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    Homo sapiens - 30.0

    (Emotional healing and gratefulness)

    What if ocean floods the sky by getting dissolved in rubilant liquid sunrays, drawn by late evening. Would birds be able to adapt pushing-backward-pattern rather up and down to swim through? and what if sky absorbs ocean and rather white salt squares, fishes find their selves surrounded by cloud balls of curfew. Would they be able to forget how to splash billows by dancing amidst glass tearing water molecules; and start breathing in new environment? For change is constant but passion to survive is intense and irresistible; survival engenders an exploration, broadens the idea regarding life of living species. But in my world ocean won’t meet sky until selfless air doesn’t get permanent skeptical color. Till water doesn’t stop flowing after devoting itself to wrenched world. For, in my world soft feathers are still damaged and scared even by the grinding sound of tough teeth; and tough teeth are still learning how to be grateful for the power they are gifted with. Going through life we chant suffering is an inevitable, a part of life in actuality. It generates dust out of our bones, paints black holes around wish-well of eyes, and wraps us by chaotic aura. But louder the chants get all ears become deaf out of sound shock, to interpret what it actually means and often we bent down on our knees and get stuck in breakdowns.

    We homo sapiens on our beached skulls plough our skin-clay to grow tall trees, which can adapt the ever-changing weather. We want to stand high and stronger like trees in hurricane and holocaust. But we forget, we have to let our palest pink skin gets abrasions through selfish agenda of ungrateful hatchet. Many betrayals and deficient days will shake our roots, even unravel them mercilessly. Laugh will fade like falling leaves and hand grasped sugar fruits will be snatched away by destiny. Blows will throw us and disconnect us from the one-time earth home; if we are ready to fight through all these, ready to fall, to heal own self then only we can bloom again, can stand stronger. Those fallen leaves of hurt, of pain we aren’t afraid of; we are anxious of their rustling noise for getting piled up, we are exhausted to carry the cart full of them on our saddened shoulders; we are lost, miserable by the thought for not finding the safe place to shed them, to clear the cart of pain. We homo sapiens feel to heal own self we have to get rid of pain. We have to discard it completely out of our life; and to find a way for that we lose life day by day. For, pain is devoted to life, to happiness just like rituals have reverence for the patriotic dead body. Emotional suffering, mental trauma is far more injurious than physical one and their healing doesn’t demand your perfectly happy life.

    Healing comes when we start appreciating those little things which try to map our feet out of the bed, when we try to be more patient with those fluctuated emotions in our chipped heart, when we stop running away from suffering desperately. Constructing walls higher and impenetrable around own self for protection, is mostly impossible as we are social human beings, but even though we get success into it and think it will change the past pattern of pain is totally wrong. Indeed, we are not saints in spun sugar canvas, who totally can overlook those sour lemonade webs or traps, but we surely can face any situation, miseries by coping up with our senses. From grey hours to golden seconds as we are under the process of aging - not the one which shows physical evidence of its existence but the one which makes us wiser day by day, we see uncurled mature marigolds under our feet, we fill our void with holy calmness. We let our selves float on the flexible world. Our demands and desires show less turns and twists. This real aging happens when we have been walking on the paths which never greet us for comfortable walk; it happens when we have been experiencing every kind of life-shade including disasters and damages. But we homo sapiens, this era of hyperactive generation is too impatient to wait for the satisfied end of struggled journey, too impulsive to take decisions and make opinions regarding life and its troubles. We overlook the standstill sky above us, those intact moments of joy and excitement. We chase for what has gone or we hold on too tight which can’t be lived without losing a grip on it. And that’s how we never feel healed from inside, we feel incomplete, we feel like living dead; for throughout life we live it to make it perfect for our imperfect self.

    Homo sapiens’ life is like canyon sung by the bottled-breathed-mountains, midst highs and lows. All we need to do is piercing through rocks and flow with our fullest interest. Even if obstacles cut the way on which we swirl, we don’t have to stay with the wound for rest of the life, we don’t have to wait for somebody to heal us. We have to put efforts to be persistent, no matter with low or high frequency; for life is not about how it treats you rather it’s all about the way you re-treat her. To be compassionate for own self is good when you’ve been too harsh on thyself, when it’s been long you have not let go; but feel collapsed under the helplessness and stop trying to move forward is like breaking the clock with own hand and then singing a melancholic song about the “frozen time”. Happiness lies within us, the way we perceive chapters of our life, the way we deal with our inner instability. For we have been given with this life as a taker, with that purpose to make us learnt how to be constructor of it.


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    Homo sapiens - 29.0

    (fear-fats and struggle)

    Homo sapiens’ life makes itself one cold deep hole of nihilism, when its transience puts compulsion on our death, an unknown yet non-modifiable fact. It is totally uncertain that everyone of us will achieve graceful-greys from jet-black hair; a trajectory transformation dreamt by those slow-love of 90's on our lips in this lifeless hurriedness. But still an optimism is like an emotional palliation for fear, so inside our brain we put the horror idea of death in deepest sinus till we grow older, and maybe we never get too old to feel like dying. And that’s the well-defined, interpersonal irony of universe, of us, that we brilliant foxes jump over the vague veranda of vandalised peace to perceive life crystal clearly, and how effortlessly we overlap the known idea of death, which is like tough-concrete-truth, transparent one. We use to behold life as a tamed tomorrow, just like those egoistic, careless collegians see college life as a bully-and-boasts on the innocent yet unexplored freshers. According to our separate hourglass, time comes and life becomes too short to pass on happy goals to other perplexed shoes, and sometime it becomes too long to live through stimulants and depressants. Among these short-lived happenstances, opportunities, sizzling seasons we have a right only on moment inside our fist, no matter it’s catastrophic or constructive, merciful or merciless, aggressive or ameliorative it’s your moment to make best out of it for your next moment; and that’s how cycle of future making happens. Lot of external factors interrupt your process of life making, destiny writing but thou have to differentiate the things which thou have in your hand and which thou have not. 

    What is one of the significant and impactful tools which hampers the quality of liveliness, which stops us to live fully in the present, hold us back in execution of fully-blown plans, have us as a delinquent to our own success, growth process, makes us self-paralysed to achieve contentment? most of us have been constantly under it, it’s a fear. Consciously or subconsciously, we are under the threat, no matter for materialistic things or for imperceivable pain or heart-quakes. Sometimes, we fall with the intense force which is implied by those all-unmeasured direction of this world, to make us almost alexithymic; we lose the tongue-flexibility to roll verbs out, to express the downfall. (it can be in context to professional life, obese business deals, invested time and efforts to achieve something, it can be in context to your social relationships, faithful commitments, long-lasted beautiful daydreams) That time land under our soles feels like recently died post-mortem body’s skin, which still doesn’t show hopeless wrinkle of yesterday’s suspenseful laugh. And then we don’t dare to get up and cross rest of the miles on similar boulevard. We get stuck or we fit that terror-templet of that particular area inside our brain. We give birth to limitations. We let little short-circuits of assumptions invade our retained confidence. There is myriad number of fears, for different things, because of different reasons, but the common base fear shows are, the development of self-pity inside your sullen-shells. It gives you never ending chain of unprecedented phases, in your ill imagination, which successfully hijack your rational power to think logically for solutions, it finds you manipulated minicourses to avoid your triggers and gives you relief until you are summoned to face them again at one point. 

    During this homo sapiens lifetime, one can see fear in healthy way or in fatal way. The fear which works as a catalyst to get you betterment for your career, help you to innovate, to compete with ever amazing minds of your colleague humans, gives you reason to get out of your bed and serves you last-chance-coffee on bamboo platter are almost thin capsuled fears, with the shades of upcoming satisfaction, joy in its surface. And those fatal fears act like drive-by-shooting, you never face them to identify or to understand the process which gives you shiver as you let them target you quickly. They have you under the high stressed environment and finally as a failed toastmaster to greet the life fearlessly on the stage of survival. It depends on you, how you choose to deal with your fears, phobias, anxiety. We homo sapiens are not superhumans with superpowers, we are not perfect. To have fears, falls, has become a part of human life. But you can’t let them make you laggard to totally inactive person to embrace life in its all-possible ways. Sun is too bright to look into his eyes, still we see it, no matter just for awhile but we see it atleast for once in a lifetime to know that it won't make us blind easily; just like that fears seem like black-holes, we feel they will engulf us, but atleast we should try to face them who knows they turn out to be nebula, which gives birth to new stars of hope in your sky.

    Fears are like sheeps, who crowd the shepherd, rule over him and make him feel like sheep too, who can never find a way out, who gradually settles down by losing an element of effort to fight back and get lost. We are not afraid of failure in anything, if fear is in context to material world, we are afraid to try again and again. We are not afraid of walking away if fear is in context to situation, person who causes pain, hurt but we are afraid of loneliness, we are afraid to tell a story of past, we are afraid to lose the part of ourselves, which will never be nourished by the same sun. But it can never be worthy to lose whole self later because of the fear to lose one part of it, now. 

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    After long I tried so I ain't sure with this prose.


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    Homo sapiens - 28.0

    (mindfulness, heartfulness, self-control)

    Homo sapiens, their whole life juggles on a weighing scale, with mindfulness on one side and heartfulness on the other side. We are constantly under the metamorphosis towards the ultimate purpose to thrive through. But at one point, growing is like driving a double decker train of disasters. Growing seems nothing but mere a self-contradictory hope. In this modernism, tormented-teeth of malformed mouths are getting succeeded to break our walnut-skulls, to let external stimuli create chemical imbalance inside our brain fluid. Hearts are hacked by horror of abandonment after achieving permanent address of residency; by reality to have no one who can giggle on its squishy surface which used to laugh on lavenders.There is consistency in fluctuations in the demands, which life puts for us, and we are walkers with fishnet-feet to fulfill them.  Life ain't about how to balance it, how to show white flags to the battle midst heart and mind, it's all about a sculptor inside us who will let it reflect through flatness and curves in his satisfied or unsatisfied sculptures, who constantly try to get better. By going through few bulldozer-breaths on every fourth day we realise it's fruitless to chase the steadiness in life. If our imperceptible inner world of moods, emotions, needs, desires ain't in a similar hue or intensity eveyday how can an outer world write homogeneous stories according to our convenience.

    In these changes, challenges, not-so- evaporated inconvenience, self-control has become a crucial part of homo sapiens' life. Often, we fail to achieve it. Time comes, when we feel like a product of segregation compiled by racist policy; like helpless and vagabond fleshes, left far away from being considered as a human. Over-ripen sun out of your window has you quarantined with the threat to make you blind, and every night bonfire on your bones greets wolves all around. Comfortable-couching gives cracks in your spine and faithful-fears mercilessly trick you. This cycle of circumstances repeats itself in different forms and there's when thou lose mindfulness to deal with conflicts, thou lose heartfulness to treat thyself with kindness first. Rather, gradually microaggression develops, to turn out to be the blasts inside your Stalingrad-skin. Self-discrimination runs through your brooding. Small lumps of anxiety, agitation, fidget feeling you gulp down till they taste like over-celebrated party. Hair-pulling yet indescribable phase you go under. But there won't be a helping hand every time when life or people lose their interest, attention over the right of your square. As first you lose control over yourself, first you stop being responsible to your life, to yourself. 

    The only person who can save you is the person inside you, who can be afraid of  piercing through a pink-poisonous sky, who makes false promises to give you wings of butterflies. Who can be exhausted, lost to put efforts to win a thunderstorm-smile on own face. Who can be collapsed under the borrowed loan of pain, betrayals. But to open your cracked eyes completely is a hobby of predicaments, what to see will be your perspective. How far your vision will trace your actions, responses, in context to self-introspection will be your true lessons. Our brains use to make brochures of how we want to see the specific phase, with its outcomes and course of progression. Dormant we, create it on the limitless optimism, but we forget hope can also make us hopeless. And when reality brings different outcomes we lose the ability to accept it. Self-defense mechanism before our eyes becomes hyperactive to put cross to see what went wrong in context to us, or our decision making, or our understanding, interpretation. All senses become hypersensitive to everything which consoles us or drags us deeper. That's how we cease our own growth as an ageless learner. That's how we never learn how to develop self control with mindfulness, heartfulness. 

    Life ain't like that Toyota Tercel with low maintenance cost, and stays for ages outside your door to provide a smooth ride. Life is dominating, it's demanding. It has the power to change the dynamics inside you in a moment, but never forget you have been born with the molecules of it. You are supposed to make a rhythm of persistence with it rather than losing yourself after transient flies or falls. The man shall be defining his death with joy who has satisfied his mind and heart most of the time rather than won them. The one who has learnt till which layer he should let gunshot go to have him survive-screamed and the one who knows with how much force pulls it out even though it causes bloodshot.


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    Set A : Night
    Set B : What's the color of hope ?

