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  • loftydreams101 3w

    Reveries from the Cold Unknown

    Off course,
    Consumed by a strange frame of mind
    Night rushes through the window
    With a swarm of unrealized desires
    These reveries are crushed to a glittering pulp
    Made shapeless
    And molded
    Again and again
    Off course in the dark
    Dreams born in the moon’s cool rays
    Have turned to ash by the glare of first light
    Bound to sail away
    With a million stray embers
    Clearing space
    For a new swarm of fragile hopes

    © 2021 William Wright, Jr.

  • detour 6w

    My very first attempt to write diminishing verse. Hoping to be perfect at it sooner :)

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    Diminishing Verse

    Don't I know this path is taking me where
    Want I to move from this dark space here
    Only if my wishes could get true ere

    So I stare at the Sun that spray
    To that sky bright I always pray
    If some hope reaches me through the ray

  • _sonakshiwrites 10w

    Following my dreams ,
    In my worst days ,
    Losing my hope,
    Going without friends,
    Going crazy ,
    Stress levels high ,
    Future I have ,
    Built in my dreamy eyes ,
    Parent's dreams ,
    My own dreams ,
    People's hope ,
    Is a cluster of thoughts,
    Filled in my mind.

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    Dreams are seen by everyone but only a few comes true .

  • dee_kye 10w

    Cherish yourself

    Greet the dares,
    Cope with hopes,
    Brace the beats,
    Rhythms lopes,
    Note your heart,
    For we've enveloped,
    In lustrous harks,
    Can you feel the spark?
    Scarlet red in dark,
    Saintly Scent of lightness,
    Smells enchanting,
    Like the aster, goodness!
    Cherish yourself,

  • afiba_yankey 10w

    Just in case you needed to hear this.

    You are allowed to mourn the death of a possibility, a dream, hope, goal, or desire.
    It was real to you. And no one else has to understand.

  • sonu99 11w

    Doctors are the persons those who can turn a tragedy into a miracle of new life,new aspirations,new hopes and beliefs.

  • taltos 12w

    To Be.

    To be a shackle men put themselves in willingly.
    To be a dungeon to those obsessed by divinity.
    To be lighter than a spring breeze. To be as fertile as Gaea. To be as alluring as Apollo's chariot.
    To be the most beautiful woman in the world, Oh what I wouldn't give to be.

  • samu4_ 13w

    Do not loose hopes until you snatch success from failure.

  • abhishekkamble 14w

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    Image credit - instagram page ©jonihobiholiday
    Words in the image belongs to me!

    To my love,

    "If sky was a sea, we would have swam more dreams than we see the clouds". I had never doubted the sky even after listening to 'the sky is falling' but maybe I ironically existed to only day dream about 'thousand reasons why would it be' and if I had to convince the sky, I would say, "you don't have to drown me in, I am already a cloud floating, but I hope to capsize soon into your blues" so I keep finding shapes in them like a toddler and finding meanings like an adult. But that evening, a little in me changed, that was the first time, I stared the life into a falling raindrop, slipping miserably from my palms and I looked above the black and gray clouds to only find a sky that was so clear, the winds breezing through the jacket, stopped in the slits and pockets where I always covered the cold fingers.
    Every morning sky, where the wrinkled bed sheets, where the half filled jug, where the repeated songs, dominated me, she opened the door to the green grasses that waited for my barefooted walk, where the dew drops waited to heal the cracked feet, where her bangles rung the alarm and where the sun rose in my bedroom upon my eyelid, She changed 'the arm chair sleep' into sound snores and 'afternoon unbearable sky' into her shadows that played in me, every afternoon where my unread book was left opened, where the lunch never filled the stomach, where the TV turned blank, she always found an excuse to search the 'me'. She never hesitated to hold the story book for me to find a child in me, she knew the dusk's purple and reddish sky had him color blinded but she knows how to let him see the colors, she knows the biggest fear in me was when the sky turned black again, he will shiver for all the grays. So she never stopped me talking to the walls, instead she let me count the stars where I was left behind holding someone's finger who taught me how to walk and I would today say, 'you changed the skies I had once seen'.

    'Now I only the see the fluffy clouds,
    Romanticizing the shapes we see together'

    The boy whom you taught the colors


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  • official_drmillz 15w

    Demeaned Expectation.

    A journey of 95 minutes,
    intoxicating the green youth of tomorrow
    driving them with joy and great expectation
    Youth applauding and whistling
    falls at an obscure emanated section

    The breeze of passing through Elemere to batholomen and crossing that carnivorous express.
    hearing the songster of the people, *ILORIN*
    meandering like they ain't accomplishing back there.
    Our pretension becomes like that of-Agbabiaka the great cocoa
    The less-- Malete thou we forgot to be our base.

    The jungle it won't be thought-
    For the judging with the cover of a journal becomes outmoded.
    Cracking up and rejoicing like Aderonke gave birth to her unborn baby.
    For the moment, the wind changes color becomes darker like the witches in my village
    for once I thought, the end of life is nearer
    the more I think of that, the higher Adebola taps me with a fake smile.

    For once, their great expectation becomes the otherwise
    an advanced Pip seen in them
    crying out with pleasure
    grumbling with confidence
    breaking down with saliva
    but then their things chose not to fall apart.

    Wasteland I will not say,
    But timberland I shall call it,
    making the past nothing
    dreaming out of the present
    hoping for a good exile in the thicket.


  • doctorpoet 16w

    Moon dreams ✨

    Some people will be HAPPY in their dreams..........

    Because some people will present in their dreams ...

    BUT IN REALITY ~~~~~~~~~~~~~

    THAT PEOPLE stepped out from THEIR LIFE .............



