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  • wingedpoetry 53w

    home is not
    someone or

    it is feeling
    of being
    safe under
    your own skin


  • _mathematics 54w

    Doomed, the living life or the sudden death?
    Who knows!
    The script of the future I witnessed was dreaming up the sonnets only Lord Shakespeare, can decipher with the art of writings when ironies seem to be the fact.

    Same as life, I live like and wanted to love but fail at some junctions where my train roll-out of the tracks and start plunging to the side, witnessed in the nightmares during the nights when the connection between me and sleep merely left out as a result of which now I sleep but truly not into sleep rather filling out the spaces with the letters and words with which I built up a home of hopes and expectations with zero in return.

    And everyone else too does the same in their damn way. However, they feel. Then why not let them feel it and not interfering or peeping out to indulge in the situation neither you nor I am even aware of. Yes, it implies on me too.

    Cause in the yearning for one precious we lost a little bit of everything we had. It doesn't mean you are wrong rather rectify the damage that made you do wrong.

    Sometimes when sunsets have taken off still its light persists in that space in a little proportion.

    p.s- this might be a bizarre read for some or many but I have conducted it in all my senses, I swear or maybe not.

    #homec #doomedc #3amc

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    उलझे लफ्ज़
    बिखरता इश्क
    सच नहीं यह
    छल है एक।
    When it's 3 am and you can't sleep
    composed poetries whisper the
    notes still incomplete.

  • anamika17 54w


    Home is where my love is,
    My house is not my home.
    House made of bricks and stones,
    Gives me solitary ,lonesome feelings.
    But , the place, my love resides,
    Certainly, my home is placed there.
    Between the rib cage, I love to stay.
    The vibration of your pious love
    Can be felt and smelled only there.
    Come,grab me,hold me onto your chest,
    I want to enjoy your enigmatic smell.
    Transform my house into home.
    A place where you and I can stay in love.

  • kamikazemind 54w

    My myriad flaws were finally welcomed,
    & you went on untangling my mess,
    with your tranquility,
    lacing them back together,
    mending my distortions.
    You read my silence,
    then we hummed in harmony,
    our beloved melancholic melody.
    And I was ascertain,
    if anything is for real,
    this is it,
    this is where i belong.
    in your arms,
    my home.


  • rekhuu 54w

    Change of fate.?!

    When it's 3am and you can't sleep in the comfort of your sweet home. Your thoughts going in a spiral from your myriad failures to the possibility of doomsday. The four walls threatening to engulf you in its monotony - pulling you harder with each passing minute and making you feel doomed forever, when all of a sudden, the starlight sneaks into your room and presents to you a novel idea that was so long elusive. .


  • jewelskhan75 54w

    -from the book 'A place for us.'

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    Home for me is a place I stand outside of; looking in.

  • wilmaneels1 54w

    It has so many forms
    Sometimes there aren't even four walls
    Sometimes it's a person
    Your "home" looks different from mine
    But I hope you find peace in yours
    May you smile more
    May you be able to unwind and rest when you enter
    May you feel safe if your home is found in a person
    Even with all of life's struggles
    We do need that space we call "home"
    No matter what shape it takes

  • bellemoon99 54w


    A journey so my skills I can hone.
    Ready to try things I've never done.
    A gorgeous sunset marking the end.
    Regardless of how far I travel.
    I always, always come home.

  • sweedle 54w

    We made a home out of forgotten memories, did we ever remember to leave the hurt behind ? We joined our hearts into one , but did we ever let it bleed tears our eyes refused to shed ?

    © Sweedle

  • kamala_kammu 54w


    I locked up inside the home
    In afraid of something someone
    Would snatch me away
    Into the world where I don't belong

    I'm afraid of someone
    Who try to peep into my secret
    I have treasured until now
    So I keep myself locked

    Inside an empty home
    Abandoned by my old self
    I guard those memories
    By being stronger day by day

  • sproutedseeds 54w

    HOME acrostic

    H eart
    O f
    M ultitude
    E motions


  • angels_halo_shines 54w

    Ticking of the Clock

    Sometimes, when I was a little girl I would dread going home. I know it sounds rather dramatically insane.So I won’t speak on that part. You can probably figure why if you think about it.

