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  • bleeding__words 34w


    Things are going in a loop
    My insecurities are eating me up
    Instincts are screaming for it to get worse
    Heart knows the truth yet mind won't stop thinking
    Before it ruins me further I need help
    I tried to put my face straight and hold the smile but
    nothing seems to help
    The more I plan to make it better the more everything gets worser

  • sam_27 144w

    How's that possible?

    Ever felt why should we wake in the morning?
    Just because the one who used to message you before, wishing good mornings now even doesn't care if you wake in the morning or not. Just because our importance have changed in their life, we have been broken from inside. All persons change with time. You came in this world alone and will go alone but want them forever. How's that possible?