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  • kaydeedubb 1d

    Bearing Blood

    Are you okay with the blood on your hands,
    On your wrists, feet, ankles?
    Well, how about your fingers,
    Or around your neck, on your teeth?
    All of the bling, but what about life?
    Life is seen lesser when you can't see,
    But look beyond the sparkle and fame.
    Open your mind to wisdom to see beyond. 
    An amputee lives across the waters,
    Brutally slain at the hands of greed.
    The love of money has fried many,
    Drained the minds of humanity.
    Not knowing is ignorance in it's bliss.
    To not care is the blood that taints for a lifetime.
    Baring blood is deemed fashionable,
    But all of that sparkle bare the unimaginable. 
    Bloody hands, bloody feet,
    Bloody wrist, bloody neck,
    Bloody lobe, bloody tongue,
    Bloody brow, bloody nip,
    Bloody button, bloody cheek...
    Are you okay bearing the blood?

  • aadil_sadiq 1d

    Just a random thought about #humanity #beinghuman #love @writersnetwork @miraquill @mirakeeworld #pod
    Personal Experience: in this era when everyone is struggling for happiness.I will tell you a short cut for happiness. Since childhood I've had developed a habit of helping others whosoever called for, which was a great source of my happiness. Then I developed a habit of helping others volunteerly, you won't believe how peaceful it turned out to be for my internal peace. Besides this, whenever I need any sort of help Karma plays a vital role without even seeking for help.
    Psychologically and spiritually speaking when we help others it automatically rejoices our mood, because we have been made with the feeling of sympathy, love and care, when we help each other our soul rejoices which brings us internal peace and happiness.

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    Nothing lasts for long, neither your name, nor your fame.
    What remains is how you made others feel.
    No matter what your status is, be humble to everyone you meet.
    Be a reason for someones smile. This cost nothing but creates a great impact.


  • ms_lonely 1d

    And she said: "Gratitude towards the act of smallest of kindness makes humanity prosper,so I bow down to you for the glass of water you offered to me when i was dying from thirst,I'll remember it for the rest of my life and even if I am not able to repay the kindness in any form,I'll always bow down to you to show my gratitude and always welcome you in my life".
    Thank You from the bottom of my heart.


  • mindofminah 2d

    Dearest Community...

    in lieu of all that's occurring in the world, each of us have had callings and inklings in which we've bravely delved unto. taking leaps where, prior to current times, one may not have had the time/space/energy for some endeavours.. these processes and journeys of genuinely venturing unto the unknown are those that form us, not only as individuals, but as collectives.

    energies are interwoven, among realms beyond ones vision. though, that does not mean one is unable to enter, experience and witness these realms.

    we are transitory migrants.

    unforeseen divinity exists everywhere, within and without. presence, magic, the universe, euphoria, God, spirituality, source, or whatever you may deem it as, is intrinsically tied to all facets of existence. consistently shifting, permeating, and transcending.

    duality is inevitable.

    for you cannot have the light without the dark; there is no lotus, without the mud. every single human, has a plethora of differing experiences with concepts of such. internal battles to projecting without realizing; psychologically lost, mental doom and so forth. i stand, with/for/by the self, examining my personal journeys with these immensities. where i was, to where i am - and how it is now my time to embark on these new chapters.

    words truly cannot depict, how far one can truly go; and that applies to every creatures situation.

    furthermore, with each exclamation of the complexities of our gifted realities, i tread closer to stating the gist of all these words.

    i am an intuitive healer. an energy worker. a medicine maker. i am answering a calling, a divinely guided path for all of those within my reality. to aide in turning poison into medicine. my spiritual journey has been vast, with much depth. my abilities as a healer, are ever-flowing and nearly indescribable. with being heavily tied to the astral realms, and so forth - i can clear, clean and care for you on a multitude of levels. i have a divine team, of guides/figures, connected to my being. i channel, as part of my healing. connecting you to your higher multi-dimensional self, your guides, your light body; source. reading unto the finite details, regarding the interconnection and how it all forms the larger picture; whichever the situation.

