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  • prinsimishra 29w

    शायद खो जाना होगा

    भूल-भुलैया रस्ते हैं अब निकल न पाना होगा,
    सपनों की छीना-झपटी में शायद खो जाना होगा।

    भेज रही हो ऐसे जैसै कल वापस आ जायेंगे,
    बैठ सभी के साथ मजे से छीन-झपट कर खायेंगें।
    तुम मेरे आँसू पोंछोगी हम अक्सर तुम्हें हँसायेंगे,
    आने वाले हर सुख-दुख का मिलकर बोझ उठायेंगें।

    कैसे कह दूँ माँ तुमसे अब न लौट के आना होगा,
    सपनों की छीना-झपटी में शायद खो जाना होगा।

    पूजा से पहले पुआ-पंजीरी बिल्ली बनकर खाये थे,
    याद रहेंगे वे गुल्लक जो तुमसे ही कभी भराये थे।
    दालानों की दीवारों में जो पेन्सिल से चित्र बनाये थे,
    दरवाजों पर खड़िया से तेरे नाम को लिख मुस्काये थे।

    उन सारी स्मृतियों को बस स्मृतियाँ हो जाना होगा,
    सपनों की छीना-झपटी में शायद खो जाना होगा।

    हम रहें अपरिचित दुनिया से तुम न ऐसा चाहोगी,
    पर परिचित हो जाने से सोचो कि क्या पाओगी।
    हम तुमसे दूर रहेंगे और अब तुम हमसे दूर रहोगी,
    रोओगी हमारी यादों में पर आँखों का नूर कहोगी।

    बिना तुम्हारी थपकी के अब नींद को आना होगा,
    सपनों की छीना-झपटी में शायद खो जाना होगा।

    -------------------------------------------प्रिंसी मिश्रा

  • mrspectacular 38w


    Getting to the interrogation room,a spacious and well ventilated room, he is asked to sit and wait for the next available agent to interrogate him. The agents seem rather reluctant in interrogating him. They stand in the next room watching him through the one-way glass, monitoring him as it waiting for him to freak out but he sits calmly.
    Two of the agents finally step up to the occasion. Gerald and Williams step up to the occasion. If they had not taken the step, the team would probably stand there all day and achieve nothing but embarrass the CIA and the entire government as well.
    Gerald goes first,
    'So Mr. Drite right?'
    'Yes sir', Collins responds
    'Any relation to Theresa Drite?' Williams asks with a stern smile.
    'Yes sir', he begins with a smile that carries a little pompousness with it. 'She is my wife'
    'Ok...So I believe she has briefed you on how it would go down...Yes'
    'I am not quite sure I am following anymore'

    The CIA officials look him in the face and let him understand that he would be required to follow them over to the Ministry of Finance for identification of the man and the evidence too. He can suddenly feel goosebumps growing on his body in fear of what may be the aftermath of Franz getting to know he is the Judas that ratted him out to the authorities.
    'It will be fine sir. You would just need to follow us so you can identify the person and also retrieve the document in question'
    'Alright. If that is all. It should be easy'
    'Oh definitely it would be easy', Gerald says shrouding the information that he will be required to work there for a week to enable them garner enough information to grab Franz much easier.
    They drive him off to the office after kidnapping one of the permanent secretaries in the ministry and recommending him for the position. The Minister accepts the nomination and fixes him in immediately. 'Your resumé seems so rich. I wonder where you have been all this while', the minister remarks while receiving him into the ministry as Permanent Secretary.
    Collins Drite settles into his new office and begins to dig up on the shady deals by Stephen Franz and cohorts. 'I need to get this man nailed as soon as possible. I do not like nonsense especially of this kind'. It would take him three full months to garner as much evidence as to put Franz behind bars. As expected, Franz is already on the run, having noticed Collins had seen the transaction on that day. Franz had taken to his heels to Portugal after he had realized Collins was on to him. The CIA who are really eager to grab him and his cohorts attempt to repatriate but fail as their request gets turned down by the embassy.
    'That is crazy', the CIA Head says when he is told of the development that they will have to wait for him to return from Portugal himself.
    A month after, the CIA closes the case temporarily pending Franz's return to the country. 'We will revisit it soon'

