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  • dnswords 22h

    शमशान बोला :--

    आगया सब घुमके ,
    पता हें ना, मेहमान था इस गाव मे !

    आदमी temporary हें , तो घमंड किस बात का ?


  • kunjjiquotes 2d

    Human need intimacy in life
    When we substitute with some others
    Its imbalance your life.

  • mariateresa 3d

    When I started sharing my writing publically almost 3 years ago, that was the moment my motto "Triumphing over Trauma" was born. Shining light into darkness, having the courage to be vulnerable by sharing my experience, strength and hope. We do heal, as long as we feel: Maria Teresa, Emotional Musings ��

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    Triumphing over Trauma

    Inner whispers of mystery speak
    While leaning into feelings so deep
    Observing as they come and go
    Holding onto the belief that with time abundance will grow
    No need to feel shame or worry
    Rainbow aura keeps me shielded when intuition is blurry
    Instincts sharpened by experience, teaches me to carry on
    Passionate heart is the vehicle that drives me towards dawn
    When darkness threatens to shut out the Light
    Ranges of emotions are the waves I surf at night
    "Triumphing over Trauma" as my battle cry
    Accepting this truth becomes my only guide


  • machoboy 1w


    In this part, let me raise some genuine questions which is essential to this generation.

    So my questions are :

    1:How many times have your family forgive you?
    2.How many times do you have hurt your family?
    3.How many times your family have not say anything when you have shouted at them?
    4.How many times have your family warn to left you?
    5.How many times have they told you sorry even when they were not wrong?
    6.How many times have any of your family member, friend or relative call you on their birthday with their birth time?
    7.How many times a person has fallen at your feet?

    There are many more questions but as of now I am happy with them only(written above).So tell me, if a person wants to betray you or hurt you any point of time why he would fallen on your feet at any point of time in his/her life.

    Why would she/he keeps all his/her promises?
    Why would she/he more interested in your happiness then his/her own.
    Why would she/he kept his/her ego aside to save relationship even if she/he is not wrong?
    Why would she/he listen to any abusive thing from your family without a befitting reply?
    Why would she/he confess anything related to you with you only whether it's your mistake or his/her.

    It's just, when someone lefts you then make clear to your head and heart that they were not able to see your goodness. Even not a 1%. And this happens usually when they don't able to see good things. I am not saying that we do not have any flaws instead we have so many flaws that we cannot end each one them till our last breath. We should surround ourself to the people who loves you the way you are. Which is also help you to not pretend at any moment of life.

    I personally believe when you have right intentions and you have right thought to do something to someone it will always work for that person. It doesn't matter whether that person also able to think the way your have. Because some times we get appreciation but many times we got allegations. It is good if you get appreciation but even if you get allegations don't bother yourself with it because you had right thinking to do something for that person. And this thing always belongs to spirituality because even their soul can feel it but sadly they can not.

    Yes, I know it hurts when you are trying to do something beautiful to someone but they misunderstand you. Never mind because nature always know that what were you up to. As in my case, she has alleged me with many things but later she also called me a "Liberal". Although, i have not understand her thoughts because when you allege someone with some "monstrous things" then how could be that same person is "LIBERAL"?

    Let's don't JUDGE someone by his/her work or action rather by truth.

    FOR EXAMPLE : To a sex worker his/her work is a mere means for living & not a pleasure. For their work they are judge by many and even got the name of prostitute. But how many of you know the real issue about him/her. How many of you know the real struggle of their life?
    But still lashes your filthy comments on them without knowing their main intentions.

    So, I request all of you who is able to read this, "be yourself", don't try to be supreme in this human world.

    �� जान वाला तू तडपाये
    लौट के फिर तू कड़े ना आया
    अखां दे नाल दिल नु रुलाया
    बड़ा सताया तू
    याद तेरी बस आंदी जावे
    पर तेरी कोई ख़बर ना आवे
    दिल मेरा हूँ दब्दा जावे
    बड़ा सताया तू

    तेनु हूँ मेरी
    कड़े याद आके तड़पांदी नहीं
    अखियाँ चों तेरी
    किते निंदर उड़ फ़ूड जांदी नहीं

    आवे तू मुडके
    हूँ मैं ता करां फरयाद नि
    राहां विच जींद बैठी
    एक तेरियां यादां

    एक तेरी खैर मंगदी
    मैं माँगा ना कुझ होर
    एक तेरी खैर मंगदी
    ना टूटे दिल की डोर
    एक तेरी खैर मंगदी
    अब कोई चले ना जोर ��

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    Don't judge someone by his/her
    work or action rather by truth.
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  • adi_ixi 1w

    Ever felt that battle between your brain and your heart? Where your heart is actually kind and caring but it's been shattered by everyone a million times to the point that the brain takes control and asks you to not care, yet the irony is the more we pretend we don't care, the more we actually do, ever so allowing is to feel like a #human.
    After all, what good is a human who doesn't break?


