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  • frozensun 23w


    If I could borrow just one hour
    What an hour it would be.
    An hour worth less than nothing,
    Hate filled and misery.

    I can't help but wonder
    What force drives you on?
    If I knew, would I care,
    Or continue life along?

    An hour in your shoes sounds painful at best.
    It's the life you chose for yourself,
    You opened every chest.

    Each bridge you burned along the way
    Crumbling under your feet.
    Unknown found strength left to run
    But soon will know defeat.

    An hour being you would teach me so much
    To be a better person,
    To be my family's crutch.

    To know you truly
    To think your thoughts,
    How would I survive?
    No light found here, only darkness.
    It comes with no surprise.


  • nyctophile_vocalist 24w


    "You are the rain in my darkest hour....
    It will be soothing to smell your presence but we'll be only felling the availability.
    Your drops will chill my soul with an anxiety that we are abstract."

  • adeahsmommy1587 24w

    An Hour...

    Borrowed time, borrowed lives, borrowed hearts, and borrowed lies.
    An hour is all I need I swear, so listen to my cries.

    "And whom exactly would you get this hour from?"

    I'd like to borrow my own time.
    An hour from my past.
    It's the only time that matters.
    I need to make this last.
    I'd change a simple gesture, an answer, and reaction.
    I'd visit those old memories.
    I'd change every lost infraction.


    Because it was never supposed to be this way.
    A broken home to set our way.
    Nobody's time will ever matter.
    Nobody's but my own.

    Take me back to find all that's lost.
    To mend our broken souls.
    An hour will save our family's pain, and stop the tears that flow.

    An hour would save our child from tears, confusion, and it's pain.
    She'd have us both in just one house, beautifully insane.

    We didn't make our bed, we left that shit a mess.
    We wanted more from one another,and offered it up less.

    So all I need to borrow, is a simple guarantee;
    One that brings me back my love, and sets our burdens free.
    But even life can't guarantee that we wake at morning light.
    But at least we could stand together, one love, one fight.

  • nighty 25w

    They say that life is like a riddle and it's meaning manifests to you at your prime,
    But as I walk the different alleys of life,
    My soul worn out from all the battles I've waged,
    With my cranial invaders, beasts of the night, demons uncaged,
    I can't help feeling the abyss growing in my transparent being,
    With the hour hand ticking and second hand racing away,
    Running out of time and I'm afraid, afraid that I won't see out my dreams,
    I'm scared that I will not stand the test of time, and I'll fall with the tide,
    But my biggest dread is not being able to live out the rest of my life, without you by my side..

    #poetry #morning #poem #love #hurt #empty #dual #heal #scars #roots #india #artofpoetry
    #time #demons #life #poet #hour #soul #fear #quotes #quoteoftheday #win #end #empty #world #earth #wod #pod #writersnetwork

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    If you look into my hazel eyes, you'll get a glimpse of my empty soul,
    And finally feel what it's like to be unknown, alive but you don't belong,
    Heart torn out, I have a sinkhole in it's stead,
    A gaping whole that demands more,but cannot be filled,
    An abyss without a seal,
    The definition of nothingness, I have scars that even time can't heal.

  • kauthar 29w


    Every year...twelve months pass
    Every month...thirty days pass
    Every day...twice twelve hours pass
    Every hour...twice thirty minutes pass

    Time gives you second chances
    Twice its hours a day
    Twice its minutes an hour
    Just for you

  • veeru_shete 32w

    Whisky hours

    Sunk in the moment, crisp to the senses
    Begun with the first,
    Spilling out our minds, ranging from
    Philosophies to happy times

    Leading on to second,
    Line setting apart conscious
    and contrary faded away,

    Stillness in mind, and
    Body wavering to the water of life,
    Discovered a place, where highs and lows
    Exist on the grounds

    Smirked with the hollows, chuckling
    With tears, hyped wisdom suddenly spilled
    Learnt a lesson too precious
    " Never postpone joy "

    Like that old belief goes,
    Never trust a person who is sober with a charm and with no water of life

    Toasted to a neat, before moving
    On with our lives, with great speeds
    Whirling world, yet sure of directions

    The world fragrant of magic flowers,
    Such was the magic of whiskey hours


  • kidluvari 40w

    a day

    sun rises and dawns
    over the city
    smoke clouds fall apart
    the sky looks pretty
    but only when i‘m asleep


  • porcupine 41w

    An Hour

    Was about an hour
    That we talked
    I must say
    That hour rocked

    I enjoy chatting
    Hearing you talk
    I must admit
    You're smart as a hawk

    An hour gone by
    Suddenly so quick
    I must say
    The memory will stick

    Till the next time
    I look forward to
    I must admit
    That I really want to

  • amoghavarsha 50w

    The National Happy Hour Day is commemorated on November 12 of every year.

