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    #my story

    U neither deserve my heart nor love.
    Because I'm synonym to love
    And you anonymous to it.
    I let u be my sky..but u chaos to be a passing cloud.
    You put me in storm,in midst of it I still checked upon you.
    I loved you,with all the inches of my heart, with the measurements known..you successfully shattered it.
    I subjected you to all smiles,you proned me to hurt n pain that I never n ever deserve.
    With all the ounces of courage,faith gathered..I started to revive my light.
    Trying to uplift myself.
    U made me feel,to be loved is too hard..
    I don't feel anything for anyone.
    Love is out of my box now.
    I subjected you to all smiles,but u proned me to all hurt n pain, that I never n ever deserve.
    Ur happy snatching away all the happiness from me..I'm happy for that..as I'm always a giver I know!
    Right now I'm toiling hard to restore my happiness not to shower on u this time..but on thyself.
    Where ever you are,just thrive!!
    But, once when god's scripture comes into picture..never come back.. because your mado is not mad about u anymore.
    U stabbed me.. thinking the world is too big...last question I wanna pose u is..is it as vast as of my love,dear love?

  • darkmoon696 1w

    This is part-9 of my ongoing short story. I hope that you'll give it a read and comment below to let me know of any grammatical mistakes and also any inclusives to the next part. I'll surely consider them and implement in the next part. ✌️ Happy Reading ❤️

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    The Short Story-Part 9

    Dominating all the voices, there is a horrific male voice screaming ‘This is the beginning of the end; Satan is going to rip your tongues out’. The priest sprinkles the holy water over April’s body while reading out verses from the bible. Natalie and I can hear her skin burning, as the drops fall on her.

    Just when our hope started diminishing, ‘Get him out of me, please!!’, April yells in her voice and this brings back the hope that she is still in there, struggling. The demon starts rupturing her body from within and we can hear her bones cracking. It gradually becomes difficult for us to hold her down, so we get a rope and tie her hands to the back and her legs to the chair.

    As the priest continues yelling out numerous verses, suddenly, the cupboard placed right behind the priest tumbles over. Lucky I got him in time and pushed him away, saving him. The cupboard was intentionally pushed over by the demon as well as all the flickering lights, floating tables, and chairs. ‘Tell me your name, demon’, the priest yells at April in hope of a name to weaken its powers. The priest sprinkles the holy water and places a cross at April’s forehead that creates a bleeding cross mark on her forehead. The demon inside her groans and yells ‘Butcher’....


  • polate 1w


    Everyone's racing to feel alive
    To see the beauty in the stars
    We leap out of existence
    With the last breath the air grabs
    From the sky down to the ground

    What if everything perishes and I
    Don't know where to start or what
    If I'm just afraid enough to tryout
    Life is more than pleasure at hand
    And I'm willing to share it with you

    Everyday with each blessing in harmony
    Shakes the trees so the birds can sing
    The sun sets and at the edge of nightfall
    I'm still dreaming of an empty place,
    An empty place on a clean slate

    Keep going even if there's nothing to
    Hide, curiosity kills a doubtful mind
    And with all that I've shared, I'll do it
    All over until I know you're safe.

  • thakuraain 2w


    I used to write poems of love, I used to write about you.
    I write poems of misery now, I still write about you.

    Look what you've made of me,
    Look what you've made me do
    You picked my broken pieces and made me whole again...
    And in no time, you broke my heart in two.

    I still write about you.

    I want to hate you, and I think I do too,
    But on days when I need strength to just breathe,
    My mind warns me but the heart still wants to run to you.
    My hands shiver,
    my lips quiver, and yet...

    I still write about you.


