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  • my_balu 8w

    I wanted to know her better,
    I wanted to know if what I thought
    of her was true, I wanted ask her
    how I was able to see that beautiful,
    positive aura of her, I wanted to learn
    how I can develop the same charm...

    And one day she let me look into her beautiful glowing eyes and everything
    changed. All the thoughts I had were wrong.
    She was never the Angel, she was the star
    that the angels carry, the star that burns
    inside yet, gives the shine so that angels
    feel they are magical, she was the star
    that was created from the darkness yet,
    live her whole life giving light to everyone else...

    then I understood , I can never become her.
    All I can do is admire her, love her for the rest of my life.


  • lollipop71 8w

    Her Soul, Not Hers

    The days are dark, the nights even darker
    Her body holds a dark soul that demons
    Have come to make their stay permanent.
    The darkness, all too common for her.
    Her soul thrives and feeds on it now.
    It is now her way of life, her safety net,
    The comfort she has searched for, for
    Many years.
    Her way of life not many will understand.
    The demons only sought the night in the
    Beginning, now they feed on her day and
    As they will until the end.

  • iqujiger 8w

    She was bursting within the fire
    Of condensed memories
    That her ashes flied for the centuries.

  • aimansheikh 8w

    She frowned and held her finger to her lips,
    Cautioning -

  • rohitroz 9w

    The Touch of your Soul

    It's been so long, feels like a millennium since I felt your surreal contact on my skin let alone your untraceable stroke.

    The gentle nudge of your soul can evoke chaotic expression within, entraping me in a trance of bliss.

    The smooth brush of your fingers against mine can leave me enthralling for days enslaving me in a state of grace.

    The lingering closeness of your body can arise goosebumps of excitement, engulfing me in your smoke of enchantness.

    The touch of your soul, interlaces us forever.

  • reenalmaharaj 9w


    Of all the broken things
    She was my favorite
    But if only I was hers
    She stared for hours
    But left as I blinked
    She touched me with her breathe
    But burnt me with her sight
    She was a fire
    And I just wasn't her little wire

    Reenal Maharaj

  • imabhi27 9w

    Leave Drugs ,
    Im Addicted to Her..


  • imabhi27 9w

    लंबे इंतजार के बाद मिलने की
    खुशी भी कमाल की होती हैं ।


  • youareonyourown 9w


    Wo Chhup Jaati Hai
    Peeche Apni Naadaniyon ke

    Ki Kahin Rab Uski Samajh Dekh kar
    Dil Na de baithe


  • poemism 9w

    Little her

    She is different, not your usual.
    Others go all out, she keeps it casual.
    Others like the sun, she prefers the rain.
    Most like speeding cars, she likes the train.
    She doesn't like to drink or smoke, and even if she tried she'd choke.
    Most see color, hear music, and admire paintings, but she hears paintings, feels colors and sees music when it plays.
    She's like a odd magical creature amongst humans that don't understand her point of view
    She's different and she knows, like the ocean she flows, through pain and anger she grows.
    And every night she hopes, that the next day she wakes in a world where she doesn't have to hide away.
    All in hopes of fitting in, mending with the rest of the kids.

  • imabhi27 10w

    यह जो आदत होती जा रही है तुम्हारी
    यह मुसीबत होती जा रही है हमारी

  • imabhi27 10w

    जन्नत तो नही देखा मैंने ,
    पर बेसक वो तुमसे ज्यादा खूबसूरत नहीं होगी ।


  • imabhi27 10w

    I Love & Respect You
    The Way i Love & Respect My Mom.


  • lunalight 10w

    W R I T T I N G ' S . . . .

    Never written a word for her
    Because I have saved those words
    Just to say it to her ......


  • xxn_zixi 10w

    Waiting like old times,
    Waiting for you.
    Two warm coffees,
    Because I thought of you.


    "No matter what I do, I always think of you."


