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  • poetshrutiwrites 1d


    Imperfectly perfect as each human being is,
    Like that of a vase,
    Cracks of all sizes visible or invisible,
    Some look broken but stood still,
    While some crumbled when moved a bit.

    Imperfectly perfect as each human being is,
    Persistently resistant to uncertainty,
    Try to stand still,
    Crumbling in reality.

    My world felt shattered,
    Nothing felt so fine,
    How could I wait,
    for these earthquakes to pass,
    When there was one rumbling in my mind?

    My world felt shattered,
    Nothing felt so fine,
    So all I did was write,
    This 60th poem of mine.

  • kushh_ 5d

    You saying this is hopeless, that I should hope less…

  • travellers_nirvana 3w

    The hopeless romantic

    She loved him. From a distance.

    The crush left. Unmet.

    She loved him. Built his home.

    He left. Unsaid.

    She loved the romantic verses.

    Those stayed.

    Some forevers are found in poetry.

    #microtale #nanotale #fiction #story #poetry #hopeless #love

    @miraquill @writersnetwork

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    She loved him. From a distance.

    The crush left. Unmet.

    She loved him. Built his home.

    He left. Unsaid.

    She loved the romantic verses.

    Those stayed.

    Some forevers are found in poetry.


  • seraiah_smiles 8w

    30 Days A Month

    I'm not crazy;
    But I might be,
    If it's for thee.

    Your radiance makes all else look pale.
    I pray that I may catch a shooting star and wholeheartedly wish for a blue rose such as you.
    Alas! I'm hopeless, O, but hopeless...
    I'm no different from a shooting star in a sense that I've fallen for you.

    24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 30 days a month,
    In the ocean of Billions you've catched my heart.
    Till when will it last?
    Again, alas!
    12 months and a lifetime won't ever suffice;
    I pray God would forgive me for avarice,
    But I want eternity,
    And be with you eternally.

    How could I ever reach a star as high as you?
    "I'm yours; I'm yours (; and you're mine)," I wish it's true.
    I wish upon a shooting star that it cross the skies for me.
    I wish upon a shooting star such as you...

    We're on opposite sides of the world,
    But if I may be so bold,
    At least let me pray to the loving Almighty
    That our paths converge into one...

    Silly me to wish for the blue rose such as you.
    Silly me to fall in love with you.

    I know; I know: I'm hopeless, O, but hopeless...

    What is happening to me?
    Billie, you're making me crazy...
    Crazily in love with thee... With thee.

    ~ ~ ~

    This piece of mine is inspired from the new album of Billie Eilish: Happier Than Ever.

    The album was released on July 30, 2021.
    The piece is entitled, "30 Days A Month".
    If you want to know why, hehe, maybe you'll figure it out yourselves.

    @aphrodite53 I hope this explains a lot ��
    I made it for our dearest Billie.

    #30DaysAMonth #crazy #inlove #hopeless... #love #BillieEilish #AMDG

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    30 Days A Month


  • justword_art 8w


    As the world turns
    Come to discover
    Reasons while being befriended
    By one who sees you as a tool

    And grants a percent of your wish
    After overclocking your brain cells
    A meagre token
    Can be of mint or flesh

    A favour too easy to grant
    With a remote control of another
    In the hands of the host
    Bending and stripping

    Another of its dignity
    Realised too late
    Now too deep in this well
    To say help me

    For I am drowning
    Sweet things do last
    When kept in the mouth
    But they cannot be there forever

  • mallika10 8w

    They won't understand your pain when you say you are sad,
    They won't understand your pain when you say you are depressed,
    They won't understand when you say your heart is broken into thousand pieces,
    They won't understand you when you say you miss someone a lot,
    They won't understand when you say your memories have become your reason of inner death,
    They won't understand you when you say you don't feel anything anymore,
    They won't understand when you say you are hopeless,
    It is only you who suffers and a path you have to walk through alone


  • monosijsen 9w

    Gone With The Wind

    Roses are murdered, roses are dead
    Violets were violated in their bed
    Lilies were lied to for carnal lust
    Potteries were put in the cosmic dust
    Monalisa's glow is now visibly dull
    Large Hendon Collider confirmed null
    All the charity drowned in Bill gates's pool
    Even John Lennon was made a fool
    Rose married some rich brat and never looked back
    Suddenly Jack appeared to keep their economy in track
    Juliet died for an unstable prick
    Rasputin's sad now with a huge limp dick
    Jesus died for some ungrateful apes
    All the clergy is now promoting rapes
    Pandora fucked us once and for all
    Even in that Cameron's film they got blue balls
    The God Father died sad and lone
    So many laws but they didn't kill Al Capone
    Rocky would be called a loser in today's age
    Chengiz would be criticized for not having rage
    Osar will always go to the crippled fag
    Miss World title goes to that dark old hag
    Everything PC but everything wrong
    Like the world just had too much bong
    Miseries are still here and they're just the same
    They are just changing the name of the game
    The erosion is now exponential and that everyone knows
    And they're taking fucking save pandas vows
    Agony pain misfortunes never left us in ruins
    But this time the hope itself has gone with the wind.

