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    Dear Daddy,

    My Father...my hero❤️
    From now till time unending


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    Fathers are the tree and backbone of a family

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    At the center of the forest
    abounds a tree
    big and sturdy
    others look on

    Embracing with wide open arms
    wind,storm and rain
    For the saplings
    to thrive sweetly

    Deeply rooted in the black soil
    nutrients flow
    From trunk to leaves
    To produce fruits.

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  • harsh77 1w

    English translation:

    When the Father is no more,then whom will you see in yourself?��

    Father and son relationship is so hard like i can't express in words, like I've never said him that i love you ao much idk why but somewhere you will relate to me

    I can easily hug my mom and kiss her cheeks but I remember i haven't did this with my dad, i know i respect him to much but sometimes i get angry on him too but after sometime guilt built place in my heart, then it feels like why i yelled at him I'm so dumbfuck he is the reason I'm standing on my feet, they didn't gave me birth to my sone will yelled at me.

    i know I'm wrong, i accept my fault, I'm guilty too, I'm not that good son dad, but I'm sure I'll make you proud one day❤️, and thank you God my father is with me i feel so blessed, no one can't imagine their life without their parents "Jab tak saath hai tab tak unse pyaar karo"(love them as long as they are together with you).

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    Jab baap nahi rahega tab kisko dekhoge apne aap mein

  • cradleofemotions 3w


    Stroms never made him weak
    Instead gave him the superpower to fight for his family

  • yashvibansal 4w

    How old were you when you realised that the world wasn't the safe place our elders pretended it was for our happiness?
    How old were you when you realised that your parents weren't infallible, that they were as human as you and wouldn't always be able to protect you?
    How old were you when you realised that death was a big deal, that not going on forever was a potential phobia?
    How old were you when you realised that fear, that protecting mechanism, actually worked against you at times and crippled you in a way no disease could?
    How old were you when you found out the difference between a human and an animal, then the crushing reality that humans were actually animals, that just being a human didn't guarantee humanity?
    These are realizations that have struck us all at some point of time or the other, and are actually conscious nightmares.
    They lead to existential crises. They sow the seed of worry. They eat away at your mind.
    Yet, among all these fears, we still jump when we see a lizard. We still scream when someone jumps at us from behind a door (as a joke, of course, attackers are an entirely different matter). We know there are bigger things in the universe, but we still allow ourselves to let the small things matter.
    And that is where our salvation lies. The crushing reality of life combated with its little joys. Life struggling against life, and yet still allowing us a few moments of happiness.
    The dried rose in a book. The little goodnight kiss from your mother. The chilling warmth of memories. The laughter forgetting the pain. The good grade which won't matter ten years down the line, but gives you a day to remember, and realise the power of the mind, the way it knows how to record the most important things. A glass of water after a long, thirsty day. Those, and many uncountable things, make up the army with which we fight fear and nightmares.
    21 May 2021
    #nightmare #wod #mirakee #writersnetwork #fear #human #scream #speaker #hero #unlikely #love #soul #sprituality #loveNpeace #musings #thoughts

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    #pod #wod

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    They sow the seed of worry. They eat away at your mind...
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  • yashvibansal 5w

    The tree of spring
    Lost all its joys in winter.
    The torn yellow book
    Forlorn and mellow in the corner
    Has the potential of being a treasure house
    For many delightful family evenings
    And funny tales of Bertie, Greg Heffley and even Jerry the mouse.
    The discarded journal
    Was once a friend
    But alas!
    With the final page, everything came to an end.
    The portrait on the wall
    Was once a living human
    And the faded garland
    Was once fresh flowers
    The scar
    Was once a freshly bleeding wound.
    The quiet tolerance
    Was once a voice loud
    Standing tall and proud.
    19 May 2021

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    Heads and Tails

    The scar was once a freshly bleeding wound...
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  • piage8 5w

    When things are falling apart
    Please don't fall along with it
    Take a moment and step back
    Look at the pieces in a better sense
    Than when it was all up in your face

    Take a breath from a different wind
    Not from air suffocating the engine in your mind
    Rest the words that's been bursting in your lungs
    When it's to loud to speak then find your silence

    There is no problem left unsolvable
    Just a problem being viewed in the wrong angle
    There is nothing broken with any of us
    Just the difference too natural to unravel

  • labib_h_srabon 5w


    I don't need a hero
    I am the hero
    Look in the mirror
    There goes your hero
    Everyone is a hero
    None is a zero
    Be a hero in everyone's eyes
    We all are hero, just in disguise


