normal,
    But it doesn't mean they are abnormal.
    Because I can talk to myself,
    And I know my hesitation will always be less than the love you gave.
    I'll always be talking to you,
    No matter which place you draw to have.//
    Have you visited the place "solitude",
    No, it is not the place where we are lonely but we find many of the answers we are struggling without any question and the beautiful sky we stare at just because as simple as our brain can find the way with the most undisturbing and sober patterns to dwell upon the shining rhymes and to make pearl poetry with the colours of magnifying.


    // So heavenly that dream was,
    I promised you I'll see you and me someday,
    someday in the streets of the valley,
    Are you still waiting for me?
    Hence we discussed the plans,
    and you left without telling me.
    But you told me about the story of garland,
    and I was numb when you painted your graph,
    and till the end, you were asking me that I know,
    I know I would come there to ask you for a walk,
    And you came in my fearless dreams.
    The dreams of unsaid words,
    You knew that I am an insomniac,
    and I tried to hide this with humorous poetry,
    But you knew that I was dreaming with open eyes,
    When I was having the war inside my head to complete every poetry again that you and me,
    I'll again tell you about my fears without fear of being a stranger,
    To ask the questions from this deadly introvert for a while,
    I don't know if I shaped the new lines to express myself to walk for other miles,
    But I'm trying to scribble more extroversion,
    You know I'll not suffocate to this unspoken life,
    I'll talk to you having my introversion side for another life,
    I'll be waiting for another universe to form another world without having the gestures of formal shines,
    Maybe, then I can be more bright to my dearest friend,
    I'm writing this letter If he can read with the brightest smiles,
    I'll ask you the story of tears,
    When You ask me to smile,
    I'll ask you the wishes to smile,
    When You cry having my shoulders,
    Just because you called me a motherly vibes.
    I'll again ask you the stories of your darkest humour,
    but this time I won't get hesitate.
    Yes, I didn't hesitate when I dreamed and drowned myself in those little long talks.
    Those little long talks who knew the time very well,
    who knows when will be the mythological stories of heaven and births will get true.
    This time I tried to talk with more fearless fears,
    This time my sleepless and trembling nights was having the ecstasy to find some miraculous powers to paint the portraits one more time with more patience and with a beautiful smile,
    But this time I was talking to the pain too,
    I was talking silently,
    Then I thought we should talk pain with grace,
    We should talk the death without any bad phase,
    We should talk one more time.
    But I know we did hesitate for being a happy fight.
    The happiness pretended to overcome the sadness and we didn't talk about the pain without any prejudice.
    Peacefully talk to the colours,
    I'll talk to black and white with more peace then.
    And the greys are always beautiful,
    I will never forget that.
    Empty spaces are having all the stories,
    I will silently stare at.
    My feverish brain is cold right now,
    I will even cherish that.
    I'll always paint the poetries and draw the portraits
    for I met an angel for a few days.
    I know you just came and left some of your signatures to live with more beautiful rays,
    I'll cherish the sun, moon, stars, and pain.
    Then I'll talk to you with the jewel of a smile,
    And I know you'll read every hidden rhymeless stammering,
    Then I'll also tell you all the unsaid secrets for a while.
    Listening to the impatience with patience,
    and silently watching your pictures,
    I will find some more textures of your eyes.
    I'll come out of the human mind and will create poetry of life with a broader smile.
    But I'll always cherish my tears as well,
    As I'll write to you and will find the music for the journey of miles,
    As they make me more beautiful to write,
    As they are the adorable pearls to my shining laughs.//

    October 23, 2020.


    @mirakee #writersbay @writersnetwork
    #writersnetwork #pod #collomlune #poetry

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    The story of inked future is the most bereft smiles that were shaping to birth in an ocean of life from the death of angel pearls shaping the kindness to survive.

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    Ye khud abhi mai samjha nahi pa rhi ki tum yahin ho..
    Abhi ye dil ko bhi bata nhi pa rhi ki tum nahi ho..