  • puranidiary 16w

    @writersbay ❤��thanku for giving your time &kind like .. I m so glad you left me a comment �� means a lot..

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    In spring of love, hope was born in mother's womb
    Before its blossom, girl child was called burden soon
    No celebration marked her birth,not they did happy dance
    She was secluded in cradle, neither father took a glance
    In barren terra of love, she lived ages scribbling in dark
    Crumbled in mother's laps, she Camouflaged all spark. .
    Pious love of warrior ma ,protected her right from foetus
    Cloaked in mud of patriarchy, she bloomed like the lotus
    Facing all thumping of prejudice longing her decline
    She rose to surface with aspiring heart seeking sunshine
    Slowly she painted her dreamy sky vanishing blue face
    Under moonlight she conquered survival her biggest race
    Like the petals she stretched her wings of burning desire
    Chasing her utopia her soul embraced strength as attire
    Seldom she unleashed her ocean eyes in that filthy pond
    With ink dipped in metaphor, tells all story without sound
    And when the clock hits 11:11,she recites wishes to stars
    Hoping for world without swords of bigotry giving scars
    Gentle touch of equality, no breezes forcing her to be coy
    Let the child flourish without fears, be it your girl or boy..!

  • inutansharma 17w

    उम्मीदों के साये में घिरी है ये बदनाम ज़िन्दगी
    कभी कभी लगती है एक बेजान लाश
    ना चैन से जीने देती है ना मरने का बहाना
    मोह के घेरे में तिनका तिनका बिखरती हर सांस


  • pixiepav 17w


    When you see cloud ,expecting rain..that is hope
    When you see a small bud , wanting it to bloom..that is hope
    When you see mountains and you desire to climb..that is hope
    When you see a bird and you want to fly..that is hope
    When dark shades cover us, still we want light..that is hope
    We are all made with tiny, bright hopes.

  • seraiah_smiles 18w

    I'll be making this post special. This is my 100th.

    This poem shall speak about my #dreams, #hopes, #uncertainty, #certainty, #dark, and above all, #faith, #Light.

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    The hand of the Divine guides me; His comforting rod protects me.

    This path I walk on may be dark. Shadows lurk against me like a hungry shark. It may be dark, but God is Light. And for me, He will fight.

    The path ahead may be uncertain. Myriad possiblities await every passing moment. It may be uncertain, but God is Providence. A turn here or there, continue ahead or stir, My Shepherd is with me there's nothing to fear.

    The hand of the Divine guides me; His comforting rod protects me.

    ~ ~ ~


  • _swaramhatre18_ 20w


    Taqdir meh likha hoga toh wapis jarur milenge,
    Taqdir meh likha hoga toh wapis jarur
    Taqdir meh likha hoga toh wapis jarur pyaar hoga,
    Taqdir meh likha hoga toh wapis jarur hath doge,
    Taqdir meh likha hoga toh wapis jarur sath doge,
    Taqdir meh likha hoga toh wapis jarur saya banoge,
    App taqdir ki baat kar rahe ho waha me aapne hi Taqdir ko dund dund ke thak gai hu.... ♥️

  • preranarathi 20w


    तेरी झूठी उम्मीदों ने हमें खुशीयाँ तो तमाम दी,
    लेकिन जब वो गई, तो हमारी रूह तक ले गई।

    - प्रेरणा राठी

  • landoflitdiaries 20w

    It's almost midnight,
    And I am wide awake,
    Overthinking yet again,
    About things,
    That I should not,
    Because of the hurt,
    That's hurting me.

    I almost think,
    How to not overthink,
    But for a control freak,
    Not being able to,
    Control the thoughts,
    Running at a lick,
    Is a losing game.

    Maybe tomorrow,
    Maybe coming week,
    Maybe next month,
    Or perhaps this new year,
    Will be better enough,
    To achieve what I couldn't,
    For I'm done contemplating.

    Hope and hardwork,
    Is what I swear on,
    Positivity and optimism,
    Is what I have,
    And smiling is all,
    I am left with,
    To finally realise, Not Yet!

    I try to remain strong,
    Giving up won't be my choice,
    Focusing on strengths,
    And working on my weaknesses,
    Did help me get through,
    But hitting Adulting gave my life,
    A whole new set of responsibilities.

    Now these responsibilities,
    And my desire to fulfill it,
    Is what keeps me going,
    For I know if I don't,
    It will tear me apart,
    In a guilt of not being responsible enough,
    For those who were always enough for me.

    When all of this takes over me,
    My tiny little heart,
    Asks me if I could spare some help,
    Of a heart that could contribute a little support,
    Not by being tangible,
    But more on a sentimental level,
    And now it's almost dawn and I am still wide awake.

    #insomnia #latenightthoughts #overthinking #overthinker #stress #responsibilities #desire
    #love #life #live #hopes #hardwork #positivity

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    Thoughts of an Overthinker!


  • spiderweb 16w

    unlucky plant

    പടർന്നുപന്തലിക്കുമീ ചെടിയിൻ വേരുകളായി
    തളിരിടുമോരോ ഇലകളിലായി നീ തളിർത്തുനിന്നു.
    ഒരു ഗ്രീഷ്മകാലം കഴിഞ്ഞീടുംവരെ
    പൂക്കൾപൂക്കുമീ വേളയിലെന്തേ

  • heyoka_warrior 175w

    Make no promise, beg no promise.
    As imperfect as we are, we break promises.
    False hopes, lies and mistrust
    From puzzles of missing pieces.
    Make no promise, beg no promise.
    Promises from us are just hollow words.
    People are more broken
    Than promises undone.