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  • nocturnal_enigma 6w

    * 22.10.2021; 11.36 P.M (Malaysia)

    #heartfillc @writersbay #heart #fill #challenge - Today, make a list of such things that fill your heart. ~


    * My #crush is #AHBA

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    25 Things that make me happy:

    My Mom's & step-Mom's yummy cookings.
    My Dad's Islamic notes on cigarette boxes.
    My younger siblings that are growing-up.
    My cats and kittens playing around. So cute!
    My writings that are many. Mostly good.
    My day-dreams & sweet-dreams of crush.
    My gifts that I bought for my crush.
    My face that resemble my crush.
    My love-ones compliment & support me.
    My first time riding an ATV. So fast & fun!
    My hand holding the tiny hermit crabs.
    My pictures when I was a baby and kid.
    My photography camera. Taking pictures.
    My selfies when I look photogenic.
    My prizes from contests & competitions.
    My money that I get. I spend & I keep it.
    My 1000 pieces of jigsaw puzzles completed.
    My jogging and running on the treadmill.
    My relaxing-time on the massage-chair.
    My cravings for my favourite foods fulfilled.
    My clothes in the closets that I can wear.
    My birthday. When peoples wish me well.
    My 1st Virtual Run I join. Squid Game Run.
    My binge-watching of Korean dramas.
    My favourite songs that I listen to.

    © Nuruliffa Emirah
    @ nocturnal_enigma

  • miss_silentlyweird 12w

    For the girl who used
    To be happy,
    To be grateful,
    Imperfect but tries
    Messy but kind,
    Full of positivity all the time
    For the girl used to be mine
    I miss you!!

    For the girl who becomes totally opposite,
    The girl I'll never knew I become,
    The girl I've never asked for,
    I hated you a lot, yet I'm grateful,
    Thank you for carving my heart vulnerable likewise strong:
    For bruising me up for that I learn to still stand
    and fight back in life even just a little.

    #once #wod #heal #randomc
    #tletterc #infinitec #heartfillc
    #miraquill @miraquill @writersbay
    (Inspired in the song “She used to be mine")

    Howdy? Been a while, kinda busy so I'll become more inactive.
    Take care guyz (^^)♡

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    // It's hard but waiting for healing is what keeps me going today//

    Once, I was young and true,
    The world seems in aesthetic view,
    Infinite, I let my hands drew,
    Hope and happiness without due,

    I ride a bicycle towards rainbows,
    Jumping, flying high wasn't scared in bestow,
    With a list of positivity that let my heart grew,
    Yet, without clue I become someone I never knew,

    It's not simple to say I don't recognize me,
    However today I'm not in the skin of glee,
    Perhaps my body contain melancholy,
    Spilling over through soul abysmally,

    My canvas filled with messy lines and blank,
    Now, I perceive the world blurry dark to be frank,
    Towards me good things can't hold neither yank,
    Cause these shadow demons grinning swank,

    This girl I'll never knew become someone I embrace,
    As of now we are traveling a journey without trace,
    We playing arcade of losing games,
    We are running bare foot in flames,

    In future maybe we'll continue stirring life,
    Baking all pain, hurt, whine— that cutting us like a knife,
    However in future we know this mixed up ,
    Will make us taste a beautiful healing blowup


  • bonitasarahbabu 13w


    Things that make my heart happy:
    - good morning and goodnight messages
    - good, strong cup of black coffee
    - hugs
    - rain
    - cloud watching
    - stars
    - music
    - dog and cat kisses
    - reading
    - writing stories or poetry
    - the moon
    - road trips
    - dancing
    - horse riding
    - undisturbed sleep
    - pecan pie
    - peach cobbler

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  • pallavi4 13w


    Driving for hours
    And helping other people
    Petting little doggies
    Labs, huskies and beagles
    Smell of the earth that the rains bring
    These are a few of my favourite things

    Shopping estatically
    And throwing an intimate party
    Writing new poems
    Or doing something arty
    Brown paper packages tied up with string
    These are a few of my favourite things

    Doing up my house
    And eating heartily
    Collecting memorabilia
    Or pencils and other stationary
    Silver white moonlight and a perfect sun setting
    These are a few of my favourite things

    Obsessing over artwork
    Or receiving tiger lilies
    Spending time with my friends
    And board games with mommy
    Toy trains that run on a track ring
    These are a few of my favourite things


    7th of September, 2021

    Pic credit: Pinterest, picture credited to its rightful owner

    #heartfillc #happiness #favourite #these_are_a_few_of_my_favourite_things #sound_of_music #writersbay @writersbay @writersnetwork #writerstolli #miraquill #MirakeeWorld #writersnetwork #poetry #pod #writerscommunity @miraquill

