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  • eccentric_eesha 4d

    She is in search for
    your soul to rip it
    apart into pieces
    and then feast
    upon it since
    centuries but you
    always managed
    to escape.

    But now that she
    has found you she
    will avenge the
    trouble you caused
    her by concealing
    your soul from her
    clutches so be ready
    to meet your horrific
    and gruesome end.

    © Eesha

  • mutilated_marionette 1w


    As the fog creeps in,
    Ominous whispers followed.
    Deafening silence.

  • bellemoon99 2w


    I can hear your heartbeat
    It doesn't matter,
    I'll catch and eat it!
    Hear that splatter?
    It felt good to nip it.

  • eden_with_eve 2w

    She's got a pair of Red Ridinghood lips.
    A wolfish way of telling tales that rip people to shreds.
    Set the fairytale forest on fire to laugh at the way it burns.
    In its glow she looks a monstrous beauty.

  • rogue77 3w

    If I told you

    If I told you where I am from
    You would not believe me
    If I told you what I have endured
    You would not believe me
    If I told you how old I really am
    You would not believe me
    If I told you how many scars I have
    You would not believe me
    If I told you miracles are real
    You would not believe me
    If I told you how I really feel
    You would not believe me

  • soulfulpebble 3w


    She was laughing alone,
    in a dark dark room.
    Murmuring abuses to,
    everyone she knew.
    Her condition worsened,
    day by day,
    and people thought,
    she'd been possessed by Ray.
    Ray was her husband,
    who died in an accident,
    after his death,
    all crazy she had went.
    Her family took her,
    to the nearest church in town.
    The padre consoled them,
    She would be cared like their own.
    They tied her to a chair,
    and sprinkled holy water,
    while she was laughing,
    uttering words, that nobody taught her.
    What was this insanity?
    the observers wondered,
    Had she lost her humanity?
    A thought in their minds wandered.
    Then she vomitted heavily,
    Oozing blood all around,
    the crowd around her just watched,
    making no sound.
    Finally she couldn't make it,
    through the exorcism,
    the padre told everyone,
    and they all cried in rythm.
    I wonder now,
    Could she have been saved after,
    If the family took her,
    to a qualified doctor?
    For the sake of optimism,
    I still want to believe,
    there is scope of such patients,
    for their sanity to retrieve.
    If only people,
    applied some logical mind,
    We could save a lot,
    people of such kind!

  • mch_randomthoughts 3w

    The hit horror movie franchise, inspired by the real life story of this normal looking Raggedy Ann Doll...
    Ed and Lorraine Warren are very much real, and so is the doll and their museum which is now closed permanently (?) but is taken care of by the couple's daughter Judy and her husband Tony Spera.
    The new porcelain faced doll did terrify everyone of us, for sure... But I am actually more creeped out by the real face of the doll.
    When our safest space, our homes, become a place where the unexpected can happen, that is the scariest of experiences...
    When a sweet looking doll like this, terrorised 28 year old Donna( or Diedre) and her roommate Angie by moving on its own and writing 'Help me' on parchment papers(which they never had in their home), I think that must have been more terrifying than the movie.
    Honestly, one look at that porcelain face with the creepy eyes and smile, I'll go running in the opposite direction. That doll looks like she is capable of doing something like that.
    This Raggedy Ann is not.
    The doll, communicated through a medium the women hired that she is the spirit of a seven year old Annabelle Higgins who died in the same apartment, and that she wanted to be friends...
    Who would say no to a seven year old with a sweet face. But to the doll in the movies, I would say, Hell no!!!

    But of course this story has never been proven...
    The two nurses never claimed that they were haunted. The young priest who made fun of the doll locked in Ed and Lorraine's basement, and went to suffer an accident, his name was never revealed. The young couple who joked about the doll while on a motorcycle, crashed, resulting in the death of the boy and the girl nearly escaping death... Their names have never been revealed....

    All these stories spinning around Annabelle doll and the Amityville horror were told by just Ed and Lorraine Warren alone.
    They became famous, of course...
    Was that what they were aiming for?
    Were they really good at fooling people?
    Was there any truth in their words?
    Does true horror exist in the world?
    Ed died in 2006 and Lorraine died in 2019, but her daughter and son in law still say, are you willing to play Russian roulette with fate and open the Annabelle doll case?
    If there is even a slight chance, are you willing to take it?
    Are you???

    The photo shows Lorraine Warren with Annabelle...
    #horror #Annabelle #rant #Warrens

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  • ilyookchil 5w

    Somber Soul

    The reaper stood,
    with his back hunched
    and his scythe aloft,
    his eyes tightly shut
    whispering prayers
    as he waited for
    the human soul to rise.
    His dark cape flew
    haphazardly in the air,
    sending all a signal
    that he was there.