    As the days rolled into weeks and weeks into months, Franz begins to believe that the whole incident is probably now forgotten. The newspapers, blogs and other news outlets go silent on the matter. Franz feeling really positive that the issue has died down makes plans to return to the country. He packs his belongings up and heads for the airport but unknown to him, the CIA agents await his arrival at the country's airport. Boarding the plane alongside four hundred and forty nine other passengers, he is flown into the country.
    'Thank you very much. We will take it from here', a CIA agents slaps cuffs over Franz's hands as soon as he is cleared by airport security before reading him the Miranda rights. As they walk through the airport towards the parked CIA SUV, he keeps screaming 'What is my offence?' to the bewilderment of the other airport users but the CIA officers pay no attention to him, do not speak to him but continue to lead him away.
    'Thank you so much for helping us catch that criminal and his illegal buddies', Theresa says to Collins in bed later that night
    'Come on', Clinton says softly. 'It was more of your efforts than mine that he is currently behind bars'
    'So would you like to continue at the Ministry Of Finance or would you prefer your old job back?'
    'Well. I am beginning to like this new job so....'
    'Alright then. You can keep it', Theresa says with a smile and pausing for about thirty seconds, she whispers 'I love you darling'
    'I love you more'

  • mrspectacular 38w


    Collins Drite strolls into the Ministry Of Finance to see his friend, Stephen Franz on a rather casual visit. They have been friends for years and share virtually everything except Franz's involvement with a major black deal worth over six billion dollars.
    He stumbles upon a file while sitting in wait for Franz in his office as they had earlier planned to have a meeting in his office on some official matters. Sitting quietly, studying the file, he notices some irregularities in the numbers in the file. Franz walks in suddenly, laughing heartily at a joke a colleague of his just told him. Dropping the file hastily, Drite screams,
    'Finally you are here'
    'Yes...I am. Is everything okay?', he asks rather suspiciously. 'You seem tensed'.
    'Of course everything is fine... Everything is fine', Drite says quickly. 'You just startled me. That's all'.
    'Hmm...How did this get out?', he rhetorically questions, scrutinizing it for any tamperings. The atmosphere suddenly becomes rather awkward for Drite as he suddenly becomes very uncomfortable in the chair he sits in. He takes a look at his watch as if he is late for an event. He would usually pulled that stunt whenever he wanted to get out of an unfavorable situation but no one ever sees through it as indeed he is a hard-working man.
    'I have to take my leave now. I have a lot to do today in my office. We are very busy this week. I just thought I should drop in and say hello before getting to my office.' Drite says trying to discharge himself.
    'Alright,' Franz replies. He stretches out his hand and gives Drite a handshake, a bright smile that suggests 'Thank you for visiting, friend. I really appreciate it' stretches from cheek to cheek.
    Drite fakes a smile. 'It's a pleasure and I am quite sorry I could not stay so long. It's just I have a whole lot to do today in my office'. Franz offers to see Drite out but Drite turns him down causing Franz to return to his chair behind his desk while Drite finds his way out of the office still very tensed and shocked that Franz could be involved in such an impure deal. He wishes he could do more than just sit around and watch Franz and his cohorts milk the ministry and indeed the entire government of billions of dollars.
    Later at night, he returns from work, quickly has his shower, has his dinner with his family of six before climbing into bed for some rest. Despite trying so hard to catch some sleep, the thought of his bosom friend's involvement in the mega-fraud deal would not let him have the peace of mind that is required for sleep to take place.
    'Do you know it is very wrong to see something like this and keep quiet about it. Posterity would judge you for it and you know it always comes down heavy in this case......Young man, you do not know the full story so keep out of it; you have no business there', he banters with himself inside tossing and turning on the bed like a fish outside water. 'Something must be done and fast.' He turns again and shuts his eyes to force himself on sleep.
    The next morning, he wakes up looking very disgruntled as though he has just fought with someone right there in his bed. Taking a look in the bathroom mirror,
    'You are the one to shut this down. They cannot continue to make a mockery of hardwork...'
    He is still talking to himself when his wife, Theresa Drite walks into the bathroom. 'Is everything okay, Love?'
    Theresa works with an Intelligence Agency. There is something about Drite's disposition since the previous night that seems off.
    'Yes honey. I'm fine. It's just that....', he reneges on ratting his friend out. 'Never mind'
    Theresa has a way of working the information out of Collins. It was part of the reason he had married her in the first place, that ability to see through a person's deception and detect a hidden truth. 'Come on, you know you can talk to me', Theresa pauses and stares straight into Drite's eyes as if the information she searches for is hidden somewhere in there.
    'Alright, Alright', he breaks into a smile. 'You caught me. It is my friend'
    'Collins...You know you have a lot of friends, right? Some of which I do not even know', she says with a playful smile and a kiss to his forehead. 'So you may have to be pretty more specific than this.'
    'Well, I guess after this episode, I may be one short'
    'What do you mean?' She asks really concerned. 'Is any of them ill or dying?'
    'None of that, dear.' He wishes he did not have to tell on Stephen Franz but with the circumstances, his hands appear tied. 'It's Franz'
    'Okay.... Franz I know but I am not sure why you are so worried about a man as successful as he is. I mean he seems to be doing pretty well for himself the same way you are, so pardon m if I don't see the problem'
    'He is not who you think he is. There is more to him than meets the eye', Drite says.
    'Hmm...Now this is interesting. More like what?', Theresa Drite asks as she sets aside her brush and leads Collins out of the bathroom and into the bedroom.
    'So I am not quite sure', Collins begins. 'I think Franz is involved in a big fraud situation'.
    'How do you know this?' Theresa prods further in order to attain information enough to get Franz and his cohorts arrested for Fraud.
    'Well, I visited his office today and while waiting for him, I stumbled on a file that had some really suspicious content in it'.
    'Like what?'
    'Bank transactions running into billions which seem unaccounted for.'
    'Ok, we are talking about a senior staff in the Ministry Of Finance here you know. Those transactions you saw, for all we know, could have been authorized for a government project'
    'Listen, baby', Collins begins softly. 'I am no Forensic Accountant but something did not feel right in those files so I beg you to use your good office in the CIA to investigate the matter for the sake of this nation's economy'
    'Fine', Theresa backs down with a smile. 'We will look into it. I have to get ready and run'.
    Collins Drite while in his office received a call from the CIA summoning him for questioning at the Headquarters. The voice over the phone sounds rather authoritative as though they have concluded he is one of the criminal involved in the fraud. He follows the instructions and reports at the CIA headquarters for questioning. He has never been to the CIA headquarters regardless of the fact that his wife is a senior staff there but it turns out to be exactly how he imagined it would be. He is welcomed by agents in all black that he begins to imagine the CIA did probably lose someone the previous day or something, as he is escorted to a room, he mutters the word 'sorry' to virtually every agent he comes by, imagining they have taken the 'death of the personnel(s)' too personally that virtually the entire office is dressed in black.