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    Homo sapiens - 27.0

    (The color of hope)

    Homo sapiens, in this era of modernism, where most of the moments of their lives sway on the never tracked mountain of constant circumstances. On which they unfold the biased idea of magnetism in their brain wirings, in the favor of relatable paramagnetic matter of abandonment, which has left the track of hormones-wrenched-search, to complete their aura-atom. As the concept of diamagnetism of paired electrons, complete atom seems pretentiously fascinated to us, where no longer spins of survival or suffering to go through, fruitless safely-confined directions in the graph sized small square, which can never reflect the homo sapiens’ life, with lack of curiosity and enthusiasm towards its suspense and surprises. After going through concoction of ageless autumn and spirit-soothing spring during this lifetime, our perspectives gradually shift the angle of real vision; that restless intensity to keep happy balloons inflated in your side of sky, dilutes itself in the steadiness to face challenges and predicament; like over-irritability of soda bubbles surrender itself against awaiting deep calmness of water.

    But reality is we humans know everything, we understand most of the things, but so less things  we adapt or put into our life for growth. “knowing is like the world rotates inside our every goose with its all possibility to change the frequency and dormant tracks' '. “understanding is like to be mindful to those changes without cannon, to observe them from variable distance, at every mile,” and “executing the right interpretation is going through existential crisis which can be wrong at the end of the path, when you get outcome". But rightness and wrongness seems transient during the process of putting effort, or when it is perceived by pale lips to pink to whitish blue. So real struggle arises when after knowing, understanding the mechanism about, how homo sapiens’ life works in context to external entities; we prepare ourselves to get molded into whatever kind of clay we wade through, in this life’s vigorous turns and twists. But testing time comes with no tongue-bell, to poke your potential, and you get lost to find a seismograph to measure the wrath of a silent quake which would rule over your recently shivering home out of worry. And worry turns into cowardice when you eat all the consequential blue-grey birds beforehand, without letting them spread their wings to carry the delicate message of your never given up hard will. We forget, suffering and unpredictability is constant with life. We aren’t supposed to let our psychological manipulation, reinforce an urge to escape from inconvenient situations, if we want to create opportunities in aspect to professional life, social relationships or creative exploration and thrive through. 

    When we take chances in life, an immodest and negative replica of our own self, illustrates our scattered brokenness on the floor of failure. Under our own skin, anxiety burns like someone has flooded our cells with cobalt 60. That half justified excitement dreams about nightmares, and insomnia haunts hopeful dawn; but there is a strange beauty that after all of these we get through and are persistent most of the days. This uninvited holocausts and pre-emptive strategies has been monotonous with most of every human to survive, to cross hurdles; but there is undying hope which keeps us all alive, it plays a crucial role in homo sapiens’ lives. Many times just one penny has been our story to share inside driverless rickshaw, many times afternoons have us held agitated gun on palate of pragmatism, many times we stop feeling our own body and let the world win to make us feel imperceptible, but how every time we still hope for better day, not studded with royalty in crystalline metropolis, but the one under the sympathetic shelter where every struggle makes sense to our damaged parts. Often we don’t pay attention to little things which make our life work. In this dualism of mankind and unknown we struggle constantly, with hope to satisfy shallow to deep purposes in life, we hope to hit the perfect goals by going through sprains and fractured at Achilles’ heel.

    Hope has that orange color of pomander, kissed by cloves; which is kept in your dust-dying room - full of webs of wreckage and suffocated spiders, to spread the fragrance of optimistic cologne. Sometimes your stoop shoulders don’t crave to lose some pounds of weariness but a few words which can give a ray of positivity, which can fuel faith in yourself for perseverance. Hope is that passionate pressure against gravity in those hobbled steps, which never gets tiring to give a try to cross brave bridges. All stars don’t make constellations but they still shine because maybe they were all born with the hope to contribute their part in constellation making, to make sense of their virtues to the whole cosmos by making attractive sky patterns. Hope has that elasticity to stretch your limits to live this treasure in the form of life.



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    Homo sapiens - 26.0

    (Independency and evolution)

    Planet Earth, where our feet have been transferring the pressure of existence against it, to summon her to verify and permit our loudest law of individualism as we have to satisfy the wirings of our brains where quarks to universe, signals to space radio station, molecule to matters, bone-ache to weather, soul to star-sky, everything is interconnected in perceivable or imperceptible ways and we homo sapiens contribute our part in it too. May be that’s why somewhere on the square of our own right for an erstwhile they surely make sense to all chaotic constellation in past patterns on those bumpy or smooth roads’ journey of life, where no questions of purpose, meaning exhaust your intima and no fear to have counterproductive or bald answers. Because, if everything is supposed to connect something to make eternal nothingness at the end, then there should not be any yearning to get answer of your every why, as may be every question of your human life will be fed by one and only answer that we are different mediators of typical unknown phenomena which would not be completed if we won’t pour out ourselves wholly cause it is important in expansion of homo sapiens’ world, as you are having this human virtue makes difference  in this world, trivial to huge only if you are willing to make. That’s why being independent, understanding individualism is necessary. If we see evolution of homo sapiens isn’t about anatomical modification from monkey man to modern man, it’s all about ancient period and events. Those era, of running-fireball-faces for sensational revolution, dilated veins of dignity busting out against barbarism and vandalism, when human throats were thirsty for each other’s blood and their nails were homicidal to dig colleagues’ fleshes deeper. Those battles without cannon and sacrifices of red roses behind the curtains of shyness or compulsion without their consent. The pregnant peaches of patience over cruelty of poverty and destiny dust into dreamy eyes. To know about these moments in modified movies, history books, at late night saga of fruitful suffering flows out of grandparents’ creased stories to our ironed curiosity is important to realize the value of decision making, perspectivism, to know importance of breaking convention and norms, outcomes of choosing independent mind-set. Cause this evolution from old confined battlefields to bold beaches of freedom happened because of homo sapiens who dared to create difference and broke the monotonous trends to surrender. This time we are having isn’t a gift but a struggle and suffering of them.

    Real evolution occurs in the society when we are ready to accept different ideologies, support different concepts and opinions, when we are open to have healthy criticism to get better and appreciate people who take chances and risks to innovate their selves and lives. To be independent is certainly necessary in this lifetime, not in context to your financial accounts, physical strength, permeant job in the AC cabins, but with your perception, with your interpretation and reflection on typical matters, the way you wear your confidence and put forward your exploration. It feels like bog hitherto when you choose to be yourself, accept and broadcast your thoughts, art, any creation, or normal view as fear to get soaked by foolish laughs. That horrible sound of bulldozer of self-disappointments and self-judgements deafen you and block your way to hear inner voice. Failure beforehand robs your sleep by next daydreams of long term mental trauma and questioned confidence. And in the back of your mind hope swims in your cerebrospinal fluid in most dormant way that encouragement to further hard work and honest appreciation you will get, but still your psychological questioning doesn’t end there. As in this time period when pillars like shoulders turn out into premature bamboo sticks of uncertainty which can collapse your shack in one blow, when concrete world getting melt into flood of blandishments, when time feels like a constant betrayal and wrist watch gifters thrust your every beat with expectation to get reward it has become mystery that who you can trust, who can be that editor, can update your features and help you to grow further, to make you passionate by being brave critic and polite admirer. How to hone those taste-buds which can reveal the real taste of sugar-coated propaganda or   intentionally waved diaries of demotivation, this all feels like contrapuntal music in which at counterpoint lines of pros, cons, fine threads of unknown start playing together and you give up your concentration and dive back into comfortable yet monotonous zone.

    But there are always facts which get birth on dateless day out of womb of warriors to change dimension of this world for next generations and die at the graveyard of regeneration for further courageous hearts and brilliant minds. Don’t make your life pestilential to normal trends of past pages and stereotypes. Life is nothing, if you see it full of hypercompetitive industries and faulty aspirants who can’t afford taking chance to do what makes their bones to struggle more. There won’t be always the sweetest fungi mushroom on your pizza but the fun spoiler black olives too. We are homo sapiens not snake eggs, abandoned just after birth, helpless in the dense forest at suburbs, we are having human aptitude to deal with any holocaust and failure. Your surrounding environment where you have been growing can block your right to be independent with your hodgepodge feelings, crystal clear goals, desires to leave mark on this world but, “jail cellars are for physical bodies, not for strong mind who never accepted prohibitive legislation’”.  Self-renunciation is the most brutal decision making which will leave you suffocated in the not-so-ventilated room of regret for the rest of your life. You don’t have to be perfectionist, surrounded by status and image value to stick with the reputation and so called high benchmark, just be listener to call of your life and to those letters hang on your delicate nerves which you want to convey. Some experiences would be life affirming and some would be life changing in a beautiful or worse way but throughout this graph of incoherent waves you will turn out the keenest observer who would be able to figure out solutions to predicaments, you will become wiser and mature day by day. 

    World has evolved a lot, in better way in many aspects not by itself but by those stretched out limits, restless will power, brave red chests, and by imperfections to innovations, artifacts. May be life can be prophesied to which you are unknown, but the moment you are having which demands your choice, actions out of mindfulness isn’t obliged to any prophecy. Real evolution needs very homo sapien who has been born at the stubborn seashore, got washed away in the billows of circumstances many times and still innovate shells out of survival because of dogma they have written for their own selves to not to hold back and be unapologetically independent with acceptance to own self. For you are your own tormenters of torments and only you are that helping help to your inner homo sapien. 



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    Homo Sapiens - 25.0

    (Vulnerability and struggle)

    Homo sapiens are in the clutch of existential crisis, or in their soggy lump of brain cells they perceive life as a small empirical island surrounded by wine-coloured ocean of vagueness, predicaments and suffering. And they encapsulate themselves into incognito mode to escape from life's lullaby of rhythmic or off-key melodies, when wolves' war gets wilder on their chest bone and bald forests get colder under their soles. As a human psychological nature we've paid more attention to terrorism in subject matter of life. Every electric explosion or composition of yours is awaiting for renaissance while going through situations and circumstances, every cell of yours has intense urge to settle down grotesque neurotransmitters which keep your belonging tempestuous, there is  hurry to keep life innovative yet smooth in this ever growing hurricane which starts and dies on your most ignorant internal square in context to external world. But homo sapien life is a bold definition of how we have been under surrender control of life yet having all freedom fibers to make the best out of it. When you crave to shake your lower back dimples on the most dominantly beautiful song, life would want to jump vigorously on a loose bolted trampoline, so patiently we have to learn and accept life ain't a sweet waiter who will give you a bill of fare and ask you about your taste and will remember your order full of favourite dishes. Rather she is the giver, the most mysterious, the most selfless; whatever she possesses in the shallow curves behind her ears, under the salivary fold of tongue and in the valley just after her last teeth she will give you all of her, whether it's in the form of quakes to you or happy occasions to you. But, we homo sapiens are afraid, not to be taker but to be fearless opener to those life's surprises.

    There are a lot of phobias we possess, maybe of heights, of crowds, of confined places, but the real fear stays inside us is to be vulnerable, underpinned by self protection for not getting hurt. For the most of homo sapiens vulnerability seems like weakness, that fragile caterpillar which is never gonna turn into butterfly to smear calligraphy on some air molecules in bluish-purple tints and if it will turn out to be butterfly of grace, death is one cruel blow away, "death of soft sentiments''. There is authenticity in being vulnerable which can nurture the sense of victimhood inside the every shiver of your heartbeat which alarms you about all past scenarios, like listening to the tape recorder of all heartbroken people's stories including yours, the way regret gulp down through your throned throat word by word and silent metallic clinkings burst out into your unseen orbs. In this lifetime, as a homo sapiens when emotions and mental health seems like the most crucial part to understand and to deal with, we often feel being vulnerable is being an emotional fool, it's like inviting hurt by our own self. But vulnerability is an access to console yourself for getting through inconvenient trauma and tragedies, to helping yourself to avoid irrelevant worries; anxieties for your further relationships and societal issues by being unbiased just because of past heartbreaks, vulnerability teach you to be generous to every inch of yours which has been like rain-beaten roof of your four wheelers. Lot of times, as a normal human being people who has been vulnerable, deeply connected to others by more emotions, feelings, ideas, different perceptions often end up having excruciating experiences which can make them deprived of having faith in genuine love, care, warmth for their rest of life; it can affect their minds till threshold that they choose disconnection, detachments from wold, its kind revelations which they would want to see once when they had not been heartbroken. It can pour fuel of rage, agitation, self disappointment, self sabotage inside them for having this soft heart which they ain't able to replace. And they overlook or forget how vulnerability really works for their inner world, and why they have been vulnerable.

    It's natural to have a lot of questions, why be vulnerable when the world is full of con artists ? Why share emotions with one who isn't aware how precious they are? Why expose triggering secrets and irreversible time moments to people who can backfire on you at any time ? Why be a gentle shelter for others' catastrophe when there ain't any embankment for you when flood engulfs you in billows ? Why behave as a dementia-drawn-human who forgets about all lessons and mistakes on past miles of pain ? Homo sapiens' lives are full of why inside our reasoning mind. It's the fact that vulnerability is a roaring risk to put yourself first for the emotional communication, without guarantee of joy, of any rewards and returns. Rather it can pile up brokenness and fears too. But it's not true or right to make an opinion by experiencing only one side of vulnerability which leads to hurt. Vulnerability brings content feeling in the present moment as it's an expression to your complicated feelings and reciprocation to others', when you expose yourself with your deepest acceptance to be just selfless it shows how courageous you are to choose this path on which whoever will travel end up having happiness, love, care, warmth, kindness because first you have practised how to be kind to your ownself. It makes you compassionate to others' sufferings, mental breakdown, loneliness, unspoken troubling dark stories. Vulnerability should not be a theory that can be explained as painful memories/experiences or joyful chapters, rather it's humans' native language all over the world to tighten relationships between homo sapiens, to make them grow hand in hand, to reinforce their hearts and mind by giving them optimism that world still has people who care about their emotions and struggle. Vulnerability is all about getting stronger with every passing day and making others stronger who come across you. It's a healing process by going through some stinging pain.

