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  • tokagiri 8w

    #RBSdays #Hostel

    Impromptu writing

    Bhul chuk maaf

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    अरबी की सब्जी

    होस्टल वाली अरबी की सब्जी

    जानते हो आज क्या हुआ , जब सब्जी लेने में बाजार गया

    सब्जियों को चुनते टटोलते हाथ जब रुक गया अरबी के पास

    और फिर झट से टोकरी से उठा के
    मोल भाव में करने लगा

    पर कम्बख़त झटके से ले गया वो वीते कल को ,
    होस्टल वाली उसी पल को

    लंबे से वो डाइनिंग हॉल
    और दोस्ती यारी में होस्टल का खाने को कोसना

    आज फिर अरबी की सब्जी !!!!

    अरे मेरे घर का वो खाना , छपन पकवान और मा का प्यार सब याद आना

    वो दौर कुछ और था
    ये दौर कुछ और हे

    वो दिन भी क्या दिन थे
    जब साथ सब कोई ख्वाब बुन रहे थे,

    कोई एफएमसीजी तो कोई फार्मा में जाने की बात कर रहे थे

    काश हमे वो होस्टल वाली अरबी की सब्जी मिल जाए एक बार

    योरों के साथ प्लेट लग जाये एक बार

    उसी बहाने से मिल लेंगे सबको
    खूब धुलाई के बात करेंगे , और फिर सपने सजायेंगे

    वार्डन पे चिल्लाने के नई तरक़ीब अपनाएंगे,
    माल रोड पे बैठ जाएंगे
    फिर यहां वहां की बाते करेंगे

    पर वो वक़्त
    हां क्या वो वक़्त और
    हां वही होस्टल वाली अरबी की सब्जी !!!!

  • anveet 10w

    Happy birthday Yaara

    आज birthday है उस प्राणी का,
    जो हो गया है २१ का,
    पर हरकतों से लगता अभी भी बच्चा,
    फिर भी छोटा भाई हैं अपना,
    इसलिए happy birthday यारा ।
    घर पे हैं तो यह मत समझ बच गया रेे तू,
    होगी रे होगी तेरे पर भी लातों की बरसात होगी।
    College खुलेगी... तो hostel भी खुलेगा,
    कभी ना कभी मौका तो ज़रूर मिलेगा।

  • ovee_thoughts 15w

    It's all about boys hostel Life expirence
    A part of life very enjoyable and making brilliant memories to remember entries life
    **But i have no experience hostel Life

    #hostel #life #mirkee #enjoy #words #memories #maker #thoughts #love #happy #think #whole
    #thoughtsofaday #happymoments #love #backbencher #for #desi #kashmir #day #hope #like #ovee_thoughts

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    Sab kuch yaad kr liya mein
    Hostel ke khane ko chode kr
    Ladkiya kha milti h inn kitabo mein sar fhod kr
    Ager galti se muskura bhi de woh
    Mar jayege hum uss hi spot pr
    Warden toh jaan hi lelegya meri
    woh bhi gaala ghot kr
    Bus koi puche le
    Kya karte h tum
    Or mein
    Maggie banaa lete hu sab cheez chode kr

  • laconic_words 17w

    When you have an awesome and funny company,
    Even the tasteless food in corona feels good.

  • dixi_26 26w


    One who used to call me brother
    A one who is known as African Uganda's Item
    One who is is having long hair approximately 1 metre
    One who used to always help me in improving my English
    One who help me to take out my writing skill
    Oven who used to come for coming her hair everyday in my room
    One who is well known football player in my hostel
    One who is big fan of BTS
    One who always share crime with me when I try to give her solution
    One who used to call me every week and talk at least one hour
    One who is big coffee lover
    One who love blue colour
    One who is also known as kristina
    One who is always ready to take risk
    One who always put unique snap
    One and only in my life my dear Krishni.... Desert of Kutch....... See you soon!

  • _a_n_u 32w


    Wanted to be among the stars
    But reached only the sky
    Wanted to be happy
    But ended up in sorrows
    Wanted to be loved
    But was left unloved
    Wanted to stay at home
    But has ended up in HOSTEL

  • pbswritesofficial 35w

    Wo Jo bit gaya wo bhi ek haseen pal tha
    Hum SB saath the aur apna wo ek alag hi andaaz tha.

    Jaha pr na jane kitni mastiya ki hai pr ha aaj wo SB yaade ban gayi
    Samay ka bhi kuch pata na Chala,
    Ek pal me wo pal aise bit gaya ki jaise dudh me Pani.

    Ha ab saal ho gaya ki mulaquat nahi hoti
    Aur kuch se to Sahar me rehke bhi mulaquat nahi hoti.
    Ha abhi B's un kisson ko yaad KR aansu ko rok leti hu.
    Aaj bhi us pal ko sochkr jee leti hu.