  • darkmoon696 2w

    This is part-8 of my ongoing short story. I hope that you'll give it a read and comment below to let me know of any grammatical mistakes and also any inclusives to the next part. I'll surely consider them and implement in the next part. ✌️ Happy Reading❤️

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    #shortstory #part8 #horror #drama #action #heartfelt #pod #wod #miraquill #mirakee #fiction

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    The Short Story- Part 8

    ‘Well Hello there!! April, I guess we haven’t met each other till now’ the priest says, as he got up from the couch. April is confused and a bit scared from seeing the priest. ‘Yes, we haven’t till now’, April replies. We all get together in the main hall and the priest places candles all around the room at every corner. After he is done placing the candles, he comes to us, while we are sitting around the dinner table. The priest takes out a bible from his suitcase and two bottles of, something that appeared to be some sort of sacred water. I turn off all the lights in the house and return to my chair.

    We gave a couple of sleeping pills to April, mixed in her glass of water, without her consent. She had this glass of water after a couple of minutes of her conversation with the priest. The pills knocked her out, which made it easy for us to hold her hands and legs while the priest started his prayer from the Bible. Eventually, April’s body started feeling heavy for us, and difficult for us to hold.

    After a couple of minutes into the exorcism, we start hearing the same voices from April, that we heard every night. Natalie and I are petrified watching our little girl like this. Dominating all the voices, there is a horrific male voice saying ‘This is the beginning of the end; Satan is going to rip your tongues out....


  • darkmoon696 2w

    This is part-7 of my ongoing short story. I hope that you'll give it a read and comment below to let me know of any grammatical mistakes and also any inclusives to the next part. I'll surely consider them and implement in the next part. ✌️ Happy Reading❤️

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    #shortstory #part7 #heartfelt #drama #action #horror #miraquill #pod #wod #writersnetwork

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    The Short Story- Part 7

    This is the second time since Lexi’s death that I am caught off-guard and completely shook. I charge into the room, grab her tightly and haul her to the bed. What surprised me is the fact that she’s still intact, in an unvexed sleep. This continued for nights with every night being the same. First, the weird eerie noises make their way out of April’s room, and then the whispers accompany.

    One fine morning, I decided to bring this to Natalie’s notice. ‘Natalie, are you hearing any voices during the night?’ I ask my wife with an espresso in my hands. ‘No David, why do you ask?’ she asks with a grin on her face. ‘Nothing to worry about Nat, but I am going to tell you something and this is going to sound crazy’ I say, as her smile fades slowly. ‘I am hearing disturbing noises and assorted voices from April’s room, for the past few nights and there are instances where I was passing by April’s room and noticed her, floating’. I haven’t seen Natalie, this tensed, in ages. She sits in the chair, in front, and says ‘Sorry I wasn’t honest with you earlier. I am hearing them, as well. David. I think we should call a priest and find out what is happening’ she says, in a relieving tone.

    The next day, we call a priest to visit us in the evening. We lead him to April’s room and he senses a strong negative presence. We call April to reach home as soon as possible from her friend's place. When she arrives, I notice that the priest is shaken for a minute or two before he started talking. ‘Well, Hello there!! April, I guess...


  • darkmoon696 2w

    This is part-6 of my ongoing short story. I hope that you'll give it a read and comment below to let me know of any grammatical mistakes and also any inclusives to the next part. I'll surely consider them and implement in the next part. ✌️

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    A Short Story- Part 6

    Natalie and April are still asleep and I didn’t bother to wake them up and scare them with the bad episode I experienced last night.

    After over a day of thinking, I call Brandon, the broker, and tell him to rush over to my place. ‘I don’t know what to do, Brandon. I am going to call the cops this afternoon.’, my voice trembles as I say that. ‘Let’s not call the cops right away, David. There is enough evidence to put you in a tight spot and well, you know how the cops of this town are. They wouldn’t hesitate for a second to put you behind the bars’, Brandon said. As disgusting it may sound, there is no choice for me other than to get rid of the body before the neighbors realize it.

    Hence, we decided to dispose of Lexi’s body using the chemicals that I have with me as part of my research. I don’t want to startle Natalie and April so I make sure they don’t get to know what happened in our basement.

