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    Our home is a place where we started our life as a couple,
    Each wall of the house speaks about our journey so far,
    It has seen us raw, weak, scared, devastated and vulnerable,
    But the pillars echoing with holy chants keep us up for every war.

    A nest we've built together with the twigs of sacrifices,
    Beams of our love and affection emblazon our hearth,
    We spread our wings of courage, to combat each crisis,
    Has freshen it up the divine cologne of our children's birth.

    Bricks after bricks of failed and repeated attempts, we placed,
    With cement of hardwork and perseverance, we've braced,
    We age battling against the storms of misunderstanding, arguments and anger,
    The quakes led by foes, their evasiveness and enviousness, to endanger.

    In its company numerous festivals we've been celebrating,
    Like an old album, precious memories, its walls have saved,
    Its a place where we have seen our elders departing,
    Doors with the traces of their blessings and lessons lie engraved.

    It has witnessed us growing, each wrinkle it has cherished,
    The roof reflects the tales of our struggles and defeats,
    Floor hums the chimes narrating how we overcame & flourished,
    Dream destination & a holy place is good for a while, home is a place the crave for which never depletes.


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  • chandrimas772 21h

    Hoisting the Flag of Feminism
    on Social Media
    is appreciable!

    But ! Not Raising your Voice
    for it in your own home
    even after witnessing
    abuse and
    violation of rights, is unjustifiable !


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    On holy ground
    Plant your feet
    Be rooted in joyous light
    Be satiated in heavenly warmth
    Sing the seraphim song
    While your body lay twisted and torn
    Forlorn figure on the pavement
    Your soul has reached your father
    In him your sorrows are forgotten
    All pain dissipates
    You are home, forevermore


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    Hey people,
    Don't forget, the key of your soul and your happiness is right there in your hand, only you can open the door!
    Whatever you are, however you are; you are his creation and the most beautiful one, keep it in your heart.
    Just like you decorate the house you live in, decorate yourself cause your permanent address is YOU!

    Do share what's your feeling. ��
    #Home #love #life #soul #you @miraquill

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    Your Sweet Home

    Your body is the home where your soul resides,
    You own it,It's you who can hold up Its dignity and pride.
    You don't allow outsiders to choose the colour for your wall,
    And the beauty of home isn't set on how big is it or how small.
    The door will open but only for those you want to let in,
    So if you don't want intruders to enter your hut you aren't at all mean.
    The events of the past cracked a few window pane,
    It's just giving way to sunlight, your suffering didn't go in vain.
    You my dear, are the master of your house and creator of your glee,
    It matters less what shape or size; love is the foundation of home you see.

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    We live Somewhere

    We live somewhere in the middle of today and tomorrow.
    We live somewhere in the middle of right and wrong.
    We live somewhere in the middle of pain and gain.
    We live somewhere in the middle of loss and fear.
    We live somewhere in the middle of happiness and sadness.
    We live somewhere in the middle of failure and success.
    We live somewhere in the past, forgetting about today and thinking about the uncertain future.
    We live or we don't.


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    नए अंजान शहर से कुछ महिने पहले सोचा एक मुलाकात करते हैं,
    अपने खुद के शहर को थोड़े समय के लिए भुलाया करते हैं।
    अब साल मे एक बार जाना होता है वहा,
    जहां की गलियों मे शोर मचाया करते थे।
    जिन्के चेहरे देख कर सुभा होती थी अपनी,
    उनकी अब आवाज से काम चलाया करते है।
    आज इस नए शहर की रोशनी मे कुछ गुम सा गया है,
    लेकिन वो मकान जो अब घर बन गया है
    उसी आज भी पूजा करते हैं।


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    #monologue #wod @miraquill @writersnetwork #home #memories

    Jamie you know, people leave but places don't.
    They exist holding back all the memories, fragrances and scars. See this home where I brought you up, these broken window is explaining how naughty you were, these artistic walls are narrating your relation with crayons, even these steps cried when you fell from above, this kitchen filled with carbon dust and grease still holds your mother's recepies, your bedroom walls are reciting the rhymes you forgot , see even now our varanda can echo those year back laughters, can you forget those twinkling nights spent on terrace. Dear How you can sell these memories.....?? This is not just a home. when even i will be gone like your mother, this will be the only place where you can find us, where you can find your peace and happiness, where you can find yourself . Either you will be in deeper depths or highest peak never forget what you went through . This is where your life started, this is where I constructed dreams for you, this not just made of few bricks and a fistful of cement. It is built of Unconditional love and emotions that can never be equal to any currency. My dear, I hope one day you will understand this in my absence but never let it get too late.


    Note - picture credit to the rightful owners

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    Listen to walls they speak more than you.....

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    Consumed in an
    ocean of love all
    in the name of

    I barely have any
    knowledge on
    how I can resist
    the constant
    Temptation to
    enter the door
    in my head
    leading to you
    and every possible
    things, we could
    have been.