    To be vulnerable doesn't mean to be careless about yourself, emotions and hurtful phases, it's about don't fearing them rather dealing with them. Life, people and their intentions are unpredictable and will be,  everytime you can't be detective beforehand to investigate how many times that person or situation who you are being vulnerable to has murdered soft  hearts, has made people lost and missing in blues as world is blur and faces are under the masks, you have to go through it to expand yourself as you can't predict or judge people from past experiences too because doing in that or being overprotective you would miss chance to know the unexplored machinations this world possess in the form of beautiful people or their inspiring stories. To have lessons hanging on your sharp clavicles is necessary, to remember them is wiseness but to get confined by them, being judgemental on their bases and cease yourself till it gets dissolved like a morning fog just because of fear to not to get hurt again is cowardice. No longer you are in the journey of self-expansion or self-development by going through holocausts and felicity. Suffering, hurt is inevitable so happiness. Pretending to be cold, invulnerable is a real detention, a bold lie to your ownself, as gradually may be you will turn out to be numb or cold in some extent but human inside you who is social animal will stay hungry for real contentment, human touch, and joy. Live your life with knowing, that suffering is unavoidable part of life and life isn't vague as you feel, rather it's eye-searing brightest truth going through which persistently can gift you satisfaction but you're afraid to look at that brightest truth first, so you're running away and losing chance to wear satisfaction.


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    THIS IS LONG. I tried my best to sum up all points in briefly still I end up scribbling this long.

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    Homo Sapiens - 24.0

    (Pentagon of healthy lifestyle) 

    By living this homo sapien's life, we homo sapiens feel like pursuing cartography
    (practice of drawing maps) and without foot scales, straight edge rule, measuring wheel we are just trying to delineate life's map by joining random dots of deeds, cultivated inside our distended bellies; by throwing arcs of augmented authentic yet innovative ideas and beliefs, by pulling out borders of contribution and criticism in dense communism, by eliminating unnecessary landmarks of self-made catastrophe and mistakes, by making outer lines bold with colours of healthy emotion stirred with heartache of unknown non lived or thick as thieves half lived things, by overlooking the little pleasures in lived things where high towers in your heart defined the idea of horizon midst stardust and your bone powder. But we often fail horribly to have any precise map of life to follow. No geometry works to conclude life's circumstances, situations and rigmarole of survival and sufferings on one stable base land. As life is a concrete fact but constructed haphazardly by the universe and we are untrained but enthusiastic homo sapiens trying to find its purpose, meaning, reasons behind every event, by being learner for its squares and waves. But every time you try to explore, get closer to clear vision for it layer by layer, life turns out iridescent and shows different colours from different angles and you end up being confused about labeling a particular name to it. This is how we get stuck in vagueness and quest, lose time molecules and forget to live with mindfulness as we possess scattered attention and mind all over myriad things. As a homo sapien we fail to construct healthy life and lifestyle. 

    Healthy lifestyle includes a number of things but Here's the 5 H's of healthy lifestyle, which seem crucial components to create a healthy life. 

    •Harbinger of love
    •Healthy connection

    Habits :- are like the central pillar of this bold bridge between homo sapiens' psychological health and physical health. It plays an essential role in creating a healthy life. Habits come to you as a key of liberation, hypnotize your time and circadian cycle, and start ruling over you subconsciously but it can be a good and bad way according to which kind of habits you give license to drive you crazily. When homo sapiens choose one habit, they are adding one unnamed vote in referendum for their future law of self-built life. Habits decide your upcoming time, upcoming version of yourself, upcoming success and failure. Habits should not confine you, rather should set you free consciously towards your growth. Habits are like our psychological needs if we won't be able to fulfill them by external stimuli on which we have been dependent, we all homo sapiens do experience it keeps your brain wires soaked in electric flood, set your days restless inside ignited palace of yearnings and desires, destruct you cell by cell on melodramatic melody of abandonment, as if your senses do suicide and purposely overwhelmed thrust shake you off. Inquire and investigate before choosing any habit in your life, cause you ain't choosing just a habit but you are inviting huge change for yourself and for your life. It can assure you a meaningful life by completing all half filled bottles of goals and felicity and it can make your gardens bald, toss them so vigorously that they seem designed by carted off aspirin boxes, used razor blades, triggered peace and tremendous trauma seeds.

    Hobby :- living a life without a hobby is like daring to build the shack midst the centre of a frankenstorm, and in one blow when with a roof you will be washed away  in merciless form of wind nothing will remain after you or nothing will go with you except just a fractured, damaged human body. Finding a hobby can be tough for few of us, you feel they are like piles of stereotypes you're heard, known about but never struggle to put your point of view. Lot of homo sapiens possess the same kind of hobbies, so if you want to possess it as a career option it surely can bring insecurities, doubts and these all branches clutch you tighter before you can make your choice clear, understand your interest and passion for your chosen hobby. It gives you self disappointment and bombard your gathered courage to take a chance, so first find it out for self contentment. And in general if any homo sapien fails to find at least one hobby for his own life, contentment then it doesn't show his patheticness but it shows his lack of interesting existentialism. Just a living body without passion, excitement, efforts for one of the precious aspects of life which can help him to thrive. Having a hobby broadens your idea regarding this human life. It maintains your psychological health, reducing those frequency of monotonous, sad vibes from life, lift you up to see world has space for you to leave your mark, you ain't supposed to gain mastery in your hobby but it should be kind of meditation which can frustrate you sometimes, make you feel tired and exhausted when you fail to make its way. But you end up feeling satisfied with your struggle in it as only it can make you feel alive in the folds of pain and felicity.

    Harbinger of love, and humanity :- both are interconnected and vital components, not to create healthy life just for your own self but to create a healthy environment around you. We homo sapiens are social animals so love, warmth, care is part of our nature, part of humanity. The more you spread them in any way double you will get. Homo sapien who are harbinger of love is like a superstation whose signal of love is broadcast to whoever takes shelter under it. But harbinger of love and humanity seems like a lover and a thinker. Even if we try at one point we can't give selfless love, we think and question others' nature in context to humanity, and it's quite understandable as it's human psychology and seems natural. That's the point which creates ill health when one starts feeling lonely in a crowded world, one starts feeling not appreciated enough, when depression, anxiety, post traumatic stress disorders increase in statistics. Rather questioning others, and stop spreading love with poker face as we don't get it in return we should focus how those field deserts in our veins start giving hope in the form of mirage when we choose to be kind, selfless. As mirage surely will turn out into the real pool of pure happiness. Start analyzing your deeds and your inner system in context to it, how your brain and heart reciprocate each other in the same way, away from worry, sadness and stress. It is tough to be selfless, it surely tastes like sugared lemon which still stings your taste bud and will haunt all next food chewing for some time. But intensity will decrease with passing time.

    Healthy connections :- are tabloids kind of newspapers containing sensational life stories in it. They are raw material in the construction of life. Myriad people we come across, get in contact, exchange life lessons and cheers Cadbury caramel mugs with moments of joy. But we are connected to only a few colleague homo sapiens, just like we are connected to our old fashioned festival celebration. Creating healthy connections and eliminating toxic relationships from our life is the most important and clever decision making, and it should be done before time shows you its back and so healing. It's good to solve every puzzle by yourself, good to challenge our own potential and try harder out of our limits to deal with life's phases. But when the clock sees you with a homicidal eye, external circumstances overpower you, femurs shake your castle body and yourself doesn't give up but feel stuck in mysterious mud and you can't help yourself; that's the time when we all need someone's help. That's the time when our loved ones, true friends, family, close connections can help you to get out of predicament. They can't be your ladder till the end but they will be the strongest steps in void between two bigger surfaces, they can be that source of healthy criticism, motivation, and fertilizer for your growth. We don't get healthy connections with an ease or as a boon, we make them healthy with our evergreen efforts. Every relationship is time consuming, with friezes of heart-quakes and healings, it demands understanding, patience and persistence. But observe after which kind of connection you're investing your time, efforts, energy. Nourishing a good connection is like showering water to reddish bricks of a new home, so when you return after a weary day it will caress your bones with warmth. It will lead you to the windows and make you see the opportunities for life and pour fuel of motivation on every step on cobblestones out of the door.

    Healthy lifestyle defines the way you have chosen to live your life, even after going through similar helplessness, towards situations and disasters as every other homo sapien. It ain't about theoretical concepts or bold principles but it's about what you learn, what you pick, and what you give your attention to after experiencing life empirically. One healthy lifestyle can leave an impact on many homo sapiens' lives if you decide to be persistent with it.


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    Thank you for your read ��


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    Homo sapiens - 23.0

    (Roots of hurt - expectations, anticipations)

    Over millennia, we homo sapiens have evolved from stone-stumble-calculation, red-brick-marks on trees to hundreds of small squares in graphs, radiant graphics, digital marketing and unconfined-untouched virtual communication all over the world. With this human evolutionary perspective, studying human physiology, psychology broadens the understanding of homo sapiens' lives. Over the thousands of brain scans' studies, and consoling myriad depressed patients, with the help of psychiatry it's been observed the root of sadness, melancholy, agitation, depression, any other mental health issues or we can say "hurt"  born from within yourself. Genetics heredity, the external environment from which you belong contribute their own parts but the major cause is our own self, our emotions, ideas, beliefs and reciprocation to typical situations or predicament. So why do we humans get hurt ? Why is always something lacking or keeps you restless even in the stage of contentment ? Like a smile cracks your jaw little by little, and blood in the mouth floods till your temporals ache. Statistical analysis and royal mathematical models won't help us to know exactly how many homo sapiens have been suffering through this silently and why they ain't able to get over the suffering or they do choose to feel hurt. As it's not about just counting, collecting and interpenetrating. It's about being a passenger in the same perforated ship of emotions with other humans, trying to understand and console them and at the same time giving them optimism for a safe moor on the other side after these inevitable struggles and sufferings.

    Out of many causes of getting hurt over and over again because of your own self. Here are two major causes I have experienced by going through this homo sapien's life. First is expectations and second is anticipation and these both words sound the same with slight difference. We ain't brainwashed population believing, better life is living into an umbrageous palace we have built inside our mind, which has shelter of counterproductive resistance to any acceptance no matter of inconvenience or of failure or of maladjustment. We, homo sapiens, are different social animals as we have got a brain, thinking process, adaptive power to external environments and different people. That's what makes us unique. We are not under authoritarianism in context to our dealings, decision makings, adjustment, self acknowledgement. But still, most of the time we live inside our own brain as if we are tamed. We ain't getting exhausted by wondering unnecessarily and helplessly. Anticipation can be diplomatic for your own imaginations' or beliefs' sake or can be disastrous and horrible, beyond the horizon of reality and possibility if you run on a negative path. It is like constructing your present with worries, anxiety, and restlessness, which isn't going to help you to survive through, nor it will stop the things which are actually meant to happen. Or it will make the upcoming time, or any event or any phase worse inside your own mind. To anticipate things are like designing a carbon footprint, half of toxic thoughts and half of still-left-optimism, and the outline is bold, with letters of "waiting for it to happen". And in your occipital brain there is cultivating hurt, anger for future disagreements. Agitation and melancholy for not achieving what you wanted. Regretting losing time molecules and investing them into planning and strategies for the future.

    Expectations or anticipations we can't stop or control them inside our brain and mind. Even though we say we don't expect from people but it's like the day rain starts, eyes start dreaming about rainbows, expecting those seven colours to overlap your summer sunburns and paint tattoo of graceful lady under a rusty wired umbrella on your sternocleidomastoid when your expectations climb high. Subconsciously or unconsciously we do expect good things, mutual feelings, similar persistence, appreciation, gratefulness in return from our loved ones. And if it's in context to your hard work, sleepless nights and coffee soaked files, papers your workaholic mind expect for success, promotion into your job or industrial business or in any field. It's obvious to  have "Luce Della Vite Lucente" wine at your best friend's wine shop under the beautiful Italian sky, in the party for victory. So, it's natural to expect it. As you would be rewarded for whatever hard work you have done. Or kindness you have given. But what if you don't get all of them in return ? How will you digest you get nothing in return for your efforts ? That's the bold stroke when we feel like ads in newspapers, overlooked and abandoned. We get hurt, discouraged till our bones, upset and angry. That's the time you get reality check, you get to know that expectations are there within you, it's like an UY scuti star you can't observe by naked eyes but it exists giantly in cosmos which you can't deny.

