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  • sleepingsoul 13h

    Writers block

    Dear writer,

    I know you are a great columnist. I have read your few creations such as leaves, trees, nature, flowers, etc. But right now you are suffering from writer's block. I know it's hard for you when you get out of words. The person who is a writer speaks from his mind rather than lips and pours his heart out. Once I was in the same condition as people around me never valued my talent. You are the one who has to realize your worth. It is magical creativity very few have and which can create wonders. Just interact with yourself in the isolation and focus on the topic. Then extract your views regarding that, amist, when you are stuck, don't force yourself to write just relax your tense muscles and write again. In the end, you will be the conqueror.

    From another,

  • tinathewinner 3d

    A short story

    am I flower? Rooted in ground
    tell me please, what I should do
    AHHHHHH -screams-
    -Cries softly-
    Oh jesus, no one understands so I can only hope that you do
    Oh please don't be like them, everyone left, don't leave me too
    -cries immensely-
    Why? Why? WHY?! I see other people walk everyday, while am on a chair
    Waiting- for it all end
    OH JESUS TELL ME WHY? WHY? WHYYYY? I can only laugh, say am ok, pretend
    TELL ME, WHY?-
    It hurts, it hurts immensely
    It hurts, it hurts, this awful reality
    BURYING ME ALIVE is this, painful truth
    -roots appear-
    -the child is scared-
    -consumed in fear-
    -that's when he realized his death was near-
    -the roots one by one, held onto him-
    -he tries to scream-
    -he says slowly-
    Please- any- anybody? Somebody?
    -he starts to weep-
    -he sobs sadly-
    -but sadly, indeed, no one heard his pleas -
    -the roots grab a hold of him, pulling him, ripping his shorts and shirt-
    -as he's dragged into the earth, consumed in dirt-
    -he cries and says-
    Jesus, why can no one hear me?
    -the roots drag him down, he leaves but not with a frown, he smiles and says-
    Goodbye, my dear sister, my only beloved family
    -he disappears-
    -he left the world smiling, after all his hard years-
    -all that's left are bits of his wheel chair-
    -to this innocent child, the world wasn't fair-
    -but he still tried to hold on, to bare-
    -until this day, his cries still roam the air-

    -the end-

  • dollywriteupsss 1w


    I won't cry anymore
    I just need to breathe
    I am okay
    I am alright
    I just need to feel LOVED.

    I know it is just in my head,
    You all love and care for me.
    It's just in my head that I feel so UNLOVED.

    I need some hugs and kisses,
    To make me feel better.

    I cannot describe what I feel,
    I cannot say what I need.

    Nowadays I just pretend to smile with
    the sadness in my eyes.

    I just feel so lost and
    I often have some thoughts to end my life.
    So hold me tight don't let me go.

    I feel I am a living dead,
    I need some love to come alive.

    I want to beg, scream and cry for some help.
    I want to reach for your hands.

    Please just come hold my hand for me,
    and listen to the words of my silence.

    Just be with me for a while,
    I just need some time to be fine.

    I swear I am not mad, I just have some issues.
    But please don't leave my hand.

    I need some understanding and love for those days when I cry for no reasons.

    I just need some peace of mind.

    I want to live again with a smile, so bright
    competing the sun.

    I want to scream and come out my head,
    I know you all love me so hold me tight
    And give me some time.

    And don't let die.


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    Pull someone up and be kind

    #akshayvasu #kindness #help

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    On your way up, be kind to everyone you meet, and if possible try to pull them up too, with you. If you happen to slip and fall, they are the ones whom you will meet on your way back down, and they are the ones who are going to try to catch you and place next to them, so that you won't fall all the way down and won't have to begin climbing again from the rock bottom. The place where you will seize falling, and begin climbing again, will always be decided on how high did you pull someone up with you.

    - Akshay Vasu

  • kb19160 2w


    has this gotten so far
    years and years of begging and trying to
    make it all stop but you men keep trying to
    make us quiet and accept that you’re trying to cover up your actions.
    and it’s still our fault?
    what did we do
    what did 97 percent of us do to you?

