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  • nocturnal_enigma 33w

    * 23.12.2021; 8.25 A.M (Malaysia)

    #hopefuldec @writersbay

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    I hope... ~

    I hope, that there will be no more flooding.
    I hope, sweet memories won't ever fading.
    I hope, I can go out there. No longer hiding.
    I hope, I can keep writing and also reading.
    I hope, in love, I know, where I am standing.
    I hope, in world, I know where I am heading.
    I hope, my life will end as a Happy Ending.

    © Nuruliffa Emirah
    @ nocturnal_enigma

  • daffodilpearlzz 33w

    —• Packed hopes

    In our caged saudade hearts, we might have
    Packets of energies, like decembers of a month
    Ain't open always, but kept safe forever or never.
    Called hope it is; a silent aura, a serene space.
    Not a sun's ray, always 'tis; sometimes silence,
    Some other times, darkness too; or noises even.

    ©daffodilpearlzz ~ Bhavya
    Tue 21 Dec 2021

  • cutie_hedgehog 33w

    If I could hope
    I wish in every my hardest days
    There is a hand I can hold
    there is a shoulder to lean on
    there is a place where I can come home


  • kanikachugh 33w

    You’re like the stars in the sky,
    I saw in my childhood
    twinkling, smiling down at me
    assuring me of a beautiful darkness.
    That the places I choose to be
    I’d be followed faithfully
    with a poetic hope,
    whispering that nights are
    as influential as the light.


  • bonitasarahbabu 33w

    A life of my own choosing,
    Decisions made by myself
    And traveling to cure the desolation and blues.
    Hope; a word filled with awe and wonder,
    A divine gift along with peace and happiness.
    Hope; the kickstart of a good season.

  • waitaminute 33w

    When I breathe I hope
    I fix all holes,
    Reconnect us ,
    It won't be like before again,
    But it will better,
    I don't hate past neither I am planning future love,
    I just know we breathe same air,
    Through these holes a lot good air is escaping,
    To protect it and good things we had,
    We gotta fix it.

  • daunting_phoenix 33w

    #matter#hopefuldec my first try of a hopenote...does it fit in the criteria of a 'hopenote'?

    @anirockz7 @sumiinked


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    Dear December,

    Hoping is never easy...neither is waiting. There are times when you feel lost in a labyrinth of darkness, there are nights when you just want to give up..but trust me, giving into those momentary feelings of worthlessness is never worth it. Just, pay attention and keep calm. Take one step at a time and you'll be finer than you've ever been. Your mental peace is what matters. Hope, but don't drown in it.

    I know it's hard to keep up with your surroundings, but you can do it. Life is given to you because you are brave enough to live it. Don't ever think you're not worth it.

    A fellow being :)


  • hallucination 33w

    Thank you for ♥️ wn

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    Dum Spiro Spero

    Burble of the water deep
    inside the dessicated lands

    Monochromatic phosphenes
    inside the dark eyes

    So I know in the dark world
    outside, there is always
    Hope down 'inside'


  • mimmywrites 33w


    A feeling of expectation and desire for a particular thing to happen as it is defined
    Some would say a feeling of trust
    The urge to surpass hardships
    As the pandemic hits and spreading it's wings
    Giving birth to new variants
    Crushing people's dreams, taking away their jobs
    But the humans soul, desire to live overcomes the pain
    The longing for life, better future is the humans greatest strength.

  • childauthor_345 33w

    Your smiles #matter , more than the courage of sharp rocks , you're a ecstatic but strengthened water finding the way to charming clocks.
    As you travel through the paperboat of my poetries even the fading Dec becomes #Hopefuldec , will you still make yourself a memory to remember .

    @wailingmage962 �� now smile sis �� rowing by town or acrostic , longing for your eyes .

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    Be a castle of hope beside falling stars

    Kaleidoscope in kirtle knitting in diversity
    Rowing delightful city in eye - shadows ( where)
    Iris ain't just bows but are bridges - pretty -
    Tender but trig Kritty is unfading Junoesque rose
    Touched with close nightmares , but ends in glee
    Your steps are epitome of hope for me betwixt seaful scars , a jubilee for December - froze.

    ~ a former sand , a present snow , a future drop but a constant admirer of yours.

