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  • virta_wagde 4h

    A very few people say it out loud for guys�� so if I m crushing on one, then I got to write it here..like this...:)
    #poetry #him #aguy #crush #goodfeels

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    Mischievous yet charming!
    When he enters;
    The room goes perceiving.
    He isn't like anybody..
    He looks indifferent but special.
    He isn't too vocal but,
    His eyes say thousand words.
    He ruins things to make up ..
    He pushes to pull closer.
    His intentions are clever..
    Not to hurt, it could be never!
    He is like a ocean wave;
    Peircing my heart to make his cave.
    I am quite fond of him..
    He keeps coming in my dreams.

  • shrutymaheshwari 5h

    My Music

    His voice,
    a melody amidst the chaos.
    My heart humms it to itself like its favourite song.

    His name,
    a lyric,
    stuck on the tips of my tongue.
    I chant it day and night like a pious mantra.

    His eyes,
    strikes a chord with my eyes.
    Its impossible for me to look away from them.

    His love,
    a piece of soulful music.
    It creates a world of our own around me.

    Our hearts,
    singing rhythm of their own,
    a harmony of our souls.

    Our story,
    bunch of musical notations,
    My fingers play it on piano every evening.

    If I were a musician, then he was my music.
    Blended like second skin to me.
    We had embraced each other for a forever!


  • dil_se_dilshath 4d

    I was working
    but then
    his thoughts occupied my mind
    and smilingly I got distracted ❤️

  • dil_se_dilshath 4d

    The greatest plot twist of my life
    I always feel happy about is,
    "Him" !!

  • lunaruhi 4d

    When I'm with you things are different,
    The Sun shines brighter,
    The Breeze feels warmer,
    The Morning Coffee tastes sweeter,
    And my days are better.
    I don't know what you think,
    But waking up next to you is what I want,
    Filling up voids in my heart is what you do,
    And loving each other is what we must be doing.

    We can't let the past keep us holding ourselves in confined spaces,
    Even if the time with you would be temporary,
    I still want it,
    Because I want to remember us: happy & together.

    I want all of that,
    Late night talks, long walks, safe hugs, warm kisses & bitter sweet love.

  • ayushi_m_writes 4d

    I will wait

    I don't know what is happening,
    Is it just me or time really seems to travel fast.
    It seems just yesterday we met,
    Outside of a train station,
    With my heartbeat fast,
    Eyes filled with tears of joy,
    Heart filled with sentiment,
    As my love arrived.
    I still feel the same, everytime I see you,
    The same pacing of heartbeat,
    The same adrenaline rush,
    The same feeling of nervousness,
    The same safeness when I hold your hands,
    The same everything, from the day we met.
    I still feel the same love for you.
    I will always feel the same love.
    That day I awaited you, to be close to you.
    Now I await you, to be in my life forever,
    No matter how long the wait is.
    Maybe someday we might reunite.
    I loved you with my whole heart that day,
    I still love you with my whole heart,
    I will always love you the same.
    You're staying forever in my heart.


  • purrrrr 4d

    Him And I

    I asked him "Will you save me in my deepest fears?"
    He nodded consolingly.
    But his coy smile gave it all away.
    And little did I know
    He was the snitch
    Who whispered to my demons.

    They say humans have emotions.
    But he had two eyes,
    two ears and a mouth.
    Still, he breathed of atrocity.
    He was meant to be my breakthrough.
    But chose to be the reason for my blues.

    He hewed my heart like a mere craft.
    For it was like worth a dime.
    He brewed our fantasy
    with disgusts of fallacy.

    After asking for my soul
    He still wanted more
    And I realised he was a deplore.

    What is that bond?
    Is it a curse?
    For being alive on this earth?
    After all, I fell for his devilish
    So, now it's my time to bear the fruits.

    We bloomed together like
    Or was it just my delusion?
    Which soon withered to reality.
    And just like that,
    Our love succumbed.
    His very words abrased
    my soul.
    Leaving Him and I

  • jomygk 5d


    All I want from you is just pure love
    I don't know whether you have it for me..
    But all those moments cherished with you is enough for me then..
    And I will never ever forget what you were for me and I am eternally grateful for that.

  • ascetic_amenuensis 1w


    There's a blizzard outside.
    But I'm protected.
    I'm in my forever home.
    The walls are warming my soul,
    while I'm enjoying the white spell
    that's being casted by nature,
    through the windows.
    Your arms are the walls.
    Your lips are the windows.
    You are my forever home.