    Karta hai Mann ki chaldu wahi B's tum 4 yaaro ki toli k sang..
    Pr afsoos aisa ab mumkin kaha...
    Haa pr tum sbke yaado k sahare jee lungi Mai yaha.

    @writersnetwork @word_of_sorrow @poetrydelivery @poemsnb

    #pbs_writes #writerscommunity #writersnetwork #wopal #yaade #memories #hostel #hostellife #lifeinhostel #friends #friends4ever #madeforeachother #travel #akola #akoladiaries #pune #nagpur #akola #pusad #train #punjab #mansa #viral #trending #explore #covid-19 #vaccine #exploremore #like #comment #share #save

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    Wo pal


  • seaweed 45w


    3 am during a sleepless night, following a terrible day. I stood alone on the terrace of my hostel, watching the scarce population on the road. It was that special time of the day which eluded both night owls and early birds. In a university that never slept, it was the sacred hour. I was on what could've been my fourteenth cigarette that night. The cold was penetrating my skin, despite of the jacket, scarf and cigarette. This had become a routine. I lost count of the nights I slept (or didn't sleep) on the terrace.

    I drew my scarf tighter and wondered what would happen if I jumped. The palm trees inside the hostel compound looked ethereal in the yellow streetlights. They reminded me of those pictures in toy cameras me and my friends used to have as kids. They used to be sold at fairs and festivals. They showed pictures when you looked through them. I used to be so fascinated by them.

    I thought of how much life has changed. Then I remembered how much have remained the same... Me, I was the same, clueless kid who picked up some habits that made me look like an adult. A soon to be homeless kid. After a few more days, this hostel wouldn't be my home anymore. It was as if I was being swallowed by a snake in a game of snake and ladder. I was going back to level one. Back to the same uncertainty I had before I got admission here... No job, no plan, with a very broken heart and a degree. No matter how hard I tried, I couldn't rejoice in that accomplishment.

    Down the road, I spied a few small groups of friends and a few couples, trying to make the most of their last days together. The sky was slowly turning pink. Runners were beginning to show up. I took off my scarf and jacket and felt the air on my skin.. it was warmer now. I was certain that I'm going to fall asleep in class. But that's alright. I wouldn't have missed this for anything. My nights were numbered in this place I came to love so much.


    #picturec #writersbay #mirakee #writersnetwork #3am #3amthoughts #night #hostel #hostellife #climacteric #homeless @anirockz7 @writersbay @unapologeticssoul

    @writersbay thanks for this picture, it took me back in time. ❤

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  • the_moustached_poet 54w


    Life's problems were sincere once:
    hottest summers left us on terraces,
    hungry stomachs pointed to Iyer's stall;
    lipsmacking idlis at five bucks a pair,
    the sambar added warmth to the night's lonely air.

    He would stay awake till one o'clock
    waiting to serve food to us, big kids.
    Unaware of life's toughest problems,
    we could not perceive what
    thoughts he immersed himself in.

    By morning he would be gone,
    the little stall would open at 12 o'clock;
    Iyer would place the batter cold
    on the iron plate, molten almost.
    The aroma would tease us in the classrooms beside.
    We knew we had to skip the hostel lunchtime.

    Iyer's smiles would never fade,
    that's what made him our dearest friend.
    He said he had an ailing wife
    who could move not her body right;
    the doctor said she would live as she was
    till death agreed to take interest in her.
    Yet, Iyer never looked drowned in hate
    as his life hung on a string of fate!
    "She is my only hope, kiddo," he would say.
    "She never complains," he would always say.

    Life is a gift, only once,
    all in different shoes, hope all firm.
    What if our problems
    are unaffordable for some...
    may be our problems are just daily errands.
    We can choose to be sad and wail and cry
    or follow Iyer's way of joyful life.
    It is with little we shall enjoy,
    anything in excess is a waste of joys.
    It was those little moments of life
    that made us enjoy Iyer's idli delight!


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    Read my previous post at: #150tmp

    Free verse because sometimes, emotions cannot be expressed in meters and syllables.

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    Iyer's Idli Delight

    Dedicated to all food stalls at hostels, which stay as best lifelines/ matchmaking, prankplaying spots for students!
    Remember you, Iyer Bhai. ❤


    《 You can either choose to die happy or die in grief.》


  • kavithai_raagam 55w

    ��Mind cultivates from hostel and mind oscillates from hostel but sure will miss in a day days of togetherness�� #hostel #college #student #engineering

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    Days of happiness
    With learning new of
    Good and deed all nights
    With all around friends
    To make us wake up and
    Stay with us in break up
    To share our whole
    With no hindrance between !!

  • ipraveen 56w

    Those HOSTEL Days!!!

