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  • aves_mirza 3d

    Kids were enjoying the rainbow
    After a joyful shower of rain,
    Winds were warm but Sour were my grapes

  • hawaii 5w

    I'll be here

    I'll be here
    I won't be near
    Year after year
    But you have my ear

    I'll be here
    Having no fear
    Hanging in the rear
    Hoping to be your peer

    I'll be here
    Among the tier
    Like a seer
    So you don't catch a fever

    I'll be here
    Without a steer
    Just shifting gears
    Waiting for you to be in the clear

    I'll be here
    Because of my fear
    That you may shed a tear
    And I won't be near

    I'll be here
    Your very own mirror
    A healing river
    To make sure you persevere

    I'll be here
    Whatever the atmosphere
    Mild or severe
    Together we make up the biosphere

    I'll be here
    Your sacred mere
    Happy to take a spear
    Because you are my dear

  • ink_deep 5w

    #Here's to new beginnings��

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    Tell me when to stop loving
    And I'll do
    Tell me how to undo
    Give me a new clue
    different from what I knew
    Maybe I will be great too


  • ink_deep 5w

    #Here's to loyalty��

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    Maybe desserts

    Maybe lunchtimes
    on the bedsides at the hillsides

    Maybe then
    i'll have you for a lifetime
    and I won't have to stop
    for the sunrise

  • foreverwriting 7w


    Hold my hand
    For a moment
    And breathe
    And out
    And out.
    Follow your breath
    From the moment it leaves your mouth
    Right back
    To it filling your lungs
    Being Here.
    Is enough

  • mrrajain 8w

    I don't know but it felt like writing
    There is something which needs to come out
    It's not that I am good with words
    But this lust to vent it out
    To left my mark somewhere, anywhere.
    It's not weed speaking but a new toxin this time

    These writing spells are like random mutations
    A windy night amidst warm summer
    A disease from a foreign land

    But the Inbox is full now
    Some msgs need to be discarded
    Others will be archived here
    Spam as always will be ignored and burned

    No wonder, msgs from Sex is quite repetitive here
    That's the second most liked and hated word
    All feelings in attachment here are of self help
    Many are tagged as satisfaction
    Rest were out of desperation
    These mails will keep coming for some more time
    Better categorise them with Zomato-hunger

    To be honest I don't want to write
    If write then definitely not publish
    There is already lot of wisdom, pain, happiness and help out there
    Don't want to create more trash

    Maybe! Maybe! Not everything is trash
    But most of it is, for me atleast
    And it's hard to filter
    Can't do much with just 24 hours
    2 hands and one brain

    Who am I kidding
    Aren't you another me
    Hoping and finding answers
    Chemicals if not answers
    Puzzled, confused in this wanderland
    Wasting time and energy

    Ok! Time for agree to disagree
    My spams are your bread and butter
    Your archives are my gems.

    #and #here #i #am #publishing #again

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    I should write now


  • sheikh_huzaifa 14w

    Likh sakhay jo na hum kalam say
    Wo likh diya humnai aapnai dil say
    Likhtay jo thay kitaabu k panay mai
    Likhtay thay, Mitta tay thay
    Koyi dekh na lay daar tha
    Ab aaisay likhtay hai ki
    Humai khud na pata hota hum kya likhtay
    Dil say niklay huway alfaaz
    Aur haatu ki taaiz raftaar
    Kaam aaisay aati hai ki
    Hum haathu say nahi dil say likh padtay hai
    Na janay kahan say aatay hai
    Dil mai aaisay alfaaz
    Kuch ka toh matlab b humai maloom na hota
    Humaray haath likh rahay hotay hai
    Par aaisa lagta hai ki khud hi likha ja raha hai
    Bina sonchay samjay likh padtay hai kuch b
    Phir ghoor say paad k khamiyu ko theek kartay hai
    Aur ho jata hai kaam
    Likh sakhay jo na hum kalam say
    Wo likh diya humnai aapnai dil say
    Likhtay jo thay kitaabu k panay mai
    Likhtay thay, Mitta tay thay.....
    #cannot #write #those #things #with #pen #on #notebook #fear #afraid #now #I #wrote #here #without #any #fear #thanks #rap #words #from #heart #pod #wod #mirakee #share

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  • sheikh_huzaifa 20w

    Bohat pyar kar liya humnai aapnu ko
    Dekh liya ab saab kuch humnai
    Pyar ko b parayshani samajh baith tay hai
    Itna dil ko chub ta hai na ki
    Alfaaz hi nahi nikal aatay
    Maan karta hai dil ko rakh k yahan pay rakh du.........

  • oweenqueen 20w

    I come with a lot of
    You decide which one to focus on, though.


  • barbad 25w

    ख़ाक हो जायेंगे हम
    तुमको ख़बर होने तक

    #i can't remember the writer's name

    #Here is the remix

    ख़ाक हो जायेंगे हम
    तुमको ख़बर होने तक

    इश़्क में तुमको सबर होने तक


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    मैं अगर कहूँ के
    तुम भी हमको
    अच्छे लगते हो
    तो क्या मैं गलत हूँ?
    गलती तुम्हारी भी
    बराबरी की है
    के तुम हमको
    अच्छे लगते हो

  • madhursankhla_21prerna 26w


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    Service is selfless,
    rest of the actions can be called business.

    Service includes everything as it's another word for love...
    According to me,
    सेवा = प्रेम

  • writeweird 27w

    I've been finally able to write something down after such a long time, and what better than the absolute sadness that haunts every corner of my fragile existence.