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  • thefakesheikh_ 13w

    I could go on and on honestly.
    #heartfillc @writersbay

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    - smiles, specially the ones that light up a person's face
    - a good cup of tea obviously
    - sunlight; fading, lingering, cracking through spaces
    - a full moon, the most beautiful sight
    - the sky; in a plethora of colors, or a dusky twilight or a clear sunny blue
    - rain; soft pitter patter to roaring thunderstorms, all of it
    - waves
    - seeing someone genuinely happy, giddy with excitement for something they've always wanted
    - hamsters, little fluffy creatures with loads of cuteness
    - you, an idiot


  • words_flake 13w

    • books
    • music
    • miraquill
    • tea
    • food
    • studies

    There are so many things which keeps us busy & makes us feel ourself.

  • aqstar 13w

    Things that make me happy -

    Rainy summer morning
    Road trips
    Maple leaf land
    Midnight talks
    Pressed flowers
    Poetries of dead poets
    Dead languages
    Dark academia aesthetic
    Blue kites
    Fictional/Non fictional stories
    Fictional movies
    1D songs
    Bts playlist
    Midnight stargazing
    Night sky
    Big bookstores
    Old libraries
    Cold breeze
    Chirping birds
    My old poems
    Family photos
    Old clips
    Video calls
    Tight hugs
    Stamps / stickers
    Scientific experiments
    Paper planes
    Large windows
    Scented candles
    Long neck T-shirts
    Denim jackets
    Wooden floors
    Hand written letters
    Childhood photographs
    Fluttering butterflies
    Dark paintings
    Writing proses / diary entries
    Sonnets of shakesPeare
    Room that smells of wood
    Smell of old books
    Sound of rain
    Pretty lies
    Mango trees
    Butterscotch ice cream
    Streaming BTS MVs
    Bangtan photo cards
    Running among sunflower fields
    Clear blue sky
    Beams of sunlight
    Thick forests
    Blooming flowers
    Roller coaster rides

    Glancing at the sky...
    Talking to the moon...

    Shazaan's nazam @mrkhan56
    Adeeba's ghazals @adeeba__
    Surbhi's jokes / rhymes/spams @puranidiary
    Ben's advises @murryben
    Ruchi's poems @golden_tears
    Kulsoom's suggestions
    Mariya's voice
    Zikra's stories
    May's presence
    Anuj's replies
    Afrah's edits

    And the list goes on.....

    I'll add some more things, later :D.

    Damn I cannot tag more than 5 people. (╥╯﹏╰╥)ง


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  • shadowofthoughts_ 13w

    #heartfillc #day
    @writersbay this challenge is like rejuvenation. Thankyou.❤️✨

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    Somedays the coffee, somedays it's the tea.
    The mountains and not the sea.

    There are days I want to be alone, and not shone.
    I don't like to speak, I'll rather be called weak.

    Somedays I love the sunlight,
    and then there are days when it blinds my sight.
    I gaze at stars, I clean the mess.
    Just make sure to talk less.

    Laughing in the storms.
    I shed tears like roars.

    Well what does make you happy?
    When is the smile on your face real,
    I would love to know the way you feel.


  • monsteralive 13w


    Its a curse for those who love
    Its a boon for who hate
    But no matter who you are
    In the end of life you hate or love
    Loneliness kills eats you inside out
    Disease with no cure and none to find
    No cause only effect and it destroys the life of not only the diseased but also the people connected to them, everyone suffers.

  • antarraal 13w

    Heartless day

    Who says long distance relationships
    are doomed?
    Ask Earth and Moon,
    Ocean and Mountain,
    Sun and Sunflower,
    Me and Him.
    Not a moment goes without
    one missing the other,
    not a day goes without
    one waiting for the other.
    Every day looks same, and
    every colour pales
    for days are seven but love is one.
    Books, chocolates, friends,
    pull you through the day,
    but when night drapes her long veil around,
    heart asks for that one may
    who fills laughter in the mundane moments,
    and shine on a moonless night,
    nothing fills my heart, other than
    catch my love in plain sight.


  • abinaya14 13w

    Things that fill my heart

    I could say the palpitations of anxiety,
    The fear of being forgotten,
    Flood of emotions leading to satiety,
    And the thought of slowly getting rotten.

    At times the acoustic alteration of the rainfall,
    The stain of rainbow on the cloudy sky,
    The leftover memories to recall,
    Watching my love walk towards me as the clouds pass by.