    A few days passed by and one day as I get up to go to the restroom at 2 in the morning, I pass by April’s room and find her floating in the air with her blanket on. A bolt out of the blue, held me in that moment, frightened as hell. Suddenly, I am pushed back to reality with the sound of the wind gusting through the windows, take over.
    This is the second time since Lexi’s death that...


  • darkmoon696 3w

    This is part- 5 of my ongoing short story. I hope that you'll give it a read and comment below to let me know of any grammatical mistakes. I'll surely consider them and implement in the next part. ✌️ And feel free to guess how the plot's gonna be in the next part✌️. Happy Reading!❤️

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    The Short Story- Part 5

    ..I find Lexi, my colleague, stuck to the wall, in front, with nails going through her wrists and also ankles. This horrific scene makes me puke over two times and only after which, I realize there is blood all over the floor and there is blood squirting its way out of Lexi’s mouth. I slowly return to my senses and hear muttering.

    That’s when I find Lexi still alive, speaking something. I get close to her, crying and still in shock. ‘My...husband....I....kill’, saying so, she dies.
    I run as fast as I can from that dreadful scene and end up in my car parked in the garage to spend the rest of the night frightened and terrified.

    “Huh, Finally”, I sigh, gazing at the sunrise from the garage windows, and slowly get out of the car. I walk into the house past the back door with the baseball bat still in my hands completely shook due to the awful episode that happened at night. As I rest on the couch in the living room, I am pushed into my sphere of thoughts on the reason for the death of Lexi...


  • darkmoon696 3w

    This is part-4 of my ongoing short story. I hope that you'll give it a read and comment below to let me know of any grammatical mistakes. I'll surely consider them and implement in the next part. ✌️ And don't forget to guess what's the plot gonna be like in the next part, in the comment section.✌️ Happy Reading!!❤️

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    The Short Story- Part 4

    I walk out of my room and progress to the basement with the noises continuing along with a soft banging at the basement door. These daunting noises make me think if there is someone in the basement and I rush to the garage to get a baseball bat along with a torchlight to defend myself. Just as I commence my return, the power goes off, so I continue walking towards the basement with the torchlight on.

    As I reach the basement entrance, I find that the door is wide open and the lock is shattered on the floor. I hold the baseball bat firmly and move slowly into the basement onto the steps. As soon as I step inside, I sense a rotting smell in the air which makes me nauseous. “Ahh..what died in here”, I say, as I cover my nose. I shine the torchlight across and check if there’s anyone in the room excluding me.

    Walking slowly, with my hands held onto the walls of the room, I explore further and that’s when the torchlight goes off. “Aha!! What a perfect time for this bloody light to malfunction”, I exclaim in a sarcastic tone. After a couple of tries, the light finally comes back on and as I shine it on the wall infront, I see a sight that will haunt me for the rest of my life....


  • darkmoon696 3w

    This is part-3 of my ongoing short story. I hope that you'll give it a read and comment below to let me know of any grammatical mistakes and also any inclusives to the next part. I'll surely consider them and implement in the next part. ✌️ And also feel free to take a guess in the comments on how the next part's going to go.❤️

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    The Short Story- Part 3

    ..Until one day as I am laying comfortably on my porch swing having my espresso, I get a call from my colleague regarding her visit to my new house. I am excited to meet her as it’s been a long time since I met anyone from my workplace. The following day, Lexi, my colleague, visits, and we celebrate our reunion with some drinks and we have a great time sharing our thoughts.

    ‘Time flies by, talking to you David.’ Lexi says, taking a glance at her watch. ‘Well, it’s always a pleasure to have a couple of drinks with you, Lexi.’ I say, gazing at her brown tensed eyes. I can easily figure out from the look of her eyes that she has been tensed for quite a while but I don’t want to enquire her and make her uncomfortable.

    ‘Well, the pleasure’s mine David. Thank you for this day, I should get going now’ Lexi says as she starts to pack her handbag. I drop her off at the bus stop at the corner of the street and return, realizing that I need to rest for a while. So, I go straight to my bedroom and take a five-hour nap.