    i heal energy blockages, latcher entities, un-alignment of all facets of self, voids, damage to ones psyche , spiritual inhibitions, ego, the inner masculine/feminine, childhood traumas.. i will invite/incorporate energy unto yourself, you hadn't yet known existed. i will bring you home. provide space for release, introspection and integration. to aide in invoking drive for spiritual discipline/practice, ones own calling or whichever.. and much more.. it is a pinnacle time for our generation, as the urgency for assertive communication on all planes, on what's going on all throughout/to mother gaia (our planet) is detrimental. let alone our collective consciousness and unconsciousness.

    the healing of our world, begins with the healing of oneself. through going within, you spread without. with everything being energetically connected, the ripple effects of growth are astronomical.

    as above, so below.

    thusly, allow me to clasp your hand and guide you in ways you've never afore experienced nor seen. to open chasms, that one hadn't known existed. to display to you, what is possible, in a realm of perceivable impossibilities. the time is nigh. and it is necessary.

    in order to rebuild, one must break.

    the answer lies, wherever the seeker provides.

    for the meantime, with covid, i am offering sessions via a zoom call - or in person, depictive upon discussion. they will be 1:1, and may flow in many different ways. i hope i've piqued your interest...

    thank you, for you. everything happens for a reason, and if you feel a call, reach out. my inbox is open.

    hai'chka ~ adastra

  • mariateresa 2d

    I have CPTSD, it doesn't own me or define me. I continue to heal everyday. This poem is dedicated to all the victims, survivors and caregivers who shine Light with love. I see you. Keep being the flowers you are. Nothing can dull your shine or stop your bloom. There's room for us ALL!

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    Stand with courage

    Drowning in a room filled with static noise
    Finding it hard to stay balanced and stand with poise
    Telling myself that the shame they spew doesn't suit me
    Deciding to slam the door on all the lies indefinitely
    Rising to claim my power has at times been daunting
    Becoming my own hero through it all, tirelessly searching
    Committing to the promise I made
    To always without fail, hold my head up and be brave

    For these experiences, all, have taught me wisdom
    Especially the ones that threatened to keep me down, silent and disregarded in their broken systems
    Refusing to give in, give up or quit
    Seeing through it all by using laughter and instinctual wit
    I am more than the moments that locked my essence in trauma
    Using every ounce of pain, never forgetting my worth, moving away from the drama
    Choosing to keep fighting for every breath in each moment
    We are all deserving, go ahead now and stand with courage

  • mariateresa 3d

    When I started sharing my writing publically almost 3 years ago, that was the moment my motto "Triumphing over Trauma" was born. Shining light into darkness, having the courage to be vulnerable by sharing my experience, strength and hope. We do heal, as long as we feel: Maria Teresa, Emotional Musings ��

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    Triumphing over Trauma

    Inner whispers of mystery speak
    While leaning into feelings so deep
    Observing as they come and go
    Holding onto the belief that with time abundance will grow
    No need to feel shame or worry
    Rainbow aura keeps me shielded when intuition is blurry
    Instincts sharpened by experience, teaches me to carry on
    Passionate heart is the vehicle that drives me towards dawn
    When darkness threatens to shut out the Light
    Ranges of emotions are the waves I surf at night
    "Triumphing over Trauma" as my battle cry
    Accepting this truth becomes my only guide


  • crystal_snow 3d


    What a strange time this is.
    I see the crescent moon hiding inside the sun.
    Black is not evil anymore.
    And neither is white pure.
    You can't make out the difference between heaven and Earth.


    Humanity shined on earth
    Happiness was their food
    Love became the religion
    And people prayed to peace.

    But I seek for it again.
    For there was once a rainbow which thrived in my head that was wiped by the world itself.


  • mariateresa 5d

    From my ❤ to yours ❤ look out for each other, hold space for one another with love and acceptance beause we are all in this thing together ❤

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    Big picture, in alignment

    Sounds that reverberate and twinkle like crystalline glass
    Sparkle and tingle sending soul shivers up and down my back
    Channeling Spirit from far beyond this realm
    Trusted to bear witness to the stories they tell
    Interstellar dimensional world's collide as I listen
    Understanding each rhythm, no longer to hide
    Willing to bend and sway with each tune
    Electronic vibrations echo within my heart with a resonate boom
    Filling in the cracks that pain and trauma have created
    It's my full expression I see feeling so elated

