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  • heetvyas 10w

    Hook Up

    I still remember your sweet sweat,
    While you were rubbed my wet!

    Threesome between clit, tongue and finger,
    Resulting ecstasy continues to linger!

    Your continuous spin,
    Oh I wish you could see my constant grin!


  • writers_calligraphy 20w

    Nowadays sexting is easier than texting


  • clarasage 40w

    Temporary Infatuation

    Let the sparks fly
    As parts of me die
    The bits of you I learn
    The peices of me I burn
    And the bits of me I give
    So I feel good enough to live

    I dont know whats too far
    So tonight youll be my star
    I want to push my limit
    Neither of us want to commit
    Thats just how I want you
    Not stuck to me like glue
    I just want to feel your gaze
    Not set my heart ablaze

    I dont want to think with my head
    I just want to lay in your bed
    Dont want to remember you tomorrow
    Dont want that lasting afterglow
    Just want to feel something new
    Dont want us to sit and stew

    I just want to learn my own body
    Dont want you to be the one I embody
    This isnt serious so no one betrays
    Im too broken to continue this phase
    But im too weak to go on alone
    My past has rotten me to the bone
    So I guess for now ill sit here and stay
    As I watch the rest of me fade away


  • zehari 44w


    I created one since u insisted
    Memories to rejoice u said...
    Wrapped it when der left no hope
    Only to find u with a new makeover...

  • cruelfang 71w

    Sting of the Scorpion
    (Scorpio Season)

    Lustful passion resides on the corner of your lips as we playfully gaze upon one another.
    It had been years since we shared an ashtray, inhaling and exhaling our stress down to the filter.
    We reminisced of our exhibitionist rendez-vous'.
    Under the veil of darkness, you lead me down a path to the gazebo in the park.
    No more daytime admiration.
    The tension must have been radiating from my skin.
    You calmed my mind teasingly, as you straddled me in your short kilt.
    You met my gaze, grabbed my wrists and hand cuffed me to the wooden frame.
    I was longing for the freedom in being vulnerable with you and you could see it in my eyes.
    There's freedom in restraint.
    There's freedom in losing control.
    You placed your face in between my thighs and suddenly the wolves weren't the only ones howling under the moon that night.


  • the_trailblazer 103w

    Pillow talk

    Stay at my place, call it your home
    You name it love, I say it's just a fixation syndrome

    Look at me, smile and make that pout
    Gaining control of me? But I'm already knocked out

    Too much of me when I get all cheesy?
    But making all that cheese, baby, was never easy

    Flirty suggestions, talks full of satire
    Are you gonna burn me? Because you do heat me up like fire

    Enough of my doubts cause I can rant all night
    Now pick up your side on the bed and let the tongues fight

    Play the moves. Confused? Let me recommend
    Gamble. Give it all to me. Come on, we know how it ends


  • suraj_kr_gpt 105w

    You will continue to ignore me like this, I will get flirting from someone else.

  • suraj_kr_gpt 106w

    Today's donors are the ones who book the Oyo room for the whole day and leave in four hours.

  • alekthepoet 107w

    by Aleksander Mielnikow (Alek the Poet)

    Photo by Eric Tompkins on Unsplash

    #party #partying #weekend #bar #barhopping #nightout #nightlife #drinking #alcohol #happy #shallow #hookup #hookingup #clubbing

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    Waiting for the Weekend

    open shirts
    chest hair and lifted breasts
    clinking of whiskey glasses
    vodka tonics and happy faces
    a weekly dose of binge drinking
    “How you liking the weather?”-s
    or maybe something deeper
    the taste of bitters
    no body odors because nobody communicates anymore
    whores and score sellers outside ignored
    a core of warmth in a cold city
    self-pity or lacking any
    introverted synchronicity or simply just fucking
    something to poke a hole in the monotonous
    next morning crusted tear ducts and pounding heads
    six more days left
    to good health and all the best

    by ©alekthepoet

  • charismapher 113w

    (long term) girlfriend requirements

    1. Be pretty and have good genetics.
    (I treat it like investing in a new phone: Shiny. Feels good in my hand. Has sound hardware that's for the most part futureproof. Can update their OS regularly. Takes good selfies. Someone I'm still going to want to sleep with when I'm older and plug in overnight for a good charge.)

    2. Be active.
    (It's sexy and you'll live longer.)

    3. Be smart and know how to critically think.
    (Nothing irritates me more than a stupid person.)

    4. Be funny
    (Have a sense of humor. If I'm not laughing around you, it's because I left you.)

    5. Have a handle on your shit.
    (None of that anxiety stricken, victim nonsense that's trending right now. I don't want my medicine cabinet cluttered with your head issues.)

    6. Be cultured and appreciate art.
    (Or I won't appreciate you.)

    7. Have a good relationship with yourself.
    (And you'll have a better relationship with me.)


  • nainamathur 144w


    In this Valentine's week obsession where you will look or search for a partner might be for having an intimacy or just temporary person just for the sake of the day
    Find a person who will make you happy when he or she comes a smile pops up on your face and you just can't resist to be an optimistic with them . Whoose presence lights you up who is not flawlessly beautiful but should be charming enough to bring a sunshine in your darkest days
    Don't get flewed away in hookup trends but genuinely be old school romantic and I gurantee no one take your partner away from you then.
    © Yearingtales

  • jmyles 148w


    Committed to liberation, we lock eyes.
    I want to laugh loudly, with the sounds rolling upward from my belly to my mouth; I am tickled that we are strangers, doing much stranger things than either of us have probably ever done in love. The unfathomable arch of emotion is glistening on both our lips and smiling is a chemical reaction, exploded with a kiss.

