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  • czarcasm 18w


    Noble steed of midnight coal you prance so effortlessly
    Head held tall you're very high on the hill where anyone can see
    The shimmering of your summer coat as it shines and sways in the wind
    A leisure trot like a lazy boat and time your long lost friend

  • akshay_vasu 33w

    The one who can hold on to these drunken horses until they aren't high anymore can ride on them towards infinity and their own higher self.

    - Akshay Vasu

  • moonwritespoetry 58w

    //...wonder where she at... //

    wonder where she at this hour...!

    has she gone with my horse ?!
    I've seen her charming on horseback
    she rides down the hills of my body
    she says she'd slow down and stop
    perhaps she'd reach the valley
    that flows out of my dark woods!

    has she gone with my ship ?!
    I've heard it's horn as she sails along
    the blue waters of the little waves on my hair
    she says it's the moon river to the cappy
    that she is, who might drown tonight.
    perhaps she'd sail across and find the moon!

    has she gone with my honey jar ?!
    I've felt her tongue under mine
    trying to taste them, steal them,
    she says I been making the honey
    since our first kiss and throughout
    hence, a huge jar it is..
    perhaps deeper than the well in our backyard!

    has she gone with my blueberries ?!
    I've seen her hold tight onto them,
    in her fist, as big as her mellow heart
    she says she'd put them,
    on my collar bones and bite them,
    I'd let the purple on her
    tongue stuck down my throat
    perhaps she'd spread them all over my skin!

    has she gone into the caves through the- waterfalls ?!
    felt her walk down the mountains on me
    fondling the cobblestones and
    tanned hirsute roads on my curves
    along the flaws of my blemished body!
    she says she'd write a Poem,
    watching me moan and groan,
    letting the nacres flow off my thighs,
    wider than the moon river...
    perhaps she'd go into the waterfalls,
    snug her lips, twitching
    and sleep inside the cave!

    wonder where she at this hour...!

    ~Anagha Lakshmi ~

  • moonwritespoetry 59w

    // wonder where she at //

    wonder where she at! this hour ?!
    has she gone with her horse ?
    she goes miles away...,
    with eyes wider than a river,
    charming on horseback,
    rides up the valley from,
    where we first met...
    i see lilac flowers grown
    all the way,
    her horse has been ridden,
    showing me the road wearing,
    a violet fleece of flowers
    that no one knew about,
    taking me to her
    hence i know,
    where she at this Hour...!!

    kisses and tight hugs :')

    // Anagha Lakshmi //

  • paulsweeney_ 62w

    foxes revenge

    so you're a big man,
    on horseback with your dogs.
    chasing furry animals,
    for a distance till it stops.

    I hear you like blood?
    you also like gore.
    id like to stop you in your tracks,
    so the bloodshed was no more.

    but the privileged keep you going,
    and it's not the sport of kings.
    in fact, its pretty dam depressing,
    when you love all living things.

    does it really make you feel good
    when that fox is carrying cubs?
    to see them tore from there mother,
    the babies she would have loved.

    I had a dream I trained my dogs,
    to trail cowards on a farm.
    you ran and ran till you could run no more,
    perspiring your way from harm.

    but my shepherds were to fast for you.
    they are snapping at your heels.
    I was feeling pretty ecstatic,
    as I heard you let out screams.

    let this be a lesson that karmas watching eye,
    is busy making plans.
    to make your life so miserable,
    as he waves his winning hand.

    please try out my new website and maybe contribute.thank you

  • rupaliwrites 69w

    N E I G H S


  • devdoo 72w


    Gesticulating Are The Palisades Of Jhansi,Paniculating Are The Crusades Of The Freedom Odyssey,Emasculating The Camisades Of Plassey
    Bastions,Stallions,Pinions & Pillions,Even Tatterdemalions!Million?Billion?Trillion?Quadrillion?Quintiillion!No NoobZillions Are Blowing The Panchajanya Clarions
    Crème-De-La- Crème Is The Conch Manipuspak,Spewing The Halahal Is The Amaze-Amazon Manikanrnik
    Slavery Is Repudiated Of The Doers Of The Chicanery,We Aren't Connoisseurs Of Treachery
    Famous In Bundel Is Bikaner,Not Buccaneer
    Chikankari Is Loved In The Plateau,Not Chicanery/ChickenCurry,Hey Curry Favour
    The Vermillion Is The Sanctum Sanctorum Here,The Lioness Was Roaring In The Armageddon,I Swear
    Laxmi,Under The Guise Of Kali,Thunderbolts,
    Tambe,The Cuprumsmith,Wields The Catapults
    The Sword Would Savour,Devour & Manoeuvre The Barbarian,Famished Are The Arrow Of The Egalitarian
    Mace Is The Brace To Taste-Test The Ichor,The Chorus Of The Copper Gore'll Descend Into The Core More & More,O Azure Cadaver
    Durga,Under The Veil Of The Laxmi Goddess,Dastardly Are The Deeds Of The Fair Comrades
    The Javelins Sprintin Towards The Bosom Of The Queen,The Sovereign Isn't For The Mannequin☺☺