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    kuch baton ki bat hai,
    kuch lamho ka sath hai,
    kuch unkahe se jazbaat hai,
    hasna khelna chalta rhega,
    jab tak tera mera sath hai,
    fir yadon ki barat hai,
    har lamha fir bhi toh tere sath hai,
    aankhe num na kar,
    bas ek bar fir se muskura de,
    bas abhi chal rahi farishto ki hi toh bat hai.

    October 22, 2020

    ({[Once he wrote this hindi poem/shayari when we were exchanging our hindi shayaris..]})

    #elixirc #pain #life #relationships #staystrong
    #humblebee #kehta_hai_joker #jandjforever
    #writersbay @mirakee #writersnetwork

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    छोटी सी आँखे,
    जिनमें कितने फरिश्ते जा बैठे हैं ।।
    उन्होंने हंस के दो बातें करदी,
    हम रिश्ते बना बैठें हैं ।।

    वक्त कुछ मुनासिब नही,
    य़े पैगाम फरिश्तों तक पहुंचा दो ।।
    सुबह तो कर देगा सूरज,
    पर शाम रिश्तों के हिस्से नही ये बतला दो।।


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    कही सुनी से ज्यादा आखों देखी पे यकीन,
    इसलिए उनका नूर हमसे कभी खफा नहीं होता।।

    बात जुबां तक पहुंचे तो वो मोहब्बत कैसी ,
    राबता मुकम्मल हो तो वो बयान नहीं होता ।।

    आजाद सोच का आशिक झुकी पलकों में है कैद,
    अगर इश्क की हो तोहमत तो जोकर रिहा नहीं होता ।।



    And he said to me.. "jao smart uncle ji ki afsar bitiya.. tmhare liy kch likha hai.."

    He gifted me this beautiful poem..
    After seeing my blurred reflexion..

    Vo shayari bht achi krta tha..
    Har kisi ko apni pyar bhari shayari ka taufa diya krta th..
    Apne har ek pal me..
    Vo khusiyan bataa krta tha..

    #kindness #love #peace #divine
    #melancholyc @mirakee @writersnetwork

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    रिहा हुआ भी तो डूबने के लिए,
    ये राहत भी है तो चाहत जैसी ।।

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    "Smile through the pain and love unconditionally to the end of eternity in every microsecond."




    stay strong all the mirakeean family..

    "We had a relationship of KINDNESS. "
    He used to call me.. a friend on scholar..
    But he did a lot of readings for my syllabus..
    To help me..

    He just wanted to help the whole world in his last days..
    And he did it with great love ..

    he was the loveliest and the most kind heart..
    We know.
    He is.
    And will always remain..
    In our tough days to give those big paragraphs to stay strong and to make everybody feel special..
    You had that magic ..

    And to laugh with our joys..

    #melancholyc @writersnetwork #writersbay #writingcontest #creativearena #love
    #humblebee #kehta_hai_joker

    Because my brain still can't believe that you aren't here..
    I'm checking mirakee like everyday as you'll come with your many posts with a single hashtag of the day and the writing contest and
    You'll say like everyday..
    #pod kro naaa

    I know I know, now you'll say..
    Itti senty mat ho humble bee..
    Sab thik hai..

    Sab thik hi toh hai na..
    You knew that Mirakee was my escape to talk with myself... with my words.. being a stranger .. and I used to write every pain here ..without a fear that somebody is reading this..
    Now I'm trying to talk to you here..
    Writing this post and editing lines every other minute..
    The more I'm thinking..the more I'm trying to talk to you..
    I know we are talking..
    And you're reading..

    I can still smile with my tears..
    With every word you said to the mirakeeans..
    With the great energy..
    That you are still giving us to stay and hold strong.
    With your words..
    Are you there?

    Listen to me..
    I didn't read today's newspaper..
    Please help me..
    But Joe.. the way you helped me and everybody here..
    That was precious.. and will stay with all of us forever.
    .. I miss you bchcha..