    Hostel life
    Midnight fun
    Memories that never fade
    Waking up at night and preparing Maggie
    Night walks in fresh air
    Forgetting about our sleep and letting friend talk for whole night with lover
    Making cries turn into smiles
    Happy talks and fights in room
    Playing games and at end making room look worst
    Decarating room colorfully for birthdays with cake cutting at night
    Hostel, definitely you are a place that makes life look beautiful.

  • tht_bong_girl 60w

    Hostel days

    Woh subah k alarm ki bhi bari yaad aati hai
    Alarm lagata koi aur tha , aur uthta koi aur

    Woh har weekend ka plan
    Woh humari stupid talks ki clan

    Bari yaad aati hai

  • 1000littlewords 61w


    We were once together to school
    Bonded over breakfast and morning chaos
    Rose to dirty pranks and chitter chatter
    Standing in queue for the morning prayer

    Never ending knowledge on anything psychic
    We strode through the school verandas
    Discussing the dissection as well as the gossips
    All through the term we had eachother
    Jabbering as long as the teachers passed by
    Tiffins and water bottles smelt much better
    As long it was our neighbours pink squares
    We shared innocent glances at those who forgot homework
    Competed to complete before teachers picked us
    We had eachother at the thickest of glooms
    Waiting for the weekends and parents tour
    They bought the tastiest of eatables and junks
    From chips to sweets and vadas to biriyani
    Alas! We finished of together till last morsel
    After the evening prayer we gathered for the study hour
    And raced to stay awake till the buzzer
    Nights were tired and fatigued till the lights went off
    And a deep slumber to rest the day.

  • ___darkpeace09__ 61w

    Heaven in haven

    Back in time ;
    we were always late
    Looking for excuses to escape the takes
    Playing games only we knew about was
    A next level achievement
    Dozing off or dreaming when the teacher was teaching ;
    Asking your class prefect to make the canteen list
    Are habits I cant still escape.
    Running with the buckets to our cubbies
    Was always an adrenaline rush
    And our matron knows how awesome singers we are.
    Waiting for the photograph list ordering and signing it was a norm
    And another lovely place was the dorm.
    Where sleep would be our best friend and
    Matrons well you know
    Cupboard and nail checks, extra keys
    Meetings n scolding are all a part of our haven.
    The walls watched us grow
    In this huge span of time.
    I am not sure of the people but oak tree
    PG, computer lab,our dorms and the dining hall
    Surely miss us all.
    Heaven would come down itself in the name of extra shares
    Getting dictionary and physical punishments was always fun .
    Take me back and this time I will surely
    Take one day at a time
    Getting scolded and smiling through tears was always fun
    I guess being an Allcite itself was always fun

  • jst_abigail_me 64w


    अचानक जेहन में एक बात आयी।।
    याद श्रृष्टि की तब आयी
    कमरे में मै तब उसके गई।।।।
    सोचकर गई थी कुछ।।।।
    पूछकर आयि कुछ
    बताना था मुझको कुछ
    बता दिया कुछ और
    आते वक़्त फिर ये बात याद आयी
    केह आई मै उनको।।
    सोचकर आती कुछ और हूं ।।
    कर जाती कुछ और हूं।।।
    इतना बस सुना ही था कि अवनी ने कहा कुछ आगे कहो
    आगे का तो पता नहीं।।।।
    पीछे बहुत कुछ है।
    पीछे व्हो दिन है।।।।
    आगे शायद वही रात होगी।।।।
    जिसमे फिर से हमारी बात होगी

  • liii17 65w

    Dining together at the mess,
    Pranking people at rest..
    Ordering food to subside cravings,
    Sneaking out of hostel for some tea...
    Talking endlessly to watching movies,
    Hostel became a second home for all who stayed far..


  • saivijay 65w

    This day

    It was this day 4 years ago
    We, cocoons from various parts
    Came flying into a common shelter
    Mourning inside in tears...
    We moulded into beautiful butterflies
    Unable to fly out of the shelter
    Bursting into happy tears...
    We can never forget
    This first day of our meet...
    PSNA Hostel dairies...

  • saivijay 67w

    First day

    I was lying on my cot after the inauguration
    Accompanied by a stranger on the opposite
    Only bed filled the third with no sign of human
    Knocking door; opening lock
    There entered a stylish sobbing eyes
    Filling the fourth
    That made my life upside down...
    Even now all beds have no creature
    But lots of memories....

  • broken_soul9 67w

    Don't judge a book by its cover

    The things i hated the most has left me with beautiful memories

  • dikshadhiman 68w

    Far away from home

    Three years ago I left my home
    Animated to roam

    Highly strung and terrified,what in life is going to come
    Too many fences to overcome

    Inspite of what a mess it was,I survived
    Inspite of downers,I freely dived

    What was that thing that helped me in getting through this?
    That was my belief in me
    Not in someone else,but in me...