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    Most of the time, it’s just too difficult or too scary to move on, especially when we totally became too convinced in our hearts that this person is not going to leave us, it’s hard to move on when you convinced yourself to trust someone again and got played again. It hurts like hell, it is disturbing. It makes you feel alone and vulnerable. You are left with shock and disbelief that how can someone who said so many sweet things to us can betray us just like that. That hurt, that shock, doesn't just leave you, especially in your moments of silence and solitude. We are not able to accept the fact that someone who cared about us so much once, just don’t give a fuck anymore. And even if you try to, there is a throbbing ache in your heart that never let us forget the fact that that person used you and played you. You read your old chats, remember those conversations, those moments in which you were promised that FOREVER and never-ending LOVE you were searching for whole life. It makes your blood boil, looking back at everything as just lies and deceit. You start to doubt every single thing that was said to you. It is just disturbing and depressing and it kills you a little day by day. You feel helpless after all you thought of FOREVER with them but little did you know what they had in their mind. You know this weight is dragging you down but still you can’t do anything about it. You think about moving on all the time but that’s the funny thing about moving on, it never happens when you want it to. You are not wrong thinking “why I am like this”, “how come others are so good at it” in-fact you’re are just as good as others. You have tortured yourself for their fault for so long that you have spent my days and nights wondering what exactly went wrong. You may feel that this is a dead end but believe me it’s not, it is a tunnel and there’s light at the end of tunnel, your stronger self is waiting for you there. You just need some time and some closure to see your better life ahead without that person who never deserved a pure soul like you. And even though if it doesn’t happen right away, you will get some closure. Just remember sometimes when people grow, they grow apart and you are not wrong for growing into a better version of yourself. This whole moving on hurts like hell I know but that doesn’t mean you become someone you're not. Don’t make you heart fort Knox. Don’t stop being the person you are, trust the people who have earned your trust but don’t trust blindly. Always keep that emotional space where you keep yourself ready for a heart break. Don’t be so convinced about that FOREVER that when the mirror breaks, you are left with your own broken pieces. People live a lie because most of the time it’s just too difficult or too scary to see the naked truth or to hear the screaming hints. Don’t be that person

    #moveon #breakup #hope #forever

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  • waitedtears 2h

    You Know

    you are not
    that much hard to forget

  • raghavendrabs 3h

    Sun, Waves and Hope

    When the sun sucks out any interest that remains
    And life takes a nihilistic turn
    The moon comes along with another set of dreams
    And the subconscious has something left to learn and in some cases, yearn.

    When the waves hit harder than expected
    But the sails of determination remain strong
    Despite the rocking of the situations inflicted
    And again the ship of life sees a happy change come along!

    When hopes twinkles like stars
    Just know that the darkness that you see
    Doesn’t linger like the dark gap between those twinkles
    In an never ending starlight spree.

    When you hit rock bottom and things just doesn’t seem to change
    And you’re all set to give up on life
    Remember to wait a bit more and let life rearrange
    Because a patient and difficult living is far better than a regretful afterlife.

    Raghavendra B S

  • sreyamahi 7h


    Heavy rain outside
    Shattering thoughts inside!
    Murmurs looming around
    With a cool breeze outside!
    Darkness at its extreme here
    And shining stars out there!
    Wandering thoughts inside
    Perfect lightning speed outside!
    O Lord, thank you for this
    Wonderful climate and worse thoughts!
    Hoping to Light up hope for a normal life!
    The world wrapped up with
    Happiness, merry and visible smiles
    Which has been maskified till time!

  • iamshashankpatni 13h


    Its always the first thing
    Whether in mind or in life

    Begins when a clock
    strike on 12:00 AM,
    Or with the gleam
    of Sun on 6:00 AM.

    An eternal desire of
    wanting or greed,
    There's a hope
    which always breeds.

    Sometimes it gets beautiful
    And sometime it gets ugly,
    Thats the thing about hope
    It can never get acomplished.

  • yours_fortune 16h

    I can't deal with such perfect people
    Sorry, hope to never see you again
    #perfectpeople #imperfect #perfection #imperfection #reality #fake #peoplearoundme #hope #neverseeyou #lifeinaline #onelinear

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    I didn't think twice,

    And I deleted all the perfect people from my life.


  • ladywillow 20h


    I'm at the pace of this turmoil
    It seems like I'm going to clutter
    In this waves of commotions and alterations
    Slowly drowning on this hurricane of thoughts
    Saving myself from myself
    Focusing to be on that shore
    Those winds whispering "you can"
    But I breath "how sure?"

  • veronica099_ 1d


    While involved in self-exploring, sensing what I like the most or why I want this more, I somehow lost myself. Recently discovered I am having multiple personalities within this body. Its different from the medical condition, on the exception that we can voluntarily change it according to needs. When I am infront of you and talking,while looking into your eyes, l am that "shy little 5 years old". But once in front of my family or someone I know very well or vice versa, I am that "old rowdy backbencher" who is that "pain in the ass" and when looking at the white screen as you are doing right now, I am somewhat a "well-mannered yet loud at times when excited" person.

    But even if I try, cannot shred one personality off, because they are what is the reflection of my experiences and the legacy I picked up along the way. Now I can barely recognise the one whom I left at my 3rd standard or one who cried, cried a lot to normalise pains. I have this stronger character which is the combination of all the preceeding ones and it is evolving.

