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  • rohitsayyed 8w


    एक बच्चे की सबसे अज़ीम दौलत,
    उसके मा-बाप होते है।।


  • dcgarriott 28w

    #promptpoetry #heros

    My prompt was "what is stronger than evil?"

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    Meanwhile the eagar antagonist demands the chase be pursued but only when it overcomes its protagonist with minimal effort and without competition.

    If history has taught us anything it's that a hero doesn't stand a chance against a foe so powerful as love.

    Niether does the man wise, or the perfect man.
    Not even the fools who rush in.


  • mitesh02 46w


    Warrior.... don’t you think that’s a pretty generous thing to say?My father said, i’ll never understand the love you’ve given me. what makes you happy makes me happy? he said, i’ll never understand why love is such a beautiful thing. the reason why we’re so happy is because you can give us just enough. when i’m old, a girl’s mind

  • once_upona_time 53w

    Who is you favorite super hero? #Batman #Superman #Blackwiddow #Heros This is a short story I love this website #mirakee

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    We could be heroes

    We fly and save the world. We want the world happy and nice. Not scary and dark as some of our souls. If I were to be a superhero.... I would save the world instead of the city I live in. Yes things are tough but we have to stay to together. Together, we could be heroes!

  • crazxx 59w

    Yes, I want infinity stones!

    Yes I want my favourite superheroes back in life.
    Yes, you're right I want Tony Stark back,
    yes I want Steve Rogers back,
    yes i want Natasha back.
    Ugh.... enough of this movies character now.




  • liii17 62w

    The little boy on sitting in plane gleamed as it took off,
    Mamaa! I want to become a pilot, he told thrillingly...
    In later future, a pilot saved lives of tons of people,
    The mother was proud of her son...


  • azad_pankti 63w


    Himself sleeps on empty belly.
    Bears nature's all the fury .
    Yet nurtures world with his grains.
    he Works; whether it's hot or it rains.

  • originalleericks 66w

    Tell them you killed me when I go so you can have the cone and the snow. So you can still be winning long after this show. I will be in a meme tank. Calling the manager that's still mad at me. Detention is longer than a mans life must be. Is this a winners game? Yes for those who still continue to play.

  • gracewang80 67w

    Honor Doctor's Day

    No social life
    For our unsung
    Heros adorned
    In white
    Who dealt with
    Blood and shit,
    Slaving through
    The night.
    To race against
    Time bleeding
    Precious lives,
    To save and heal,
    Heros of white.

  • ay_jay 75w

    You didn't want forever
    You just wanted the pleasure
    But that pleasure led to a measure
    You could never conjure
    Your brilliance from yonder years
    Made you yearn
    For a glorious occupation
    The occupation made you super
    And at induction, you became super
    A super human you evolved into

    Like a Phoenix
    You rose from your ashes
    Imprinting that humane side of you
    Into the memories of the dead
    Who spent their last moments in your embodied smile
    And casting that heroic cloak on the survivors
    To give us strength, to survive
    To live for another day

    A part time love
    That became your very being

  • dungdefender 82w

    Our heros

    Heros,we all have them. Whether it's a friend,family, or a complete stranger,we all have heros. And someday we can be remember as not just an ordinary person,but a hero. Because one act of selfless kindness will spark another

  • the_drunken_poetess 90w

    The Infamous Villain

    He protected his people
    and could die for them.

    He killed his enemies,
    to save his men.

    He was no king,
    but ruled a realm!

    He was no hero,
    He was a villain!

    Vani Agarwal

  • incompletepoem 113w

    Happy independence day to my nation.. remember each and every one who sacrificed for our todays.. rest in peace hero's.. you will be remembered forever..

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    Salute to our hero's

    You fought for us..
    You sacrificed your life for ours...
    You donated your todays for our better tomorrows...
    You saved our mother from enemies...
    You beared all the pains for us...
    You made the strong wall around our lands and let the nation free..
    And now we living in your dreams..
    All your names were written with history in golden letters
    You are real hero's..
    We still chanting your brave stories across the nation..
    You will remembered by each and every one of this nation...
    The nation salutes you..
    Ohh Our freedom fighters..
    You have our word..
    we will keep the tri-colour flag high..