    The strings of desire whisper aggressively like the punch of dark tequila and all of a sudden, our clothes fall off. The night holds a sarcastic fold in the fabrication of this dance. We make a mockery of sex as we color the sheets with lust and darker preferences. It's simply animal. Our bodies fucking casts a spell on both our lives and even though I hate the smell of your sweet sweat, I'll crave the taste of casual sex.


  • witty_writer_opj 149w

    Kill, Marry, Hook-up?

    Kill your fears,
    Marry your goals,
    And hook-up with your dreams.


  • rushalixrushali 150w


    Six years and counting,
    First kiss at fifteen,
    Silly words that still pinch me,
    One touch enough to kill me,
    Is that all we are, you tell me.

    Grew up,
    But never really grew apart,
    I watched you love other women,
    You watched me change into a demon,
    Told me I was different,
    I told you,
    Here's your gift,
    Deal the fuck with it.

    Got our own pile of secrets,
    The easiest way to unlock them,
    Our eyes the most powerful weapon.

    Lost my mind,
    Lost all control,
    Locked my heart and threw the keys without a second thought,
    Got myself stuck in a room with the thought of fun and you,
    We called it a, "one night stand",
    Oh, I am such a fool.

    12 hours of me and you,
    Doing things we shouldn't do,
    Your every word, every move,
    Reminded me of everything I still wanted from you.

    Woke up feeling different,
    This time I surprised myself with a present for myself,
    The cursed gift of the long locked emotions,
    Found the keys yet again in your pocket.

    It suddenly hit me that last night,
    We pulled the strings of our past,
    How did I forget,
    You've always known the way to my stubborn heart.
    We called it a, "one night stand",
    Is that all we are? You tell me.
    Because, I think I've fallen for you again baby.


  • inmanywords 156w

    where are you?

    she thought of
    so many things
    that were drowned out
    by a neon light.

    8:00pm or 1:00am
    it didn't matter it seemed,
    as long as
    the men were lonely,
    and the stools were empty.
    and it was the dirtiest floors
    who called to her
    and the dirtiest mouths
    who took her home.
    the ones we could never meet.

    at 4:00am
    she wonders whether
    she should stagger
    her way back home, or
    see if her hero beside her
    was too lonely to leave.

    of course he was.

    he's had 20 different women
    in his bed this week,
    and he's only felt comfort
    in a barstool.
    and that's where she was heading.

    11:00pm became
    too late to go home,
    and 2:00am became too early.
    she was addicted
    to the fluorescence.
    and nothing could intercept this,
    because nothing was as beautiful.

    she kept her feet planted
    under the counter
    because her vice WAS the
    pounding headaches,
    the red eyes,
    and the shaky hands.
    and no one would've thought
    we'd lose her so quickly,
    because her shakes came only from
    water jugs,
    and her headaches
    were always masked by 1000mg of Advil.
    her eyes were bloodshot,
    and we would tell our friends
    she was working too hard.
    day and night,
    shed be working.
    we convinced even ourselves
    she deserved a raise.

    what an honor to her tab there
    she would have made it,
    but what an honor it could've been
    to the girls who were
    actually too lonely
    and the only bed of hers
    that's been
    empty for days.


  • kartik_ojha 156w


    Waste he was, turned is the worthiest of all.
    Dull he was, flipped is the wealthiest of all.
    Lost he was, found is the trickiest of all.
    Boring was the one for her, came out is the sexiest of all.
    Caring and loving he was, became he is the emotionless as scariest of all.

  • daivas 168w

    Club Night

    Hang on a sec,
    Lemme put this right,
    He caught me staring
    Yes, he came to me
    Offered me a drink
    Yes, I remember
    His mischievous smile
    His coquettish style
    Oh yes, I remember
    The way I blushed
    The laughs I burst
    His hand spreading on me
    His foot rubbing on me
    Out was his dark blue car
    And the heaven we made that far.

  • lanie_c 173w

    The fix

    There are a lot of things i wish to say, wish to do. But why is it that i want to say them to you . Pour my heart out infront of you like the puddles after a rain storm. Hand you my heart on a silver platter......

    These feelings are more than just a mistake, they lead to heart break and i know that. But i take the steps forward anyway, the ice quaking from my weight, ready to implode at any second down into a black hole.

    This black hole lies in my chest, and i feel it growing. Inevitably i live for the thrill, the adrenaline rush is my way of breathing. So i guess seeking refuge in your warmth is my fix. I am a junkie, always looking for a source and i have found this in you.

    Lanie C.

  • lustbrandy 184w

    nude, naked, bare,
    stripped, skyclad, stark,
    unclothed, undressed, uncovered,
    unprotected, unguarded,
    v u l n e r a b l e.

    you want to get me naked
    believe me,
    I want to get there too,
    but you want sex
    and I just want to be
    v u l n e r a b l e.

  • withering_pages 188w

    Maybe I'm alone,
    Because instead of a night in your backseat,
    I would prefer a walk in the field,
    Holding your hand,
    Gazing at the sky and
    Whispering sweet nothings.

    Maybe I'm alone,
    Because instead of a friends with benefits,
    I'm looking for a soul,
    Who'll be my friend and
    Who'll be my mate,
    Without many benefits.

    Maybe I'm alone,
    Because instead of a fling,
    I'm still hoping for a relationship.

    Maybe I'm alone,
    Because instead of one night stands,
    I yearn for a glimpse of forever.

    Any maybe I'm alone,
    Because in this age of hookup,
    I'm still looking for true love...

    #pod #age #hookup #love #writersnetwork @thereshamsharma @writersnetwork

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    In this age of hookup,
    I'm still looking for love...