    Now, here's the thing, this list who are the same does not end with me. We all are possessing multiple personalities but we just don't know while indulged with exploring our limits.The self realisation comes when you try to let go, the biases and constantly challenge the perceptions and some old characters vanishes eventually. You lose some, while keep some new. So, while the cycle continues, was it worth exploring yourself?

  • todd_towers 1d

    Dream big!
    Dream loud!
    Make something
    Of your life.
    Careful you must be
    Not to waste
    Your short life.
    Don't dare be forgotten
    Leave a mark!


    What is a dream
    But hope
    A ravenous doppleganger
    Smelling of roses
    And tasting of honey.

    Dreams are prone
    To disappoint,
    They live ever
    Out of reach,
    Or once held
    Look ghoulish.

    Once we capture
    The illusive thing
    We created
    What's left?

    But hope
    Lives outside

    A faithful promise
    Is hope,
    And frees us to live
    To live unchained
    From worldly dreams.

    We can fill mere moments
    With eternal meaning


    #dream #death #faith #hope

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    Death to dreams

    What is a dream
    But hope
    A ravenous doppleganger
    Smelling of roses
    And tasting of honey.

  • waitedtears 1d

    ..I'm Sorry..
    Shut Up
    don't say sorry

    you mean
    you're sorry for what you said
    when you're in love

  • mindreams 1d


    A flight.
    Moment soaring elevation.
    Determined soul's bow.
    Chained memory stains.
    Coward's easy escape.

    The end.
    Final last omega.
    Disjointed, scripted, emotionless.
    Legacy feeling left behind.
    Gift-giving parables.

    I fare thee well.
    A door closes.
    But the lock untouched.
    Hello is just another window away.
    A backward step to newfound days.

  • smartsam 1d


    Life is all but hopes.
    Between expectation
    till desire until u can't cope.

    Desire plays important role!
    Wishes and wants
    we call it then goal.

    The desires of eyes
    the complexity of make.
    Intention in heart
    makes the desire up wake!

    Wants and desires
    choices and likes.
    In shape different
    and unique size!

    The image built in heart
    of the things desired.
    Often but prove
    Results are totally
    apart than what was desired !


    #mirakee @mirakee

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  • distilled_thoughts 1d

    Bidding farewell

    Bags are packed,
    Laden with memories,
    Some sweet, some bitter,
    Some a slice of heaven,
    Others a tasting of hell fire.

    The door is open,
    The threshold waiting
    For me to pass through.
    But I linger, in the in between,
    Bidding farewell is difficult.

    Goodbye, it's just a little word,
    Takes just a breath the utter,
    But isn't it the toughest too?
    As it cuts across the fields of dreams,
    Chopping away the blooms of hopes,
    Slashing at the jugulars of love.

    Still, the decision is made.
    We part ways here.
    Now I must leave,
    With my bags of memories,
    Trampling the wishes we made together,
    I must bid farewell to a life we'd never have.


  • chini22 1d

    इंसान इस दौर में पहुंच चुका है कि
    सुकून से सोने की एहमियत तक भूल बैठा
    ज़िन्दगी की क्या गलती इसमे जनाब
    छोटी छोटी चीजों से खुश रहना सिखाती रही
    पर दिखावे के ढोंग में हम खुद जीना ही भूल गए
    खुश तो वो भी है जनाब जिनको जिंदगी ने ठोकर मार दिया
    गुम तो हम है इतनी खुशियां को ठोकर मार के खुद को खो रहे है।

  • katharina 1d

    Don't step

    Don't step on my hand.
    I'm on the edge of a cliff
    It's my only hope

    ©Joyce Chow

  • b1esshim 1d

    Use the antidotes. Hope, Love, Accpetance. Picture credits go to YouVersion Bible. #pod #hope #love #acceptance @mirakee @writersnetwork

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    I AM

    I am fear
    I fester up, growing until I become rotten to the core
    I am what haunts people until they are no more
    My antidote is hope

    I am anger
    The cousin of fear
    I will light a flame inside of you
    Boil you inside
    I know no boundaries
    My antidote is love

    I am disgust
    I wrinkle my nose at everything grimy
    The world may as well be a mud pit
    My antidote is acceptance

    I am hope, love, and acceptance
    We are the trinity of good
    We do not focus on what should
    We focus on what we are
    We shine bright as a star
    We are always together, never far

  • dexlr8 2d

    Why do heroes smile?

    Why do heroes smile?
    In the darkest day,
    In the saddest hour,
    Instead of tiring up,
    Walking hour and hour.
    Why don't just cry and give up?
    Isn't that serene to give up?
    Why to gamble peace of your dear ones?
    To strengthen others?
    To be forgotten someday
    Is that what you're after?
    Aware of that,
    Still you are going strong.
    Becoming flick of light
    And glimmer of hope.
    We want you to keep smiling.

  • waitedtears 2d

    You Can't See Me Again
    you can't call my name again

    yea i know

  • sonu99 2d

    Obstacles in life appear as devastating cyclone but when we learn to dance in the rain with joy neglecting all traumas the catastrophic storm gets departed and comes a new beginning with beacon of hope from the sun's rays.

  • gupthan 2d

    Hope !