    I made you laugh..
    When you said.. ki joker mai hu aap kyu hasaa rhe ho..
    I was happy that I could make you smile...
    With my silly hindi shayari...
    And i said.. joker ka humour churaya h mne..
    Thank you for everything..

    Tum vps le gye usey mjsy..
    But I'll keep that too..
    I know I'll always smile with those words..
    But I'll try to hold my smile..
    I'm sorry if I wouldn't be able to hold my tears..
    I'm sorry I won't say sorry again..
    I know you hate sorrys..
    You knew that I have a phobia of social media..
    And when I asked to read my hindi poem..and said that don't repost it.. you still did and said... itta bawaal kyu kr rhi ho humblebee..

    //"Kalam adhuri hogi par likhawat nahi,
    Ache dost hai, likhai bhi achi lagi,
    Kardi repost ..itta bawal kyi kr rhi ho..
    Kyu duniya se itna dar rhi ho..

    And once he wrote a little poem for my dreams..
    Saying ..aapke liy mai likh deta hu

    // "Kuch watan ki chahat thi ..
    Kuch hum bhi deewane the..
    Kuch pitaji ki aarzoo thi..
    Ki kuch taare aasman se chrane the..//


    And you love everybody here..
    Everybody is missing you here ..
    They are broken but your words will make them strong..
    I believe..
    I know you'll still make them happy with your humour wherever you are..
    You'll always be in all hearts.

    Yes, you did a lot to me...
    #upsc you have a big contribution to read those daily
    articles to help me..
    I'm still checking my notification..
    That you'll come and say..
    "Aaj ke topics btao ..me pdhke btata hu jldi jldi..
    And when I say.. it's okay you don't take stress..
    I remember you asking with kindness .
    "Please let me be of help."

    Honestly this line broke my heart at that moment..
    I couldn't handle this much kindness..
    I was just a stranger..
    But you made everybody family here..

    You helped everybody, you know.. to make them smile to have a new life..

    I pray for you..
    Your new peaceful life..
    Rest in peace.
    And as you say..
    Loads of love.❣

    And your favourite tag #readthisJ stay strong bibee.
    Su di, saisha, kinjo di, sparrow women, and I know lot of people you have named with your love.. all names were so touching.. that even your calling used to make me smile... and your _gonewild bhai.. who was always there for you..
    I jusg know them through your posts J..
    And i know every other person you were there to name new everyday.. to spread love everyday..
    We miss you Joker.
    We miss you Joe.
    We miss you hmare Raj kapoor.. kehta_hai_joker
    And all his loved ones brothers, sisters, and all your crushes and you were the crush of most of the girls here I know.. to all of you..please stay strong.. hold yourself..
    Loads of love.❣

    And yes, your letter from the heaven to your Maa/Aai..

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    "He was spreading eternal love in every microsecond through his unbearable pain when hiding his melancholy in his scribbles blending with the humour to disappear in the tears of all the hearts and we promise to smile."

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    M I D N I G H T ♡ T A L E
    ..................... .............. .......... ......... ...... .... ... .. .

    // H A I K U

    And the moonlight smells like that microtale,
    Everytime I talk to you and look at its bright side,
    He (moon) plays the hide 'n' seek to make me ecstatic every time,
    Whenever I get comfortable with,
    He just hides..

    And I smile with pain to live a half life..
    And I search for new one with bleeding heart to make the flowers my close friend for a while..

    And the moonlight smells like my midnight tale.
    I'll write more tales in the garden when I sit on the bench,
    Gracefully, life is mocking at me and I'm smiling at it,

    You aren't next to me but all I'm talking your grace,
    An intimate beauty that I'm gifting through my ink,
    Just live through the fairytale words and leave it free to feel the greenery of love.

    Breathe deep and smile more,
    I'll take care of myself with every thought of yours.//
    ▪▪▪▪▪▪▪▪▪▪▪ ▪▪▪▪▪▪▪▪▪▪▪

    I gifted him a paper was having my wishes for myself because I couldn't ask for him.