    Dealing with expectations or anticipations isn't easy, nor can we stop them. But there is always a way to choose how to deal with it. Selflessness and having happiness in spreading love can help you out in it, where you learn how to try not to expect love, care, kindness in return, in exactly the same way. It would be harder in the beginning as we all are humans craving for love and a friendly shoulder in return that's our nature but as you will feel happiness in being like that selfless person to others and start feeling content in it will make your days better, it will matter to you, it will become a beautiful habit and way of being genuinely happy, away from expectations and hurt. And in the aspect of work, success and failure, unflustered learning can keep you going without having you stuck in disappointment. There is always something you get in return. A lesson or an innocent laugh. Trying to tune with transcendence can keep you away from all obstacles of getting hurt. Where, your senses stay calm and you see the world isn't what you can perceive or live in or crave for. World is where you lose yourself to grow with broken hearts, world is where you sprinkle salt squares on your own open wounds but try to heal others' unsealed bruises, world is where you challenge your weaknesses, or things which seem almost impossible to do but you try to understand it through different perceptions and broadcast it to your colleague homo sapiens. World is where in pretentiousness of being strong and okay every human eventually survives and suffers through. Sometimes we manipulate ill pulled tooth by our own self and feel hurt, it should be defined as a self-chosen-way-to-get-hurt. If you cannot cut then loose these tighter and tangled roots of  getting hurt. Say louder life is mostly beautiful, echo will be it's bit ugly and wild too. But you will survive through suffering.

    © jeelpatel

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    This is tricky topic. Just got in my mind. It's just my perception or thoughts regarding it. Everyone can have different one. You are free to share or discuss.

    This is long. A lot. Thank you for your read ��

    THANK YOU @writersnetwork ��

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    Homo sapiens - 22.0

    (Blurred perception of being different)

    According to idiosyncratic concepts, every single homo sapien is different even though they are having similar, ordinary blood hues inside their veins. Administration of this concept makes us able to recognize we are more than these not-fully-round and over ripen-red-tomato like faces, more than black painted nails and dilated neck veins, more than penny-progressed-prosperity in linen pockets and  eyes-evolved-illusions. But we just recognize that everyone is different, and unique or individual. In this era, humans are stretching their boundaries of being their own self so hard, like all are racing on the back of horses and just want to win this race and prove themselves unique or superior rather than the rest mass of humanity. The moment you stop the overstimulation of thoughts inside your skull box, those orthodox yet repeated modern manuscripts and feel the direction in which your body gets cold, you would realize this isn't being different than others. Like that since birth we have been different or unique with our inborn functioning websites within, and then  compartmentalized processes of getting launched by circumstantial companies by going through life. That makes every single one of us different. There is something magnetic about being unique in this human lifetime, that at one or another point your pole of existentialism attracts it; contextually there can be different reasons for different homo sapiens. May be some feel Passionate about these human lives and want to make their virtues imprinted on the square of their rights they have got to put their feet upon, may be some gets fed up of monotonous months and daily struggles and want to satisfy their questions regarding to this endeavour, may be among billions of similar social creatures who go through similar life stages with different graphs of triggered hormones, or under the different body mopping of similar shades of puberty, adolescence, graying they want to undress their experiences and want to make something different out of it. From trivial or senseless to thought provoking or sense shaking reasons there can be to carve own different self.

    But what's the meaning of different homo sapien or unique homo sapien in real manners ? What's the real meaning of nonconformists ? What was there in people who dared to say they could change this world, individually or alone, and they did it bravely. They did change the dynamics and equations of this puzzled seem life. And still precious homo sapiens have been doing so what's there, that in reality they are different and unique that they don't have to put distant torches on their name plates nor they have to shout out for the intense individualism they have created to look upon. What we do is chase to grab this medal of superiority, uniqueness or rare precious persona. Like it's needed to be unique no matter what it takes, no matter what it makes you do, no matter you stop being your own self in it, but it's needed as a psychological need or for social status. So when you stand up in crowds, gravity till a few feet around creates bold pressure against everyone's chest and you feel like a controller of your confined little world inside your perception, and can celebrate your never-gonna-make-sense-uniqueness. But we homo sapiens need one hard smack on our neurophysiology, that we have been lackadaisical in knowing the real meaning of different existentialism. It's like screwing round pegs in square holes; we have misconstrued the whole concept of being different. Some industrial success or failures, some evolved slogans to paint on walls, or honey kissed wise words, short lived out-of-doors actions won't differ you from other homo sapiens nor it will drive your life prospective. You won't be able to mend river clay inside your body to guide you nigh to the ultimate purpose of your life. It's human psychology or nature to expect that this blue world hear the screams of your survival through self murderous thoughts, they sing warmth and Caresse spring damp roses just-now-bloomed after desert cactus killed your heart, they appreciate the person you have become and what you have achieved, they feel exactly same frequency you've felt in your darkest dateless days, cause that's why you differ yourself different or unique or you feel only you go through all of these. Isn't it baseless ? Cause we should appriciate and motivate people but don't wait or expect for it to progress further. Every single person is challenging their own potential, everyone is into their own turmoils, escaping or hiding from their own self and that's what you do, nothing new, just different situations, different tactics of life to test all of us.

    It's like licking your own elbow to find this answer. But life is like a night clock stained with alarm, the whole night you feel unconscious or subconscious, or deep in sleep but just one stroke for a keen person and it can be their call of life, to realise who they are, for what they are here . And for a few humans it's like fighting with alarming signs on a lazy morning, and they're gonna miss the exact time to shake their mindfulness. Predicaments, unimagined earthquakes everyone face, but in those few moments how you toss your bones and what you create out of half broken pieces will define you; Karma you do, and love, warmth, care you give selflessly will pour self love in return; the way you choose to deal with life's tragedies and upcoming bullets will make you different, over the time how you have nourished your own self with which kind of products will make you different, how you have been through self understanding and how you can control your senses in the time of tremendous pressure life has thrown upon you will make you different, always dormantly seasons will be changing quickly but it will end up making you wide awake in that struggle to adapt the changed weather and that's what will make you different if you will become adaptive with ever changing life, how you keep yourself antidoted even though you have been surrounded by inevitable toxicity will make you different. The moment we will be able to understand that to be unique isn't necessary in context to the materialistic world, it isn't about showing off your worth, it's not even to feel that yes we are different or unique. It's all about how similar lifetime has left impact on you, and more than that how you have made your life to have urge to giggle you with more smiles and cries because life will have faith inside you that you are that different soul who can go through it, not only go through it as Everyone does but you will make your own self stronger and will help people around you, this "one you" will heal hundreds of hearts and will be mediator to let them develop themselves nicely, will motivate and get them out of pits and falls. And maybe that's how those crazy scientists, well known poets, aesthetic artists, burning patriots dared to say they can change the world to some extent, alone, individually. That's how evolution occurs, that's how the world grows together. 

    Be different, try and explore new ways but be different or unique in real manner, that it will lead to progress not only for your own self but for the number of other people who you are gonna meet, or people who will come in contact with you through any ways. Dogwood petals can bloom anytime and you can have rebirths in this similar lifetime with learnings, you can understand life closely, and can join all scattered dots of it to have precise ideas regarding it, one cannon call from it and you can live thousands of meaningful moments in one moment which you have been striving for since always, and just in one bold beat of heart you can face the reality, it's ugliness and beauty and can decide how to move further. Answers of some questions are like blurred pictures, you can see outlines and patterns but don't know exactly what it is. But may be through confusions, and little bit hints keep us further, keep us excited for this homo sapiens' lifetime.


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    It doesn't make so much sense this time I guess. I ain't sure. I was confused with what to write even though having lot of things inside my mind.

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    Homo sapiens - 21.0

    (Judgments, criticism, acceptance)

    Homo Sapiens, ain't just here by happenstance, at the same time apparently going through this lifetime at one point we feel there is no purpose to this life too. We don't know whether we should practise "premeditatio melorum" (the premeditation of evils. Thinking about what can go wrong with us and prepare ourselves for an upcoming, unimagined terrible turn of life) or we should overlap ourselves in augmented optimism which would be helpful to thrive through one more dry Storm. In spite of having same homo sapien virtue we choose differently, one human might fit forest woods into his body and drilled 'em tightly with large headed bolts to neutralise electric bursts into next wolf-triggered-wild-rain, one might just clear his smile with travel-sized-toothbrush and with every sip of hot cocoa he will gulp down stirred anxiety and hope for the best as no one has seen future. Just like this, every human has their own individual intrapsychic to reciprocate to the external stimulus. May be that's why, even after reading literary ecosphere, satirical dramas which hold up humans vices and follies to ridicule or scorn we just don't follow those philosophers and escape from the predicament or self constructed mistakes, which had been already done by thousands of humans before you have made it, you have warned yourself about it through reading 'em, knowing 'em, listening 'em via colleagues but you haven't understood it as you haven't felt them personally so it's like we have to go through any event by our own selves then according our perceptions we learn from that particular part of process, or make something good or bad out of it. Homo Sapiens lives ain't confined to others' sayings, advice, lessons. For sure, it would be clever to know when there would be solstice and your windowpane would turn out frosted, and how even though your city tower will guide you to pierce through jammed roads when you would be stuck in night shift;  it would be helpful to listen this on the podcast of experienced dishwasher who shares your dinner and solitude, keeps you aware. But we have learnt in this homo sapiens' lives no warnings, anticipations, theories, learnt lessons work at some point. We just have our own self and perception to go through situations.

    Inside our own neurons, emotions, ideas, thoughts we know we are different with our choices and perceptions so others are. That's why everyone is unique. Still, acceptance of discrepancy in context to similar project work or any circumstance doesn't happen easily. Homo sapiens when we born may be we are just like nonentity - without significant quality, without achievement, not much knowing, and over the time may be that's why we feel childhood is the best time period for most of the people, careless cries and half melted mistakes, no mental tall regarding others' opinions or criticism. So, it's so hard to describe whether we humans have opinion making or judgment juggling side inborn within us which holds us back from acceptance of myriad brain functioning, thought processing, emotions marshalling of other homo sapiens. Or we have acquired it throughout our living in this biosphere, external environment, in presence of numberless crimes and punishments, heart-quakes and healings. Homo Sapiens brains tend to create particular short stories, blueprints quickly inside the cortex or neocortex regarding any other human being or their behaviour. Even though we try to evolve in the flames of modernity and say slogans of "no judgement and no opinions". Dormantly, even for microseconds we make opinions or judge other people or in context to their individualism quickly just like barefoot air fill our lungs in easy gulps. In actuality we don't judge or make opinions on people. Maybe we judge the way they reciprocate, the way they choose to deal with any occurance. We ain't able to accept their different perceptions on similar phenomena, we question their choices and ideas. Maybe it doesn't come inborn wholly nor all acquire. It's a combination of intrinsic brain wirings, and knowledge acquiring, knowing about the materialistic world, people and the whole environment.

    However, ironically we homo sapiens are resistant to inconvenience, we ain't able to deal with even healthy criticism, we can't digest to be salutatorian in the process of success. It's so important to learn that inconvenience will happen; failures, criticism are like the right side of your bed. We have to learn how to pacify ourselves with it, how to take it in a helpful manner and when to ignore it when it comes from a mephistophelian manner, as sometimes to ruminate about people's opinions regarding the way you are, the way you live just to break your confidence, or to make you feel embarrassed for it, it's totally worthless to look into it and judge our own selves, question our own selves because of that. We should be able to differentiate what will be fertile and helpful to cultivate your growth and what would throw you on the floor just like empty cider cans. We homo Sapiens are complete yet incomplete in some aspects and getting filled by ever learning, by challenging ourselves, by being patient in doing work we don't fond of, by tracking the mountains which small stones always pulls you back, so it's necessary to understand different human natures, to see the strength of acceptance; no matter whether it's natural disasters' ruins or other people's deeds. When you start understanding your own self first here it isn't about just knowing your own self but understanding; you see how judgments, opinions, inconvenience, criticism or any emotions work for you, you start trying to put yourself into others' shoes, you try to console their problems and pains, you become a better person in yourself who knows how to respect others' ideas and emotions and not to hurt them.

    Zeitgeist of every century will come with different characteristics and homo sapiens will evolve with it. There would be different intellectual, moral, cultural eras. And the best way of self expansion, progressive thinking, healthy evolution is growing in diversity, accepting a number of heartbeats which convey different emotions, giving knock on multiple tough skull boxes inside which intelligence, skills are prisoned. Homo sapiens lives ain't subterranean that we have to dig to understand, this human life is like days-dies-in-beautiful-disasters which is meant to be explored by living through it. Living it, not in its finest form, but living it by pouring your fullest will inside it, slowly moment by moment. There is beauty when your lioness face turns into ashes and a phoenix inside you rises from ashes. Mercilessly life shows shades sometimes and bravely you go through it.


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    I am really grateful to every single person who has invested their time and giving this series this much love and beautiful feedbacks. Only because of you guys I have been writing it, I have never thought I would make it series or write it further. You all have motivated me a lot. It was fun, knowing different perceptions, discussing about it. Thank you so much ��✨

    I finished 20 parts of it. Please let me know whether I should continue or not.

