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  • fadedfootsteps 148w

    In an autumn evening
    With the memories of spring
    Like a yellow broken leaf
    Her heart was rest in piece
    Dead eyes
    With no shine
    In a verge of tear
    With no fear
    A brave soul
    Never met the future goal
    Sat on a swing
    With her broken wing
    Finally beginning of the summer
    A wish to cry never
    Longing for herself back
    She started again on that unnamed track...

  • totallymassivevoid 155w

    The carriage

    You wake up every morning
    knowing that you will have to
    get ready and look your best
    by the evening for he will be
    waiting for you at the door to
    take you for that date you have
    been awaiting all your life. You
    are suddenly happy at the thought
    of it, start finishing up with your
    stuffs, but its late noon already
    and you're still not done with your
    chores. You spot the carriage
    downstairs, excited at the sight of it,
    you make every effort to look your
    best, your heart eternally wanting
    for that door bell to ring. But it never
    does while you're standing at the door
    all decked up. Tears tinkling down
    your eyes, just as you know to lift your
    spirits up... you start looking forward
    for a new tomorrow !

    That's how life goes on.... !