    He is constantly scribbling some of my annoying beauty that he didn't define annoying.

    Well, for the obvious reasons. And then some counselling kind of words which was not actually counselling but my concern for his constant stabbing on some chaos. He agreed with me to disagree.

    And said that he is not afraid of this universe and I heard that he was the universe of living some of more smiles and more of some broken hearts that he gonna write on the clouds with the pen that he invented with his shining eyes, I don't know how there was some magic in his words.

    Maybe he was just saying it out of numbness or just for my smile, but he said with his sober eyes and the vibes that don't pain, yes I won't call it that way.

    He told me a midnight tale.

    He told me about the unsaid love that he didn't tell but I still write those verses.
    ......................... ................. ..... ..... ... .. .
    In his words:

    // when I ask her if he is angry with me,
    Then he gets angry with my question,
    For he can never get angry with me
    Because I'm insane love for him.

    When I tell him about my fears and I'm scared,
    He also feels that pain of getting in despair,
    Because he can not tell me looking into my eyes
    What he wanted to say that I have those vibes in
    this universe,
    He calls them the most special in this whole

    He thinks I'm innocent, he reads my big dreams
    through my eyes.
    He senses my chaotic vibes, for him I have little
    Somehow I told him the stories,
    Where I sketched some of my childhood
    And then he smiles for my kiddish rhymes,
    For him, he is a grown-up man and for that sake
    I called him a sober child,
    Yeah, somewhere in the lines with the huge
    I laugh slowly and smile peacefully and he
    feels my anger when I scold him passionately.
    And then he wishes for me the powers of the
    For the greatest strengths and to give me the
    heart with the strongest love,
    And he was praying for me when his eyes were
    his heart was numb and he stopped thinking
    about the countings that do not count anymore
    until he sees the
    new colours of dusk to dawn and the new
    rhythms to have
    a poem with renewed vigour.

    And he prays more, he smiles more (I don't know if he does but for me, yes)
    He wishes for me that I'll walk on the shores with the strengths that I have a love for,
    But the power for me, he wishes for my sanity
    the journey when I'll be walking to make my powers my armour too.//


    // He scribbled some love and counted that in uncountable
    He wished me for my day,
    That is yet to come in the hope of a new ray,
    I'm still there standing on the shores,
    And I wish he'll come there to wish me having his hands
    with the beautiful flowers.
    Lilys with white haze or the orchids in purple shades.//

    // and he reminded me to be free,
    To create the courage out of fear to live the words for me,
    He painted a portrait again,
    He told me with my incomplete pen,
    The colours are learning to make its shades for the times,
    But for me it's my scribbling portraits that do a complete rhyme,
    Still sketching more but in the wholesome skies,
    We are friends for universe if you know the little beauty of timeless sober wine,
    Don't panic for the beauty you have created to make some teary smiles.//

    //And I'm still waiting for you in the midnight sky,
    Of the yellow, purple and green garden where the leaves are forming the stars to make the moon swing for a lullaby,
    To sleep peacefully and to wake up next morning,
    With the beauty that your smile have,
    With the flames that sunshine fly in the oceanic wave with every beauty of its tide and with the mointains of reassembling my scars,
    From the moonlight that I talk to,
    I talk to through its light,
    And I know when it doesn't shine,
    You're still there having the another world for a while.//



    October 20, 2020.
    @mirakee @writersnetwork
    #writersnetwork #ceesreposts #pod #writersbay #lullabyc #readthisJ
    #midnighttale #writers_paradise #abstractc
    #mirakee #poem #story #clown #microtale #life
    #talk #lettersc
    #humblebee @kehta_hai_joker
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    H A I K U

    Midnight tales,
    I'll say for you,
    for the beautiful days.

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    F A I R Y T A L E L U L L A B Y

    All the emotions from eternity to the moment I know it's last.

