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  • __adiroy__ 31w

    Our meeting was a coincidence.
    I didn't know him,
    he didn't know me.
    It all started by chance
    but soon turned into a habbit.
    The meeting place remained the same
    and we used to gaze at each other like insane.
    We didn't know the reason why
    but this never made us feel shy.
    The most amusing thing was that
    he didn't know I used to see him
    and I didn't know he used to see me.
    But pondering this, we both felt glad.
    Lovely were the days,
    bright were the rays,
    Our hearts secretly fixed the time
    without letting the things cling on our mind.
    The days passed on,
    but we remained the same.
    Suddenly my mind realised
    this world was completely virtualised.
    He couldn't be mine
    and I couldn't be his .
    I was destined to be leaving the town,
    My academic career was planned elsewhere.
    This fact always made me frown.
    As my heart wanted to stay there.
    Finally my farewell day arrived
    To see him,the whole day I strived,
    I couldn't find him anytime,anywhere.
    I left for the station thinking I lost him forever.
    But destiny had planned something ,I couldn't imagine ever.

    My parents were waiting for the train
    but somewhere else was my brain.
    Suddenly I saw someone talking to my father
    It was none other than he and his family who had come to leave his brother.
    It seemed to me that life gave me everything.
    I was silently sobbing as well as laughing.

    He looked at me,
    I looked at him.
    Our eyes met secretly,talked silently.
    The train arrived and I had to leave boldly.
    Outwardly,we didn't smile and talk as well
    He carried my luggage and bid me a farewell
    but the farewell didn't bring an end.

    I come home occasionally
    We still look at each other lovingly.
    We don't know why,we don't know how
    but there is something which has tied us by now!!!!!

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    The never-ending happenstance

  • pavnoor_kaur 112w

    Probably, Hostel taught me more lessons in my life than my teachers did...
    Probably, Hostel taught me the importance of people I ignored in my life....
    Probaly, Hostel taught me to lie without any sign...
    Thank you Hostel, for making me realise what is life...❤❤❤

  • yachana2000 125w


    यादों के सहारे ही अब ज़िन्दगी जीनी है,
    यादों के सहारे ही उम्मीद बान्धनी है,
    यादों के सहारे ही हर मुसीबतों को गले लगाकर दोस्ती करनी है,
    आये जो घर की याद phone gallery देख होठों पर मुस्कान लानी है,
    हो नम जो आँखें कभी फिर भी आखों मे चमक रखनी है,
    technology की मेहरबानी से किलोमीटर की दूरी को मिटानी है,
    videocall पर ही अपने दिन की कहानी बतानी है
    hostel की ज़िन्दगी अब तो बस ऐसे ही जीनी हैं।

  • theactivepanda 139w


    Shifted to hostel a year back...
    Never thought would make up such a big fam.
    Few are casuals,
    Few are mains.
    And ended up making such a big fam,
    It would be difficult to survive here without them.
    But I am glad we all gave a damn!!!


  • divyashri 157w

    Tubelight in the studyhall

    It witnesses the late night sleepless ones and the early morning wakers.Now see, it sheds more sleep right?
    A living inspiration to go forward in life. Lets get to know more like these!


  • wordsuntold_written 165w


    Three different minds,
    Three different thoughts,
    Three different reasons,
    Three different goals,
    Three different destinations,
    Three different strangers,
    Three long years,

    They are a family now.


  • my_unsaid_words 167w

    Follow @my_unsaid_words for more love quotes and storytellings.
    -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------A place full of joy but also we miss our parents at the same time.#followformore #followwhatyouthinck #hosteldiaries #writercommunity #poetrycommunity
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    Hostel life

    A place where me meet a thousands of similar minds. A place where we love to walk on silent roads at night. Where people can love their love fearlessly. Where we have people with whom we watch movies and do one night fight before exam's night. Where everything is self decided from wake up time to sleepless nights. A place full of joy but also we miss our parents at the same time.

  • bateian 170w

    It's Saturday Night!

    Idea of doing Movie Marathon,
    Moblie Games, PUBG,
    Truth or Dare, Ouja Board
    has been replaced

    By the roommates
    Doing Prank Calls

  • the_dusty_notebook 177w


    As a little girl, Solitude was my sweetest escape
    Never got intimidated by the fantasy of companionship

    Years rolled over, loneliness took over my territory, self hatred overshadowed the brimming innocence. From the colour of my skin to my existence I hated all, that was mine.

    Sitting in this hostel room , all by myself I found solitude , my eternal partner bringing back my life.

  • the_dusty_notebook 177w


    Maa iss hostel ne mjhe kaafi bda bna diya..
    Bin tere rehna shikha diya..
    Bin swaad ke khana sikha diya,
    Bin aaram ke sona sikha diya,
    Maa iss hostel ne mjhe kaafi bda bna diya..