  • bohemian_ballerina 13w

    The Monday

    *Inauspicious. Dreadful. Hated by all.*

    While the Monday farce went on well,
    I found myself secluded,
    Of all the tidbits of the day.
    I came out of the sheath of fantasy,
    And tried to live in the Reality.
    When the world danced to the tunes of Monday music,
    I felt restless for, I had no job.

    Instead of staying in the cocoon
    I shrugged off the last dust
    And listened to the lilting voice of my heart.
    The cloud gazer I was,
    I spotted shapes, reincarnating my child self,
    I painted a mauve sky,
    With just a constellation of stars.
    I played the keyboard,
    And out came a weird sound.
    I danced in front of the mirror,
    And found out I truly was good.
    I wrote a letter to grandma
    And posted it along with cashew cookies.
    I was about to entertain my heart more,
    When the world returned to their homes,
    And I was no more home alone.

    That was one helluva Monday,
    Making my heart happy and me happier!

    *Auspicious. Looking forward for the next. Loved by Me.*


  • hanshu 13w

    Things that make me happy

    A good morning feeling refresh with windy weather.
    A good bath will make you instantly realise your stress.
    A tasty breakfast, lunch, snacks, the dinner which makes you crave for the more.
    A fun show which you can watch any time of the day.
    A day when you feel like so into yourself.
    Music that makes me dance instantly.
    Laughing moments of the day.
    Buying new clothes or shoes.
    Looking good in front of the mirror.
    When in your whole day you don't feel annoyed.
    Laying in a bed with nothing else to do just watching your favourites shows.
    Doing something new and like it so much.
    The smell of a new book.
    Read a story that goes deep into you.
    Find something relatable.
    Cosy feeling in your bed.
    And have a good dream means your sleep was automatically good.

  • uttkarsh_15 13w

    My Holiday Routine When I'm Home Alone
    #day #wod #heartfillc
    #pod toh milne se raha ��,
    Phir bhi hashtag daal deta hoon ��

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    Kiteretsu, Doraemon, Shinchan, Wildlife channels...

    English Series such as Black Lightning,2 broke Girls ;
    English Movies particularly like Eighth grade , Carpool , Dog's way home , Max and Romcom like Meet the Parents...
    And Horror Movie At Midnight for sure

  • _solitaire_ 13w

    (PS: Nirvana- In Buddhism particularly the highest state of pure peace and happiness)

    #day #heartfillc

    Gracias! @writersnetwork ��

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    A Windy Day.

    I haven't seen the wind yet. But watching that flame of the bayberry candle diminish during the rosy dawn, the leaves of the tree bearing satin-red cherries rustle in a rhythm, thoughts connecting when those thin threads of broken windchimes produce sublime resonance, the wind lingering betwixt my hair slightly pushing my silver tasseled jhumka, watching the dandelions disperse under the crimson shadows of setting sun and smelling the pungent salts from the ocean.

    I haven't seen the wind yet. But feeling it is a .

    07. 09. 21

  • writersbay 13w

    Humanity is a lonely race, we all feel lonely at times. And even if you feel like you have nobody, there are always things to fill your heart with. Today make a list of such things that fill your heart.

    Tag and share with #heartfillc

    P.S. - Don’t beat yourself up too much, it’s alright. Be a little gentle to your body. You’ll be fine. 🌼

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    things that make me happy

    • knit sweaters
    • cozy blankets
    • tea at the right temperature
    • dainty flowers
    • long hugs
    • black and white photographs
    • thin crust pizza
    • natural sunlight
    • music that makes me think
    • sunday mornings
    • mix CDs
    • watching your favorite movie
    • art galleries
    • new books

    - Pinterest

  • queen_butterfly 19w


    EC!!!! Thank you for the read WN❤️
    Thank you for the like @/miraquill ����
    Thank you for the read @/writersbay

    Oh God! 3 back to back ECs! Happy happy��


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    the sun that filters through the open kitchen windows while I do the dishes/ the warm air that surrounds my every limb while I walk around the block/ hanging my own artwork on my wall/ letters on fresh notebook paper/ the way my fingers glide across my piano/ freshly baked bread/ the sound of a song in an empty room/ dancing alone in my basement/ my sketchbook/ cherry chapstick and grey nailpolish/ my recipe book/ purple pens/ old notebooks and journals filled with memories/ vanilla ice creams/ overalls/ chatting with my neighbourhood grandma/ flowers pressed into pockets/ memories closed away in lockets/ & laughter/ so much laughter

    ~reasons why I still have hope