    National Happy Hour Day is created to take advantage of Happy Hours at your favourite restaurant, bar, or cafe. 

    Happy hour is a name used to indicate a period on a day when companies sell drinks and food at a discount.

  • rani_shri 51w

    रे माम्मा रे माम्मा रे
    रे माम्मा रे माम्मा रे
    सुन लो सुनाती हूं तुमको कहानी
    जो कि मुझे याद है पूरा मुजबानी।

    रे माम्मा रे माम्मा रे ×2
    जिया गयी बाजार में लेने को आलू
    आलू वालू कुछ न मिला पीछे पड़ा भालू।

    रे माम्मा रे माम्मा रे ×2
    जिया गयी छत पे पकड़ने को चिड़िया
    चिड़िया विड़िया उड़ गयी,देखती रह गयी जिया।

    रे माम्मा रे माम्मा रे ×2
    जिया गयी बाहर सुखाने को कपड़ा
    कपड़ा वपड़ा उड़ गया,जिया पहुंच गयी छपरा।

    रे माम्मा रे माम्मा रे ×2
    जिया गयी किचन में खाने मैगी मसाला
    मैगी वैगी कुछ न मिली बर्तन भी जला डाला।

    रे माम्मा रे माम्मा रे ×2
    जिया गयी चुपके से फ़ूंकने को माल,
    माल वाल कुछ न मिला,बीत गये साल।

    रे माम्मा रे माम्मा रे ×2
    जिया गयी सजने, पहुंची ब्यूटी पार्लर
    सजना धजना रह गया, लिपस्टिक लगा ली गाल पर।

    रे माम्मा रे माम्मा रे ×2
    जिया गयी मंडी लेने के सब्जी
    सब्जी वब्जी कुछ न मिली खेलने लगी पब्जी।

    रे माम्मा रे माम्मा रे ×2
    जिया आई मिराकी पर पीने के लिये रम,
    रम का पता नहीं पर मिल गये रे हम।

    रे माम्मा रे माम्मा रे ×2

    Happy birthday in very advance jiya�������������������������������������������������������������� @jiya_khan

    #one #hour #left #in #celebration

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  • gunjit_jain 60w

    *नोट: इस गाने को "लकड़ी की काठी" की ट्यून पर बना कर पढ़ें, ज़्यादा मज़ा आएगा*

    लकड़ी की लाठी,लाठी पे डोकरी,
    डोकरी अब नहीं रही सोलह साल की छोकरी।

    दौड़ी दौड़ी दौड़ी डोकरी,
    चोटी पकड़ के दौड़ी।

    ला ला ला ला ला ला ला । ×2

    डोकरी है मोटी,
    कमर पे लटके चोटी।

    टकबक टकबक टकबक टकबक

    डोकरी है मोटी,
    कमर पे लटके चोटी।
    दांत है सारे झड़ चुके,
    कहां से खाए रोटी।

    दौड़ी दौड़ी दौड़ी डोकरी,
    चोटी पकड़ के दौड़ी।

    ला ला ला ला ला ला ला । ×2

    केशें सारी पकी हुईं
    आंखें कमज़ोर थकी हुईं।

    टकबक टकबक टकबक टकबक

    केशें सारी पकी हुईं,
    आंखें कमज़ोर थकी हुईं।
    ठक-ठक कर के चलती देखो
    कमर है उसकी झुकी हुई।

    दौड़ी दौड़ी दौड़ी डोकरी,
    चोटी पकड़ के दौड़ी।

    ला ला ला ला ला ला ला ।×2


    #one #hour #left #in #party #let #us #celebrate

    @ru_malik ek kadam budhape ki or��������������������

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  • outofleague 61w

    Etheree #ethereec
    The poetry form, Etheree, consists of 10 lines of 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10 syllables.
    Etheree can also be reversed and written 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1.

    #our #hour
    Picture Credit : Sahin Sezer Dincer / Unsplash

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  • sugandhswani_ 71w

    That One Hour...

    There worked the hourglass,
    One grain at a time,
    But time didn’t seem to pass,
    As she stayed for a sign,
    That one hour felt like a year,
    While she waited by the door,
    In anger, pain, and fear,
    For her departed paramour.

    There worked the hourglass,
    One grain at a time,
    But time slipped counting stars,
    While the wind whispered through the chime,
    That one hour felt like a second,
    As he held her hand there,
    Weaving dreams with imagination fecund,
    For such moments were rare.

    There worked the hourglass,
    One grain at a time,
    And the time ticked as the kids lay on grass,
    While they enjoyed their ice cones with lime.
    That one hour felt like what? An hour!
    Sitting and laughing, and joking around,
    Not thinking of the past or the future,
    Just listening to crickets making their sound.

    Such is the beauty of the concept of time,
    It could mean different to different people.
    THAT ONE HOUR could be still or slip or run by fine,
    In the moments happy, or mundane or dull!