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    Homo sapiens - 20.0

    (Getting stuck and moving on)

    Multicultural pluralistic societies of homo sapiens have been established not only in this twenty-first century, but since that time when our ancestors used to strike stone bodies over the pyramid of dry woods to see fire-fountains coming out of empiricism. May be even when we haven't gotten this perception in our cognition or senses to feel our feet on planet Earth and we were just white hot wildness roaming into cosmos since that time, there is individuality which cultivates inside every one of us, with different opinions, different beliefs, different needs. Still we homo sapiens are like different wings of one tinsel windmill, keep moving to just produce a source of electricity to fulfill the ultimate goal of this lifetime. The basic nature of us, to go through any circumstances, giving endorsement to each other in perceivable or imperceivable presence, to connect with emotions even being in different countries, beyond cold rivers and mournful mountains. In this monotonous life, we have investigated even though black bodies and porous bones hang crime boards on spineless sky; psychopaths write conspiracy with diamond dusted lips in scorched fort, dormant wolves inside human skin scratch others' fleshes with gun powders in nails to prove the definition of dehumanising act, there is still humanity hovers in its most delicate form under the shade of pinprick lights. The way molecules move inside us can be in different directions, scattered and lost, still we find each other together, in an impenetrable thread of being this virtue of humans, no matter whether we know the names of these millions of people or we have rehearsed their cell phone numbers or we have pressed ring bell of their unheard addresses these all don't matter what matters is we share same TV shows at the end of hectic day, understand the feeling of trauma of similar situations, celebrate the same Starbucks and dancing crazily on Ed Sheeran songs when loneliness overpower your brain and you find out you have only yourself left to be with. 

    Sometimes, Camelot jesters will be absent in your days to pour entertainment or enthusiasm not in your life, but inside your vital, inside your body. Technicolour fantasy of tourism evaporates in the dawn of disasters, and all you feel is prisoned time in this vibrant world which is leaving you behind in the forest of swift foxes and black birds which have no way to get you out of its woods. You feel stuck. No dynamics work for you. You feel helplessness under your heels. That's the time when you see towards your past it seems like disguised stranger, which has hypnotized you and you have given up on whatever you've learnt, have forgotten how bravely you have tamed those stimulus inside your body which can create hurricane inside your heart, and if you see towards your future endeavors you will find inside the shack of survival and suffering, and in the present you just have been forbidden by your own self and blunt senses. Keenly edited magazines or sunflowers inside your garden ain't able to take you back on your track. Relatives and occasions turn out blind and suck you in the nethermost. Maybe, every one of us has felt this kind of phase in their lifetime when the thing they have been chasing ends up being frustrated by it. No formalities to keep relationships good, no invitations to cocktail parties, and no shoulders to cry upon we seek for. Just solitude and thousands of self talks we need. We just make sure our unanswered questions are still rising above the half drawn horizon, and oak branches still blooming high with hope that one day we will get answers and if not then we will be able to antidote our quest to some extent and just will live through patiently without digging life more and more. We just check the frequency of those restless roars inside us, whose silent bruises are waiting to be embrocated by serenity and we just try to feel whether something is still hurting us or it's just neutral. We find the reasons to feel hurt. To activate the wounds again. To block all further away and to feel neutral.

    Often, when there is a bad phase, bad events or bad memories we feel we won't be able to move on, nothing will be able to replace that pain and no hope is left to be happy again. Or we won't be able to enjoy freedom for the rest of our lifetime. You take pictures out of frames, Budweiser cans you never brought since last two Decembers, for, it can open up a lot of triggers for you, and every other temporary way you try to get over which is traumatic for you. Still it's like a shadow you see just behind you, on the metro glass, it's like dream you see repeatedly every night, and it's like one stupid whippersnapper trying to control you under his overconfidence. Gradually, we homo sapiens learn these ways go in vain if you look out for permanent results. To get stuck is easier, it's harder to move on. But it isn't impossible to be a bit subconscious towards your pain or mental trauma or unadulterated hurt if you know in which way you can make it less intense. Moving on isn't about being an athlete and beating or getting rid of that typical competitor in the form of memories, triggers, humans, places, symbols and signs; it's all about moving on with every hurt, bad memories, past time related to it but just pacifying it with acceptance to it. By learning everything is in lifetime just expanding your growth and you are being mature day by day; you can't cease holocausts or heart-quakes, it's not in your hand or it's out of your control but being stuck and not moving through life is terrific. You have a choice to make, it's in your hand to choose what to do after whatever you have been given. There is always a chance to take it. Always Tomorrow to try again. You haven't seen the future so don't put limits on your success or happiness, it's hard to follow but it will reveal how you have been persistent to self love and self development.

    You, homo sapien is like an inborn tendril plant, growing in spiral form to twine round any mysteries or perplexed situations. Raspberries bloom between the recesses of your ribs and kindness decorate this hard coated world. No matter what kind of  shoes you have to put your feet, know gradually you will learn how to walk in new leather. Maybe for sometime it will sting your fingers but you'll get used to it. Life is like windswept moorlands, fertile yet dependent on you to be fully grown, so never doubt your capabilities to make it fertile, don't drop off armours before you die as reality can be vaster than your imagination.


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    Kindly ignore typos. Been busy so could not give proof read.


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    Homo Sapiens - 19.0

    (Games and players)

    Russian roulette, like loading bullet into one chamber of revolver, spin the cylinder, place muzzle against their head and pulls the trigger in hope that resonant shot won't pierce through their temporals; no matter on what temperature blood is boiling out of risk on the cauldron of circumstances, at that moment which makes their hands ready to trick own self, still they hope they will be able to play it one more time. Humans feel like just players in this lifetime sometimes by taking chances in everything. Homo Sapiens' lives ain't meant to be clear like that chlorinated water-pool in the yard of your house, inside which you throw yourself when vodka taste doesn't ready to leave your senses, or drugged disorders compel you to sleep on hard concrete, behind the thick rods of wrecked window but you get fed up. There is time, when molecule by molecule you lose yourself in search of authenticity of life, of people, of occasions and events. Eccentric chemicals just fill up your heart, investigate your deeds and questioning your surroundings, the way your body reciprocate to this untouched universe. Desirability to go through next dawn doesn't feel potent inside your half dead cells. Shallow cave in the back of your knee-balls throw echoes to give up on the faith on moments or things which has made you to go through till now. Summaries of great poetries, intense rollercoaster rides of life's struggle in audiotaped novels, jaw clenching quotes on which you hold onto in sleepless night to satisfy your solitude, lyrics of those songs which you've found relatable, these all you have chewed and digested till 100 neurons of your gut, but in actuality learnt art of living, advices, lessons evaporate in the time of holocausts or crushed perceptions. As if those all things never made sense to you. And that's the time homo sapiens fall hard on the surface, these short lived moments reveal how much you have cultivated yourself to embrace any kind of seed (no matter whether it's poisonous or medicated) till now by suffering through.

    Homo sapiens, if you gather courage and put pause in the Bristol Street where you have played your convenient bandaged cassettes for the first time, under the shelter of your balcony and see the vibrant New York city through your microscoped orbs, try to hear spineless silence; there is no correspondence you will find. No correspondence in these two asymetrical worlds, one world inside your skull-ball midst two handpump like shoulders ~ full of imaginations, of benedictions to calm own fruitless yearnings, of preassembled substitution to make things work out, of anticipations since autumn to spring, of agitation and anxiety, of planned techniques to terrify brutal reality ahead, constant quivering quest and of overstayed fireforests bloomed in lungs when acceptance is inconvenient or illusion consumes sleeping pills and attempt suicide and all you can see is transparent reality for which you have not be summoned by your own self defense mechanism. This world inside you is like empty castle, royal structures but bold and uncluttered vague, comfortable yet complex, can be beautiful like wild ocean billows in full moon night or can be ugly like conspiracy of murder under the name of euthanasia. And another world is this materialistic world or we can say this contemporary world which we can perceive through our senses in some extent, by being helpless to it or by our own control over it. Where we try to survive by stretching out our own limits. Breaking out badly, facing fears, getting lost yet meeting the different person inside us everyday, knowing the ever increasing potential inside us. This world is really vast than your imagination, here your assumptions, worries, plannings won't work. You will never get to know when road will split on which you have been planting Gulmahor trees since sometime. This world will be brutally honest, harsh sometimes, out of your comfort zone, it will teach you how to fall and how to get back to its journey. This world turns on dynamics of present moment and how much you pour yourself into it. 

    Sometimes life is like gruyère cheese on your favourite pizza, like that decoration of black and white balloons in your favourite café that you can eat two more slices of pizza till your stomach aches or just live in time, clicking Polaroids under your favourite theme, but unconsciously you stop trying new things. There should be satisfaction in life but should not be "it's over", "nothing better than this", "I lost it". Life isn't about balancing, nor about finding a way to balance it in tough times cause mostly Life can't be balanced. It's about how to deal with phases life gives you, how to manage it by being persistent to it, just like mixture of carbon monoxide and hydrogen can be useful as a fuel and can be poisonous just because of malhandling so it depends how you manage.  Life won't give you what you want to posses but putting efforts after what you want brings satisfaction that you have tried, no matter even if you get or don't. And homo sapiens have experienced by getting what you want doesn't bring satisfaction or content even, it brings temporarily felicity then again it's like part of human nature to be after other things, want another thing, want more and more. Honestly, by asking our own self deep within we will get answer that these things, people, facilities, materials, don't give us happiness. It doesn't matter at one point. You'll find deep down only one thing matters and it's your own self how you have developed it, honed it, expanded it, nourished it, improved it. Peace, content, self satisfaction everything is just inside you but we homo sapiens are searching it outside even though we know it stays within us, but again knowing and understanding creates lot of difference in human lifetime.

    Life is about having the playbacks already, going through same life process and genesis like our ancestors had done yet innovating it by our own perceptions, ideologies and individuality. It stars with play like Russian roulette and will end up with play like hopscotch game, keep tossing it through squares and triangles eventually you will be out of it, halfway or successfully depending the way you have tossed it.


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    Actually, we ain't afraid of failure. We are afraid of trying again and again.

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    Homo Sapiens - 18.0

    (Trampoline of success and failure)

    Homo Sapiens' lives are just like one of the most complex and time honoured relationship of permutations and combinations. Where, which kind of pattern you draw from rough blue chalks or waxy red crayons on same paint paper which life has given, by splattering the strokes of arcs imprinted by the inborn compass box; hail from the order changing movements of your wrist joint will be investigated. And how much intensively they have given knock on different objectification of decoded ideas in your colleague humans' minds matter to evaluate ongoing conceptualized basics of life, embodiment of similar empiricism in the matter of failure or success, limits of plausible ways to explore this human life layer by layer. But at the same time, when with your one eyed camera you capture bit difference you have made in this monotonous way of living by following the method of permutation, by juggling days and making them work out as much as you can, though all you feel like everyone is on marry-go-round, running on circles and nothing can differ them there except bushy or less fertile head; acne prone or smooth glossy skin; contemptuous, warm, rigid look in brown or black pupils, 'cause at one or another point after having twenty or two hundred rounds all are going to stop taking circles. Some humans are going to leave with vertigo in whole body with cursing this ride, thinking it as a waste of time, labeling it as hurricane prone circles, being ungrateful to feeling of being shaken or excitement it has brought; and some gonna leave with flares of felicity in their flashes to survive through the frequency, to stay there longer with patience, to pierce through this gravity against their chests with balance, they'll be grateful to the ride for one of the thrilling experience it has given. But together all are going to feel there is no benefit or exceptional space they can or have made even after their endeavours and challenged perceptions, as in the method of combination permutation fades away, unalike patterns on similar paint paper you have made evaporate away. Cause even in dormant state we, humans tend to see life as a final conclusion on the base of success or failure in any aspect, just like an end result of marry-go-round where side of holding its pole, strength in grip, tactics to deal with speed was different but all these things get overlooked, what people see after going through it is, it was same for past bulk of riders, it's same for present and will be for future - like later or sooner everyone is going to be off the ride, just like this ride of life.

    Life doesn't give you a cannon call or make a resonant whistle just like whistlers (of La Gomera island at the rim of Spain-Portugal-Morocco  oceans) do as their mother tongue language; for any upcoming pipe bursting in the opening ceremony of your newly constructed house after struggling with arrangement of mortgage and sacrificing your favourite saffron milk, nor it will let you know if all the electricity will fill your blinded town to guide you through the crowded maps and woods. Fears of failures, of criticism, of degrading self reputation hold Homo Sapiens back to execute the strategies and plans they have made for their new innovations or passion. They hone their skills in torrid hilltowns in hot summer, spend years in observing nebula through their telescope tube with hope that it can shower stars of recognition all over your wide sky, they are breaking out with lack of enthusiasm and again getting back to the path they have been on. We, homo sapiens are the most afraid of whether we will  have consensus for our work, or ideas, or crazy experiments or our passion will stay hidden with unnamed uniqueness till the whole life, in search of right time and perfect themes to make it work out. But we forget, rather than barren backyard, lopsided maples are far better to have in an obsidian morning. Dissolving time in nihility, and waiting for Rime frost to freeze it so you can arrange everything perfectly, reinforcing surity for uncertain things, and reporting every opinion for your own plans will never let you explore yourself, you will not be able to find yourself ready, and you end up dying with the folds of unsatisfied silk, where your struggles jump into the guillotine by their ownself, and leftover will linger in very gap between your bones like carousel circumstances.