    A silver glow brightened
    the deserted lair,
    as the dainty soul left
    its earthly chair.
    There was no music,
    there was no loud blare,
    no indication of a life
    gone in despair -
    just the light of a soul,
    fresh and bare.

    The risen soul
    floats above,
    its head held high
    with a breath that comes out
    as a solemn sigh.
    The soul gazes down,
    flying in tranquil,
    At the corpse left behind,
    cold and still.

    Familiar yet peculiar,
    its discovery
    evokes an emotion so ghastly,
    that the soul felt like
    screaming ever so loudly.
    It wasn't gory,
    It wasn't bloody
    just another empty vessel
    with a misplaced, perished story.

    The Reaper spoke then,
    his voice a welcome melody,
    in a dark void of senseless agony -
    "You have fought long,
    you have fought well,
    against a disease so deadly
    and a life infested with malady.
    The heavens have heard,
    your prayers, so harrowing
    they pronounced
    to you a second life
    they'll be giving.
    So walk,
    brave Soul,
    towards the new life,
    you shall be living."

    #fiction #soul #Undead #shortstory #dark #fantasy #horror #reaper #poetry
    @mirakee @writersnetwork

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    Somber Soul

    The risen soul
    floats above,
    its head held high
    with a breath that comes out
    as a solemn sigh.
    The soul gazes down,
    flying in tranquil,
    At the corpse left behind,
    cold and still.


  • aachiram 6w

    Nobody's gonna remember
    When she screamed for mercy.

    Neglecting the horrible aspects of childhood,
    They ignored her tears again.

    She was silent as a still image
    But her eyes told all the story.

    She was just five,
    What about billion years old soul?

    How she could explain that,
    How they "touched" her in the dark.

    Inside a locked room, middle of the night,
    She begged to not to give her pains,

    But she didn't knew the demons,
    With whom her people left for her safety..

    They kept fingers on lips,
    When she tried to raise voice.

    If she do so,
    She became the family destroyer.

    Being the little girl of the family,
    Everyone loved her intelligence.

    But behind the walls,
    they used her soft body too...

    They took care about length of her skirt,
    But no-one tried to look for lusty demons she was surrounded with..

    She begged again,
    Feeling the death being alive,
    But That night,
    She caught the most familiar face
    as a demon hungry for her body..

    He said " shhhhhhhhhhhhhh! Don't tell that to anyone! Otherwise they will kill you...!!"

    And that kept going on..


    #childhood #harrassed #rapes
    #sexual_harrasment #abuses
    #sexual_abuses #child_abuse
    #child_labour #horror #safety
    #society #raped #rape #women_safety
    #girl_child #demons #sexual_talks
    #awareness #family #ghosts
    #mirakee @writersnetwork

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    She begged . . . .

    An Untold horror of every "she"



  • hybrid_ammai 6w

    Every Horror movie strictly follows a protocol that whenever we might have watched them but, it shows its impact only in the midnight.


  • aachiram 7w

    We are born naked
    We cannot predict the comebacks
    We cannot predict the next move
    We know it all gonna fade one day
    We know that nothing lasts forever
    We know that even hardest part of life comes to an end
    We know that regrets are temporary..
    We know love had faded away eternities ago
    We know that appearance will decide the ninety percent,
    We know that we gonna die alone,
    We know that nine to five always kills
    We know that children are happiest creatures
    We know that your own people stab on the back.
    We know the rules of the world....
    We know all the patterns,
    We know what the game is..

    Still we lose,
    We lose to people,
    Those who don't even deserve the attention of ours,
    We go to sleep at night with new strategy of winning worthless debates.
    We try to counter our own loved ones.
    We desperately search for joy, but never find it
    We lose hope, inspire of knowing that we never worked to reach them.
    We blame ourselves for something we never did.
    We allow our past to let ruin us.....

    We ruin ourselves.ಠ_ʖಠ

    We don't have hopes, we have expectations.
    We don't have kindness, we posses ego,
    We are not killed by people, our expectations kill us..
    we don't have haters, we have people who cannot reach our level anyways.
    We don't have partners, we have some machines, whom we talk to when we want naked bodies.....
    We aren't successful until we make two floors more than the neighbor's house.
    We aren't happy until we make people we hate cry.
    Fake love and true hatred lives in our veins and we are proud of it.ಠ ل͟ ಠ
    We are not even us,,,,
    We are materials...
    ಠ﹏ಠ ಠ﹏ಠ

    We are all clear.