    15th June 2020

  • perdu1992 80w

    At times lie acts as a remedy to a person wounded with truth
    All kind of suggestions and opinions are welcomed
    #last #hour #fate #truth #lie #mirakee @mirakee @writersnetwork

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    I was wounded deep inside my soul
    So took high dose medicines to bring things under control
    Day by day the condition was getting worse
    Like it was a result of someone's curse
    As per the plan the medicine concentrated with truth was to be given
    But the docs knew that it would ruin my heaven
    So they gave me drug concentrated with lie
    Which paused the last hour of fate to come nigh
    That brought me again to existence
    Between revolution and resistance


  • sayan251 80w


    It is through you
    my heart holds it rock place
    as the sea is rooted in the constant
    moon..Your face

    was the whole world
    in many pieces matched but moving
    on the top waves so fast,
    so portly, it looked a lack

    of motion current
    far below ran bone to. O how
    manned I was, how crewed,clipt,and
    quartered: head tailed...

    Now trenched my idiot
    mob of mouths,ghost to their
    lust for flesh, I, flailing merrily
    like some deserted wind---

    mill, with once more
    pump you full of people, just
    the cloud of, one way handfast midden
    idea of this crowd

    of people; so at once
    to return》like raving letters
    and shapes that pullulate, self
    cohabiting in humpbacked

  • thesilentone 91w


    It took an hour
    in knowing you and
    just one day to
    fall in love.
    But it will take me
    a lifetime
    to manage to forget you.

  • harsh_hitman_45 93w

    I saw you,
    In my hand,
    In my beautiful land,
    In my dream,
    In my chocolate cream,
    In my real life,
    In my life's drive,
    In my mirror,
    In my every conquer,

    I saw you,
    In my garden,
    In my every fun,
    In my sight,
    In my every night,
    In my goal,
    In my life's poll,
    In my strengths,
    In my visions length,

    I saw you,
    In my shirt's pocket,
    In my life's socket,
    In my miroor,
    In my every wearer,
    In my icecap,
    In my life's map.
    In my red t-shirt,
    In my every comfort,

    I saw you,
    In my every laugh,
    In my photograph,
    In my gallery,
    In my every salary/calorie
    In my every day,
    In my any way,
    In my every class,
    In my water glass,

    I saw you
    In my every time,
    In my every chyme,
    In my pillow,
    In my morning cappuccino,
    In my blanket,
    In my blue jacket,
    In my morning tea,
    In my room's Ac,

    I saw you,
    In my window,
    In my every blow,
    In my biceps,
    In my every steps,
    In my goggle,
    In my every boggle

    I saw you,
    In my every hour,
    In my garden flower,
    In my every minute,
    In my spirit,
    In my every second,
    In my piece of almond,

    Yess I saw you,
    Who said we won't met yet!!!
    I saw you every day,
    In my sunrise and sunset Ray....

    Sry it's long but hope you like it��
    #ray #love #sunrise #garden #flower #spirit #second #window #blow #hour #day
    @writersnetwork @mirakee

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    I saw you,
    Every day,
    Every hour,

  • anthonyhanible 94w


    Wow did i give you a name
    Wow I'm crying because of you
    It's hurt really
    Locked in this room
    Strap down to the bed
    Feeling tortured
    Haunting me this a nightmare
    Pain stop
    Pain go
    Please I beg
    I can't take another day
    Another hour
    Another minute
    Or second
    Of you pain
    Turning me insane
    Yes you pain
    Coming down like rain
    No a storm so strong
    And me
    No umbrella
    Nothing standing on the beach
    Getting wash away
    Lost in the

  • harsh_hitman_45 95w

    "I don't have anything,
    but I will buy many thing"for you.

    I don't hv any car,
    But I will buy the best one for you...

    I know you don't want anything from me,
    But will give you everything....
    I don't have a big house,
    But I will lead you a laxurios one....

    I don't have any Ac in my house yet,
    But will make you cool by blowing the air from my mouth.

    I don't have any geyser or heaters in my house,
    But I will always keep you in my hand and make you feel warm.

    I don't have any luxurious bike,
    But I will give you the feeling of luxury in my small bike too.

    I don't have much money yet,
    But I will earn enough to make you feel happy.

    I don't have any property,
    But I will keep you in my heart as a my property.

    I don't know how we or you manage to cover that much long distance to meet me,
    But I know we will definitely to live together in one place one home.

    I don't know will you come my home or not,
    But I know you visited and got a place in my heart for life.

    I don't have anything,
    Just only have my heart beating for you every day, every hour, every minute, every second.

    Still I don't know how will I do this,
    But I persist to do it❤
    I will do it��

    Hope you like it��

    #persist #will #minute #hour #best

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    I don't have,
    But I will.
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  • jaya2711 96w

    To see the dawn night has to go
    through its deep darkest hour.

    From: Arya- a divine love.