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  • 11amthoughts 7w


    Staring at herself through the tainted hospital glass window
    Plump, curvy body clad in patterned summer dress.
    Eyes blank, nose carrying the small weight of her sheer glasses

    and mind swirling in reflections
    like the dry sandstorm in the sunny desert.
    Her once robust and meaningful soul
    like an adventurer on the lookout for a new emotion
    in a standstill, in unwanted hiatus.

    Gained weight and with not so perfect skin.
    It's not that these sentiments are unfamiliar somehow it matters, now.

    Staring at the reflection of her calm face
    with not so perfect life and unaccompanied.

    A long list of friends, busy in faraway cities
    living the life and contemplating their own rains.
    An estranged lover, with possibilities and deeply hidden passion
    One Elijah with subtle feelings for her dear friend.
    And one big lovable family with judgments.

    Thinking about her own negative thoughts
    she winced, mind playing dirty
    and with no referee.

    She has to make decision, or not
    the nurse is here and she drew the curtain.