  • mundanimia 33w

    Berries & Bread

    "Let's speak of hope"- The Man across the bonfire said.
    To which another man replied-
    "This winter is cold and it's coldness is almost burning my soul,
    Still, i wake up and treat myself with berries & bread.
    As this coldness may pass about my body,
    But what keeps my soul fed is the relentless need to feel warm,
    To get up and to live. And that, Sir...is hope."

  • pallavi4 33w


    A warm glow inside one’s soul capable of fighting all odds and strife
    When all seems lost but there still remains a way out , aims and dreams make hope when combined

    The way the anticipation of reaching the oasis in a desert for the parched, acts like a guide
    A light at the end of the tunnel awakens the spirit of a man from the inside

    Hope is a feeling that gives you strength
    A glimmer of happiness
    Hope is standing strong in the face of danger
    The light in the darkness


    18th of December, 2021

    Pic credit: Pinterest, picture credited to its rightful owner- “Firefly Girl”

    #hopefuldec #hope #dec21_by_pallavi #writersbay @writersbay @writersnetwork #miraquill #writersnetwork #poetry #pod #writerscommunity @miraquill

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  • kamikazemind 33w

    Some of us do feel December a lot,
    like a journal, recollecting almost everything before the year ends.
    Its chilly vibes filling up with warm nostalgia.
    To look upon the sky and ponder,
    "how far I have come."
    "To decide what not to become."
    Slowly we realise that making mistakes and dwelling on them are two different things.
    Well, if it was a disaster, then turn it into something dainty.
    I hope you rejoice these last days of december.


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  • diamond49 33w

    I hope I grow, And become better
    For me, it really matter
    Its another december
    Im hoping for new adventure
    To become stronger
    And know myself, a little better
    And some happiness, through your letter

  • bubbly_bluebells 33w

    Skies of December,#hopefuldec

    Things really matter to me are scribbled in the foggy pages of December skies but also are the same things nobody cares.Whole year is wrapped up in a diary of this small month flyed to you,faded in the memory of bygones.

    Things really matters are poetic devices for me and my insecurities are the danger zone for the public sentiments
    Yet! I am that puzzle piece which is called defective for purest vulnerabilities.Only December sky had frosted in its snowy playful guesture.

    "To every action there is an equal and opposite reaction"
    So why am I going against the law this December said?
    Being upset when darkness of demons go opposite of my mental state?That means I'm the light! Do that stuff i.e. burning like a candle;scattering enigma of fire and seeking seeds of fireflies,singing carrols in the world of cotton candy blush
    Where is that same push to repel those entities?
    Where is that same crush of outgrowing from all of them?Once I fought alone in the midnight gazing lamps,walked home while wetting in the rain on the road to come out from the chrysalis of hardships.When they humilated me for having the butterfly wings,did I forgot all of mine past lives steps ?Are they so light to ignore?
    Afterall I am not a thief then why am I behaving poor(helpless)?
    What kind of stupid attitude is that worrying about thing that i can't gel with trendy fools?I know they are hetnotized under a black spell.Otherwise haven't belittled any innocent heart tagging emotions as worthless; wounding from lowly tools, for fun!To keep that blund ego superior.

    If I will not work on my idea;that inspir(spark)ed me then definitely somebody else will cause nature chooses doers in nature's service.

    You know what?
    Me too don't care what matters to you people important!
    'Cause I am not in that list of duffers!
    & Don't wanna!

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    While I breathe,I hope
    To understand myself
    Much more
    Nobody cares why do I feel like this?
    Why do I care both sides?
    Cause they never gone through
    Such emotional wars,I won!
    Such harsh(wrecked) waves I surfed!


  • infectiouswordspoetry 33w


    And when you feel,
    You're drowning,
    And you at me with helpless eyes,
    I would want you
    To get up at least.

    Because I know,
    There's an ocean of courage in you
    And that the tides would come again
    And take you along.
    - a poem from my 2nd poetry book KHAYAAL-a collection of poems.

    #hopefuldec #writersbay #wod #pod @writersbay

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    Life is a little more about
    hope than survival.
    You sit with your miseries,
    Oh, there's no time to waste.
    You and I, are no less magical
    Let's resume healing the wounds
    of our numb hearts, together.