  • brokensoul29 43w


    पता नही क्यूं पर जब से माँ बनी हुँ,माँ से और मोहब्बत हो गई है।

  • _enchanted_rose_ 43w

    Marriage & Homesickness

    This very feeling of homesickness after marriage is unswerving. I knew from the beginning that marriage has room for all the happiest and best moments of one's life but it has room for the sad parts of your life as well. A kind of sadness that grips like a solid mass in your throat which refuses to go away, that makes your chest twinge and eyes moist whenever you see an old photograph or feel nostalgic about certain things, that wrenches your stomach upside down, that makes your heart race, like experiencing a jumpscare out of a horror movie, a deep throbbing sadness which makes you miss your home, even more, it lets you realize what home is.
    I was always a person who struggled a lot to adjust, make friends and change my routines. But marriage taught me how and why to adjust - compromise - settle, and adapt for the things which were particularly new to me.
    I feel like a part of my home, stays with me yet it's lost somewhere completely. I miss lazing around in Pajamas with a hell of messy hair carefree, binge-watching my favorite TV shows, spending my whole time keeping my nose buried in my most favorite books, listening to my mom's soothing voice while I talk to her and my dad's pleasant voice while he sings, always seeing my two guardian angels before my eyes in their most beautiful appearance. Being the only child makes it more difficult after marriage to spend the days of your life staying away from your parents. I can't pass my day without thinking about all these things, about my parents, about their health and well being, about the food my mom made, about the secrets and laughter I shared with my parents, the movie nights I spent watching with them, the places I once visited with them, the journeys I have ever covered, the gossips I had, the meals I cooked for them, the days of shopping, the nights of feasts, the times of festivals, the birthdays and anniversaries, my first day of school and college when they came to pick and drop me, the therapeutic sessions I had when I felt like I had no friends, the lessons I learned from their experiences when I went astray, the morning wake-up call from mom by switching off the fan of my bedroom, the sound of my father's vehicle when he comes back home from work, the praise and appreciation when I win something at my college, the motivational speeches I got over times when I needed it the most.
    As a married woman, I miss all of this, those days I spent without realizing that I will one day recall it from the folder of my memories. I grieve my childhood and the lost days. I grieve the days spent with my family, I grieve the good old days when I lived life to the fullest.
    Though I have been married into a very loving, supportive, respected, and decent family, homesickness never fades away. I can't thank the Almighty enough for blessing me with such an amazing husband, who understands and supports me for who and what I am, who encourages me all the time, who never lets me down, who never fails to keep me happy, but homesickness has its roots connected deep down in the heart which can't be cut or broken.
    Over the years...will it ever get easier??

