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    It is not a hotel when I am with you.

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    Are you listening to all these stories ?
    My deepest heart for you,
    I call you in longing everyday
    I feel like I'll never be able to reach you now
    I can't let you go inside of me
    But it doesn't work well
    The more I try to push you away from my mind
    It's just getting so much worse
    I remember all our stories
    My deepest heart for you,
    I call you in longing everyday
    I feel like I'll never be able to reach you now

    It will pass all the season
    I know you'll be far away one day,
    Maybe I'm pushing you too hard
    Now my chest hurts really bad.
    My deepest heart for you
    I call you in longing everyday
    I feel like I'll never be able to reach you now

    Without any reason on that tearful day
    I'm looking for you
    Remember all our days now and then
    Everytime you are going to erase it ..
    It'll become clearer
    My heart really hurts..
    But I have to send you away ..
    Remember it..
    #Remember me #Gummy #hotel del luna
    Pc:- to the rightful owner
    #writersnetwork #mirakee

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    Room 666 - The Revelation ( Part 2)

    *Knock Knock*

    I knew this time.

    The door continues to knock for another 5 minutes.

    I decided to stay awake and checkout as soon as the sunrises.

    *around an hour passes by*

    Time appears to be freeze.

    It's like an hour has passed but the clock still indicates 3 am.

    I was struck, imprisoned in that time frame.

    I had no option other than to open the door.

    It was Fenriz.

    "Oh! So finally she escaped.", he said.

    " Who? Your daughter?", I asked with a feeble voice.

    He replies, "Yeah!! Seems like she told you....."

    Before he could finish, I ran out of the room. Ran across the hallway, ran down the stairs and reached the reception.

    No one. Not even a sole individual stood.
    Even the main entrance was sealed.

    I was trapped.

    I went back to the room.

    "Her spirit fouled you. She made you see what you probably feared, which your soul couldn't withstand.", Fenriz tells me as I entered the room.

    "So where am I?", I asked in a state of confusion.

    He continues , "In the realm between life and death. I warned you, I told you to leave this room. Told you that this room is meant for her. Sent you a letter, told you not to open the door(here, door to the soul)."

    I sat down and whispers, "Means you are lifeless. You are the spirit of Fenriz."

    - Indeed I am lifeless. Her spirit took your body.
    And now you are dead even without being dead.
    And she is alive being dead.

    *psychological laugh*

    - If she wished to live then why did your daughter commit suicide?

    - She never committed suicide. She was killed. She was pushed off the window.

    - Who pushed her?

    Fenriz looks at me with an evil smile and says as if he was proud- ME.


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    (This is part of a story from a book I've been writing for some time. I apologize to everyone if the text is a little longer.Thanks)

