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    When the lights were all off
    And the stars were all bright
    When every door was shut
    And no one was on sight
    I left my couch, over which I lay
    I left my place of stay.

    I ought to leave the comfort zone
    Just to accomplish
    What the night has shown
    To me, it bestowed the highest privilege
    To me, it had shown me my dream,
    To achieve what I pledged.

    Now when the world has dozed off into theirs
    I toil to make mine with glittering flairs.
    With what I have and what God gave me
    My dream was not only in my sleep.

    Not to touch the moon,
    Nor to fly in sky
    Not money , not fame,
    My dream had nothing to do with same
    All I want is a drift in the world
    To bring smiles and blushes on every face
    To wash of every filthy and dirty place
    To purify the heart of masses
    To make one believe
    that love still ancompasses
    Because we deserve to live this way
    To make the earth
    a place called "Heaven's Bay".
    Where you and me can laugh and rejoice
    Where there is joy in every voice.

    Let alone, I start upon this time
    Through my words, my thoughts put in a rhyme,
    Because this was not a mere dream of the night
    For it lingered even when the Sun brought light

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