  • keates 78w

    ~~ Leaving Murshidabad without taking a ride on one of these old boys is always incomplete ~~


    Shot during my visit to #murshidabad a few years ago. More photos coming from the trip soon topped with poetry in between ❤️


    #travel #mirakee #writersnetwork #photography #traveldiaries #keates #horse #animals

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  • amarnathtelsang 95w


  • writing_myself 95w

    #cees_artlife_chall @carolyns_challenges #horse #never quit

    Image by MF HUSSAIN
    Feelings by @writing_myself

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    Retreating Horse

    The horse in me runs to the point of queasiness
    Challenges and problems track me till the high heavens
    Yet I don't accept defeat
    I don't lose the ray of hope
    I turn around
    Bounce back
    Till the last breath

  • allegra 96w

    I Climbed A Tree

    I climbed a tree in the dark tonight
    For the last time
    As a child.
    I hope I always climb trees.

    I rode a horse across a field today,
    Never again
    This age.
    I pray I'm always so free.

    I was meaning to find Neverland
    Before I got this old.


  • moonwritespoetry 98w

    "Sit back and relax",
    They say.
    ---"oh. I'd rather fall off a horse !!"

    //Anagha Lakshmi //

  • nivyaangelin 99w

    "How do you feel?"
    I replied,
    "Pink clouds,
    Blue sky,
    Red flowers,
    Yellow sunshine,
    Green meadows,
    Me in blue, seated upon
    A white horse
    Riding so fast, through the woods,
    Flushing air that hushes in my ear,
    Still riding as I neither can't control the horse,
    Nor I won't be hurt!
    I feel damn safe"


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  • medic007 99w

    The King & The Horse

    From the depths of the void, leaps the light
    From the light , the shadow is cast
    To spite cursed bright
    And at last
    The die is cast
    The stage is set
    Choices align as the moments passed
    All around people have made bets
    The moment of decision
    Equinox, but from here hence
    Whose vision
    Waxes, whose wanes on the reins
    For truly what is the divide  
    Between the king and his horse
    Why do some control and others stand aside
    What decides who sets the course
    Between titans of equal form and force
    Of which even ability cannot divine
    The source
    Equinox, the world in twine
    Is the darkness that men hold
    The hate, the fury, the darker shade
    That make them so bold
    Regardless, of the toll to be paid
    Or the light and love
    the drive to creation
    The will to legacy even in the smallest dove
    That does surpass the pyres of cremation
    Equinox, equity of night and day
    That iota of symmetry in the strife
    For who are kings to say
    The will and way of life
    Yet they do and the horses follow along
    Growing strong carrying their kings
    So who knows how long
    Till for our kings the mourning bells ring
    Yet the cycle remains unbroken
    For now there is only a new head for the crown
    And the horses are thrown an apple as token
    To calm down
    And carry another king
    And still we do not learn
    Only instinct seperates the horse and king
    The will to yearn
    For destruction so that creation may begin
    Equinox, a delicate sonata
    Of virtue and sin
    Of beauty and stigmata
    Which is which is no longer known
    In the minds of men
    And on their lips mindlessly intone
    Talk of coming darkness or great prosperity
    Only the instinct of horses and kings
    Both slaves, differing only in the comfort of their chains
    Ignorant that the pendulum swings
    Both ways, the true masters reigns
    Instinct, innate drive
    The will the change
    To fight with pens and knives
    Or stagnant In fates others arranged
    Unable to see man's seasonality
    They apply excess or insufficient force
    Too much moralizing or mortality
    To correct the course of the king and the horse
    By choosing a third way
    Equinox, acceptance of death
    And decay
    Equinox, to understand life's first breath
    Foreshadows its last
    That man could see the breath
    Of his own nature and his past
    And ascertain the dance of life and death
    Hate and love versus ignorance and apathy
    Emotion versus passivity
    And see equanimity
    The Equinox's reflection in humanity waiting to see
    If these horses and kings
    Can learn the lesson of the sun and moon
    Or if instinct, will forever sing
    It's siren tune of doom
    For it only appears that darkness rises and the light falls
    In the celestial plane a thousand stars piece together the exclamation
    A thousand joyous voices make the proclamation

  • larvenum 100w

    "I see you put a saddle on your high horse."