    Homo Sapiens' lives won't be beautiful and successful if they be aristocrats, having royal bungalows with wine cellar in the arch under the stairs, crystal chandelier on frescoed ceiling. These all will just define materials they possess, and high mathematics of pennies society can estimate by assumption, no matter whether there is poisoned blue lipgloss in lips which speak only braggadocio or have zero charitable deeds around their collarbones. Not all rich or successful humans should be included under that, it ain't about making an opinion even, many humans are there who use their possession to helping other people too who have need for it. But what we need to understand is, if we are afraid of failure, criticism for not being successful or royal like that and just sit back with the weight of efforts on waist bones is like digging own graveyard of cowardice and burying the flowers of passion, of possession of this life may be which could have blossomed in every house, and humans' hearts; just on the base of anticipatory anxiety. In this century, in this era there are blazing talents, undiscovered brilliant skull box, most attractive manuscripts, launched thousand ships of strategies for growth in business market or in any working aspect. Know everyone is keep ruminating how to move further with what they have as a work, passion, hobbies, jobs, and the thing is you are going to be in same zone whether it's job, as your passion or hobbies as a competitior even if you don't want to do competition or don't want to measure the scale of success. So that doesn't mean that all homo sapiens just put padlock on their talents, on new unimplemented ideas and let the life lead them. Rather learn how to take a chance by emboldening thouself that you are going to make your own different identity in the same stream, same passion as you have put your sleeping hours, comfort zone and cocktail parties aside in order to achieve something like everyone but still just like every photograph is different on same wall so everyone is unique; and even if you get failed, then you will get to know about weak areas on which you need to work upon so you can learn more. Surveillance on success from setbacks will help you anyhow . Time, situation, space can't be perfect and no one should wait for these all, as it will make you just wait and years will pass by. And regret of not taking step will haunt you for the rest of your life. Rather make opportunity by your ownself and let your knees get weaken in the satisfaction for trying harder.

    Homo Sapiens' lives are like trampoline with ups and down. Within moments change in dynamics happens. So know what is real success for you, in what kind of failure you feel real heartbreak. At the end of life everyone is going to know what is ultimate success or failures in actuality. As a human, for me, real success is living a life by being responsible towards it, adapting what it gives you, crying out for it curses and laughing on madness you possess for it. It's about pouring love, care and warmth in heart of hearts and spreading happiness, and at the end dying in the lap of your passion. And real failure as a human, for me, is when you can't do deeds of kindness, be self soaked no matter if you are broken or happy as everyone has own predicament still it's real failure when nothing you have found which can keep yourself happy, nothing you have done which can be helpful to people. It comes when you haven't listened someone's hurtful stories in metro who can't share it to loved ones, and it comes when you haven't been someone's shoulder on which they can shed some tears. And it comes when you die after living a life which can't give a beautiful knock on people's heart. Be successful in real manner. And be aware to be failure at the end.


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    THIS TIME I AIN'T SURE. May be it doesn't make so much sense.

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    Homo Sapiens - 17.0


    Homo Sapiens have gotten kind of life which is having fundamentals of laissez-faire. Harder you try to control the trajectory of circumstances or patterns of different ideologies according to your flexibility of moving through it successfully, greater the intensity of bereavement occurs. No matter bereavement of self improvement, of love for this life, of optimistic look towards predicaments, of generosity towards ever increasing human population. Humans and their perceptions to nullify or give friction to their peer pressure; concepts for orthodox or modern rituals, events, occasions; proclamations about their ongoing construction or bulldozing in this lifetime is different according to their individualism. It's like unseen, unheard permutations inside the wiring of their brains, strategized by their neurones intertwined with respective experiences for the ultimate goal to live this life through healthy struggle. Only at the time of execution curtains will be removed and light will be thrown onto the microscopic glass to observe what kind of pattern they have created out of whatever life has given to them. Transmission of diversity is worldwide, throughout life all you learn is how to understand the meaning of acceptance for these different views in the form of criticisms or compliments or positive feedbacks or setbacks. Knowing different trends and people's views isn't enough to survive as a social animal for domestic life, but understanding them, working on their views, mixing own and others' passions, matters more than just knowing. In any aspect whether in relationships, economically, ethically, industrial way adjustment with different mindsets is needed to make things work out in a best way, don't compromise with your own tactics or axioms for particular task but never stick with self righteous when it comes to learn, working together as a social crew. It's an art to grow together in a beautiful way by challenging your propensity and your self soaked senses.

    Life isn't about sophomore album which can be recorded again with vintage theme, in your favourite part of classical hometown where still mulberry silk like long hair threads wait for their platoons in combat boots to get roses tucked above their ear lines, so fragrance of love stay within them when platoons leave 'em. Life is all about that healthy yearning which makes your heart go bananas, about those failures which lead to almost but not complete success; which exasperatedly pours gasoline for your small ignition of insomnia, about stubbornness to bear thousands unafraid suicides over single survival, about little things for which you can get ready to break yourself beautifully, about laughs and cries which label the Polaroids of persistence. Homo Sapiens ain't inborn Saint or murderer. They ain't inborn like the way they are now, eventually many external factors contribute to mold them that way. Biological factors and genetics always there to play their roles in both somatic or psychic way. But it ain't necessary that if you are born by criminal paternity with  caramel coloured caffeine in their hands, abusive words on handicapped tongues then you would have just bombings and indifference for every house you would come across. Every day, from your first step out of your door till your last step at your doorstep you are inputting new things inside your brain, heart, body if you be mindful nigh to your surroundings, people and observe it; just like that you're outputting according to how all of these work and bring changes inside the rhythm of your life by leading it's note high into graph or just towards the downfall in its self expansion. It's about with how much intensity your doggedness you put after suffering and survival of homo sapiens' life by being grateful to have every bit of it. Every day of it. 

    Homo Sapiens lives ain't limited to just this materialistic world or to saying of any clairvoyant. Nor pier-end palmists can write exact verses of  their future - poetry. Millennial cycles of their lives have been there, innovating and establishing the unknown from their own lives, and that's how unknown of past centuries are being known to this century. There is no confines to their ability. But since past few years, worldwide we have been watching toxicity is consuming external environment and humans' inner environment too, it's not like every forest is now being desert and every human is being corrupt, losing morals. May be, magnets inside us getting attracted to pole which will make us feel stuck, anxious, inept, robbed by rampage,  even though there are lot of ways to stay healthy, detoxed mentally and physically too. Time comes and that apathetic behaviour lingers, you cut social contacts off, rumination of fears and worries happens, pessimistic side rises above horizon, feeling to be on the end of time or soaked in overwhelmed days, all of these seem like one part of your homo sapiens life. Lately, every other person is suffering from these kind of phases in their lives. You can't escape from it like bobcat through dense trees. But you can go through it, you can find the keys which can help you to deal with that kind of phases on temporary bases rather just dwelling with melancholy and reading bold line of catastrophes. Every homo Sapiens ,searching for sophrosyne - healthy state of mind, state of true happiness, fully awareness inside other person, or by having desire to have something which they haven't got till now. We, overlook the things (not talking about good or bad just moments, or things) we have, we have to make something out of them to add one more experience into life's journal; rather we waste time, peace of mind, our energy in things we don't have. That's how you start to take bad sides of everything, cease to learn, show your back to battles, compromise your dreams, and don't cultivate your potential to go through  life.

    Take a look, see how much fortunate you are by having this will inside your body, by getting one more day to live and one more breath to breathe, suffering don't go in vain if there is satisfaction to endure it. Be grateful to have this lifetime on this orange shaped planet Earth as a homo sapiens. For, it's mystery as it's solution. Open the doors, hummingbirds writing happiness, clocks on high towers singing to "trust on ticking trigger", and homo sapiens are living in confusion, in cosmic hopes, one more day, dusk till dawn.


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    Homo Sapiens - 16.0

    (Paradox, healthy struggle, mental toll)

    Homo Sapiens' lives are continuum of inversions of hierarchy, anecdote, and paradox. HIERARCHY of numberless needs, of choices soaked in Ruby-red cranberry syrup or sprinkled by peppercorn powder, of yearning with lost yellow hue of hope to navigate narrow towns to explore unknown, of ever changing priorities of so called indigo dyed importance that can evaporate with smoke and can leave just stains of stubborn dye, or hierarchy of compartmentalized human world to make their lives easy to act and react upon in different compartments on the base of matter of fact. ANECDOTE, every human being is creating anecdotes of their attributions carved on electrodes inside their bones, they are singing their individual chorus part of being catalyst for their circumstances - rewarded by tough battles by their will power. They are being harbingers spreading the tactics, ways to grasp tenacious grip over bad phases through pragmatic podcasts, or any other medium which can bulldoze their colleague humans' depressed plastered homes inside womb of Catecholamines, or in contrast they are writing dark anecdotes of their lives or for their/ for others' lives by their own  choice to reciprocate life's shades. And may be these anecdotes would decorate their own graveyard or other hearts they have crossed through when they die. PARADOX is playing pivotal role in homo sapiens' lives. How optimistic words oozes out from our restless tongues and woolen lips when there is season to give shoulder to someone, but through same season we all humans have to go through just days of disasters or humidity of helplessness or hopefulness is different for every one of us and that time how optimism gets prisoned in actuality, how much it becomes hard to follow our own advices or perceptions we give others to make them feel good or bad no matter. //Hope can also make you hopeless one day. We are giving shoulders not to feel alone in this survival march. We are pretending to be persistent among tragedies to reflect the truth in mirrors of people' eyes that we are actually broken inside.// I guess these are the paradox we go through in our daily life. 

    Whatever we get from our lives, from people, from places or things or from uncertainty is kind of healthy struggle we keep doing in search of purpose or peace or happiness, permanently. Eventually during this journey of unmapped crossroads and highways we learn satisfaction, peace is inside this escalating   endeavour which keeps woods inside our brain gathered, dark, dense and fire-flames on the outer surface of our hearts in not so high and not so low temperature to make this survival working out. We don't have to wait for permanency for felicity or peace. They are kind of epiphenomenon enveloped in your perseverance for short lived events or occasion, happy or sad.  Camaraderie with monotonous days teach us how to juggle norms of nomadic life with keen attention, in fearless frequency, clearer intentions so you by your own or other homo sapiens can see different dynamics in this same semi transparent human lives. Life isn't about superstitions, like if you break the mirror bad luck of seven years would kiss your every molecule of materialistic world and you get stuck in segregation of seven years with crooked spine on the same mossed oak in your backyard. Life is about learning till your last breathing neuron, and applying it in a flexible way to response life's crisis or happy bombings. Life is all about finding genesis spot of single ray midst the obscurity in overcast. Not it's about how to be superior or special to make yourself worthy among society or to illustrate yourself among other human community, it's about how to accept an acceptance of any element this lifetime brings no matter if it is detoxifier charcoal or toxic mercury which can diminish your nervous system and still moving through all obstacles by losing kneecaps or by renovating resistance and at the end having gratification for not giving up even though  things are not our cup of tea, and dying with our passion.

    Along with all this known or unknown facts of life, in this modern traits anxiety, border personality disorder, bipolar disorder, depression, have invaded our skull-box deeper. Authority over our own body in psychic or somatic base we lose when long time suppressed indignation, or any kind of emotions hit our rib-cage. When indescribable feelings, mixed up emotions feed inside your body intertwined with blood, restlessness runs on your cell tracks and your senses seem to be blunt and life seems inanimate, without enthusiasm or excitement. Buttress under your every bridge is getting collapsed in quakes or worries and uneasiness. The harder you try to get over anxiety, rumination, uncertainty, fears the more they cultivate inside your body, mind and heart. Everything seems perfect, in itself still we humans know inside your occiput - back of the head, something still stimulates sadness, like triggering electric wires of brain, misleading chemical messages of body driving. That's the time we set every magazines or articles of beautiful persimmon on fire, we be blind to the clock but not deaf to the vanishing voice of pendulum, we push our loved ones away and get dissolved in loneliness, that's the time we give up on faith we have put in our actions, and be impatient in life's unprejudiced reactions. Psychological consolation, medical treatment and some kind of working team, responsible humans are still aware of mental illness and how to deal with it, in professional way or with humanity of empathy, care and warmth.

    Mental trauma, continuous stress and anxiety is more dangerous than any physiological disease. Person who suffers by it has to wither bit by bit silently if he or she gets unnoticed. Humanity is an aikido against this kind of trauma which can make one living dead, we don't just have to say or to wait for someone to start it. Nor we have to wait to feel happy or healed by others it's not about giving and take wholly. Rather start with your own self, first understand your own self, give it time and love to bloom, take care of your physical and mental health as they walk hand in hand, treat yourself the way you treat your loved ones. It's easy to give slogans of self love, easier to even write about this as I am doing but harder thing to accept our own self and make it priority and love own self. But self development is an Ad hoc to keep other humans healthy around you, to help 'em to grow, to energise their rotten cells. Humanity kindles inside every one of us, you are a homo sapien too remember that, 'cause everyone needs love, care, healthy attention and time from someone. "Be that someone for your own self first."