    #childhood #coffee #her #love #pod

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    青梅竹馬 Childhood Love


  • parthavi_ 10w

    I saw her smiling through the mirror, as she picked the perfume I had gifted her.
    I kept gazing at her, and I knew she felt my eyes on her.
    I leaned to the side of the doorway as she got ready.
    "Come and sit na" she had said. "No", I had replied. I loved watching her that way. Standing with shoulder on the sideway wood panel, hands in pockets.
    I wore a solid light blue t-shirt and black jeans. She wore a light blue dress that flowed down to her knees. Same colour, without deciding.
    When I had reached on her doorstep and she had opened the door, she saw me in that attire, stared for a while, then smiled and said, "A colour other than black for once! What made you change? You look good in other colours boy." Then she turned, and then I smiled. I knew she was smiling too.
    After she was done applying perfume, she picked her purse and awkwardly tried to work out how to hold it. She wore pants and shirts most of the time. And they have pockets. Dresses don't. She was probably even getting out with a purse for the first time.
    I beamed to myself as I realised that was probably because she was going out with me. For me.
    "Here", I said, "give me ur phone I'll keep it in my pocket. You don't have to take the purse."
    She took the phone out, handed it to me, and mouthed "perfect". She threw the purse onto the sofa, picked up the keys and hurried out, closing the door behind her. Then she dug out a pair of sneakers out of her shoe rack and wore it. "Press the lift button", she said. And so I did. The lift opened and we walked in, went down, and walked into the parking area. All this time, none of us talked. And this was new. Normally we would've spoken about half the things that happened that day. Perhaps she was feeling the knot in her stomach too. Like me. It was landslides and storms in my belly.
    I took the bike out and gestured her to sit. She sat behind me and I started. We still didn't say a word, and I couldn't stop smiling. For some reason that smile was stuck, just like that. Suddenly, she gently hit my left shoulder, "I can see you smiling, idiot". Rear mirror. That means even she was looking at me.
    She continued, "Why is this so awkward? Can we just be normal? Just like always. I don't like this."
    Sometimes she would get so open with awkwardness that it would leave people being awkward no more.
    "Damn yes" I said. "I don't like this much too".
    "Good" she said. "Very good. Now, why are you just smiling?"
    "Because I am happy."
    "And what is it that makes you so happy, you won't stop smiling? Never happened before."
    "What whut. You, dumb. Don't you know how lovely I find it to be in your company. I'm so happy today. We're doing this for the first time. A date! And.. you're looking beautiful."
    "I know." A smirk. "And this is not a date."
    "Haha everyone says that. Everyone knows it is."
    "Yeah but we don't count in that everyone. "
    "Fine. But it still is a date."
    I saw her roll her eyes and look at me through the mirror. Then she gently shook her head and laughed.

    #writersnetwork #love #her

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    Her and me

    Part 1

  • khembork 10w

    Emily (Her)

    Her eyes drives the oceanic blue,
    when she smiles, it expresses the blooms of spring.
    as if, she's the composition of symphony,
    Her hairs are so earthly,
    the flexion of her physique, tunes on to some notes,
    as if, she's the waves of the blues.
    Her presence feels like breathly,
    when she talks, it feels so appealing,
    as if, she's composed of greens.
    Her moves reveals the stir,
    When she walks, it feels so joyous,
    as if, she's the colours of the crescent.


  • lunatic2227 10w


    As I began to sip coffee,
    my phone vibrated as your message
    popped up and your thoughts began
    engulfing my mind.
    It's been a long time that I had heard your voice,
    so I used to open the folder where I have kept your voice recording for your voice was music to my ears.
    I used to play in loop the recordings of our calls, for I used to miss hearing your voice.
    The constant sound of notification broke my chain of thoughts and as I picked your call,

  • artistano1 10w


    I try to find a word that rhymes with her,
    and flower she stole the scent from.
    Don't dive for me, Atlantis.
    Don't call me with a dumb tongue,
    my streets are paved at the end,
    pretty far.
    I can't forget you.
    Don't fall for me, shooting star!
    -She had a suitcase
    full of dreams and ambitions,
    and one-way ticket.
    I didn't know I could reach that,
    I could only run.
    Just moonlight and I.
    Don't shine for me, sun!
    I wrote down all words
    there are no verses to spur.
    And every city was small for her footsteps.
    this constellation is a province for her.


    #genuine_readers @miraquill @writersnetwork #her

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    "Word for a rhyme"

  • imabhi27 11w

    दिल कागज़ का इक पंछी ,
    तू अंबर शारा हैं ।