    ~ ~ ~

    I don’t want to focus on the bad. Now as I have grown up, I appreciate to be able to come home. I have 1 boy still at home. Goodness. How times fly!! Enjoy every waking moment you can with your children as you possibly can. I understand that time goes by, so very fast. The last 15 years or so I look back and wonder where the Hell did the time go? Tick, tick tock, tick tock for where has the time gone? Time you can never get back, now you can’t say that you were not given a warning. I hope you all use it wisely, or you will be looking back as I am now.
    Trust me, you don’t want to do that.

  • lightnessandark 54w

    Home is substantially the place where you are the most comfortable in, a place that you can come back to after a hectic day, a place you can count on to which will always be there in times of sorrow, sickness, happiness or grief. For me my home was not any place, but you. And ever since you’ve left, I don’t feel like I belong anywhere. Hence even people living in four big walls are also homeless sometimes just like I am.

    #challenge by @writersbay

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    For my home was not a place, but you.
    And ever since you left I’ve been as homeless as I could be even after living in big four walls.

  • pallavi4 54w


    It was going to be a good day after all
    He thought to himself with a smile
    Finally the pleasant evening was planned
    And home was just another mile

    He parked out front and whistled a tune
    Carried a brown parcel under his arm,
    There was a spring in his step as he bounded up
    And turned off the house alarm.

    She must be asleep he thought
    For the house was like a pitch black sea—
    I must be as quiet as I can
    Her slumber is precious to me.

    He opened the present he’d bought for her
    Pleased with its size and shape,
    He handled it with great care and gentleness
    To his precise instructions it had been made.

    Placing it gently he looked for the rake
    To light the brick fireplace,
    Thought light he would a fire so warm
    No cold this night would his lady face.

    The fireplace came to life with a spark
    Grateful for the given life,
    She must feel the warmth and feel no chill
    I owe, he thought, this much to my wife.

    Placed by the lit embers lay her present
    Just like he'd planned for so long —
    He wanted the present to present itself
    Perfectly with a timed alarm.

    He moved quietly with one last look at her
    Not willing to wake her sleeping form,
    Walk he did to the car out front
    And drove soundlessly in the snow storm .

    Two minutes later, after he had left
    The house lit up like a Christmas tree,
    It boomed, it crackled and shone in the night
    And woke up the whole street.

    I did shock the life out of her, he thought
    Seeing the burning house, he grinned from ear to ear,
    She always complained I planned no surprises for her
    I hope I thrilled her with my gift this year !


    24th of July, 2021

    Pic credit: Pinterest, picture credited to its rightful owner

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  • suranjana__ 54w

    #start #homec #pod #suwn #suquill
    @writersnetwork you know i love you(9)
    @miraquill thank you so much for making my day the best .
    i love you to the moon and back��♥️(1)
    @fairytales_ and thanks to you for enjoying your sister's pod and to everyone. dii i just don't know how to react.
    this is my first ever pod i was waiting for this so much and now i am like just mute. ��♥️
    thank you everyone!! you are a part^_________^
    i soon would reply..

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    E-ndings are not always
    as peaceful as sunsets
    they conceal string of veins
    played in a howling rhythm
    while one vacates day and night
    into hell's magma of perpetual pain
    by foam of wretched blaze.

    M-umma and papa packaging bags
    of thrown out knitted nerves
    of love and warmth
    of kisses and hugs
    connecting the key of promise
    with the lock of sacrifices they said
    " we have to die now."
    i grabbed them in my heart
    with a tight fabric of alphabets
    that were dropping from my mouth
    as if i was vomiting fountain of
    shattered voices.