  • questioning_life 114w

    Sun rays

    Sun rays still shine through cracked windows
    Our hearts may be shattered but we can be heroes
    Labels or voices will never define you
    Trust is valuable don't let it hold you


  • reality_life_quotes 114w

    The measure of a man is not where he stands in moment of comfort, The measure of a man is how he treats someone who can do him absolutely no good.

    A man is the only person who refuses to be what he is, a person who stands for nothing and falls for anything.

    Man only lies to his woman when he is suprising her, he never stops trying to show a woman how much she means to him even after he has got her, he is always committed and motivated by the desire to achieve not by the desire to beat others

    Man always smiles in trouble, gathers strength from distress, and grows brave by reflections.

    #man #realman #strongman #manloves #manmotivation #heros ��

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    Strong man is the strongest when he is alone

  • rebekah_spencer 122w

    Le papa

    From the time I have opened my eyes
    I have seen you struggle through the life.
    You make everybody’s day though tired,
    You still manage to be gay.
    At the time of festivals , you get gifts for everyone,
    But for you none.
    You make our problems your priority
    And your problems secondary.
    I want a super hero like you
    Who would pamper and love me like you do.
    I might not say this often
    But I love you, and in this hell like world you are my heaven

  • jaded_angel_ 125w

    ||The Villain||

    Don't you think that in order for some people to be made great others have to be made small?I mean there wouldn't be a need for heros if villains didn't exist. What is one without the other?For that reason I can say, yes I am the villain, and I too have a purpose.My destiny is to make you great so the world can love you while despising me.

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    My destiny is to make you great so the world can love you while despising me.(read caption)

  • trending 130w


    Legends never die, they become a part of you!!!

  • kgakki22 131w

    Brothers keeper

    You were my first friend
    Big brothers usually are
    You were my teacher
    You always pushed me hard
    You were my guide
    Cuz We had to grow up way to fast
    And now that were adults
    Were haunted by our past
    You were the only one
    Who was familiar with the dark
    And you were still teaching me
    That day we faught in the park
    When we both got lost
    We were at least lost together
    Even when we were apart
    We still remained tethered

    /Heros dont always wear a cape,
    Sometimes it's just a person,
    Who tried to keep you safe.
    And they dont always soar throught the sky,
    Sometimes they just listen and stick by your side.
    And sometimes heros
    they hurt like you
    And sometimes heros...
    well they need saved too./

    Mom and dad had a need
    Of substance consumption
    And the norm to us.
    Was toxic and dysfunction,
    We picked up the same habits,
    That's just how shit was,
    And we tried to kill the pain,
    But we also killed the love.
    I watched you become
    A long distant memory
    Of brother that was,
    my hero and first friend to me.
    you ran out of will,
    to even fuckin try,
    And I prepared myself
    For the day that you would die.
    I did everything I could,
    To be strong like you,
    When we were kids
    you saved me from gettin beat black a blue.
    just like when we were little
    I followed you into the shadows.
    like you did for me as a kid,
    I tried to fight your battles.

    It hurt to see you hurting,
    But to us that's nothing new.
    We found comfort in shared misery
    That's just the sad truth.
    When they used to ask me "kaley
    What will you be when you grow up?"
    I'd say like my big bro
    Cuz hes smart and so tough!
    I thought of that one day,
    When we pan handled at the store
    Gone was all pride
    We were addicts nothing more.
    Tears filled my eyes
    And it broke me to the core...
    Cuz all we loved now
    Was our drugs and next score.
    I thought of all the times,
    I saved you from yourself,
    And the times I was strung out.
    I'd call begging for your help
    And when my hero flew in,
    You didnt come to save me,
    Manipulating like a pro
    That's the love you gave me!
    You knew how I saw you
    Like I put you on a throne
    And when we were together
    We were distant and still alone
    A few years went by
    I watched you rise before my eyes
    And like a pheonix from the ashes
    You were new and so alive
    You gave up on the shit that tried to rob you of your soul
    And this new dude you had become
    Was so damn beautiful
    And like your shadow
    I still followed you
    I guess I've always been like
    'monkey see monkey do'
    And this time when you flew in
    You saved ME from myself
    And made up for everytime
    I called begging for your help
    You became the hero
    I always saw inside my head
    And I no longer have to fear
    Getting the call that your dead.

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    The devils are Roaring and the Angels are...?