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  • lucifer_77 5h


    Big Tragedy struck at her door one night,
    Suffocating she was & losing her sight,
    None can understand, what's wrong or what's right!
    But, They did rush to the hospital at midnight.

    Our little girl was sick, diagnosed with cancer!
    Why was it her? no one had an answer.
    Stage was fourth ! everyone thought she was gonna die.
    Looking at her condition, doctor said "it's a goodbye ."

    Little girl was strong & had a big dream,
    She fought with cancer, her courage was extreme!
    Losing hope wasn't an option for her, she decides,
    Gave everyone a lesson as from death she hides.

    That little girl taught me one great lesson,
    For all the problems hope is the greatest weapon.


  • vibzofvibha 5h


    You knocked on my door, came in suddenly
    There is always your place in my mind.
    You are my only precious guest.
    I'm on fire, thanks to you my love;
    There is an unlived existence in its essence.
    Are you in love or do you lie;
    The tasseled scourge that has causes all pain.
    There is no hope, no light in your eyes
    There is no fire, no warmth in your hands
    I'm speechless, as if words fly out of my mind.
    I'm still waiting, what's left in me;
    Except the love I have accumulated.

  • thoughts_of_brij 6h

    Maybe I did love you more

    Love, it was soft. It was good. It was home. And it was a lie.

    And I loved you, I loved you, I loved you — finally with a kind that didn't hurt. And yet, I never knew how to miss you without wanting to rip my heart out.

    Maybe I did love you more.



  • creative_index 8h

    As sundays heal the six thwacks
    So woods do the crippled soul
    The verve surged, the nerve calmed
    And rapture accompanies the stroll

    There are woods in my vicinity
    Filled up with reverberating calm
    And with blossoms, pines and parcels
    That brings about the daily charm

    Oh with parcel, I mean the winds
    Swirling through the rustling leaves
    With a note of eternal flow
    Taking away the tedium beneath

    The parcel being the plumerias
    Fallen off from seasoned boughs
    Laid out in wait for wayfarers
    To fulfill the undone vows

    It shelters the messengers, the birds
    Woodpeckers, barbets and coockoos
    That sing along in a unison
    When the weather changes its hues

    Better to take a walk alongside
    The peace that rests there in shade
    The woods have much to offer
    Than the sly, ho-hum facade

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    The Wander World

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  • realnotreel 13h

    Letters to My Love
    Dearest Flower,
    I know you have suffered
    that you suffer still
    but know this that
    I love you
    no matter your name
    no matter your pronouns
    no matter your size
    no matter your shape
    you are you and that is
    who I fall in love with
    every day
    I love YOU
    no matter how
    you define yourself.


  • anshera 19h


    Carrying my talent , on one wheel broken cart
    I used to translate my miseries into my art

    The pen I hold in my hand
    No money has a value to value them
    But as highly paid professions we are not treated same
    The less respect for the writers , is changing game

    No love for me I can see
    Best company of mine "ART" used to be
    The unsaid words in my mind is fading
    Staying away from my art is hurting

    I fight bravely with all my heart's wound
    Trying to heal from the negativity my body consumed

    I miss those days with pen in my hand
    How I use to change Happy from being sad
    My art used to be a part of me
    Due to society now it is APART from me
    -Anshera Mulani


  • gazisalim 1d


    ابھی تو میں زندہ تھا۔ ابھی میں۔ کیسے مر گیا
    ابھی میں وفادار تھا ابھی میں ہے وفا کیسے ہوگیا

    میں دیکھ کر اندیکھا کتنا کرو
    یہ ستم بری زِندگی کس کو کہو

    کہ میں جس کو مرشد مان بیٹھا تھا
    وہ کسی اور کا مرید ہو۔ گیا

  • saliniwrites 1d

    Difficulties in life,
    They come with a hidden hope
    The hope for a good change
    the hope of strength
    to embrace the struggles
    and find the way
    towards the good change.

  • layersofdesires 1d

    Chronicles of corona (part 4)

    GOD'S ANGEL ♥️

    Life is so strangely beautiful
    Blessings are like flower scents
    They find you , follow you
    Silently like your own shadow
    Not willing to leave you not even for a second
    Seasons change phases change
    Sun rises sun sets
    But nature of shadow remains
    People say in darkness even the shadow leaves
    But who knows if it leaves or embraces you in its arms
    Thinking its embrace is hiding you from possible dangers
    When our eyes get illuminated with light
    Shadow stands there silently seeing us getting pulled by the sparkle and brightness
    But when the sun sets finally
    Its in the shadows ' arm we fall
    But it never complains
    For not noticing its perpetual company beforehand
    Isn't companionship the true meaning of love
    Instead it allows us to sleep on its chest becoming one with us
    Getting submerged in our tears ,Fears , racing heartbeats
    Patting its hand running its fingers through our hairs
    Calming down the demons roaring in heads

    True nature of love is companionship
    Reawakening of innocence of demons
    Kissing away cold shivers waking up the soul in the middle of the night
    Wiping away the sweat drops with cuffs of shirt
    Helping the lost eyes to focus
    With gentle embrace of your warm palms on the nape
    And thumbs going back and forth on cheeks
    And cute peck on nose
    That's how I remember your energy Zhe ge