  • kb19160 2w


    I’m not the nice guy
    I have fucking depression
    I wanna die
    But I guess no one will listen

    Head fucking pounding
    Visions getting clouded
    Tears keep on welling
    Work is overbearing

    I’m not in control
    Can’t get down from this pole
    Raising my self up higher to the clouds
    I can’t see beyond my fingers

    Don’t know what’s happening outside my head
    But I’m feeling the judgement pressing down
    Everything is see is red

    I’m selfish and mean and weak
    When really I can’t find the truth I seek
    Of why I can’t be the person they need
    Cause all I do is wonder

    Why can’t I be you
    high on success not anything less
    Not messing with excuses for every lesson you miss
    Knowing everyday someone is proud
    Not always drowning in the clouds of your own making
    All I see is red

  • neykoriema 2w

    Please Help Me Grieve

    Grieving for my son whom is still alive is one of the hardest things I have ever encountered in my lifetime. I am still paying for every second. I am allowing myself to continue to suffer and feel stuck in extremely toxic relationships for the simple logistic in the back of my mind that I deserve it. This is my own hell that I have created. I wish I could go back because I am not this person. My intentions are pure and my energy is- well was, nothing but positive and youthful. Then, I lost my vision and lost my way. Took a few leaps backwards and demolished my faith. Now, I suffer in pain and feel there is no other way.

  • logan545 2w

    It's okay to not be okay.
    The world sees our happy and cheerful visages all the time, we feel no shame in smiling at someone,in sharing our beautiful memories.
    Then why is breaking down in front of even one person so hard. Reaching out to someone when we are most miserable, why is it so excruciatingly difficult??

    #communication #help #drowning #tears #courage #tangled #web #talk #callout #rejection

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    Why is it so?
    Even though we're drowning
    On the precipice of falling
    Names on the tip of tongue
    In need of help
    But still not calling

    This belief clamming us up
    That there's no one that would come
    This mirrored lonely cage
    Can we ever get out?
    Gather up the courage
    And just call out

    Knowing the rejection that might still come
    But still enter this tangled web
    Of confusions and fears
    Betrayals and tears

    This step might just be the key
    A trickle of hope and healing
    For you and me

  • poukii 2w


    Dear stranger,

    Even though I don't know you personally, you had became a part of my life. Even though you are in the other part of the world,you have become so close to my heart, like a loved one. You have opened a world of new ideas and possibilities to me. You have changed my perception about life. You have become a breath of my life.You have become a ray of hope for me. Your experiences and advices had made me feel like I am not the only person to go through this trauma.

    Before meeting you I was feeling like an "alien". I felt like I came from other planet.I didn't saw anyone like me here. People whom I thought are my friends,my family and my relatives,left me alone, judged me without even understanding my true situation. The culture I am from,the society I belong to had never even listened to what I have to say. They inculcated fear in me regarding everything. They taught me to hide everything. They always blamed me for everything. Never accepted my differences. Guilt tripped me if I decided to speak for myself. Made too much fun about me.

    The day I started to reading your posts in facebook,was a day of joy and hope for me. I felt like a weight that I carried in my shoulder for so long, tormenting myself, criticising myself,had flewed away. Your posts exactly express the things that I want to share,but had never done because I used to feel like " what will people think". Your posts encouraged me to love myself the way I am. You awaken the light in me and helped me to find out my true self. You made me feel valid. You made me realise that it is important to express ourselves. Your posts made me realise that I deserve respect and care.It encouraged me to seek a therapy. You know, I can't tell the things that I share with you to my family.
    I was about to give up, decided to suicide multiple times before reading your posts. You had actually transformed my life,given me a second innings, another chance to live. I feel like I met someone from my home, after reading your posts. You were exactly a helping hand for a soul who was sinking in water day by day. I had saved all your posts and articles that you had attached with it. They helped me to learn and understand a lot about my problems.You had become my light, after being in darkness for so long.Not even my parents had helped me in the way that you are helping me. I eagerly wait for your posts daily. I am really thankful to you. I don't have words to express it. I don't know if we will be able to meet in this lifetime.But, I will remember you till my last breathe. No one can replace you in my life.