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    Yin and Yang

    Never thought waking up to be a chore

    So desperate for peace,

    Couldn't long for sleep more

    Yet here I am,

    Breathing in 02

    While my soul screams for some love

    whispering ' please, me too'

    The falling tears feel like thorns

    Razors to my delicate cheeks

    'Stop being so soft', barked my brain

    But hate begets hate, did you forget?

    I picked up my pen,

    Tryna string words,

    And for a moment,

    I felt like I was deserted

    but that's just being a human

    feeling like everyone else.


  • hatiseker 1w

    Faith in love.

    People think I've lost my faith in love.
    I have more faith in love than I ever did before,
    However, I do not have faith in humans anymore.


  • pritds641 1w

    Warning of Sun

    Sun peeks over the flying clouds,
    Probably looking for a inspection on Earth!
    He can see whole world, anytime and anywhere.
    Whoa! Probably the best CCTV of the Universe!

    Earth is liable for several blunders these days!
    Sun has found Earth as the guilty!
    Environmental disbalance, physiological imbalance,
    All are parts of crime of Earth!

    Earth gets dumbed and thoughtful!
    What have I done! Let's review and stay cool!
    I am not the main culprit at all,
    Not even these aphasiatic animals!

    Those human are behind this situation!
    Polluting atmosphere, littering universe,
    Deteriorating icecaps, destroying jungles!
    These are reasons of dreadful Universe!

    Autocracy might not work oneday!
    Supremacy might fade and erase away!
    Earth might be expelled from the universe!
    This is the time, try to save Earth, human, come up!


  • pinkfloyduwu 1w

    I'm all alone

    Asken purveyors of town,

    A question which sombre for my ears, and curiosity of others

    From the house of yours come no other visitor—

    You all alone my child?

    For reason this I goes no shop twice,

    And to neighbours whom question are boredom than curiosity.

    Oh! Cruel loneliness; who lefts no human alone, and whose shadows never leave me—faith like from childhood to manhood,

    Oh! Man who ignorant like a pest, whose empathy brute savage; would tarnish anything and sleep on a pillow of blood and tears ( be his or one he love)—

    Then accepting himself human.

  • usmanshaikh47 1w

    Free Palestine

    It's not rain drops
    I wish it were ,
    Mother look out side
    It's warplanes and bombs ,
    I am not afraid , let me tell you all
    Of this smoke barrels and rubber coated bullets
    which can harm my body but not my soul,
    The day will come and you will fall 
    Just like others who disobeyed (Him 
    The One who is Alone)
    I will leave this world and you too 
    once and for all
    I will be standing under the Shade of my Lord's Throne 
    What about you ,the one who ignored 
    the basic human role ,
    This is neither a conflict not a war 
    It's my basic human rights that you have taken from me with unjust law,
    I am writing this on behalf of that Palestinian boy who believes that 
    you are only allowed to say there is peace in the World 
    Until there is freedom of basic human rights for All (World). 

  • shabd_sangrah 1w

    बिखरा हूं कुछ यूं टूट के
    कि कोई अदा मुझे समेट नहीं सकती

    खुद में डूब गया हूं कुछ इस तरह कि
    कोई मुहब्बत मुझे सवार नहीं सकती

    खुद से ही रंजिश करने लगा हूं
    किसी की नफरत मुझे जला नहीं सकती

    खुद में ही खुदा ढूंढ लिया है मैने
    अब नज़रें कहीं सजदा नहीं करती

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    Shattered बिखरा हुआ

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  • kunjjiquotes 1w

    How long you will ignore me?
    Once you should accept my thoughts.
    Because its a human feelings.