    O-ne and the other
    ashes upon ashes
    of good people dying in stairs
    some in wardrobes, in bathroom,
    in the living room and on the roof two
    grandparents clutching hands
    while death embedded them
    singing a lullaby for lungs and heart
    uncle and aunty yawning
    for the expiry date
    of muscles, of skin, of bones
    that would fondle with the soil
    of a startle graveyard
    hanging in our dead cells.

    H-owled we
    while parents of our lied on the deathbed
    scribbling hues imperfect
    in the dark grey sky
    portraying their photographs
    of withered eyes and ears
    of broken nose and nerves
    of chopped hands and hairs
    of deceased arteries and abdomen
    of prisoned veins and vocal chords.
    scars and wounds embraced them
    and left us alone
    in the dark vault.

    i gulped fear and
    swallowed melodies of trauma
    and then a hand whirling in the roof
    took away my sibling in its arms
    with a tale of another death
    i holded the curtain
    gulping another fear
    i scripted a poem for my home
    for the deceased people
    to take away me
    and the home shook
    and whispered death
    you are mine.


  • shru_pens 54w

    #homec @miraquill @writersnetwork @writersnetwark @writersbay

    Home of a heart
    As soft as a sponge
    With scars of dripping blood all around
    With unimaginable silly anxieties pricking

    Home of a heart
    As rough as a stone
    Not a thorn can rely
    On what fate it would have next

    Home of a heart
    As beautiful and scented as a rose
    Source of love and hate
    Destination is togetherness

    Home of a heart
    As flexible as an elastic
    Dilemmas infinite it carries
    Yet so confused so unsure it is

    Home of a heart
    Arteries and veins all around
    Its the game of auricles and ventricles
    Its lifeline once paused, and
    Its home is destroyed forever.

    Home of a dead heart
    Soul is vanished, but
    Heart remains intact
    It is the only memory, it's the existence.

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    Heart of a home, the best it is
    With the heartless emotions sometimes
    Spoiling the youth of heart.

  • jumbledthoughts 54w

    A paradox

    A Refuge
    An Abyss

  • ersheeen 54w


    Home is where the heart glows.
    Home is where everything
    Home is where love prays.
    Home is where you wander.
    Home is where you grew.
    Home is where you
    embrace the beauty of

    Home is where dreams
    Home is where you get
    Home is where you love
    Home is where walls have
    Home is where you are
    free of judgement.
    Home is where you're
    a freedom loving

    Home is where
    good time pass.
    Home is where bad time
    stay aways.
    Home is where you learn
    Home is where you put
    your tried toes.
    Home is where you
    get to know

    @ersheeen @writersbay @writersnetwork @miraquill @readwriteunite #homec #pod

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    Home is where heart plays....

  • kosachaya 54w

    Used lines -
    You think it's over and yet in ordinary midnight
    Endings are not peaceful as sunsets
    Not all poems are meant to be read..

    #start #homec

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    Not all poems are meant to be read..
    Quivering the emotions of the heart..
    Bewildering interpretation and analysis..
    Labyrinth the emptiness to lay lexical rythym....
    Pulverising dispersed aroma....
    Tenderise the obscure dilemma.....
    Where quill elflock the chase of ending.
    * * *
    Contemplating home to the poetries..
    Thriving abrupt duality of experience...
    Reciprocating several reflective poems...
    Striving the vision and mission oriented thoughts...
    Etching the beleaguered diaspora of not all poetries are meant to be read...
    * * *
    Waving the harbinger silhouettes to say :
    "You think it's over and yet in ordinary midnight",
    Endings are not peaceful as sunsets
    Compartmentalized the timely nuances.
    Bewitching hypnotism to extremism of bizzare chances...
    Where the sangfroid poetries...
    Enshrine solace to the sensational hymn of anonymity.
    - S Gayathri Vijayaragavan

  • ankitarani_ 124w


    Home is not where you are born,
    Home is where all feel safe and lovable..