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  • cardelljhardy 2w


    The good good Doctor
    Will visit the broken souls
    Whose wounds are so deep
    That they cannot relax now
    So they come to church and heal

  • 11amthoughts 7w


    Staring at herself through the tainted hospital glass window
    Plump, curvy body clad in patterned summer dress.
    Eyes blank, nose carrying the small weight of her sheer glasses

    and mind swirling in reflections
    like the dry sandstorm in the sunny desert.
    Her once robust and meaningful soul
    like an adventurer on the lookout for a new emotion
    in a standstill, in unwanted hiatus.

    Gained weight and with not so perfect skin.
    It's not that these sentiments are unfamiliar somehow it matters, now.

    Staring at the reflection of her calm face
    with not so perfect life and unaccompanied.

    A long list of friends, busy in faraway cities
    living the life and contemplating their own rains.
    An estranged lover, with possibilities and deeply hidden passion
    One Elijah with subtle feelings for her dear friend.
    And one big lovable family with judgments.

    Thinking about her own negative thoughts
    she winced, mind playing dirty
    and with no referee.

    She has to make decision, or not
    the nurse is here and she drew the curtain.

  • dnswords 10w

    " काफी अकेला हूं


    " अकेला ही काफी हूं "

    दोनो मे जमीन आसमान का फरक होता हें !

  • porcupine 11w

    The Hospital

    He couldn't grip
    He always slipped
    And bit by bit
    He lost his wits

    Voices in his head
    While laying in bed
    Things were said
    That makes him red

    His family worried
    His mind was blurry
    Then they hurried
    And they scurried

    Called the hospital
    To stop his hell
    And make him well
    But they didn't tell

    So he went away
    Suddenly one day
    For a short stay
    To escape the fray

    He went for help
    Other had felt
    He wanted to melt
    Inside his shell

    They gave him pills
    A needle to chill
    They held him still
    He wasn't thrilled

    Soon he fell deep
    The meds did creep
    No need for sheep
    To fall asleep

    After many days
    No more in a haze
    Maybe a just a phase
    Of being in a daze

    Soon he was released
    Voices mostly ceased
    Voices no longer feast
    Now just has peace

    He learned to cope
    And still has hope
    It won't tie his rope
    But to just say nope

  • shubham_20 13w

    Bhai hospital chalo

    Yehi kaam rah gaya mere se

  • benhurbedford 14w


    Caffeine swallows me at night in private. Watch me scatter on the floor when my heart pours on a piece of paper. The crystallized sugar is injected like an I.V when eyes drowsy and I see.. The gallon of blood dripping down reminding, that I'm dying. As I lay death on my dinner table, my inner mind, captivated by my winning nature. I realise, its all a dream, wake me and you will see. I've been hiding in my sleep.

  • benhurbedford 14w

    A Play in the Theatre.

    I could smile as my crisp teeth brighten the surgery room. The general anaesthesia creeps inside you, and knocks you out the 1st round of battling with a fractured collar. But it is pleasing to watch how I blow the candles heat away, transforming its light to a humane essence.
    You can barely see my ripped muscles covered in stubborn fat to keep me warm at night. Just smile. That is all I can say.

  • peer_masrat 16w

    If u don't sacrifice for what u want,
    What u want will become sacrifice .

  • maxedson83akalyricalslouch 16w

    Lost Again:

    I suffered severe illness both mentally and physically so i had to lay down the pen. I went quite some time without writing and as i now try to i feel like i lost my "knack" for writing. As if i have lost the ability to compuse heart thumping emotion and display what really was my only talent. I feel seperated like a part of me has been lost and i can no longer connect fluently with passion and power. Each time i suffer an illness or life altering situation i seem to lose a bit of myself. Im scared to feel but i feel too much. Anxiety flows through me, depression drowns me, and i feel so terrified that i I can't even sleep, even with the strongest of sleep medication my brain just wont tune off and allow a moment of peace. I dont know but theres one moment in my life i can compare to all this mental disarray. When i was a child, very young probably 5yrs old at the most and i was in a shopping mall and somehow i got seperated from my mother and i was lost and terrified not even knowing what emotion meant at the time but i was completely scared and terrified i would never find her. I wondered about crying and looking and eventually my mother found me. But thats how i feel now and it makes sense my mom passed 6yrs ago and i have been lost ever since, but this time there is no finding her and without her i wasn't ME.

  • maxedson83akalyricalslouch 17w


    I find myself dealing with a return of my insomnia. At one time it crippled me driving me to have hallucinations and turning delusional . My actions while in that state of psychosis acting out in inappropriate manners where i turned to the hospital because, "where else was i I supposed to go" so i was admited as psychotic and then when i then acted psychotic. I was arrested for a crime i did while dealing with hallucinations and i acted out in an extremely out of bounds behavior but went to the hospital because i know i was irrational. Now i have had to been rated on a tool that categorizes a person in certain categorizes. So im being rated as to whom i am due to an action in psychosis. Even the jail said i was psychotic. So im being based as a person on a Action i did while pschotic. Is that an accurate interpretation of whom i am. Ive tried to get into psych wards 6 times in various towns and no psych ward will take me due to past problematic issues after an intake in their psych ward.
    So i end up sitting in the e.r. for 10days till they get sick of me and basically have me leave. Then i hear repeatedly on t.v. and in the news how the government has funded units to be accessible for people, psych patients of my type whom are difficult to deal with
    i still cant get in one when i need it. Where are these psych units designed specifically for people with of my cases and how do i get in if the "Damn hospital" can't get me in. And i am admitting what i did was wrong. but it is also a fact that i was in a state of psychosis. But i own up to my part and am paying my price and i will continue to do so as the person i really am not the psychotic patient i was. I WISH I NEVER WENT TO A HOSPITAL FOR HELP!