  • bliss02 1w

    I am not holding his hand
    but i wants to ...
    He is not mine
    but i wants him to be ...
    I love him the most
    but may be its not worthy ,
    I don't know is he pretending that he don't care
    Or actually he don't .
    I am giving my best to him
    but may be its not that worthy .
    We don't talk much
    but i wants him to text me first ,
    I am loosing my hope
    Which i don't wants to ,
    i wants to hold onto him .
    I wants to be nobody's
    But his .


  • incandescent_ink 1w

    The moon and galaxies
    Blazing fire and spellbinding ashes
    Swaths of ice pluming around
    And dirt
    addicted me to life
    Also he, a juvenile pablum
    Thank you

    Cheers to poetry
    Cheers to him

  • shayanaaaaa 1w


    was as beautiful as the stars that shine in the dark night,
    his eyes were magical something we could fall in love with, for eternity and would still fall more every day,
    his smile use to light up the room and
    I could hear him talk 24/7 because he had a soothing voice.
    He, who made me fall in love with him every day felt like a dream come true.
    He was Christmas morning, crimson fireworks and birthday wishes.
    He has a strong arms,
    To hold my every fear, every pain
    and every broken pieces of me.
    This man doesn’t just,
    make me feel complete,
    He completes me.
    It’s always him for me if I have to choose,
    Cause no one ever make sense to me more than him.


  • snehajacob 2w


    He was a cool breeze in my summer days.

  • aachiram 2w

    My colors reside in his eyes,
    Those shades of vibrance,
    Take me to my soft place,
    But he's colder than frozen ice,
    That reminds me to stay rigid, at the same time ...
    I wish I could look in those eyes,
    Where autumn and winter fight with each other,
    And that deepens a bond
    which was born from us,
    And kiss your forehead,
    And my nose play with yours..

    Just don't ask me why I'm lost,
    I'm just, in the thoughts of something,
    Anonymously special...,
    Here's my haiku ����

    #autumn #wod #mirakee
    #him #eyes #love
    #wind #soul #breeze #us

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    My autumn

    Resides in his cold eyes,
    They look at my face and tickle me,
    Like breeze tickles the soul....


  • chandhini_p_s 2w

    For the scars may heal,
    and the pain may fade.
    But those haunting memories may never let you move on.
    Love is never a burden,
    untill it tries to drown you
    in its tormenting toxic side.

  • blossomwrites 2w

    I let him into my life and he conquered my heart

  • inked_selenophile 2w

    For a better read-

    Your smile looks like a crescent moon that narrates sparks of poetry.

    Your giggle fills my void like the way the crescent moon fills the darkness

    The shine of your teeth when you laugh is just like the crescent which radiates in between the silent stars

    the way its edges try to hold a falling star, your smile holds my lifeless soul.
    The way it shines colors the clouds dim white, the blush on your cheek colors my broken black heart

    The way it provides cradle to lonesome your smile gives a reason for me to live.
    Your smile looks like a crescent moon for your smile is magical, a blessing for me.


    "His smile is indeed like a crescent moon ����
    I dedicate this to my love �� my moon ��������"

    #start #concrete #crescentmoon #him ��

    @writersnetwork ��

    Thank you so much, WN ��

    Thanks for the lovely comments, everyone ��


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  • aachiram 2w

    Let me adorn those flaws,
    Let me fill life within them,
    Let me drown in those eyes,
    Let me touch your face ..��

    #love #him #we #us
    #human #me #his
    #flaws #scars #cosmos
    #universe #space #hug #love

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    Let me touch

    that face with hidden scars, and fill them with the dust of life and adorn with stars in my cosmos..


  • leowords08 2w

    वह कृष्ण है,
    उसे सबका होना है,
    में राधा हू,
    मुझे सिर्फ उसका होना है!

  • seraphel 2w

    #sobeit #him #prayers #mirakee #miraquill #writersnetwork #hope

    "I'll Be It" or "I'll continue to be it"

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    I'll Be It

    If he wants to leave,
    So be it.

    If he wants nothing to do with you,
    So be it.

    You know for yourself,
    You shown him your warmest...
    Hoping that his frozen heart
    Beat once more, once more.

    You know for yourself,
    You shone for him your brightest...
    Hoping to shed light to his night
    That maybe by doing so it can spark
    Him to hope again for sunlight.

    You know for yourself,
    You approached him with
    The purest intention...
    Hoping that he can heal,
    Feel once more,
    Believe in humankind,
    And experience the love he deserves.

    Still... but... yet...

    If he wants to leave,
    So be it.

    If he wants nothing to do with you,
    So be it.

    I know in myself,
    A person that secretly adorns
    And whispers prayers for him,
    I'll be it.