    October 19, 2020.

    #writersblock #littlekids #season #writingcontest #creativearena #life #poetry #poem #lettersc #sleep #peaceful #breathe #stars #universe #coloursc #fairytales #humblebee #writersnetwork #pod

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    F A I R Y T A L E L U L L A B Y

    I'll see you again,
    he said and left.
    A little heart,
    the kid who was crying
    to mute his sobbings,
    His voice was a lullaby to his mother,
    Her mother's smile was a song to his sleep.
    and I was looking at his eyes from a distance
    where the measurement
    was just my stretched lips
    to make me smile when my eyes
    wanted to make the tears alive.
    I'll write you a letter from the ink of
    VIBGYOR white and then I know its darkest showers,
    'VIOLET' for your warm hug
    when I was crying and your sobs were shy,

    'INDIGO' for the long walks staring at the sky
    which I never had with you but still searched
    through the mirror of the mountains that I see you and talk to the moon,

    'BLUE' for your eyes that the ocean I visit through your diaries like a canvas of the asteroid,

    "GREEN' for your love for me that always bloom into a flower to make my eyes feel sober and blush with shine,

    'YELLOW' for our favourite colours that floral wall you have painted to make the fantasy world for our little souls playing all winters and then spring comes,

    "ORANGE' for your love for black and grey T-shirts to fight with you teasing and calling it an orange fruit rush,

    'RED' was always undefined for the sake of our connections that we both hated this colour

    and my love for "WHITE" made you wear that grandpa's satin work,
    I'll see you again,
    In that universe and another terrain,
    I'll draw our story for one more fairytale,
    so that I can love you at least in my dreams,
    and if they don't come to me or broken,
    I'll write you a poem,
    If it doesn't sound having music,
    listen to my voice for you a lullaby,
    I'll be sleeping to forget the reality,
    and you sleep in my arms the only abode I have,
    and then I'll tell you a fairytale,
    I'll be singing an old song.
    but I'll be standing all alone,
    as my eyes open the lids of the story and the reality unfolds.
    // I'll live the eternity for a while,
    I'll keep your smile alive,
    I'll never let your tears suffocate,
    I'll sing you a lullaby.//

  • bhawna__ 66w

    A L F A A Z

    Riha hua bhi toh doobne ke liy,
    Ye rahat bhi hai toh chahat jaisi, ��~~~
    Mjhy uss shayar ke ishq me zinda sa kaid krne ki
    ibadat ho jaisi,
    Kch alfaazo ke naam rkhe hai,
    Rhne do naam nhi lete hai,
    Haan, fir ye batein zamaanein me mushoor hojayengi,
    Inhe bhi kaid kar lete hai,
    Mehfooz rahengi mere alfazon me,
    Aazad rahegi sukoon ke maikhane me,
    Rhne do,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
    Kch or likhte hai,

    Inspired from the line:
    "Microseconds me eternity wala pyar..."
    @mirakee @writersnetwork
    #microseconds #eternity
    #life #letter

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    A L F A A Z

    Eternity has the sonnets
    to rhyme the love
    in the microseconds,

    Free bird to write the songs
    of serenity to the rhythm
    of the feelings of infinity,

    And then I'll leave this universe
    holding your hands,

    To live in an another world
    to hold you safe
    close to me,

    and to play the hide 'n' seek
    with our little hearts
    in the disney worlds,

    That beautiful land
    and colours of the sea,
    And a seashore to talk alone,

    Where only your eyes
    that I can see,
    You and me.


  • bhawna__ 66w

    Khaab dekhe zara se..
    Fir tode hazaron subah se.. ��~~~~~
    #writersbay @mirakee @writersnetwork
    #imaginations #magic #microtale

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    Little the dreams gonna scream,
    The words of fallacy to make the last breath beyond the dust of the shattering wings.
    And then I'm gonna fly invisibly,
    High with the ambitious idleness.
    And didn't apologise for the sake of your words.