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    Homo Sapiens - 15.0

    (Let it be, let it go)

    Homo sapiens are repertoire of transcript of covertly analysed, videotaped circumstances and its reflections in outcomes or consequences for their own empirical life of experiences and experiments on the base of individualisation. They are overtly stated judicious protocol of human policy for their own survival just below the sharp jaw line after hanging under the pressure of same chewing pattern to bear ever changing taste inside their mouth of cosmic stars. Just by following structuralism of their bones and flashes outsiders or even their colleague humans can never get interpretation of the flow of excellence inside their rusty cobwebs like hairs, and the prodigy hidden in their curves and postures of Pollyanna. Since our ancestors of meaningful lyrics in their life songs till latter day of romantic melodies our evolution has been based on one of the major factor, which is the way we live, the way we choose to live, and that “way”, no one can steal from your chest bone, no matter days pass by under the neurology of holocaust or beyond the horizon of psychological shades of happiness. 

    Sometimes, in the alleys of blue moon or midst the woods of wrecked vehemence because of their unconsciousness they show outrageous extravagance of time after matter of temporary gratification, after attributions which fade like atoms of aerosols at the end, after dreamland of illusions. This is the time when homo sapiens get hijacked by dopamine (for happiness) or serotonin (for depression when its inadequate) depends upon their arousal during the specific event, but for sure in that particular short time impulses they pierce through and role they play leave powerful impact on homo sapiens’ somatic or psychic behaviours, decisions they make in that time, or the way they response, react any external stimuli. No matter they are under the influence of hormone of happiness or stress. Not just homo sapiens get caught up in emotions or thoughts or biological factors according it, time and gain they get hijacked by known or unknown, predictable or unpredictable traps, situations, somatic marker especially negative ones, fears and phobias, more further hijacked by other humans which ain’t supposed to be right or wrong person in their life rather an event meant to be happen for self-expansion, self-efficacy, self-betterment, so they can understand bombings between brain wires in more better way, they can differentiate definition of transparency human to human, they can learn how to construct bridge of patience on the kinetic pillars. So, in time we learn any person isn’t right or wrong nor any day is good or bad, it’s just they all are happening as electorate voting for your development as a homo sapiens.

    These days, homo sapiens have become more of separatists and less of humanity for each other, in each other’s life by saying this soothing stratagem – “be yourself”, “do whatever you want to do” etc. to our loved ones, because our moistened saliva make these heavy words sound good to others’ ear-tunnels but actually we have to understand how our statement has a modicum of real or meaningful intentions for their growth or they’re just bold echoes, cause let someone be their own self or to be own self isn’t about giving or feeling wind flames of freedom to others or to own self or chrysalis of protection that they feel that someone is there to accept them the way they are. I, as a human believe one should be own self as our genesis of homo sapiens, with inborn aptitude or rigid nature (as one’s nature you can’t change mostly) but one should not be alexithymic or ignorant for weak points they have got, bad sides they have, abnormal temptations neural circuits of their brain possess, bad habits or constant mistakes they build because of the way we are, by being “own self”. if our life can be better by modifying ourselves, by working on our weakness, by learning the way we act or react to our life’s situations, people and feel content, peaceful, satisfied from within one should not hesitate for not being own self, it’s not drastic changes you should do and feel detached from your own self rather you should do for the self-development, for self-renovation in a beautiful way. In addition, don’t do whatever you want to do every time, sometimes it’s needed to observe beforehand what we are going to do, how much boundaries we are going to cross, how much time or efforts we are giving into something cause doing all of these after nothingness, total uncertainty isn’t right way to live. So do by doing what, your life can improve in itself, your experiences (good or bad) become vast but don’t be prone to bad experiences cause even after examine own actions helplessly one can get failed, broken, hurt no matter economically, financially, emotionally, physiologically or in any aspect but at least chances are less to get failed or to regret for being blind or careless and not conscious. 

    life and death of homo sapiens is not about splicing two lengths of magnetic taps or photographic films to make a chime to cease this constant breath and beat. Life is about being bystander for its shades till no shade left to exist, doing motor mimicry of very second’s expression till cheekbones turn into ashes, writing poetries for, how to let it be in synchrony with how to let it go. To see how we evolve under our heels, become unflappable, unflustered by being through folds of crisis and crimson flowers. 


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    This is long. This time this won't make sense may be though I just scribbled down. While writing there are lots of things about emotions and all were running inside my mind and I could not put them all together.

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    Homo Sapiens - 14.0

    (Cognition, metacognition Vs emotions)

    Seventy-five years ago, when digital computers got introduced to the world as “electronic brains” or for the first time when George C. Devol invented reprogrammable manipulator called “Unimate” from universal automation, first ever robot of the world in 1954. Then after this ultimately laid the foundation of the modern robotics industry, and with well cosmetic surgeries on the outer shell of computers of silicon chips which were intended to walk hand in hand with our human brains. There are lots of researches have been done by computer scientists and neurologists in the laboratories just to see how these complexities work and differ from each other.(Computer brain Vs human brain) Till now in our homo sapiens life we think, thinking brain, neocortex or even the whole bran is the most crucial organ, or central point of our human life. From intelligence quotient score to all competitive exams scores these all reinforce our mentality that how only it will lead to make us have successful life which isn't wholly true or acceptable in this empirical life.

    Mathematical austerity has overlapped other playmates who play greater role in having peaceful, healthy, happy life without maladjustment in this human life. Main playmate is – Mind.( And this is what makes computation brain and biological brain different) We, homo sapiens have mind other than brain, brain is the matter of substance, crowded by 100 billion neurons, nourished by cerebrospinal fluid, physical part of your body, can be touched by humans if you will dissect it through skull box. It is your intellect, decides your SAT scores, grades of bold comparisons, it's based on learning, comprehending, strategizing academic stuffs, helpful in decoding blueprints of very tests, leads you to celebrate the words on the occasion of as a bright valedictorian, will let you meet with your competencies which is the only recruitment of your town’s well developed company which will make you the highest paid young bachelor in your own field to fulfil your “academically rare dream”. While your mind, is an invisible, transcendent, indispensable, ruling over your life in a most dormant way, even more importantly than just physical sulci and gyri of brain. To balance life with intellect, understanding of own emotions, to become aware of them, represent proper response to external stimuli, managing them in adversity or in felicity is the necessity in homo sapiens’ life. One can’t measure the intensity of own emotions, can’t make graph how they play role to construct you, to create catastrophe at your knees as it’s not like any tests for brain functioning. And that’s why we neglect patterns of emotions, don’t try to decode them.  We often see brain and mind as an equal part, one team. But there is rigid dichotomy midst mind and brain. 

    Metacognition which is cognition of cognition, it is important to understand own thought process, in self-assessing, self-correcting in response to self-assessment just like that over years, over circumstances, over many situations, people, uncertainty, unpredictablity, over many crisis we have learnt how emotions play great role to make a chime with life. There are emotions responsible for your Sturm and Drang at midnight even in the royal villas, on the most comfortable bed. There are emotions who pours salvation, redemption inside you even after years of glory has been passed for the sin you’ve done. There are emotions which keep you stable to thrive through monolithic events which you can’t change rather adapting it and fighting back to survive. And in contrast there are emotions who lead you to jump off the cliff to die in the arms of failed life as a human, there are hard-nosed emotions strike your inmost layers and if you won’t be conscious to them, won’t be able to manage them surely there will be emotions which will make you failed as a human in your own life or even in diplomatic life. Emotional verisimilitude is like a mirror to show you inner reflection of your faceless world which is the most complex rather than outer world or other humans. And the one who stops to look his or herself into this inner mirror will obstruct all the rays of self-expansion as a biological human, will cut the threads of language of emotions which connect humans together directly or indirectly. Even after having well facilitated life, well equipped mansion, cars, gadgets, number of people that person ends up losing the purpose of life and get stuck in the baseless reasoning and chaos of life. 

    Just like kinaesthetic learning of movements and position of the people’s body parts improves by physical activity, by grasping through sensory organs, we homo sapiens can’t perceive the movements of emotions like that, we can’t demonstrate them in practical life or can exactly feel the same intensity of pain of any other human’s ached heart nor we can borrow or exchange to observe/ learn how to deal with them or save own self from emotional sabotage. But surely we can feel the frequency or ever-changing feelings which run inside, restlessness to roars of emotions which dig you deeper in yourself just all we need to do is knowing them, reasoning why this situation, this phase pours this kind of emotions inside me, or why I feel so vulnerable to anything at this moment and at the next moment as cold as glaciers, understand them by being conscious to them, before emotions turn into hurricane learn how to manage them without being too hard or overlooking them. If you get failed to manage them once, your emotional brain will remember the past materialistic information of this external world in which you got failed, felt broken, or lost your loved ones if situation will repeat itself your emotions will be there to give you shoulder, you would not have any need to go and find other human to handle your imperceptible grief or felicity for you at some context. 

    Emotions are like that rare fragrance running inside homo sapiens’ veins, similar yet foreign for each individual to interpret its smell, to give it any particular name. They can choke your vey cell or can plumb your every atom. Cause they are emotions, they are you, unlike your thoughts.   


  • jeelpatel 55w

    "language of existentialism" that invented just by my restless brain.


    This is long. You can skip it.

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    Homo Sapiens - 13.0

    (Ultimate purpose, meanings, reasons)

    Homo sapiens having totalitarianism on almost every law and letter wrapped inside an idealistic or pragmatic portfolio, dispatched by any government of their colleague humans or uncontrolled circumstances (exceptions are there) or destined accidents to change them in a better way. They have collective power to pierce through and to react with their freely floating yet fettered neurons. They can compartmentalize any tough situation or any mysterious, unknown journey and can find out how to survive or overcome.

    Time comes when everyone of us feels as a neurotic person, when your intellectual property, emotional efficacy, responsive power loses the path of persistence inside your own self, for your own inner universe. All chemicals and electrical messages get misinterpreted or you feel as an illiterate human for your own inborn language, yes, the “language of existentialism”, may be only you can understand this language, can implant your acts according it, can hear all poetries sung in your language and you do try to convey or express yourself through it to humans whose shoulders you find as pillars to your weak bases, whose vibes can create hurricane inside the gap between your heart and mind or can uncage white pigeons inside your body to dilute serenity inside your blood flow.(Or even though we won’t come across unknown places, every homo sapiens, won’t dance on every traditional song, won’t taste the taste of saliva when our tongue turn and twist to speak exotic language we speak and spread our own language of existentialism on the wings of wind, through the ever changing metro station, through surpassing skills, through eternal love, karma and prayers).  And you yourself try to hear, to decode, to understand others’ language of existentialism. But neither you, nor others can expect this process of being expressed in own way and being accepted by other humans would be succeeded, without obstacle or with obstacle. May be it will lead to only failure even though you fight against all odds, and you accept it’s not necessary to get fitted in everyone’s life as a perfect homosapien nor other should try to adjust their selves according your convenience.  And maybe that’s the reason in typical season you feel vacuum inside your very veins, you start questioning your existence, you devote yourself between the arms of neurosis. Because subconsciously humans, they want to feel wanted in others’ lives, they want to feel worthy regarding others’ point of you, they want someone to whisper in their ear tunnels genuinely you’re beautiful inside out, the way you’re, get better with every passing day but don’t change your own traits, because they make you “you”.  

    Isn’t it beautiful to have this life, to have this chaos and this healthy struggle of unbeatable survivor? Having this life is the big deal in itself, and living through it is like challenging yourself to adapt constant changes by shaking your every cell of comfort zone, by harbouring pain yet quenching the thirst of satisfaction that you are making your every single day. We homo sapiens view our lives in aspect to this confined world of myriad social trends or society or till our senses can perceive atoms of living or non-living things, till the horizon where our vision has no longer surface to get reflected on, till every square we feel materialistic world. 

    But I do feel as homo sapiens our lives are in aspect to “sub specie aeternitatis” (eternal, in a universal perspective”), we spend every sand-crystal of time in that hourglass to find ultimate purpose of life, chase every kind of kite to find meaning in flying, failing, falling, we suffer, we do constantly without giving up almost every human seems like an inborn fighter except some collarbones get tired and give up halfway. But then what? You would feel bit of certainty if you get to know about meaning or reason or purpose of your life, because they are like transitory relief, they are there for some time, for typical kind of occasion or work to your small goals, they are there every day as if you want to finish those left 313 pages in a day by being just focused on that then it’s called for that typical day you’ve got purpose of the day – to finish reading, you’ve got reason behind it – it can be you want to live someone’s thriller life, or want to experience the mental toll and then beautiful end by learning how to handle shades of suffering, or you want to just pass your time in good way or you want to feel content or you just want to feel that you have read a book, you’ve got meaning behind it – what can be meaning behind reading a book ? when you can find meaning behind anything ? reading a book, experiencing that changing graph of emotions, feeling known or unknown impact of stories in it, travelling through highs and lows or anything according it genre, may be these all would let you know what meaning you have got. It goes same with almost every meaning. And according different perceptions of different homo sapiens and their response to it would lead to have them different meaning.