    Yours sincerely,

  • psychologygirl 2w


    Obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD) is a disorder in which people have recurring, unwanted thoughts, ideas or sensations (obsessions) that make them feel driven to do something repetitively (compulsions).

    Its not only related to washing hands, rechecking etc.

    It was 7 years back...
    A girl who was in high school, was not happy with her skin colour.
    Better to say she feel little when watching other with fair skin tone.

    Her brothers used to make fun of her.
    How "KAALI" she's and how different she is.

    Hence these "so called opinions" make her feel "OBESSIVE" about her colour.
    These unwanted, continous and unavoidable thoughts make her feeling worst about herself.

    To overcome these obessions, she find a way.
    She started using a "STEROID CREAM"
    (These types of cream are used for lightening skin colour)

    Within just few days of usage her skin colour changed exceptionally.

    Getting compliments was a like Goal Achievement. No more heartbreaking comments.

    This become a "COMPULSION" for her.
    She couldnt stop herself using that cream, as when she stop using it small acne bumped in her face.

    This continous for around 5-6 years...

    Now she's in category of fair coloured people.

    It was in 2021 she realized her skin was getting thin each day.

    Now it's so sensitive that even lotion reacts on her skin making her face red entirely. There were rashes, uneven skintone , dryness , hyperpgimentation and what's not.

    Her face was more dull than earlier in her teenage.

    She went to the " dermatologist ".

    You wont believe what doctor said :

    "USING SUCH CREAMS JUST FOR 10 DAYS IS EXTREMELY HARMFUL, and you're using it from such a long time. You can understand how much you need to pay for it now. Your skin will take alot of time to get back to normal. As these creams break the barricades of skin and allowing all skin problems comming althoughter "

    *These creams also causes Cancer*

    This girl was me.
    And sharing this experience was for only one reason.

    BODY SHAMING can be of any type

    As teens we are filled with n no of harmonal changes which resulted in different bodily problems.

    For this the takeaway is :

    ♒ Stop using these creams as early as possible.
    ♒ Consult the doctor at the earliest.
    ♒Make sure not to reuse these creams again no matter what.
    ♒ Love yourself as you are.
    ♒ As a parent and as a society make sure you don't comment on children's colour or body changes.
    ♒ As an adult you first need to accept harmonal changes is not a taboo.
    ♒ Please, dont make fun of your children.


  • thewet_lotus 2w

    The scariest times are the ones I spend alone. With only my thoughts.

  • jameerahmn 2w

    If you are wealthy today
    It's not because of you
    Someone help you, when you needed them the most in your worst times
    Never forget them in any situation
    If you ignore them today,
    You will be ignored by God tomorrow

  • _solitaire_ 2w

    In a world
    Where people wanna improve their beauty,
    You improve your humanity


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    Why are people hesitant or maybe even afraid to talk about PTSD or support those who are challenged with it?

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    // To the Lord
    Who resides far far away
    All I could afford
    Are your blessings as I pray
    Few a thing I do ask
    Through this letter of mine
    Although evils do last
    You always makes it fine

    Then why?
    My sisters get all harm
    And Fellow farmers have dry farm
    Then Why?
    Mother nature is losing her charm
    And hearts are becoming cold than warm

    If this is the truth
    Of life on earth
    Where evil of ruth
    Tears soul of mirth
    Hence take your sword
    Or thee mighty pen
    Let this be accord
    I'll be waiting then //

    Anurag Debnath

    #mirakee @writersnetwork #help #life #nature

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    Anurag Debnath


  • bclark2681 4w

    Cascading Generosity

    Generosity cascades endlessly from
    My bleeding heart as I share fortunes
    With those who require more than I,
    Helping ones with their necessities
    Blinds evil selfishness from my soul