  • realityvision 2w

    What is common between android operating system and human being?
    #human #andriod #happy #realityvision #motivation

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    What is common between android operating system and human being?

    In android phone, by keeping Operating system as common many apps are built, which has its own function and usage, likewise you as a human being will be an operating system, around you different environment will be there family environment, friends environment, job coworker environment, relatives environment, etc each of this gives some learning and helps in some way, your job is manage your operating system and make balance among that environment. Have a nice day

  • sophrosyne 2w

    Human minds are mirrors

    I wonder if we're like two mirrors staring at each other and reflecting each other endlessly, and through an infinite array of images, seeing beauty in seeking a greater understanding of each other but never succeeding in doing so and being forever destined to have mere mirror images of each other's minds no matter how hard we try or how deeply we peer into each other. Our understanding will forever be imperfect, like a mirror image showing the wrong directions no matter how clear the image might be, how polished the glass or how brightly the light shines. For nothing, and no one can change that.

  • realityvision 2w

    What decides the value of a human being?
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    What decides the value of a human being?

    All paper are made from trees but the content printed on it, place it's located decides its value, likewise all human are same, knowledge and wisdom he has decides his value in this world. Be a knowledgeable person. Have a nice day

  • czarcasm 3w

    Only human

    Wind ruffled his hair in the midnight breeze
    And he took in a deep breath
    It was peaceful and he was at rest
    Standing there beneath the moon
    Today had been long
    The challenges close to breaking him
    But he had stood strong

    The crickets around him in perfect symphony
    Playing him a song in tune
    Told him he had done good
    As if someone was watching over him
    A frog before him interrupted the night
    And he had to look down at
    The solitary figure
    Alone tonight, just like him

    The stars above him glimmering so softly
    They were a beauty indeed
    He always came here when he needed to think
    Looking up at the sky eyes slowly
    Getting heavy
    Stars, galaxies, and planets remind him
    How small mankind was
    For it was the stars that reminded him
    That he was only human

  • kamal_ki_kalam 3w

    तेरे बदलने का दुख नहीं है मुझको,
    शर्मिंदा तो मे अपने यक़ीन पर हु।।


  • joyjitghosh_writer 3w

    The end is nearing, human beings are feeling it but negative forces are fooling and misleading them.It is time for the human society to kneel down before Almighty God for mercy before it is too late.

  • dr__aditi 3w

    #life #choas #unbeilable #miraquill #love #human

    So many unbelievable things
    are happening around now a days
    It's hard to believe it is still the
    safest times, as we used to believe.
    We thought it is the safest times we are alive,
    no world wars, very little agressive thinking,
    orthodox ideologies shrinking away
    and there's less and less discrimination with an advance approach to "equality believing" thoughts for each human life.
    But maybe there is no safer times than the time you are at peace of your mind at your home with four walls and a roof giving you delusions of being safe.
    While there are lives at stake and some young lives are being taken away for being not enough accomodative to an unlawful system.
    Maybe we have become habitual to
    unjustice happening to someone else.
    And there's no cure for not feeling empathy unless something bad happens to our close ones.
    I believe there's more chance of us being inhuman in a way in which we are not able
    to connect to the pain of another human being
    than being inhuman in directly performing
    unbelievable events.

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    So many unbelievable things
    are happening around now a days
    It's hard to believe it is still the
    safest times, as we used to believe.
    We thought it is the safest times we are alive,
    no world wars, very little agressive thinking,
    orthodox ideologies shrinking away
    and there's less and less discrimination with an advance approach to "equality believing" thoughts for each human life.

  • pandichitra_r 3w

    Arranged marriages

    Snivelling over the societal stigmas,
    Chthonic engulfed every Quop;
    Scars being nightmares,
    Rambling every witching hours;
    Still she said "YES"!
    To be locked forever❗

  • yashvibansal 3w

    You Never Got as Cold

    You are a piece of art, stoic and stable
    You tell yourself.
    (Maybe even a little stale)
    You will not allow yourself to be human
    Because you know how broken human beings are
    How the world tramples them
    Like autumn leaves.
    But sometimes, you cannot help it
    And then your eyes remember that they are not painted
    And weep.
    Your nose remembers that it is not marble
    And sniffs.
    Your mouth remembers that it is not sculpted
    And howls.
    And from the fog,
    Rises the vulnerability you buried.
    You never got as cold
    As you wanted to be.