    "Hotel" by artistano1

    Nobody knows that I'm leaving, and it wouldn't be wise for anyone to find out.
    Therefore, I will certainly not be the one to invite someone and give myself away.
    It ran through my head to run to the first taxi and wake up a tired taxi driver, while he was sleeping with the steering wheel in his hands.
    No, I will not be the one to scare him and interrupt his short and tormented dream.
    That could cause suspicion and superfluous questions, to which I have no answer.
    That could then drive away into oblivion everything that the worried valet with glasses thought last night, while he was giving me sleeping pills.
    I just wanted it all to end, like the parting of saturated lovers who stay at the door of the one who stays while at the same time they both want to separate. That's what Javier Marias would say.
    - I have never been here, in this hotel, on this night between Saturday and Sunday;
    because no one is allowed to know or will find out that I am not there, nor will I ask for help from random passers-by, no matter how smart it might be, it would be insane.
    Any casual passerby on a night like this can be a serial killer or thief, or a drunken man ready for conflict, or a large-body man, with huge fists and a tired whore in a car, or a mentally ill person just escaped from the mental hospital.
    It would be foolish to knock on some doors of houses in the neighborhood, and thus reveal face and escape, and terrible story and destiny.
    No, for everybody i had remain invisible, a shadow, a phantom, no one, and for all those who know me, I will still be in the hotel tonight while they sleep or suffer from insomnia here or in Moscow or anywhere else in the fucking world.
    Yes, no one must know, I will not do anything, I will not tell anyone.
    If I manage to get out and get to town, I'll borrow a phone to call and tell Maria everything.
    Good plan, insanely good plan, what an irony.
    - As I thought about all this, I noticed that I had been standing alone in the hallway for some time, motionless and in danger of giving up.
    Due to my mental haste, I didn't do anything,
    the haste makes us think.
    At that moment, footsteps were heard from the other end of the hallway and I, quickly, almost running, headed in the opposite direction, towards the restaurant.
    The restaurant was not open at that time of night, but it seems to have been unlocked, intentionally or accidentally, by someone's mistake;
    I went inside, leaning on the faint light that illuminated the hall through the window.
    I glanced around, looking nowhere, almost to make sure there was no one but me in the cold room...
    - And that was the solution to my problem.
    Two windows in the hall were open due to ventilation and fresh air. It seems to me now that after only two or three steps I found myself in the yard, I think I thought few things then
    (or maybe I thought them later and just jumped out the window without thinking)
    They must not find out that I went out there myself, or if they already know for sure, we should leave room for doubt:
    And if it is already established, then it is better to blame someone who left those windows open. Now it was enough to run across the dimly lit yard and jump over the fence, which I did with such speed that I don't even remember if I was thinking anything until the next moment when I was walking barefoot down the street.
    I turned around once more looking at the hotel and then my suspicions were confirmed.
    - The big name of "my hotel" was "Psychiatrische Klinik Wienn" or on English "clinic for mental illness Vienna"!
    At that moment, I started running as fast as I could - as if I was hoping that if I ran fast enough to escape from my own head;
    or to forget the consciousness that befell me.
    I ran with all my might and I think I was shouting out loud "no, no, no!"
    I know for sure that I was crying.
    And then, all of a sudden, I thought about what I would look like to someone watching me from the sidelines; some stranger, a casual passer-by,
    who returns in late part of night on just such a dark street, and while hiding the identity of a serial killer, or a drunken man ready for conflict, the footsteps that carried him out of his mysterious thoughts were my footsteps;
    — the footsteps of a runaway madman in the night;
    And again irony, in that case i would be a nightmare someone who is a nightmare to someone;
    Or a large-body man, with big fists and a tired whore, passing by in car, they see a crying lunatic running at the speed of their car.
    At that moment, there was no room in me for a new plan;
    Nikola was really just crazy, I knew.
    I just didn't know that the place where I stayed was not a hotel but a mental hospital, madhouse,
    and those people who put me to sleep for days and took me to breakfast are not nice roommates but paramedics, and those poor people who rehearsed Orwell's or Feydo's or Shakespeare's texts are not actors but mentally sick people,
    and my performances are not performances but attacks of madness,
    and humiliation of poor and sick people.
    But I really was an actor and a writer. Am i?
    There was no time to think about whether,
    and why i'm crazy? The factual state of affairs was that I witnessed a death in that hospital from which I escaped. The end.
    The police will look for me,
    the newspapers will write, God, how I am in trouble, and again, this is the story I have always wanted.
    I stopped abruptly at an intersection, wiped away my tears, and looked around. The traffic at this time of night was weak, there were almost no cars, you would only hear the dull sound of the engine if someone passed in one of the neighboring streets.
    My heart was pounding like a gallop of a herd of wild horses, I suddenly got sick, my heartbeat moved there, into the living and fresh wound that my brain inflicted on me
    - Child! - Maria! - Maria's child! My child! ...
    No, no, it can't be.
    As if from the memory of some distant dream, pictures came to me, I sat on the sidewalk and waited for anyone to come for me...

    #roman #hotel #artistano_hotel #book #story

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    #mirakee #shortstory #flashfiction #hotel #ghosts #paranormal

    The Melvur Hotel

    The Melvur Hotel is haunted.

    The large bookshelf was sprawled across the floor as I entered Room 209, and more than a dozen books lay beside it. Scattered like the pebbles of a spring forest. I stood there frozen as I further assessed the scene: Mr. Reynolds held his wife protectively, both on the farthest corner of the room. Fear being the only thing shown in their eyes.

    "We've had enough!" the old man yelled, and he began to move towards my direction. To the door that was still open.

    "We're leaving!" With a shaky breath, he pushed me aside. Exiting into the long hall of the second floor. The last thing I heard were his wife's muffled sobs, and everything once again descended into an eerie, midday silence.

    It was always like this.

    With a sigh, I began to dial the top number on my phone. Three rings passed, and he immediately answered the call. "Hello, Cecily?" Arthur greeted me. "Yeah, yeah. They returned the keys. Gabriel will be there to fetch their bags in ten minutes."

    It was always like this in the Melvur Hotel. Guests were brave enough to enter, but in the end, they all left fast with horror. It was something that all the staff, including I, were used to. And yet, somehow, I was never able to believe the claims, and the tales they shared. It was only now: Now that I have seen it with my very own eyes.

    There were many stories. Some guests have claimed that they felt like they were being followed. And that a harsh, unnatural cold would wake them amidst the night. That sometimes, they would spot a strange shadow in the corner of their eye. That sometimes, they would hear light footsteps in the darkness. Tap, tap, tap. The sound so deeply carved in their minds, that some would even dream of it. And in their dreams, they would see a man: With skin so pale, it was almost like snow. He would then flash them a grin. An unsettling, menacing grin.