  • avanthikaleesha 81w

    My Secret Castle

    I belong to a secret castle which
    has firm roofs even in a bad weather,
    that gives me comfort during hard times
    by securing me in fatherly care...

    The only pillar inside there is magical,
    as it's capable of being at the right place
    to lend me a lifeline just before a fall,
    and it rises me up in brotherly concern...

    The cusion inside there is too warm,
    as it always gifts me a soothing embrace
    to make me forget an exhausting day,
    and it solaces me by motherly affection...

    Whenever I leave my room,
    its door refuses to be closed on its own
    like someone eager to swallow me again
    and it leaves a permanent shadow
    in my wanderlust mind,
    blurring its path ahead..


  • newcomerspoetry_official 87w


    कुछ गुफ्तगु एक अनजान के साथ हो गई।
    पता लगा परवासी था, लाकडॉअन हुआ तो उसकी जिदंगी खराब हो गई॥

    जिंदगी पारिस्थियों की मोहताज हो गई।
    सड़क पर बैठकर खानी पड़ी रोटी, ये हिमाकत अपने देश में ही साकार हो गई॥

    घर तब बहुत दूर नजर आता है।
    साथ जो था परिवार का, जब वो भी नहीं मिल पाता है॥

    कुछ सकले है धूधली-सी, जो अभी भी राजनीति के गलीयारें में है।
    ओर किनको पड़ी है इनकी, जो सोए सड़क किनारे पर है॥

    जिंदगी लाचारी में जिने को शर्मशार हो गई।
    भूख से मरते लोगो की जिंदगी रास्तों पर ही सो गई॥

    जब पक्के बने रास्तो पर मेरा देश पैदल चलता जाता है ,
    तो क्या कोई सपना देखने का हमारा हक रह जाता है॥

    इनके पसिनो में ही हमारा रातों का चैन था।
    गुफ्तगु हुई तो जाना वो आज कितना बेचैन था॥

    माँ ने बेटे को खुद से इतना दूर पाया।
    जब मजदूरी कर कमानें गए बेटे को इतना मजबूर पाया॥

    सांखों से गिरे पत्तों की आवाज नहीं होती।
    मगर बिना पत्तों के वृक्ष की शोभा की बात नहीं होती॥

    हर तरफ शोर था, सुन कोई नहीं रहा था,
    प्रवासियों की जिंदगी जैसे खिलवाड हो गई।
    लाकडॉउन हुआ तो कुछ जिदंगीयाँ बर्बाद हो गई॥


    अंकित सिहं राणा

  • kromana11 93w

    It was just a dream..

    After a long time I had a day off from work,
    I got a very deep sleep since long,
    I went to my home,
    I sat in my mom’s lap,
    I played with my dog,
    I met my sister,
    I saw our old pictures,
    I went to my room,
    I saw my clothes hanging,
    I tried wearing them, but none of them fits,
    I ate my favourite food, especially that fruit I never see here,
    I saw real happiness,
    I felt inner eureka in my mom’s heart,
    I unpacked my luggage gave everyone something,
    I experienced every nook and corner of my home since I left it,
    I can feel how deeply it resides in my mind,
    It was all going well until I woke up and felt it was just a dream....


  • ahmad_suhail 98w

    Like any other day maa woke me up,
    I thought up like her, it was time to get up.
    End off getting ready I left for the college,
    Where my comrades shout 'hey what's up.
    Feeling that cockcrow breeze in the quad,
    Afterward we left to accomplish the build-up.
    In a flash I heard a familiar motif,
    Which actually woke me up.
    Queer, it was the strain of the alarm,
    Oh! I literally was dreaming up.
    All it was the sequel of homesickness,
    Which in every home longing person comes up.

  • munahdiamond 105w

    Leaving home during a thunderstorm makes me homesick but I know that soon, I'll be coming back home under a rainbow.

  • shambhavi_shandilya 112w

    When we miss our family ❤️ Hostel life can bring you many friends but nothing can replace the love for parents...
    #mirakee #writersnetwork @writersnetwork #homesickness #familylove #parents #collegelife

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    घर से दूर...