  • ashyels 17w

    "Let Me Feel It" —Ashyels
    Thursday, June 17, 2021

    @ashyels @mirakee
    #pain #feelings #hospital #ashyels

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    Let Me Feel It

    It's flowing through the tube,
    where blood, water, push each other.
    These eyes can't easily turn away,
    yet it's not a pleasant sight.

    While this hand covers the mouth,
    this heart feels its pain as well,
    even without being hurt,
    yet it takes a bit of courage.

    Can't find any other way
    to reduce the pain with erasure,
    to share the hurt with pleasure.
    If there is, let me do it, let me feel it.

    Thursday, June 17, 2021

  • porcupine 18w

    It's odd (written in hospital 2004)

    Because I was quiet before
    Nobody listened when I talked
    Because they were loud
    Everybody listened when they talked
    Now that im talkative
    I don't know why
    I'm on a permanent high
    I'll bring you along
    Don't hate the sound
    Just bring along the bong

  • dnswords 19w

    कोरोना ने किसीं को नही छोडा

    मगर आज भी kismat की बाते कम नही हो रही



  • avinashpallko 20w

    Marte dum tak ...

    ( Hospital me oxygen cylinder pe ati jati ukhadti hue sanse, jindagi ka flashback, aur khwaish bass tumhe akhri bar dekhne ki )

    Aye Rabb kuchh saanse udhaar dede ,
    Bass itni si gujarish hai...

    Kisi ne gale laga ke karz diya tha,
    Bas use chukane ki khwaish hai..

  • reshma_kausar_mohideen 21w


    She silently screamed initially to hide her mumble roars within,
    Lied down in a excruciatingly comfortable position, with teary smiles at every slight spin,
    With abruptly gradual movements of the fetus she neared the moment of painful joy,
    Contracted and expanded her uterus, making the way for her unborn toy,
    Biting her lips and scratching her face, bearing unendurable cramps,
    Her eyes bled dried tears, pushing at every pull, she made several attempts,
    Her heart beats ran stoppingly when her nerves twitched and pinched,
    Experiencing the deadly birthing procedure, she gradually inched,
    Reached the doors of death to bring the new life on the Earth,
    Finally embracing her crying bliss with trembling hands, she went through the dark to enlighten his hearth.


    *Reshma kausar Mohideen.*

    *Insta Handle: sword_of_word_86.*
    *Reshma kausar Mohideen.*

    *Insta Handle: sword_of_word_86.*
    #baby #hospital #pregnancy
    #writerscommunity #writersnetwork #mirakee #mirakeeworld #star #mother #labor #pain #delivery #newborn

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  • dnswords 24w

    नौबत !

    हमारा नंबर ना लग जाये ....

    ये कहने से अच्छा हे भगवान

    अब ये नंबर ही कम करदो ना....

    ये नौबत आगयी हें...


  • pandeys 24w


    कल अस्पताल एक इमारत और मंदिर स्वर्ग का द्वार नजर आ रहे थे,

    आज ना जाने क्यों, मंदिर इमारत और अस्पताल स्वर्ग से नजर आ रहे हैं।

  • dnswords 24w

    जिने के लिये

    सोचा ही नही

    Mask लगाना पडेगा....!


  • _rakhi 25w

    Oyo room book karne ke dinno me
    Sab hospital me bed book kar rahe hai.

  • kushgr_ 25w

    अस्पताल का खंडहर

    कल जब ये अस्पताल खंडहर बन जाएगा
    शिशे कि खिड़कियाँ, पर्दों के ओढ़ फेक अपने वजूद की हत्या का मुकदमा लड़ेगीं
    संगमरमर के फर्स, हर गुजरे मर्म और मर्ज के रीपोर्ट का इतिहास लिखेंगे
    दिवारें, जिनके रंग छिन लिए गए होंगे, सीने में बिजली की तारों को लिए, इंकलाब चिखेंगे
    कल जब ये अस्पताल खंडहर बन जाएगा
    कुछ टुटे कुर्सी कुछ मेज कुछ बिस्तर अंदर लिए
    आपातकाल द्वार मुंह फाड़े, दो पल्ला खोले
    सदमे में ये इंतजार करेगा, की
    वो डाक्टर ना सही, उसका भुत ही आजाए
    जो पुरे गाँव को बताया था कि वक़्त बदल गया था
    विज्ञान अंधविश्वास को खाने वाला था
    और नया विधान कोई फर्क नही करता, कैसा भी|
    वो पेड़ जो लांन के बिच में लगा है
    इस बात की गवाही देगा, की जब सारा गाँव
    लम्बी लम्बी सांसें भर कर, धर्म की लड़ाई लड़ा
    जब हुक्मरान ने मुखौटे पे मुखौटा लगा के
    कभी जहर तो कभी आह भरा
    वो डाक्टर ही एक अकेला था
    जो धर्म निभा रहा था
    कल जब ये अस्पताल खंडहर बन जाएगा
    कुछ कहेंगे युद्ध हुआ था, कुछ कहेंगे महामारी
    प्रकृति का बदला हो, या कोई साजिश वाली कहानी
    कल जब ये अस्पताल खंडहर बन जाएगा
    बस ये याद रखा जाएगा, चाहे जिसकी भी थी लापरवाही
    मरा सबसे पहले जो, वो डाक्टर ही था,
    और उसका भुत भी लौट के वापस नहीं आया|