    So, without just running on time to find ultimate purpose or meaning of life, to find every answer of questions, to justify every reason, humans should live every moment in its finest form. This transitoriness of everything in your life, of every people in your life, every reason, meaning in your life will keep you wide awake to live it, to go through every turn and twist, to keep you excited to explore every day, keep you scared for letting any beautiful moment fade away and keep you persistent as in nothingness of similar days you’d find something new every day.  And at the end of your suffering, survival, or life in those scattered last breaths every human will write ultimate purpose of life cause every human carries their own purpose to fulfil during this whole lifetime, that’s mysterious to know if they get succeed in fulfilling or not.

    In between the folds of life depersonalization hits you in the hardest way, when you can’t feel yourself inside your own shell, blunt senses won’t let you feel good or bad every molecule of your body turns out neutral and numb, words around you seem as a mirage and mouths seem overrated, you lost in the woods and blues and want to be lost and not found by any pair of eyes, that’s the time hold your shoes tight, because that’s the time you will get to meet to your real self, to know the boundless capacity or power you possess, because know you will survive just the way you’ve been but by witnessing your evolution. For, you’re a homo sapien, have been wanderer ever since, would create wonder by gathering up all evidences of suffering and survival.


  • jeelpatel 57w

    Homo Sapiens - 12.0

    (Aerodynamics of human atoms)

    7 octillion atoms inside your human body. Aerodynamics of every atom draw your bones in different direction, with your myriad purposes of ultimate purpose, with curiosity in caves of your brain, with unbridled catharsis, and with quests in very question of your human existence. You’ve gotten yourself in predicament when all of these atoms uncage their selves like prisoners who have become pessimistic and more neurotic just because of that experience of negative fear force of crucifixion they just felt before they could save their rest valuable days by untucking the evidences from their tongue bells. And they wrap helplessness around their shoulder girdles. An aerodynamics to press your body against the pressure of gravity get disrupted to maintain the mechanism of balance and equilibrium, that’s the time catastrophe falls for your persistence, you break down gradually like soft feathers from struggling bird midst the barbed wire fancing in your backyard, who wants to win the authentic battle of survival.

    Homo sapiens and their lives - one of the most beautiful kaleidoscope with perplexed glass parts inside it. Just running on the circles, making patterns in every turn, showing the art of brokenness by giving strokes of tolerance to adapt every piece life offers them, no matter of their favorite or not so favorite color,they just learn how to accept the edges and angles to throw reflection of rare redemption in viewer’s eyes. There are days when every implementation of law to live empirical life fails, fuel inside your engine to drive your life car turns out detonating or accident prone with lower octane, rucksacks on your unceremoniously shoulders become heavy, mysteries inside you turn out insurmountable, and when will inside your body feels numb, wrecked you feel it, as the straw that broke the camel’s back. Life throws you in the towel, will make you see the legal reality beyond the horizons, where your anticipations quid pro quo familiar shocks inside your very nerve of perception, will rejuvenate all past moments where your cowardice construct you to be blind, to be inside your comfort zone where paradigm from your all directions make the biased perception to prove you right in the court of that musclesbox of heart, for temporary satisfaction or felicity and later you think all you could have done is to be stronger inside your shoes to face the real world.

    We homo sapiens tend to overlook the ordinary things in our life, which actually make our lives work. There is human nature to have cravings to dig up superficial things with intense desire to find out something your neurons want to achieve irrespective to weather you have any need for it in your life, or without knowing the impact of it on your ECG of your heart, is unknown too important to hack your conscience of circumstances? Under the tutelage of releasing sand of hourglass you can put your interest nigh to the path to celebrate yourself every moment, to create revolutionize in the blood kissed cells of your body rather regretting just on the echoes of I could have done this or that. Leather of your Jackboots till your knees try to get you collapsed inside your own weariness of monotonous life when your soles don’t know how to dance on adversity anymore, when you feel your pain is overdosed by opioids and you wonder how exaggeration write non persuasive poetries under the square of your uncomfortable sleeping pose, and you just draw curves on bedsheets and not having sleep. 

    And what makes homo sapiens more depressed in daydreams, miserable in bad magnetism, lost as confused litigator, alone in amorphous reasons, suffocated inside their own pockets in this immensely vast and intriguing experience of human life is the way they choose to live their lives. Lessons they have learnt, experiences they have got in a moment of changing environment, or failure or bad phase they forget without their consent. While living this untouched yet millions of times lived human life, homo sapiens have had known all of the above consequences, results, actions, about fall(s) and false(S), grief, felicity though they choose to get stuck in the moment or phase, they’ve got cuffed by their senses in a bad way which leads to self-sabotage only, this is what makes them feel empty yet too heavy, healthy yet rotten, happy yet half dead. And all they feel like an unemployed artisans who by own self has disconnected their inner threads to live life in its finest form and accepted failure at halfway by just not being persistent with their own selves, by not giving attention to their own growth, by ceasing self-exploration, by just giving up on their worth. Just in the influence of few unimaginable situations, when sometimes things don’t go the way you have wanted to make them work, we humans just get tired of lives that we forget there is something new every day in this vagueness of life, there is lips singing optimism in nothingness, don’t close the doors when you find no face to give a knock on rather go out-of-doors give knock on that door of your heart, mind, soul by your own self, train your mind to be happy with the company of your own self and watch how content you feel to be independent for your own happiness, to be responsible for your own pain  because if you want you can just change your perceptions to the phases, to people, to things. Because time comes every one of us feel forlorn, left as victim of our own emotions by any action of other human to us, and then you soak yourself in schnapps in the centre bar of your town, wear heavy bulletproof jacket for the rest of your life so vulnerability never even try to sit in the anterooms midst your ribs, and you lose the vulnerability which actually makes you homo sapiens,and be cold hearted, or you just blame yourself to make it prone to holocaust of hurt. When we know all of these can't we just learn how to stay happy in real manner with our own self. No one would die for you, and no one would live for you. 

    Every time you would not be able to have balanced, standstill life and if you think so then you’re unfamiliar to the familiar human life, a naïve who will stick to the stubbornness to wait for the perfect time and just end up with passing time unknowingly, without knowing the worth of time, chasing flowers in hurricane and throwing thunder bolls in serene sky. Rather accept the moment, the packed treasure it carries, try to undress in good way and even if you get failed don’t wait for someone to help you out, to listen your silence, or even to feel healed, just move on before next moment shows its back to you because life isn’t too short to live but your reciprocation way is too long process to make a chime with. Time comes we humans feel these are just words easy to speak out on the wings of air, easier to pass ‘em as message by stranger like me and all you would feel is only one can understand who do feel it cause not everyone is an esoteric for life love, but I do think one survivor knows the shades of journey of other survivors, streets can be different where we travel, intensity of accidents we jump into can be different at crossroads but experience to feel pain, to feel unknown emotions, to get lost and to get found is similar not wholly but in bits. This is the only way which keep all homo sapiens together in this human life. Beats to beats. Pain to pain. Atom to atom. 



  • jeelpatel 59w

    I am so grateful to every single person who has been constant to it since starting. Just because of you guys I keep writing this. I really appreciate your time, patient read and feedbacks. Love. ✨

    This part is bit different or like doesn't make too much sense logically. Too long. You can skip.


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    Homo Sapiens- 11.0

    (Homo sapiens- seasons- space- nature)

    Homo sapiens are like atoms of frosts knitting withstand winter inside them, bit by bit, in its white hue, inside their tempest prone irrevocably broken chest. And this winter inside them is of blameless burning, of fiery embroidered bubbles of red blush on their sensitive cheeks, of plumes of incandescent liquid rocks in the place of of their vertebras, of husk of numb fireflies, of dusk of dreads drowned in shot glasses of bitter vagabond wars. These folds merely let you feel the warmth of familiar winter inside your cosy house with roof of honey locust shelter (self-love), of cold but melodious chords of winds pass through the minuteness of your brownish hair strings (loved by nature), of bit anaemic sun creeping over an east-pole of your opposite mouthed sleep bed (new day), of healthy restlessness of pigeons’ flaps, dancing shimmy on the black non chaotic wires (enthusiasm). Homo sapiens, persistent winter with one thin candle in their clenched fists, at the corner, at one of the life's unpredictable square under the mossed Vander wolf pine tree of brown needles. (shades)

    Geology will shift you from one kind of body politic to another kind of. Seasons inside you change and so all surroundings. We humans are tend to use our vision to analyse outer world which is bit complex, it is not complex actually. According our astrophysics there is law of stars which astrologist studies in astronomy which has held your whole cosmology which swirls inside your private sky. Private sky, where there is nothing good or bad for you, personally. The occiput of your brain would never think that there can be fault in your capricious stars which can obstruct your way to live healthy human life as you’ve never got to go to the space of short breaths just to roam in the six valleys of stars, ups and downs, to check the edges and angles of it so you can investigate the cause of fault in your star if there is any or you can break your not-so-useful bones and as metaphorically you are made up of stardust you can fill the nihility of your brightest star(though obviously it will be insufficient if fault is in the form of deep gunshot and covers giant surface area, or star is way too giant than your human body) or you can repair it, well scars will be seen on stars too as ugly as they are. Not gleamy lkke decorated silver neckless on toned neck of star. But you can’t reconstruct your star wholly even though you decide to stay in space bit more with your collapsed lungs which had already affected by carboxyhemoglobin attack on planet earth because of increased pollution and with claustrophobia inside your skull box. But you have given up to do any of these actions cause even thinking about these thrillers inside space make you feel that world is complex, sky seems more complex and you’ll never find faceless star of yours, among the bunch of stars. It's an impossible atleast in reality.

    Again, we are homo sapiens, controlled chronically by our senses and quarrelsome quests we need to quench them before they soak up our all water molecules and leave us as deserts, dead yet creating dunes on sand crystals of survival. So to give answer to “fault in stars” provisional, illogical but bit acceptable cause of fault in anyone’s star can be less hydrogen in their stars which will let them know that they have had massive beautiful stars, and stars are using hydrogen faster and so their cores run out of it, and so their stars can’t hold up against gravity. But even if their stars will die, one death will lead to myriad birth of new stars just like one phase of failure will lead you to have number of alarming new perceptions to look into any other tough situation or problem or heart quake or nightmare. (only if you will use your vision in analysing into your inner world, in doing introspection, in giving attention to your self-exploration and not into just outer busy world). 

    Homo sapiens and this cycle of space are connected even if we can’t see the closer view of celestial bodies or can’t touch that “same sky over different heads”. Just the way how our biological clock makes a chime with the digit less clocks of sun and moon, with dusk and dawn over the sky. Why we just often get attracted towards skies, evenings? or why our cameras click the different non-verbal expression of constant sky? Why you stand over the railing or on bit high wall to listen that unnamed language of night- of withering flowers, of wide awake streetlights, of closing shutters of wise windows, of forbidding wind?  Skies, daylights, nights, ain’t just beauty of mother Earth. Not skies are popping pills to have you as an addict. They are not just existing for “beauty of nature”. It’s all about homo sapiens and space, homo sapiens and nature. The bond we share. The unknown we have embraced. The unseen we believe in. 

    Whenever this rotating world stops on its axis, when you get stuck inside its bluish green thickness, when people voluntarily are lost from your life, when mysteriously you’re solving solved equation of ancient genesis with your new method, when ocean inside you having constant tide and ebb, no stability at the shore, when you feel alone on this world of 7.8 billion people, there is nature-space-your separate sky before which you unpack your felicity, grief, complaints, phobias, even your whole self as time comes when we homo sapiens lose our tongues to speak out the stories of strange, mixed up accidents or everyone seems stranger to understand and all you can see is their backs on your faces or even you find people on the same lonely bench rigidity inside your bones just don’t let them hear that crackling sound of brokenness(which can never occur in human body) or even if they understand though they don’t understand, you don’t feel urge to involve ‘em in the celebration of worse or good of yourself/your life, sometimes we homo sapiens just like solitude, we get tired of being humans even (as we are also speaking same poetry to others' life with different voice only just the way other humans do), everything seems perfectly fine in its place yet somethings are pricking your nerves silently, just like pre stage of silent cancer metastasis which ends up engulfing your life suddenly, all at once. That time we get to know, how seasons- space-nature work for homo sapiens, the unbeatable bond homo sapiens and universe share. And this is the way you find happiness, peace, all good things inside your own self. Just lift up your heels and all planets will walk with you, will pour love in your eyes and lend shoulder to cry on. You are not, nor have ever been alone. 

    //Never break your bones to repair your star if you feel there is fault cause it's just a feeling you feel in typical moments of time who knows reality would be different rather just look into good things you had, you’ve been given and you would have ahead. Be grateful for the every new day you get to live. Have cranberries from your ice box make your bones and heart strong. Have a nice winter//

    (This part was on imagination, for bit fun, not too logical but you’ll find bit of hope and new perception may be. I ain’t sure.)