  • riley1307 10w


    Theres something behind my eyes today
    It demands to be seen
    It demands to be felt
    For just today, let me bleed onto myself
    Forgive my lacklustre
    Theres something behind my eyes that needs attending to
    I dont want to dissapoint you
    I dont want to be not focused

    Forgive me,
    For my best today, may not be adequate for you
    Forgive me..
    Theres something behind my eyes that I cant ignore

    I thought I had recovered from you
    From this
    Guess I was wrong
    Because its still behind my eyes
    It haunts me
    Hurts me
    Makes me bleed

    So let me sit here just for today
    Let me bleed onto myself
    I only ask you dont hold it against me..

  • rachnna 10w

    Home turns to Hell.

    In being right and wrong,
    body left the soul ;

    In struggle of security,
    separation took birth .

    In the process of fixing
    gained all the strains.

    In fear of lost identity,
    Destroyed the existence .


  • jitendra_parmar_ 12w

    न जीना चाहता हुं,
    न मरना चाहता हूं
    बस यूं ही खोना चाहता हूं !!

  • burried_thoughts 13w


    How much more should I wait for ?
    Will they always remain the same ?
    Wouldn't they budge even an inch ?
    Will my feelings ever be validated ?
    Will I ever be able to connect with them ?

    Is there a human who can relate with it ?
    Am I the only imperfect human;
    Am I the only one with flaws here !
    Even if it is, can someone be broad minded enough to accept me in my fullest ?

    They say they love me;
    But what about my emotions and feelings ?
    They name it concern;
    But why don't they understand ?
    They call their abuse correction;
    What about the bruises they cause?

    They demand obedience;
    What about the share of love that I deserve ?
    They brand my assertion as selfishness;
    what are they when they destitute me ?

    They deny my reality;
    What about the things that i experienced?
    They call my act of expressing myself drama;
    What about their melodrama to appeal me?


  • barbietocatwoman 14w

    Autobiography of a wildflower
    Love hard, live harder
    I don't remember what it is I wanted to be...
    Oh wait,
    I wanted to be a water tower at one point, but the dam broke and I floated away
    I survived the journey on a raft in the hearts of many while mine was broken like skeletal remains
    I exist in a state the likes of cryogenics,
    my heart prematurely frozen
    I make regular trips to the land of the demented
    Push them farther off the cliff, into the ocean

    I need a lobotomy
    I don't think that'll work right now
    I'm so far down the well the light range's run out
    I'm fine, I will be just...fine
    I die inside as I lie and lie and lie
    I won't be fine, I will be miserable
    I cry and cry while they ignore
    I'll live, for that is strength in itself
    Is that what they told you would happen,
    that you'll get better with positive affirmation?
    I'll exist, is what I say to me
    Because to live is to die inside
    And to die is to burn in a world, three hundred and fifty degrees


  • thalianoya 14w


    I wanna pull all my hair out
    I wanna smash my head against a wall
    I wanna hit my face so hard I won't be able to feel it
    I wanna jump from all my failures,
    from everything that blocks my way
    All doors seem to be closed for me
    All dreams seem to be a false hope
    Such a fool for thinking everything's gonna be fine,
    when everything is just falling apart
    Seeing myself in a big city is just a lullaby
    Hearing people sing my songs is just a fantasy
    It's over,
    let's just be real
    I'm just a disappointment to anyone who thinks highly of me


  • anonymous_forever 16w

    You turn towards God when you have no one,
    But what if even God isn't there for you,
    Who do you turn to then?


  • darkvoid 17w

    What happened?

