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  • prachishrivastav 109w


    Jindagi Jeena sikhati hai,
    Raho par sidha chalna,
    Har mod par, har chunotiyon k liye Kabil bannati hai,
    Khana wo jise maan na bhare ,woh hee khilati hai,
    Us chote se shishu ko insaan banati hai,
    Insaniyat ka paath padati hai..tabhi to poori kayaanat "Maa" main samati hai.

  • imladyart 129w

    Through the Car Window

    There are many sights to see.
    Many are exciting, but people are the most fascinating.
    Although, we look we can't help, but approve or disapprove.
    We wonder how and why would they put up to look like that.
    Imagining ourselves not even looking close to that.
    You know an ego can grow from that.

    I want to yell out my car window, "No matter how you look God still loves you!"

    She's crossing the street with black boots knees deep.
    She must feel good about that because she's walking in heels and not flats.
    Her floral skirt waves at me as her leather jacket stares back at me.
    She never looks back as to wonder what she might be leaving behind when she wears clothes like that.
    Her long hair loosen in the air with no care.
    Oh how I wonder how it might feel not to care about the perverted men out there.
    But who knows or who might care if it isn't you out there dismissing insecurities just to press against the rest.
    How they look is only a pivotal page of their own book.

    I want to yell out my car window, "No matter how you look God still loves!"

    Desperately I turn away before I see myself in the reflection.
    See no one really wants to find what they really think of their own intention.
    Realizing your flaws isn't the only underlying fall.
    It's the call to a deeper meaning when the time to change in a friend, in a stranger, or in yourself.
    Your clothes aren't the only things wringing out, but the time is running out to change your mind.
    Through the car window there are many exciting things to see, but seeing your own reflection will be the best thing you need.

    I want to yell out my car window, "No matter how you look God still loves you!"
    This time looking in the mirror.

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  • swarnika 161w

    Everything wrong with us

    I saw a dream
    A dream of a world,
    full of benevolence,
    where the children
    never slept hungry,
    where no man
    was ever homeless,
    where no girl
    was treated viciously.

    I dreamt of a world
    where no person
    was bound to slavery,
    where happiness
    was not materialistic,
    where no teenager
    ever killed himself,
    where no one
    was judged on appearances.

    I dreamt of a world
    where no girl
    was scared to walk alone,
    where no man
    was mocked for his status,
    where women had rights
    to make choices for their body,
    where war was not used
    to bring peace.

    But maybe,
    I dreamt of
    a dreamy world,
    a debatable one.
    A world that
    only one could dream of.
    I dreamt of a world,
    which was too good to be true.


  • one_link_a_p_a_r_t 188w

    The war, outside our home, our country, the hatred, why when we all are run by the same blood, same flesh and same Sapien clan... Why
    I wish there dwells upon us more peace, love and humanity.
    #thewaywewere #thewayweare #thewaywewillbe
    #humaity #values #kindness #love #thebygones #theliving #keepwriting #mirakeeworld #writersofinstagram@writersnetwork

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    The world and the war

    The blood that maketh you
    Maketh me too
    Then why do you hate me
    And I hate you..
    @one_link_a_p_a_r_t .

  • sunidhijain 218w

    Time doesn't bring relief,
    Throughout the day fear stays chief!
    It was 2012-case of NIRBHAYA
    now its 2018-case of ASIFA.

    Many more daughters suffering;
    justice for many cases are still buffering!
    STOP blaming short clothes, late night
    as now the crime has reached its height!

    HUMANITY has been sold;
    as Asifa was only 8years old!
    ANGER which is banging on your head allow it to go more
    Now we,
    for the sake of humanity really need to ROAR