    They were only small things. To me, they weren't really much to worry about. That was until reports came about falling chandeliers, and people getting trapped in the walk-in closets while they were alone. Again, I disregarded them. I could not accept it. It couldn't be real. It couldn't.

    But now, I knew better.

    I stared at the airy figure that floated just above the fallen shelf. It's eyes gazed at me, glistening with mischief. His pale skin shone as he smiled.

    "What? I was just having fun."

    "You could've killed someone!" My fists balled, and I gritted my teeth in anger. How could he have done this?

    "C'mon, little sis. You should try scaring people at least once in a while. They won't recognize you if you turn invisible."

    "And plus, it's nothing seri---"

    "You want to kill them!" I yelled. The betrayal sinking into my heart. "How could you?!"

    Edgar remained unfazed.

    "We are no longer humans, little sister," he said plainly.

    "What's with the face, Cess? Don't you like being a ghost?"

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    "The Melvur Hotel"


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    In the city of dreams
    found one super classic restaurant
    searched from internet
    pictures where tempting me

    So on one happy and brighter day
    I decided to have yummy meal
    and visited that place

    Place was welcoming
    employees were having comforting
    smile on their faces
    the soft music was playing
    making me feel relaxed

    Kind and gentle eyes asked me for order
    I ordered for their signature dishes
    While waiting for food
    I observed walls n decor of restaurant
    It was elegant with warm
    colours were rich and very welcoming
    soft cushion seats that
    let my body sink right down in them
    Window around the table
    making an open air felling

    In between obsering feel of place
    I see waiter bringing the menus
    I can feel aroma from distant
    I rubbed my hand with glee
    As I had first bite of food
    the essence of flavors made me delve
    Food was scrumptious and luscious

    I never had such yummy food
    I finished my food
    thanks Chef for such lipsmacking food
    While leaving I was having feeling like
    I had food at home with full of love.

    Pic Credit : To Rightful Owner
    #mirakee #mirakeewriter #eatingout #restaurant #food #diet #hotel #eat #writersreadersunite #writeup #writerstribe #writerstolli #pod #MirakeeNetwork #Mirakeefamily #writerscommunity #writersnetwork #writersofinstagram #poem #englishpoem #poemchallenge #challenge #poetrywednesday

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    Tears crawling through the night
    I’m crying in my sleep trying to put up a fight
    Suitcases unpacked laying all over the ground
    I’m standing there looking at the atrocity
    All of a sudden blood is pouring all over the ground
    There’s no stopping it what’s left can’t be found
    I run in the hotel room and deadbolt the door
    My boyfriend comes running and looks at me scared
    I say “don’t go out there, wait until they’re gone away”
    He helps me wash the blood off my heads feeling light and I’m feeling faint I close my eyes a second and wake up looking at the ceiling of the ambulance and sirens loud in my ears
    I jolt awake and notice my puddle of tears on my pillow
    They’re all sound asleep as I crawl out of bed
    Take a peek around outside to know it’s alright
    It was only a nightmare as I’m shaking and trying to remember how to breathe
    I lay back down in bed and take a last look at my loves and know I can go to sleep now and dream of world peace

    #mirakee #captionthis #hotel #motel #nightmare #scared #nerves #anxiety #ptsd

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    Hotel hell

    Guest's always coming in won't they stop? I need a break. Only if they knew what happened in room 313.
    Oh they aren't supposed to know about that room, laughing just a little I hand them the key, "now you be careful okay."
    "Be careful? Isn't he supposed to say enjoy your stay?"
    I laugh as they walk to the elevator Simone will enjoy this but I don't think it will be you..

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    IN HURRY...

    " How can I help you, Sir? Do you need a room?"

    " Um yes, please hurry. "

    " Sir, I need to ask you some questios. "

    " What type of questions? "

    " Your Name? "

    " Al "

    " Mr. Al! Male or Female? "

    " Can't you see? Fool! "

    " Sorry Sir, that's what this form is saying! "

    " What is the purpose of visit? "

    " Visit where? Here? I want a bloody room. "

    " Please Sir, Language. I write here Emergency visit then, can I see your identity card please? "

    Al searched his pocket and his expressions were like someone stole his ID card.

    " I think I lost it somewhere. "

    " Sorry sir. No reservations without ID card. "

     He look down and found his card lying on the floor.

    " Here! "

    " 56742-6353178-8. We are good now. "

    " Anything else. "

    " Just one more thing Sir. We have three types of rooms. 

    2 beds

    1 bed

    No bed "

    " Give me any. Just hurry! "

    " Okay then no bed. 10 thousand per day. Here is your key, Sir. "


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    Faith,Hope, Respect, Courage,Prayers,Life.......