    Things that might disturb you before you go to bed¯_ಠ_ಠ_/¯
    I feel it real,
    I feel it on my own.

    #horror #truth #real #fake
    #world #enemy #ally #writes
    #darkness #evil #ghost #midnights
    #lessons #reminders #reality #ego
    #anger #disturbed #mirakee #naked
    #selfish #note @writersnetwork

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  • ashlesa 7w

    Laughing, I stumbled through the alley.
    Never had I thought it would echo back.


  • devilfish 7w

    I Crawl Until I'm Dead

    Thrashing in the sheets
    I feel strangled muffled like I can't
    I can't even feel a subtle touch nor a sheet
    Where are my feet?
    I need to leave
    I need to feed myself or sleep
    Why is it I'm falling into a concrete street
    Until my frail knees bleed all over the gravel and flood all these streams
    I'm sure that the past will entrap and hold hostage all my dreams
    I'm stuck in between the solid seams knitted tight together that I can't even peep or
    See what they are or if they're looking for me
    Or am I a creep a waste of flesh
    A beating heart that doesn't last
    An empty idea a vermin or a rat
    A noose too loose a broken clasp
    A speeding heart that has smashed
    My tongue to trash
    My words they are swerving
    Nearly crash
    The comfort of an empty flask
    I want my love
    Please give it back
    The only memory I have of you
    Is jagged edged pieces of grass
    In a garden that's black and barren of all beauty
    Bitten by the bitter past
    An ailment can't be cured with a flask
    Nor a turn around you can't turn back
    The hands of time the sands of time will leak from the hourglass if you try to go back
    To the past
    The waves of bereavement and sorrow
    Violently clash a supersonic blast of thumbtacks emitted from the center of the point of impact and shattered glass for a garden and the bird bath is filled with notes I want you to at least think of writing back
    I'm aware of the box and where I've gone wrong
    I'm going to break all clocks that cut
    Into my ears
    Slash and slash all the glass with my shears
    I'll bend their hands until they imitate my human tears they're turbulence they've endured for what seems to be 444 years
    I can't even grasp the concept of time
    My face is foreign I trace the mirror
    In lines unrecognized
    Not mine
    Not alive
    Not sure if I can thrive
    I'm boiling like lava
    Seeping out of my fault lines
    I'm not even sure I'm fine
    These lines
    I can't cure
    I can't think
    And I can't feel a
    T h I n g

  • rising_from_ashes 8w

    7/17/16 Poem 2

    Sitting watching you get tortured.
    I'm laughing so hard years start streaming down my cheeks.
    Looking down I realize I'm in control.
    I slice harder,
    Hearing you scream a beautiful tune.
    Watching the bright red blood slowly drip to the floor.
    Cutting each finger off,
    One by one.
    Soon it'll be the toes.
    Watching fear wash over you.
    Let's make some art,
    With your body parts.
    Carving into your chest,
    Oh my what fun.
    Torturing you is the best.

  • simonemichelle 8w

    Year: 2192 AD.

    Humans are a multiplanetary species. Man currently inhabits the planet Mars, as well as Europa and Ganymede; natural satilites of Jupiter, and Enceladus and Titan; natural satilites of Saturn. Our activity in space is not limited to our solar system, we also have Port Ostium, a very large mercentile space port situated between earth and Mars and the Wayfarer space crafts, built by Windell, both commercially used to transport people between planets and moons and for conducting scientific research.

    Windell is the founder of WT, a scientist, visionary and richest man by far. He has built Windell City; and invited earth's elite, as well as a select number of poor families, to live there. Windell hopes to rebuild earth, and Windell City is something of an experiment. Everything seemed perfect at first, too good to be true. But as it's slowly revealed that Windell hopes to eradicate crime in the most gruesome way possible, the new city's citizens become frozen with fear. The A.I. that ran the city seamlessly becomes a terrifying enemy. This story is told from the perspective of the only middle class family, who decide to investigate...

    #mirakee #scifi #horror #novel #windell #simonemichelleheinis #smheinis #author #new #2021 #writer

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    "you'll be safe when you're dead..."