    जब हॉस्टल के खाने में,
    माँ के हाथ का स्वाद तलाशते है हम।
    याद आता है, घर से दूर आ गए है हम।

    जब पूरा दिन,
    छोटे भाई को बिना परेशान किए, निकल देते हैं हम।
    याद आता है, घर से दूर आ गए है हम।

    वो जब दिवाली पर,
    पूरे घर को नहीं, सिर्फ़ अपने कमरे को सजाते है हम।
    याद आता है, घर से दूर आ गए है हम।

    जब World Cup का मैच,
    बड़े टी.वी पर नहीं, अपने फ़ोन पर अकेले देखते है हम।
    याद आता है, घर से दूर आ गए है हम।

    जब बचपन में दिए हुए सौ रुपये बचाने की जगह,
    पापा से महीने के खत्म होने तक और पैसे मांगते है हम।
    याद आता है, घर से दूर आ गए है हम।

    जब रोज़ सुबह,
    माँ का "उठ जाओ बेटा" की जगह, अलार्म को स्नूज़ करके उठते है हम।
    याद आता है, घर से दूर आ गए है हम।

    जब खाना नहीं खाने पर,
    माँ को, "हाँ, खा लिया" बोल देते है हम।
    याद आता है, घर से दूर आ गए है हम।

    और जब रोज़ रात की खामोशी में,
    सिर पर सहलाते हुए, माँ का हाथ ढूंढते है हम।
    याद आता है, घर से दूर आ गए है हम।

  • angshumann 113w


    I may have left karimganj, but karimganj has neva left meh..!!

  • ajaymeena 116w

    आज फिर मुझसे छोटी छोटी बातों पे लड़ने वालों की कमी हैं।
    आज फिर से एक रोटी ज्यादा खिलाने वाली की कमी हैं।
    आज फिर से घर और घरवालों की कमी हैं।
    सायद इसलिए आज फिर से दिल मे लाखों अरमान
    और आंखों में एक अजीब सी नमी हैं।
    #future-goals #life #life

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  • _cryptic_soul_ 119w


    Teri bahut yaad aati hai maa !!
    Kabhi kaha nhi,
    Par teri fikr satati hai maa...
    Jee chahta hai tumhari sari khwahishein pal me poori kr du...
    Tere kadmo me lakr ye jahan rakh du...
    Yu to sare khaab mukammal hue hai zindagi me...
    Par har mod pr ek teri yaad aati hai maa...
    Tu bahut yaad aati hai maa !!!

  • sahanah 121w

    Happy place

    Home is not a happy place
    But your parents are

  • aynam_ 124w

    I took too long to understand that no matter where I go what I do how I feel deep inside I always crave for my home(family) when they are with me I'm perfectly fine and now that these struggles of life demands to be far away from them all I can do is to just pray for there well being.

    #pod #wod #nostalgia #home #homesickness #imissyou #momdad #crave #alone #together #mylife @readwriteunite @writersnetwork @mirakee

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    Such a nostalgic I am
    When you were around me
    I wanted to live alone
    Now that I am
    All I need is you to be around me
    Each breathe and every second of my life

  • that_freak 124w


    That's pretty blurred up
    But I like it anyway.
    The way I used to play
    With the little kids in lane
    Through my broken window net.
    Had no idea from where they came
    Or where they'd go after the game.
    With my broken words
    I drew them a tale
    With my rough drawings
    I gave them a smile.
    Some saw us with admiration
    Some saw us with disgust.
    The broken window net was repaired
    But it broke the bond of us two
    The two worlds were so distant now
    That no door could bring them close.
    The kids went back to their mother's lap
    I went back to my bed for nap.
    Years later I understood those people
    Who mend all broken windows
    Windows that bring close the worlds of two.
    Of those who live in lane
    and sleep on mother's lap.
    And those who live in house
    and sleep on their beds.
    They will mend all broken windows
    And create a wall between the two.


  • priya_26 125w

    Homesickness घर की याद नहीं, मां की याद होती है!

  • priya_26 125w

    समय है, बीत जाता है...
    परिवार से दूर रहना, इंसान सीख जाता है...

  • that_freak 127w


    When you see something
    You don't just see it
    You make a memory
    Although you forget most of it
    But the little bit you remember
    haunts you
    even in the least similar situations.
    You love it, you hate it.
    You smile but you wanna cry too.
    You wanna experience that moment again.
    You become wistful
    and homesickness surrounds you.
    Even though it's blurry, that home,
    Whether it's some people or a place
    or a scene or a smell.
    Whatever it is, the longing to revisit it is there.
    That is what you call Nostalgia
    and you can't beat it but live.