    Under cosmic beauty
    I try to feel your presence
    My heart sinks in pain
    and somehow feels calm
    for your absence but
    your presence somewhere
    under the same sky
    So, I breathe in you;
    I breathe in life.

    Believing in the magic
    of stars, cosmos and
    the universe.
    I only talk to 'em
    about you and I
    feel, they talk too
    about you.

    Only that's how my
    love, I keep me alive.
    That's how, they keep
    me alive until you
    return back home.


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    Here I thought I put away this away, guess I have more to write, express.
    #mirakee #home #2021@mirakee @homepage @saberous

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    Come home slowly

    It's a slow road, slow home

    That leads to a well known place

    To a well known face

    But I don't understand

    The power of one line to the heart

    So your lover's face is everywhere

    In everything you do

    What else can we do?

    It's a slow road, slow home

    That leads to a well known face

    But I don't understand

    The power of one line to the heart

    So your lover's face is everywhere

    In everything you do

    I hope that you're ready

    I hope that you're staying right here

    I hope you're coming soon

    But if you think you might like it

    There's a better life than the slow road

    Where you're living among strangers

    But in the rush hour traffic

    Got no way of discovering.


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    A Northern Star

    He shines like a sun, to my firefly,
    Pleasant wind carrying fragrance of flowers from faraway lands.
    His presence permeates love, be you a friend or a foe.
    He personifies the youthfulness of the young and unconditional love of the old.
    His laugh is merriment, sweet music of a wind chime.
    His smile is radiance personified.
    He is the feeling of abundance, grace and blessings.
    His voice brings the contentment, of having everything.
    He is the sphere of light, illuminating my life.
    A beckon of lighthouse, for a wandering sailor at night.
    A floating log of wood to the drowning,when the shore isn't in sight.
    He is magical mirror, showing all the good possibilities in life.
    He is someone i have come to worship.
    He is beautiful, he is wise, yet innocent like a child.
    He is a shining angel with wings of light.
    If life is a dream, and all beings are one, he is the most beautiful of all those conciousness manifestations & I know I am right.
    For he is who keeps me going, whose presence tides me over the unseen parts of life.
    He is Home, he is love. He is the northern star, he is my guiding light.

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    छोड़ कर शामियाने को हम सड़कों पर निकल चले ।

    बंजारों को हर रोज़ नया आशियान सजाना पड़ता है ।।


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    You could have been my home if
    there was calmness in a mysterious cottage,

    but we only venture in places of adventure,
    not stay there forever in false hope of peace.


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    Thanku @writersnetwork for ❤(22)✨

    My heart resembles abandoned home.. ��

    Not a medico still 10th class wali biology use krli ����
    Any mistakes with terms ��

    Also i m super late here��

    @writersnetwork @mirakee #pod #wod #heart #home #abandoned #dailychallenges

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    Heart ~my home

    World preached me heart is the home to our soul
    Where resides thy benevolence greatest of all
    Four chambers suffused with sentiment resembles its room
    And the pumping blood sprinkle thy strength to bloom
    Red ripples of aerated love paints its withered walls
    At corner lies closet all cluttered with memories of bitter fall
    Artries assembles the attributes of your journey
    And pounding heartbeats are hymn of silent story
    Pulmonary veins are the vessels of your vicious valour
    shimmering serenity are its chandelier alloted to align its allure
    Disclose the doors of your heart and greet the worldly guild
    So i sabotaged its silvery window for choas to enter my shield
    Foremost they flattered my home with whimmy words
    Little did i know how they teared up my trust with hidden swords
    Some pierced my peace with pawns of agony
    Some scribbled hate betwixt my soothing story
    Some looted all my lavishing letters of dumped deft
    Briefly blessed me with bruises and one day they all left
    Now i ink thy crumbled pages with traces of their rashful roam
    My heart now confides poetry bleeding tales of an abandoned home

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    The pictures that once hung on walls
    Now lay broken in pieces
    As blood drips from the endless tries
    Of piecing it together
    Like trying to piece a broken heart

    The children who run scared
    As they step foot into the abandonment home
    Are like the dreams that faded
    Or the skies that turned from the shade of blue
    To the shades of the grayest blues

    The broken steps leading up to the home
    İs the broken hopes of the souls
    Who beamed with light now beam with gloom
    Like the flowers that bloomed
    Only to decay and rot
    - Sadar

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    Loving someone is like building a home. You need bricks of selflessness, cemented gratitude, furnitured understanding, and tiled conversation. Yes there will be challenges in making it. But it's your HOME. It will belong to you for your whole LIFE.
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    Written by @im.anonymous.writer
    ©All rights reserved
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    #love #ishq #mohabbat #pyaar #someone #selflessness #gratitude #understanding #conversation #home #life #challenges

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    Loving is HOME

    Loving someone is like building a home. You need bricks of selflessness, cemented gratitude, furnitured understanding, and tiled conversation. Yes there will be challenges in making it. But it's your HOME. It will belong to you for your whole LIFE.

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    I never knew what peace felt like
    Until you embrace me and whisper
    "Welcome home"