    My latest WIP, a SciFi horror! Let me know what you think 😊
    Image not owned by @simonemichelleheinis


  • abords 8w


    Chapter 3 - tranquility

    Day 2-(feb 12 2001)

    I woke up from my bed , but i don't remember going to bed due to my shock last night

    "Did I go there unconciously?"
    "Did someone put me there?"
    "Who was that person?"
    "Is this really a hospital?"

    these are the thoughts englufed me all morning.
    Knocks on my door came, but I didn't wanna answer.
    Knocks happened again
    *knock* *knock* "Sir it's time for your breakfast" - said someone
    I didn't reply...
    *knock* *knock* "Sir? are you still asleep?"
    I didn't reply, but i did check who it was
    after checking who it was , I felt relieved and disturbed at the same time because it was the nurse yesterday.

    "How is she here?"
    "I thought she died?"
    "Is this because of my illness?"
    "then what was that last night?"

    my thoughts engulfed me again...

    "Sir Im coming in , sorry but I need to check your status"- said the nurse

    i sat there empty , my thoughts colliding whether that night was a reality or was it a fake

    "Sir , about last night" - said the nurse
    "What?! you know what happened last night??"-I said
    "Yes sir, Im sorry i couldn't come to you quickly, we were having an emergency from a car crash"- said the nurse
    "You came to my room? when?"-I said
    "Last night sir , when you called for us"-the nurse said
    "but I don't remember it..."-I said
    "well you must've been tired sir , after all you are taking medications"-the nurse said

    After this conversation , my mind did somehow make up in relief but, I still don't know whether last night was a false reality or a true reality. I just don't know anymore , infact I won't think about it for now since, I feel tired...

  • mewtsa 8w

    I gave her everything.
    I did everything.
    I remembered slitting her throat from the back.
    It sprayed like splinters in our yard.
    I remembered dragging her into the tub full of bottles of bleach.
    I remembered dismembering her.
    I remembered burning her in the garage.

    Then WHY ? Why is she hanging in the corner of my room, smiling ?

  • ismizing97 8w

    ghosts are those who know everything about death
    #ghosts #wod #poem #poetry #poems #mirakee #writernetworks #horror

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    The All Knowing

    They walked through reality
    With no lies in their step
    They've broke the greatest mystery
    Which was never whispered in every ear
    They was humans
    Who has been starve with control and falseness
    Now, they just holy soul
    No bone, no flesh, unshaped
    They have been chosen to cross "the border"
    The border that made mortal afraid of
    There is no mortal know what lies across the border
    Only them ... the all knowing ... the ghost

  • auriferous_dreamer_ 8w

    From childhood to old age my eyes never stopped looking at your pretty face, your innocent smile and curious nature. From childhood to old age I've always loved you, loved you so much that even when you can't see my earthly body beside you, you can feel my breath on your wrinkled neck.........

  • abords 8w


    (Ill update the story later on)

    Chapter 2 - Pandemonium

    "Doctor?"-I asked
    the doctor didnt reply... he kept looking forward as if a demon is threatening him
    "Doctor?"-I asked again
    "Doctor??"-I asked again
    the moment I said that , he stopped and looked at me in a sinistrous way as if I was nothing but a dead person.
    "Sir , please have some patience"- he said as he smiles ,
    "but , doctor we have been going straight for 1 hour now yet i still do not see the room"- i said
    "Ah , yes"-the doctor said
    "you see sir , your case is special , so we also have something special for you"-the doctor said

    I knew it was a red flag and I did try to escape , but my body is so numb I couldn't move an inch
    All i could do is watch him deliver me to whatever place he is willing to...

    Day 1-(feb 11 , 2001)

    I've woken up locked at the room; the room is the same as every hospital there is but its uncanny in a way , the view outside isn't really something that's from earth itself. I tried to gather materials that was within my reach but those things wouldn't even help me,I tried breaking the window with my sheer force but I just end up getting my hand broken.

    At first they'll send me food early in the morning , the food is not bad but it doesnt have the same sweet & sensational taste as the food from my parents, at the lunch a nurse will come and visit me to do a checkup she also injects me with some kind of fluid im not familiar with, at dinner they send me new clothes for change. overall the routine isn't that bad and if it's only 1 week i could probably handle it , so i went back to sleep.

    I woke up on the middle of the night as I hear screams everywhere, It was very irritating so i tried to ask help from the nurse, from my suprise the nurse answered pretty fast, so i waited , waited , kept waiting....

    "Nurse?"-I asked
    "Just a moment sir" - she said
    i waited .... again....
    "Nurse?? are you there?"- I asked
    "Just a moment sir"-she said as the screams grow larger
    "Nurse?!?!"-I asked again
    "Why can't you just shut up for a moment sir?" - she said

    and that's the moment i noticed that she was different from the nurse earlier , she was holding a knife with blood on it , but that wasn't the one that shocked me , the one that shocked me is her distorted face and the head she's holding which was the nurse earlier at the moment...