  • _gk_07 33w

    - Dum spiro spero -

    When power goes off, there's a candle to light up the dark corners of room.

    When you stuck on an island in storm, there's a sailor's boat to reach the safe shore.

    When calculator shows unintended error, there's a parietal lobe of brain to calculate life's aftermath.

    In these such situations all that what matters is hope,

    'cause in tough times, it's hope which carries you through all.

  • _desaiagraja 33w

    All that matters is this big, little things.
    So let's hold on to hope even in the worst case scenario of life.
    And make most out of our existence......

    #matter #hopefuldec #wod #pod #live #love #life #miraquill #ceesrepost #writtersnetwork #hope #holdon @miraquill @mirakeeworld @mirakee_words @mirakeenetwork @writersbay

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    Were you happy??

    It doesn't really matter,
    Weather you spend your life living in a
    board room, a beach house, bedroom
    Or any were on the earth or moon.

    But years after you look back to life,
    Only things that matters are,
    Were you happy doing what you did?
    Or did you just lived it like a dead being!!!

    Did you fight for the things,
    You really cared about?
    Did you refuse to give up
    On your dreams and desires?

    Did you hold on to hope,
    when life gave you a worst case scenario?
    Did you make most beautiful
    of your messed up existence?

    Were you happy??
    Or you still have regrets.
    Did you spent it for what you love?
    With the people you love!!

    Did you let it go,
    Of all the things that let you back?


    Did you????

  • autumn_fairy 33w



    Story about an Angel and the devil

    A hope note~♡☆♡☆♡☆

    Now the angel rises above you from your darkened lamps

    Calling out to you ,the devils of the drunken maze
    As she kissed you with a hard song singing into your lips, the way to reach your hopes

    As the devil sat under the tree of Christmas hiding his wings of misery

    While the angel covered him with her christmas aura

    Whispering lights of christmas December delights into his maze of ears

    As he remains shook,within the lights of her presence..

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    Matter is a matter of choices
    isn't it ?

    What doesn't matter is
    You gave your heart to the devil
    Sinking in the dusts of the graveyard
    And let you drown with him
    Dividing your light with his darkness

    What matters is
    That your pain won't go unheard by the heavens
    You will be born as an angel
    In the hands of the moonlight maiden
    When you wash the devil's sins away

    What doesn't matter is
    That you let the flowers prick you
    When you were singing honey metaphors

    But what matters is
    You stood up within the pain
    You went through

    What doesn't matter is
    You let a devil reach you

    But what matters is
    You poured out the red love into his lips
    And made him drunk in purity

    What doesn't matter is
    You ripped your heart from the devil
    With bloody tears

    But what matters is
    You glued your heart
    And turned him into the right path

    The D e v i l
    With an A n g e l
    To the path of elysium
    Holding each other
    A l o n g...

  • woodsorrels 34w

    December looks
    Like shades of tortilla
    Some like dreams
    Chalked on nails
    And some under the
    Gently used coats
    And macaroon cardigans
    Others prancing on the
    Shaungxi teacups
    And a few in a walk on hay
    Around the neighbourhood
    Some asleep in a
    At a local farm
    Embracing the vibe of friluftsliv
    Late-night coffee shots
    On a new beige book
    And wheat hued Grandma's
    Knitted turtle-neck sweaters
    A handful in maize fields
    The teakwood candles and the
    Honey lemon strepsils
    It smells like the
    Warmth of palms and the
    Walnut heat under your feet
    Whipping up a winter feast
    Mulled wine and
    Half-baked plum cakes
    December looks like
    A living era in sepia
    Like poetry on dusty leaves
    And the previous year enigmas
    Coughing in overstuffed
    And rusted closets
    Willow whispers in the wind
    And the stories of the succeeding
    Year enveloped in pinecones
    And brown roses


    #coloursofdec #hopefuldec #writersbay #writersnetwork

    Friluftsliv- An amalgamation of Norwegian words "open-air-life", describing the concept of passion about
    outdoor life and the happiness it provides.

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    December Tales-l

    And if someday you unfollow all your profiles
    in despair don't skip to plug your pockets with
    hope. Look up through the trees in the colourful
    skies and forge the picture of esprit it paints your
    eyes with. Hold onto hope and everything else
    is determined. It's Tennyson's happy face of
    every new year and all that what matters