    Rote huye tera sirhane aa jaati thi har dard har pareshani liye,
    Tjhe batlate hi pareshani choomantar si ho jaati thi,
    Aur main apni pyaari se duniya mein fir kho jati thi,
    Uss duniya se kaafi door aa chali hoon main,
    Alag hi kashmakash mein thehri khadi hoon,
    Kisko batlau kya batlau iss soch mein pdi hoon,
    Kha baat rukhti nhi thi mere andar,
    Aaj apni baato ki gullak aahista se takhiye ke neeche rkhi hoon,
    Maa iss hostel ne mjhe kaafi bda bna diya..
    Bin tere rehna sikha diya..

    KHa bin bournvita ke dood gale se na utharta tha,
    Ab toh cheeni ke hone na hone ka ehsaas na rha,
    Kha mere chehre ki shikan se meri udhaasi pehchan leti thi tum,
    Kha meri dhabi huyi aawaz se mere mann ko bhaap leti thi tum,
    Ab toh meri siskiya bhi unsuni si reh jaati hain,
    Maa iss hostel ne mjhe kaafi bda bna diya..
    Bin tere rehna shikha diya

  • unnatichelani 179w

    A word Where everyone is lacking behind. Try to love ETIQUETTES

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    "Etiquettes "

    In life we gain etiquettes from our parents and from our surrounding world. Some times these etiquettes are good for u n ur society u will get respect or u will become popular from that etiquette . Some are bad not for you but for others too. If I m talking, in public or in interview sitting with my colleagues, eating dinner in seven restaurants, or wherever u r. You should be aware that someone is watching you "from the wall ". If I m talking about a word etiquette which simply mean The manners which you inherit.

    Now major etiquettes :-
    Where our society is lacking behind
    Always remember your near n dear ones Always be thankful to them. "if I am going to my relative house in my car and suddenly my car has stopped. Then If I am taking help from a guy. I should be thankful to that guy.

    If someone is giving u a missed call. Ab generally hota kya h
    "Hum karte nhi h call sochte h ki dubara pakenge ya dubara ku kree". Right aisa hi hota h na... So
    Always call back. May be its a important call or emergency call so be helpful.

    If u r going in restaurants with ur frds or colleagues. You should know "table manners"
    Like don't talk while eating, away your phone, wash ur hands after and before. You should know how to use different spoons, CUTLERY butterknife, soup spoon,seafood fork etc...

    If you are going to meet someone always carry a gift for him or her. So that you may increase your bond he or she also feels good and apart from this your karma will also become good.

    If your are going in getting together with your frds or for a movie always silent your phon kuki kabhi kbar ti tin tin sara maja kharab kar deta h.

    Always give respect with your words like I m saying a frd gimme a pen it is kind of command
    If I use please give me a pen it is a request. Say always thank you or sorry. So that he or she feels good

    Now if you are introducing your old friend to new frd introduce in a gentle way. Start a small talk like
    Aarti :- hii unnati
    Unnati :-hii. Who's he?
    Aarti:- Ritik my new frd.
    Unnati:- hello Ritik. Whats your hobbies?

    So like this small talk originates

    Always wish your near n dear ones like good evening, good morning, Gunnite, take care, see you, whatever but wish..

    Always increase your confident level
    Always try to increase your etiquettes coz this is the only thing which every one can notice.

    Etiquettes :- there are some things that money can't buy like manners, , morals and ofcourse integrity .

  • unnatichelani 179w


    How beautiful god gifted us nature


  • catchmegs 187w


    The teddy bear was nowhere to be found, she ran to him with tear stained eyes. "i-i can't find it."
    The boy looks up from studying and finds his best friend staring at him from the doorway, puffy eyes and swollen lips. That damn bear, always getting lost. He huffed and got up to go and search. The hallways, the bunk beds, the hall room. Everywhere, they looked but the pink worn out bear was nowhere.
    The clock would struck midnight soon, the rooms all have died down in the soft murmurs of snoring. Tired eyes closed, trying not to cry about the first birthday without the bear.
    The clock struck 12, small tentative hands pushed the blanket impatiently.
    "hurry up, open your eyes"
    The boy whispered yelled.
    Blanket kicked off; a curious wisp of a smile that lit the eyes.
    "happy birthday!"
    They both shared the small pastry that he sneaked in alongside the battered legless pink teddy hear with twinkling eyes which lay between them.

  • i_am_capable 190w

    Hostel Diaries

    He cried for the first time, not because of any girl but after seeing tears in his mother's eyes when he was leaving for his hostel....

  • thamaraisekar 205w

    Hostel Night

    Everybody in the room was busy sleeping
    She with Heavy Heart as a cotton bag, Tears rolling down her cheeks like a nonstop Faucet was busy thinking about her" HOME"
    "It was her First day in HOSTEL"


  • flyboy 211w

    Leaving one family but enjoying company of another family.


  • flyboy 214w

    Hostel Diaries

    They used to share food stuffs they got from home.
    Now they share their souls along with food stuffs.