  • thefangirl 6w

    The Confession -1

    ദേഷ്യമായിരുന്നു അമ്മ, അമ്മയുടെ ഈ ജോലിയോട് എനിക്ക് എന്റെ ഉള്ളിന്റെ ഉള്ളിൽ. ചെറുപ്പത്തിൽ കൂട്ടുകാരോട് അമ്മ നഴ്‌സ്‌ ആണെന്നൊക്കെ വലിയ കാര്യത്തിൽ ഞാൻ പറയുമായിരുന്നു. ഗവണ്മെന്റ് ഹോസ്പിറ്റലിൽ ആണ് ജോലി എന്ന് പറയുമ്പോൾ ചില മുതിർന്നവർ , "PSC എഴുതിയാണോ കിട്ടിയത്, NRHM ആണോ,permenant ആണോ" എന്ന് ചോദിക്കുമ്പോൾ,permenant ആണ് എന്ന ഉത്തരം കേൾക്കുമ്പോൾ അവരിൽ അമ്മയോട് ഒരു മതിപ്പ് ഉണ്ടാകുന്നതും കണ്ടിട്ടുണ്ട്. പക്ഷേ എന്തൊക്കെയാണെങ്കിലും എനിക്ക് ഒരു ഇഷ്ടക്കേട് ഉണ്ടായിരുന്നു.
    ഒരു പത്ത് വയസ്സുകാരിക്ക് അതിനു കാരണങ്ങൾ ഏറെയായിരുന്നു. പരീക്ഷതലേന്നാവും അമ്മക്ക് ചിലപ്പോൾ night duty. ആനുവൽ ഡേയ്ക്ക് എന്റെ ഡാൻസ് ഉണ്ടെങ്കിലും മേക്കപ്പ് ചെയ്യുന്ന സമയത്തോ അല്ലെങ്കിൽ പ്രോഗ്രാം കാണാനോ അമ്മക്ക് എത്താൻ സാധിക്കാറില്ല. പള്ളി പെരുന്നാളിനും ചിലപ്പോൾ ഡ്യൂട്ടിയുണ്ടാകും. വിഷുവിനും ഓണത്തിനും സദ്യ ഉണ്ണാനും ചിലപ്പോൾ ഉണ്ടാകില്ല. പാതിരാകുർബാനയ്ക്കും അമ്മയില്ലാതെ പോകേണ്ടി വരും. ബന്ധുക്കളുടെ വീട്ടിൽ ആഘോഷങ്ങൾക്ക് അമ്മയുടെ ഡ്യൂട്ടി കഴിഞ്ഞു മിക്കവാറും അവസാനമേ എത്താറുള്ളു. ഇനി രണ്ടോ മൂന്നോ ദിവസം ലീവ് എടുത്തു അമ്മവീട്ടിൽ പോയാലോ അപ്പോഴേക്കും വിളി വരും:"ഡ്യൂട്ടിക്ക് സ്റ്റാഫ്‌ കുറവാണ് ഷൈനി സിസ്റ്റർ ഒന്ന് വരാമോ? "കേട്ടപാതി കേൾക്കാത്ത പാതി ബാഗ് എടുത്തു ഇറങ്ങേണ്ടി വന്നിട്ടുണ്ട്.എല്ലാവർക്കും ഹർത്താലിന് എങ്കിലും ഒഴിവ് കിട്ടും. ഇവിടെ അതുമില്ല. അറിയാത്ത പ്രായത്തിൽ ചോദിക്കുമ്പോൾ അമ്മ പറയും :രോഗത്തിനും രോഗികൾക്കും ആശുപത്രിക്കും എന്ത് ഹർത്താൽ?"

  • simranbawa 6w

    Pied Piper

    Hear ye! Hear ye!
    The tale of the day,
    I talk of the quaint.
    The Pied Piper, a swain
    From town of Hamelin.
    A symbolic Samaritan,
    And musical obsidian
    To the abyss of oblivion.
    The melody,
    So mystically engaging,
    Lures the plague raging.
    Forgotten in the history pages
    Invalidated by scientific guages.
    Today, I summon thou
    To show me how
    You elicit us from dawn of despair
    As I'm exhausted even in my lair.
    There's sun but no sunshine,
    Sitting here from five to nine.
    I wonder if it's just a glitch;
    If yes, where's the refresh switch?
    This monotony is strangling me
    With quest of a panacea for free.
    Hear ye! Hear ye!
    The pied piper of Hamelin
    Play your pipe to end this gremlin.

  • mrgrey 7w


    They want you to have faith in everything but yourself,
    Don't let that go over your head.

  • theshadowords 8w

    No story can be made without a villain...
    But in a series, villains change, heroes remain the same
    A story isn't necessarily over when the villain dies. But the death of the hero, puts a permanent end to the story

    #motivation #motivationalquotes #inspire #inspirationalquotes #movie #moviequotes #hero #aspiretoinspire

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    It is true that no story can be made without a villain
    But in a series, villains change, heroes remain the same

  • yashvibansal 8w


    When the world is silent, the mind speaks. When the mind is quiet, the world chatters. What do you call silence, a blessing or a tragedy? Or maybe numbness?

  • lilly_20 9w

    No one is alone

    No one is alone
    Neither you nor me
    We all have our own selves
    With us
    You are your own bestfriend
    You are your own well-wishers
    You are your own healer
    You are your own hero

  • mansi_rawat 9w

    He used to call himself a hero and so he is, the 'only' hero of my life.. ❣️

  • myworldofsparkle 10w

    Okie, we are all star dust! The designer or creator or formation of atom connection or whatever made as with unique knowledge. We are the greatest power today, like we have been planning for space hotel, searching for eternal life around as (aliens),construction longest building&dam, and so much. Last but not the least atom bomb to threat over own kind.
    But people really don't understand the power of nature. The darkest clouds, the highest wave, the hottest climate,the rising level of water(melting of ice) - climate change is true. The disaster produced by these nature some even not predictable by the genius species on earth.
    I see the purest grace of nature turns into the greatest threatener of us day by day. We have to teach ourself and our family that this nature how important to us and to our kids. Do ecological friendly until we find a better place than earth.

    #nature #hero #bestvillain #threatener #saveearth #savenature

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    Best threatener

    I saw today

  • kanama 12w

    #Hero��of��my��story❣️ #always��shower✨love��on me��

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    MAGIC 20(My Soul)

    I don't care....
    Even if the whole world is against me...
    Because I know there is one soul who is always on my besides...


  • kelvin_mathew98 12w

    #Hero #villain
    Decision Matters
    Hero or Villain
    Both Won't go together

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    In Every Man There is Hero and Villain

  • pzychorockgirl 14w


    Fuck it
    I'll be my own hero
    I deserve saving