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  • itsssiya 9w

    My love

    MY LOVE 

    I have no words 
    That's probably absurd 
    But what else can I say 
    When I found someone who makes my day 
    Your smile lights up my world 
    Your laugh makes me feel so happy 
    When im sad when I'm blue 
    I think of you and I feel alright again 

    A day to a week to a month
    Let's continue this streak as long as we can 
    I promise to love you as long as you love me 
    I promise to never get jealous when you talk to girls 
    If you promise to not get jealous when I talk to boys 
    Cuz you you are my only love 
    Yea you you are most definitely enough 

    It's been a month 
    Here's to many more to come 
    You are the star in my darkest nights 
    You are the ocean to shore 
    You bring me comfort and love 
    Your the only thing I need 
    Here's to many more months with you

  • itsssiya 18w

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    Heyy yall rudra here I hope you like these lyrics I wrote it for a friend so that friend could send it to their crush so I hope you like it as much as they liked it ���� stay happy stay positive ����

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    One morning i woke up 
    Saw your face 
    Since then 
    You were my happy place 
    I started feeling down
    When u weren't around 

    I wish i could hug you everyday 
    If i could i would scream and say 
    Wish i could see you everyday 
    Just know nothing will keep me away from running to you
    The second you call

    From the very first time 
    I wanted to make you mine 
    You were so kind and beautiful 
    I can't even begin to imagine 
    What i did to deserve you 

    When i am around you 
    There's magic in the air 
    You make me feel like i shouldn't care about anyone else but you 
    You are the cause of my euphoria 
    Im happy everyday because your mine 
    And you better stay that way 
    Cause i don't know
    What i WOULD do without you 

  • itsssiya 20w

    #yourbeautifulasyouare #love #dontbescared #yourperfect #hopeyoulikethis #youramazing
    Hey to everyone reading this itssiya this is something that actually happend to me in my life so I hope you enjoy it. Send me a reply if you have topics for me to write on thanks!!

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    Break out of my shell

    Everyday since then 
    I been looking for a reason 
    To hate them 
    But I can't remember 
    The last time we smiled 
    You told me I was perfect 
    But I don't deserve it 

    If I was perfect I wouldn't need to change a thing.
    But always I can finally sing 
    I'm done living life like I'm gonna cry 
    Every second of everyday 
    I'm gonna live life like I'm riding the edge of knife 
    Cause I'm breaking out of my shell 
    Does it ring a bell 

    I may just be another pretty face to you 
    But I know what I am inside 
    And I finally found my happy place 
    And no it's never you and it never has been

    I broke apart so can you 
    Just forget everything bad that happened in your life 
    Just breathe and you'll see you have nothing left to hide 
    Cause no matter what your perfect that you thought 
    So just remember your beautiful and perfect as you are 


  • itsssiya 20w


    When i take a look in the mirror
    My reflection shows a girl 
    Scared to lead 
    Scared to see 
    I never saw the world for what it was 
    I saw the good 
    Blocked the bad 
    That is one mistake i wish i never had 

    Now i see the world as a blessing and a curse 
     My reflection shows me now 
    As the best me i can be 
    What does it show you 
    No matter what 
    Dont forget 
    You are perfect as you are
    So if i could go back to the past 
    I wouldn't change anything i had 
    Cause things may be bad 
    But things will look up soon.
    So take a look at your reflection 
    And tell yourself things will get better and better 
    No matter what.