    What happened to that girl ,
    the girl with perfect grades
    the girl playing in the ocean every afternoon 
    the girl laughing with her friends
    the girl doing a photo shoot wearing her favorite dress
    What happened to that girl
    the tanned girl who was skinny like a model
    the girl who ran out of fingers to list her passions
    the girl that spent hours making desserts, locking her fingers clean of chocolate 
    the girl who read books on the beach, wind brushing against her hair
    What happened to that perfect girl? 
     What happened to daddys little girl? 
     What happened to that smart girl?
    What happened to the girl who was perfect?
    How did that girl with perfect attendance and straight Es come to be here;  half an hour late , head dropped  and feet dragging hiding from society with puffy eyes from crying. 
    Only a hoodie to hoodie to hide the body they hate so much.
    How did this happen?
    Was it the loss of innocence, 
    a realization that life is meaningless?
    Was it the shattering of childhood dreams,
    t he last ounce of hope ripped from their heart?
    How did this person end up wearing a sports bra for days on end hiding their body? 
    How did this person end up eating 2 chips for lunch because the texture of a sandwich makes their brain tear apart?
    The dry skin flaking underneath a bra stained with sweat and the constant roll of hunger remains them how their life is a mess. 
    When did their showers become hours long , sat on the floor, tears brushed away from their skin , their skin burnt bright red, the scalding water taking the pain away , the stained water rushing a wave of red down the drown?
    Every step reminds them of how their footsteps feel wrong , they don't deserve to belong on earth, every breath a breath wasted on this planet.
    What happened to the mornings of freshly cooked french toast and sunrise walks? 
    What turned the mornings  into sobbing under the covers the harsh sunlight reminding them another day will rip away the threads of hope?
    What happened to the girl that was terrified of death?, now only a ghost remains , one which begs and plans for a way to escape life.
    Only a Ghost ,   at the back of class , only words muttered are 'present sir', before they slink back underneath their hoodie , headphones in, thoughts intruding their mind.
    Every sound makes them flinch
    Every bright light is too strong 
    Everythings  too much to handle 
    Everything's too much 
    What happened to the girl laughing on the beach in the sunshine?
    Playing fetch with her dog?
    Kicking balls back and forward with her dad? 
    What turned them into the monster that ripped apart a can , using the sharp edge to feel things  ,the sharpness making everything feel better?
     How did the monster come to lie in the stormy waters , the winds and fog swilring around them , there hands around there neck , shoes soaked , taking the last breath , then hiding, waves washing over then , winds howling around them , they are at peace , motionless , until they gasp for breathe and they relaise that there is still life within them, screaming out in fury that life exists?
    What happened to the little girl whos only wish was too see a shooting star?
    Was it the fact that they learnt to hate their body?
    Was it the fact that  someone calling there name became a harsh reminder that they exsit.
    Or was it just that there  brain that invades every thought , sweeping over like a wave, trying to drown them.
    Their cries for help
    Shut down
    Until it became a whimpering cry for hope.

  • hopeless 17w

    Will you pick up the phone??

    He lays beside me every night
    phone in the hand every time
    he says he spends all his free time with me
    but I can never see that free in time

    should I also call  you
    will you pick up the phone
    will you talk to me too
    as if no one's around you
    will you?

    should I also call  you
    to ask how your day went
    to laugh at those funny incidents
    to caress you for all the sad ones

    should I also call you
    to share how my day went
    how my friend made that stupid joke
    how everyone laughed at my stupid joke

    should I also call you
    to share my sadness of feeling alone
    to share how even when I m in a room full of people
    I feel empty till my bones
    to say how much I miss ......laying beside you

    will you pick up the phone?


  • thalianoya 18w


    walking through door to door,
    like a ghost searching for never exist answers

    so close to fall on the cold floor

    too strong to die, yet too weak to live

    spinning around under the crying sky,
    as it wash all of my sins

    no soul, no misery
    my body turns to mystery


  • erikarr 19w

    He’s For Her

    There was a man I once knew,
    He was a fine guy and captivating.
    He told me he likes me, his feelings grew,
    In disbelief, my mind started navigating.

    All I felt towards him was platonic,
    But later on my feelings grew fonder.
    When that happened his love disappeared,
    And I found out his heart was for another.


  • 11amthoughts 19w

    It was just the scare

    It was just the scare
    The pregnancy scare

    I was crying the whole night
    Wondering about the consequences
    and the aftermath
    It was just the scare
    The pregnancy scare

    I was clueless
    It was my first time
    Trusting the boy with my first
    When I called the boy
    With hope in my heart and
    fear in the eyes
    It was scare
    Just the pregnancy scare

    Are you sure?
    'Cause you are such a slut
    Opening your legs for God's knows who
    It was scare
    Just the pregnant scare

    The night was dark and unnerving
    I look at the moon through the rusted windows reciting those words inside my head
    It was scare
    Just the pregnancy scare

    I wrapped my arms around the abdomen
    Trying to tie all the loose hope
    Staring at the unmade bed
    Cursing my life and the supreme
    Wondering if I will be happy again
    It was scare
    Just the pregnancy scare

    I confided in one of my best friends
    she hugged me close
    And whispered in my ears
    Don't be scared darling
    It's not the first nor the last
    It's a manuscript of existence
    And then I let my tears flow
    Maybe it's not as bad
    Maybe I will get through
    Maybe I am strong
    Like everyone before
    But that's all it was
    Just the pregnancy scare

  • prettygurl925 20w

    Stop Trying

    Why can’t I just STOP TRYING?!?!
    STOP TRYING to make u care about me the way you cared/care for others!!