    I hope you enjoy it, as I did, as I was awakening.
    #mirakee #writersnetwork @mirakee @writersnetwork #sad #hurt #night #alone
    #dying #here #pain #sadness #love
    #depression #dark #feelings #jammu

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    a certain paralysis

    I've been standing here
    staring at the walls

    it's been an hour and I'm
    still thinking, the world's
    sinking further away;

    there's someone outside
    and he's singing

    it's making me cry,
    it's making me cry;

    i think i finally remember
    it's the day i die.

    i feel so small and
    the room is shrinking

    somewhere in the distance
    i can hear the phone ringing

    maybe someone someplace
    knows of what i'm thinking,

    for how long can one
    live with a lie ?

    there's someone outside
    and he's singing

    it's making me cry,
    it's making me cry;

    i think i finally remember
    it's the day i die.

    the man in the mirror
    knows i've been drinking

    i hold myself together but
    the world won't stop spinning

    i've been spiralling where
    i stand, and i am sinking further

    falling deeper into the abyss
    and i've stopped blinking,

    there's someone outside
    and he's singing

    it's making me cry,
    it's making me cry;

    i think i finally remember
    it's the day i die.


  • thoughtsofaditya 36w

    Miss the kiss against your lips
    Feeling low but you never show
    Want to hold but you not here
    Hurt me everytime I see you
    Realise how much I need you.


  • deepflowsoul 39w

    As you stare in their eyes and they still cant see you, all you can do is walk away, hoping one day clarity may ring.

    #here #inhere #seeme #help #lost #love #anybody #pain #hope #heal

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    Inspiration #2

    I'm in here,
    Can anybody see me?
    Can anybody help?


  • deepflowsoul 42w


    I cannot avoid what is blatantly here.
    Knock knock, come flow with tears.

  • amoghavarsha 44w

    Your Presence Here
    Is The Essence Dear
    So I Do Hear
    And Never Fear
    You May Not Say In The Ear
    But I Do Remember You Every Year

    To My Mere Friend


  • krislyn 44w


    The morning breaks
    The heart in her body shakes
    With every glass poured
    Her sorrows drowned and face glowed
    © Krislyn

  • maitrayee11 47w

    I was here

    I was here when you wanted to go apart,
    I was here when you needed a shoulder,
    I was here to be with you in life's paradox,
    I was here when you were tearing apart,
    I was here when you always needed a hug,
    I was here when you wanted to lean on,
    I was here to make you feel better,
    I was here to accept your flaws,
    I was always here to create a new world of us to start...

  • dellystevert 53w

    #tree# mirakee#here tree is like human

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    Lonely tree

    A young tree feel lonely now a days
    Even he lives in groups always
    But he never notice them that's why remains in pain.....
    And complaining god why I'm so lonely in this world
    Why you didn't made anyone for me.......
    N then inner soul replied him
    Why u bursting ur heart ...
    Give some moments to urselves
    And analyse why r u in pain
    Don't complain to others
    Because u have lots of ways of happiness within urselves
    Why are u expecting with other to make u happy
    See ur surroundings ,lots of little plants like grass n insects are there ,
    u are not considering them and complaining with God....... Why.
    U have to find ur happiness with them
    Why r u wandering here n there..........

  • l_wrote 83w

    I yen at your vehemence
    utterances of words on skin
    But by means of a dovetail your lip were
    never know to correspond in a way they should
    Fix those eyes on me and not the earth
    Why the hold back ?.
    Here were options available for selection
    Get acquainted or love "why" staring from a distance...
    And all druthers were by gones
    And you ? With you was a denote to feelings .

    The fresco by the wall says blank
    Upon what do I call this ?
    Need I be your wax besom,
    Would you hold me in a "strokes" of one's ego ?
    Like holding onto a chungking bristle
    till we give a name to the colour that rhymes....

    You aired story's of how fate never hears the wishes of a boy who hears the same lullabies every damn night stuck within lyrics that refuses to play.....

    Come, Dance with me ?
    In a musical theme of offbeat Rhythm
    in a staccato cords played by ears
    Let's go Otic to the sounds of music
    for in you I had sworn to no rhythms
    Leaving with the care of dancing off the tunes,
    as we do away with such diametral Fashion
    And exists cause music does.....

    (Shawn mendes/joxy)
    May I start confessing...

    "( FaSt.
    Oh i've been shaking, I love it want you go crazy
    You break all my inhibitions.
    You take me places
    That tear up my reputation
    Munipulate my decisions....
    (There's nothing holding me back)

    " I love it want i go crazy
    I got no clue to what am thinking
    Like Waking up on the other-side of the bed
    To a staring eyes that claim blind
    Your shirt to the kitchen...
    Was like chewing on lovestick ?
    Oh my God what have you done ?
    for this doesn't taste wine for am
    "High-Drunk to no lows ....

    *Snaps of a finger *
    ( iN a ReVerie )

    Time: (5:45 am)
    (ten thousand ways to Peirce you through my words)

    Medium : texting (Outbox messages)

    Hi there...
    They say old lovers can make good friends
    While I took a sip from a cloudburst of dreams
    And I see how much of your existence rather than existing
    In an idyllic realm of rose_coloured glasses I had took a chances in a world that was not of me or I did call my own, only to be awakened to the reality that keeps me....

    Time :( 5:55 am)
    ( inbox messages)
    I hope he makes the biggest mistake,
    the unforgivable and make your heart break
    I hope you tell him sorry just aren't enough
    And it grows from good to bad
    So I can have you back......
    #here something different ? more than hair colouring

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