  • canadian_cowboy 100w

    He slid off his horse and walked gingerly into the mountain stream. They both drank their fill to quench their thirst and soothe their parched throats. He filled his hat with water and poured it over his head. Life was good.


  • canadian_cowboy 101w

    The weathered cowboy looked out over the heavily wooded river valley, and drank in the breathtaking beauty of the vast Rocky Mountain wilderness that lay before him. His faithful horse seemed to share his appreciation for the natural wonder that unfolded at their feet and whinnied its support to linger a few minutes more.


  • stoic1317 104w


    Created a merciless enemy within artery
    Chosen to be defeated by own slavery
    Sick and tired of the captivity
    Distant become the sobriety
    Burning what lies ahead helplessly
    Becoming a carcass unfortunately
    Never knew that the horse was illusory

  • callingcrows 104w

    The Lone Wanderer.

    With a sigh, the lone wanderer proclaimed,
    "I wanna be a cowboy, baby"
    And no matter where she had aimed,
    She could swoon both man and lady.

    She was raised out in the woods,
    The real wild, although not the west
    Where it got so cold you needed hoods,
    And only the truely insane liked it best.

    And so the wanderer left her icy wood,
    She was in need of a new home
    So she aimed her gun for something good
    And southward bound, she did roam.

    Her travels took her to a place closer to the city
    Where nothing was certain, everything a 'maybe',
    The lone wanderer gave a smile that was so pretty
    And she said to herself, "I am a cowboy, baby."

    December 5, 2019.


  • jeitendra_sharma 104w

    shades of man

    monsoon had come
    sprinkling hopes in the eyes
    a trapped feeling wanted to go
    one wants to shout out loud
    the pain that was kept in the past
    buried under the ice of ages
    a familiarity in unfamiliar face
    came out of the closet of the dead,

    ice had seized the warmth
    a month that brought the chaos
    bloodshed and tsunami of pain
    a fallen angel was mistaken as an emotional drain
    spirling down into the hell with the rain
    a selfish animal with the vain
    haunted stories, a beast no one has seen

    a coward man
    or baggage of expectation
    a stone or invisible curtain
    a shadow that protects but considered as disdain
    a beast attacked the reigns
    a trojan horse to breach the peace
    a great fall into the depths of despair,

    conceived a false narrative
    a disaster planned as the natural one
    terror in the moves
    self-worth as down as the hope in pain
    brutally violated the consent of innocence
    tried to sell the soul
    to achieve something that was gone
    a faithful confession
    at ease the army that had lost the battle
    heavy arms and breath
    Leonidas aiming at the Xerxes
    a thousand arrow had gone through him
    standing and roaring to fight back again,

    a commitment to make the smile wake again
    following the hardest terrain
    a wish to meet in the end
    a promise to wait eternally
    an elliptical clock that teeth make
    tree, sparrows, and squirrel were witnessing the change
    a fall to catch the protagonist again
    there has been constant fall since long ago
    covering the wounds but making scars,

    a saint had died long back ago
    what about the youth that dies today?
    do You care?
    to hold the falling stars
    I have seen dead bodies used as a boat to cross the river
    don't blame me when I fall
    as I haven't blamed that no one tried to catch
    I was more than a drunk
    who listen to the Opera and cry near the tomb
    kiss me not when You can't see the pain caused by love

    the sun has come nearby
    the fog, that was made of distrust, has gone
    I could see the sweat instead of rain
    trust that will go on
    nothing would quench the pain
    lord had not been present at his houses
    I have tried to set many appointments
    return empty with exhausted hopes
    I have seen the suffering created by him,

    a month of return
    time has come
    go back to home
    no one is insane
    as the man who is in love;

    see me not
    'I am ashamed'
    please hold me now as I beg
    it would kill me, relieve me of this pain
    a trauma that had happened in the past
    an escape mechanism to survive the pain;

    a hand that holds the man
    a creature made out of compassion
    a timeless love
    nothing could break it, the iron curtain
    that made me breathe again
    I could dream again, to build a dream home
    into far in the heart that has my name
    with no reciprocity to sustain
    a test that few will go through
    a person who could love the beast in You
    who could see the infant asking for acceptance
    one who would be there even it meant to stand second
    I see the faith restoring again
    someone is there who would not bury me alive
    who would wait till I breathe the last breath
    to fall for me again
    and to die with love
    that both have in their chest, something sane
    and something insane,