    When I was drowning in cold sea
    Not knowing how to swim
    As water was filling up my lungs
    Choking me hard
    You appeared like sunlight dancing over waves
    But my eyes were too tired to see
    That's why my soul reminisces you like my shadow
    Like a wanderer in search of peace drenched in pouring rain
    Trembling like autumn leaf on ground
    Sad being getting drifted away from branch
    The only home always known
    Looking for refuge
    Stumbled on the stairs of an isolated temple
    Guarded by the trees
    Not being able to hear her own voice because of weakness
    Closing eyes she started waiting for god to come to rescue
    But his angel appeared without wings humming melodies sounding like lullabies to her ears
    Helping her aching being to rest until the rain stops
    God's angel silently waited for her to recover
    Singing to her in loop tirelessly
    Sitting beside her keeping her safe
    As if promised god to protect his child against all odds
    When a nightmare made the resting soul shed a tear like rain droplet
    He wiped it gently making sure to comfort without interrupting the healing
    When she woke up herself she looked around
    She somehow felt at ease seeing the face illuminated bright by internal innocence sparkling in eyes
    Smiling at her the angel whispered something
    Leaving the listener puzzled
    Not being able to understand each others ' language
    They let the eyes do the talking
    And enjoyed the silence under now clear blue sky
    Adoration know no such barriers
    & Angels don't need passports to cross borders and embrace
    #zhang zhe han #inspiration #love #hope #angel #junjun #junzhe

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  • shreyashabd 1d

    उसने कहा था कयामत तक साथ देगा,
    अफ़सोस कुछ पल भी साथ न चल पाया

  • ritika_writes_ 1d

    I miss going to the places where my heart is still wandering these days ; Those beautiful moments of divine sunrise that used to brings radiance and those golden rays of the sun used to comfort me with peace and tranquility in abundance.

    Out of all the beautiful moments in the morning, The best one was being greeted with the chime of immunerable songs of the birds that sings sweet melodies on love and hope that makes me find my inner peace and solace even in the days of chaos.

    The glorious time was in the time of evening when the sunset paints the clouds with hues of pink and purple and all my confusions used to get cleared in the shadows of those vibrant clouds ; The whisper of wind used to pamper my soul like mother's lullabies used to do in the similar way.

    //Even on life's greyest days, there is hope and beauty ;
    It just needs eyes to captivate the goodness and a soul to feel the magical moments //

    -Ritika ����

    @writersnetwork #mirakee #ceesreposts #love #magic #hope #readwriteunite

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  • reshma_kausar_mohideen 1d

    Crime after crime he fearlessly commits,
    Gradually falling prey to the invisible web that his karma perpetually knits.

    Reshma kausar Mohideen
    Insta handle: sword_of_word_86.


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  • divine_bhakti 1d


    रास्ते मुश्किल है उम्मीद है कहीं गिरे नहीं,
    गर गिर गए तो उम्मीद है हिम्मत हारे नहीं।

    मंज़िल दूर है उम्मीद है कि रुके नहीं,
    गर रुक गए तो उम्मीद है झुके नहीं।

    सुलझे हम है उम्मीद है कि उलझे नहीं,
    गर उलझ गए तो उम्मीद है बंधे नहीं।

    मुस्कुराते हम है उम्मीद है रोए नहीं,
    गर रोये भी तो उम्मीद है हौसला खोए नहीं।

    रिश्ते नाजुक है उम्मीद है कभी टूटे नहीं,
    गर टूटे तो उम्मीद है बिखरे नहीं।

    रख उम्मीद खुद पर वो दिन भी आयेगा,
    कल यही उम्मीद तुझे जीत दिलाएगा।

  • pandichitra_r 1d

  • masterdquotes 1d

    Despite being taken for granted, We gotta hope to be cherished some day, by someone. #love #rain #heartbreak #hope #magic

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    They dream of sweet nothings, like drives and dances in the kitchen, random laughter and catching movies together.
    They crave passionate moments with their insecurities laid bare and their flaws on display: to be accepted and cherished, despite all that. Somewhere, between their yearning for belonging and fear of rejection, they try to survive.

  • wani_farha 1d

    During periods of darkness
    Hope can grow from a faint smile
    To a superpower


  • aimansheikh 1d


    LOVE is;
    Even if you tell me you don't love me,I will still love you.
    Even if you ask me to leave everytime we fight,I will still love you.
    Even if you don't miss me,I will still love you.
    Even if you feel tired of me,I will still love you.
    Even if you don't want to talk to me for days, I will still love you.
    Even if you don't want to see my face becuase you don't feel i am pretty anymore,I will still love you.
    Even if you sleep everytime even knowing I am crying,I will still love you.
    Even if you start hating me for no reason, I will still love you.
    Even if you say you don't deserve me, I will still love you.
    Even if you fall for someone else,I will still love you.

    Love is a MYSTERY.
    Love is unconditional.
    Love is something everyone can't afford.
    Love is caring for each other.
    Love is what some people are living for.
    Love is what some people have died for.
    Love is wanting you more than the things i've been craving for from my childhood.
    Love is when you're sad,I can't be happy either.
    Love is when you need me,I will be there even if you've wronged me a thousand times before.

    Love is when we get old ,we still fight for not talking to each other nicely.
    Love is when we reach to our goals, we don't forget about each other.
    Love is when you're tired, I will let you sleep, without asking for explanation.
    Love is saying sorry, everytime when i feel i am annoying you.
    Love is saying I LOVE YOU, whenever you feel saying it even if you've said it before a second.
    Love is sharing every good and bad memories together.
    Love is trying my best to get better everyday,just to make you feel that i deserve you.
    Love is not making each other feel down.
    And Love is still UNDEFINED.

  • theswordandtherose 2d

    Some believe in God
    Some do not believe in God

    Whatever you believe
    I choose to respect you

    Whatever I believe
    Choose to respect me

    Thank you 🌸🌸🌸

  • tobycyriacthomas 2d

    There is a miracle on the menu
    Waiting to reveal it's magic
    Just a little faith
    pinch of belief
    Ready to be mixed with love
    All it needs a trusting heart


  • stella_writes 2d

    I hope it's enough,
    Whatever I do,
    I am standing here all alone,
    Thinking of starting again,
    I chose it to be this way,
    So am gonna walk this path and see it through!