    This is me and where I dance
    Don't look away, or bypass the magic with just a glance
    Stand up for your beliefs and look me in the eye
    Don't deny yourself of the most precious beauty that lay awake inside
    For we each are pieces of the whole
    Coming together to build creation's grand puzzle


  • anuradhasharma 1w

    बेगैरत दुनियां से ज्यादा , अपने यहां अजनबी रवाइयां दिखाते ।

    दुनिया के धोकें का पता हमें , बेपनाह भरोसे वाले ही हमें तोड़ते ।


  • stronggirlaj 1w


    Humanity was lost earlier when people started deploying armies on the borders in order to save humans from humans


  • kajalpawar2911 1w

    "Come here at once!"
    "I would come there a million times; I proclaimed happily..."

  • shabd_sangrah 1w

    You dont need to be intelligent to be kind
    It is a matter of heart


  • hash_sassy 1w


    Even though I feel so much ,
    I'm scared to show it .

  • parmofficial 1w

    To feel humanity is difficult then to serve it!


  • shabd_sangrah 1w

    I am not going to impress others
    I am going to express myself


  • sahil_poet 2w


    Bezuba hu
    Mujme zuba nhi
    Tum byaa kar lete ho
    Dard ko apne
    Par me kese karu


  • _the_soul_writer 2w

    World Humanitarian Day

    Work done in rhe spirit of service
    is the Highest form of

  • ckeerthana 2w

    Rape?? Murder??

    Where we worship a women as a Goddess, Humanity is not seen anywhere.
    It doesn't matter if she is a police officer, a doctor , a housewife, a manager or if she is young, old or just new born child
    but above all she is a woman.
    A women with a heart to feel,
    A women with emotions
    A women with pain
    Still you look for her outer apperance???
    If you can't trust her character
    Then where the hell you loved her???
    If you can't understand
    The meaning of a relationship
    Then please move out of their life's
    Don't give them a lifetime pain
    Stop this and respect a girl please

  • nightpen 2w

    Reality Unreal

    I think of the questions I'm afraid to ask
    Of the feelings I've been taught are useless
    I think of the chances I never took
    Of every mistake that set me back
    I think of every moment, every laugh & tear

    I remember everytime I spoke up
    Every time I was told to shut up..

    In those moments rests my deepest fear..

    I enjoy the topics that are uncomfortable
    God or no God or right and wrong
    Everything in-between..

    If the world is in chaos
    Well, I don't have much to lose..
    Only everything..
    Just like you..

    The thing I worry of more than most..
    The thought that keeps me up most nights..

    Is how staying quiet and taking the pain..
    Has such a lethal hand in stopping change..

    This haunts my waking hours most severely..

    The fear defining my deepest terror though..
    Even while protected by my silent nights..

    Is of the world staying the same..

    Nothing could ever be more insane..

    Than it just staying the same..
    Than a lasting lack of true and real change..
    Than this continued onslaught of pain..

    A world of no rhyme for no reason

    Where the only solace is often in the rain..

    It can't be crazy to feel this way..

    I can't truly be insane..
    For me this is the only sane way to feel..

    Reality is just too Unreal..


  • nightpen 3w

    Paradigm City

    Too many struggle to live
    Hope in short supply, with little forgiveness
    Step into their shoes, their desire to live
    Or into the shoes of the wisest of the rich
    Wealthy and empty, no value in their money

    No need exists for this insanity to persist
    Why is it change that so many seem to resist?

    How is equality and new normality wrong?

    Why fight against a brighter future?

    Becoming shameless in perceived differences..
    Denying value of a beneficial paradigm shift..

    We forget the value of an important miracle..

    We all exist..

    A fact that no one should be able to devalue
    The fact you were born without a choice
    It should allow you to have a vital voice..

    No matter who you are 
    No matter where you came from
    No matter what your preferences..

    No one should ever suffer..
    Due to differences..

    Humanity can never be humane
    Not without change..

    It is the opposite of impossible..

    Earth is a stage and nothing more
    We're lucky to even exist here at all

    It's our global City

    Our assumptions and expectations are ancient
    They are obsolete..

    We need a new paradigm
    A new way to live

    A way to stop dying..

    We need to think..
    We need to forgive..

    We need to change..

    If it will save lives..

    Why would you want anything else?