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    #scary #horror #room #eyes #hotel #televison #TV

    If you want to read more from this series click here����

    @eviltwin @writersnetwork @sagarika_writes @mirakee @kpustad @smiley_foreva @engaged_guilty @Parikshagaur903 @_irene_ @samarthsambanni


    Last year when I was traveling , I was exhausted so i decided to spend a night in a small hotel which was few kilometres away from Udupi, Karnataka

    I went to hotel counter

    Me : Can I have room for a night please?

    Receptionist (women) : here is the key of the room 21

    Me : thank you

    Receptionist : One more thing I would like to say , there is a room with no number and is always locked . Do not peek in there.

    As I was careless and tired so I just ignored her words and went to my room

    It was night and I woke up because of a disturbance made by loud noise of a TV .
    I couldn't sleep so I went out of room to find from where the noise was coming and say the person to turn the TV off

    The noise was coming from the room with no number , I went to the door and knocked

    knock* knock*

    Me : Can you turn off the TV , I was trying to sleep ?

    There was no response from the room

    I knocked harder


    Me : Hey , is anyone in there? TURN OFF THE TV!!

    There was still no response .So I look in the key hole , I see nothing except red
    So I went to receptionist and complained about the TV . Also asked her

    Me : By the way who is in that room ?

    Receptionist: There was a women who was murdered by her husband , her skin is white and her eyes are red .....



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    Goosebumps story #3

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    Story time: I almost got my family kick out of the hotel

    It started when I was 4 years old ?
    We was staying in a hotel
    At that time my dad already left for work
    And my older sister was going to kindergarten.
    So my mom left me and my little sisters in the room so she can walk my older sister to her school driver.
    I was really mad because she had to go to school and I didn’t.
    So after my mom and sister left.
    I don’t know why but I started to run out of my room and open other people doors ? This old lady said hi to me but I got scared and ran back to the room. I got afraid because I remembered my mom told me not to talk to strangers.

    So anyways times had pass and my mom came back.
    Then she went to take a shower. My little bad self and my little sister decided to throw stuff out the window. We threw some lotion, one of my father's X-box controllers, toys and other things.

    A few minutes later, my called my name "Khalidah, can you hand me the lotion?" "It’s on the dresser" And I was scared because I just threw it out the window ?. So I was like "I don’t see it ?" my mom was like "what do you mean you don’t see it?" Then she got out the shower and me and my sister started hiding. My mom eventually found out and called my dad. He left work and gave me and my sister a whooping. So yeah, I don’t remember anything after that but my mom told me I almost got us kick out the hotel. The last thing I remember was when we move to an small apartment.


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    we are miles apart
    but wait for each others opinion,
    it's party or problems
    m weak sad happy or dumbo
    feel fearless tolerant in any condition
    From strangers to friend
    then friends to every thing
    we becomes eachother's crinoin.
    Nothing is only mine now
    from books food cloths n toothpaste
    to mom dad crush and bike
    we patch up and fight
    but we hostelers may be today
    miles apart
    but together in each others hearts.

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    Mom's food

    A tasty dinner at a luxurious hotel,
    Could not satisfy me.
    But a cup of Tea by my mom's hand did it.


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    Thieves of the Night

    I watched his hands in anticipation
    of where they soon would be
    as he signed the receipt.
    He looks at me, devilishly
    then hands over to me the keys.
    This room, we make home for the night
    but as we cross the threshold
    we know we're trespassing.

    We stand here, by the bed
    staring at each other intensely.
    One hand on your shoulder
    and one around my waist.
    One hand pulling you in closer
    and your other, brushing the hair from my face.

    Close enough
    For our lips to touch,
    I can taste your want for me
    as you breathe
    I giggle at a slight moment of hesitancy
    allowing it to fade away as we
    fall into our bed of wrong decisions
    and perfectly made sheets.

    The contrast of our sin
    against the purity of these white sheets
    excite me. 
    This time, these moments
    were not ours to seize
    but we are insistent on stealing.
    So with each touch,
    each perfectly placed kiss,
    every shudder that runs my body,
    and after every moan I release
    I inhale
    and deeply
    embrace in our thievery.

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    Being nice is a virtue, something which one individual deserves for another. But if you are too nice and are always willing to put others before you , you aren't just nice anymore you are accomodating. That's when people start treating you like a hotel service to get the maximum value from you. Be it your friends or anyone else, put yourself first if you are too nice you will always be stepped upon no matter how pure you heart or intentions may be.
    #nice #accomodating #person #hotel

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    Be Nice,
    Not Accomodating
    you are a Person

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    The worst crave in the world are only for the two✌️ things...

    1. Feels for your heart-throber

    2. Wishing to eat‍ again the dinner you had at hotel the next day️

    What's yours ???

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    Maturity is
    When you are sitting in
    Multi star hotels
    But won't check in it on Facebook.