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  • rodney 7w

    19th February, 2021.
    11:06 p.m.

    This is a work of fiction, however the point I'm trying to make here is that God's will and plan for your life will always be the best. Don't go chasing after your own heart; but instead, hope, pray for His will to be realized.
    I'm happily single, until His will for me is to get married. Not a man who'd play around. One woman for life. ��

    #Godslove #Godswill #Godsplan #marriage #holymatrimony

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    His will made you my wife.

    Arms wavelike,
    Head tilted to amuse light.

    Your body is lifesize,
    Your soul is mine to abide.

    As you sway in,
    Drop your shadows to swallow my sinning,
    I'll watch you come to me.

    Bargaining your way in.

    As I curve my back to swallow more lighting,

    Your eyes are glimmering,
    In between the shadow and lighting.

    As your heart keeps racing,

    I gently hover over your waistline to push your back to press in.

    As we come together in unity;

    I feel the temples racing,

    In the scent of your sweat,
    All through your teasing and awaiting,

    I've come clean.

    To finally meet and unite as one body,
    As God intended it to be.

    As my Lord intended it to be.

    My love, you are everything that I need,

    From the tattered dusk,
    Through till the suspended dawn—

    You are everything that I need.