    I wake up at 10 in the night and have a bunch of biscuits for dinner before I sleep again. Exactly at 2 in the morning, I wake up from the weird eerie noises coming from the basement, which is locked up, by the previous owner for some reason. I walk out of my room to the basement...


  • darkmoon696 4w

    My name is David and I am 48 years old. When I was 14, my father died of cancer, and three days past that, my mother died too, due to depression. Since then, I have been living with my uncle, George, and aunt, Emma. I have lived most of my life in company with various chemical elements and chemical reactions.

    People say that ‘Love is a chemical reaction between two people’, but, in my case, despite working with numerous chemical reactions, I find myself incapable of having the so-called ‘chemical reaction’ with anyone. After a ton of struggle, I managed to find a woman for myself, at the age of 22. Natalie, who has been very supportive of my work, is a kind-hearted person. At the age of 25, we have ourselves a cute girl, April, who is outstanding in her studies.

    Past my retirement, I had done nothing except working on my research regarding an element that had been found recently. As days passed, it started to be a bit difficult for me to cope with this new kind of life. So, I discussed this with Natalie and we decided to move to a new house, hoping a change in my environment can help me.

    Hence, I contact a broker, Brandon, to help me find a house suitable for me. By the end of the month, after a rigorous search by me and Brandon, we finally find a house, in line with my family’s requirements. It took us two months to move into the new house and I like the fact that the house is located in the woods and far away from the annoying city noises. Everything is going good until....

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    A Short Story- Part 2

    This is part-2 of my ongoing short story. I hope that you'll give it a read and comment below to let me know of any grammatical mistakes and also any inclusives to the next part. I'll surely consider them and implement in the next part. ✌️


  • darkmoon696 4w

    In the coming few days, I'll be posting one of my short stories, that I have also published on Amazon Kindle, in various segments. This is Part-1 and I hope you'll stay in touch with the piece as we go through the gripping and evocative challenges that the characters experience.
    And yeah, don't forget to comment below any kind of suggestions to the story as we go and I'll surely consider them and make the appropriate changes in the story.✌️
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    #shortstory #part1 #horror #fiction #drama #action #thriller #love #death #heartfelt

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    A Short Story- Part 1

    ‘Good Morning Students’, I said as I walk into the class with a brown leather suitcase held in my hand. After having an incredible brainstorming session for about an hour, I finally give the students a break. I, then, walk back to my cabin and start packing my bags. As I am doing so, my colleagues surprise me with a cake and congratulate me. The celebration lasted for two hours, after which, I drive home in my Chevrolet Cruze. And that is how I celebrated my last day at the college as a chemistry professor.

    For the first time in my life, I have plenty of time and I don't have anything planned. I knew retirement would be monotonous but for the first few days, everything started seeming like a temporary change in my life and I thought to myself that I will eventually start teaching again. I felt that way since I am afraid to accept the reality, that is, my retirement.


  • julie__ 7w

    I knew today would land me in a fog,
    before I even looked outside at the blanket of grey hanging to the ground.

    The dogs are my only reason to move,
    walking their curosity,
    I wish to smell the Salty sea air as intensely as they.
    I am trapped in my own body, my face, my tears, heart beat and longing enveloped by natures mysteries.

    Allowing myself to feel for only as the fog decides to rise,
    taking my emotions high above to disappear
    It wraps up my cries in silence, a cottony web.

    As the sun charges the fog from the beach and my heart-mind,
    I wait until my throat is as raw,
    seagulls cry my chorus, dogs howl.
    Wind carries us all away for the moment...

    - riya

    #fog #wod #pod #afteralongtime #lost #feelings #emotions #heartfelt #longlost

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  • naqsaif 7w

    It's only me

    I can read your eyes
    Like poetry
    On my high school notes
    I can pick your smile
    Through old photos
    And when it’s your song
    Playing on the radio
    I can sing along
    Was it a duo or a trio?
    And when they ask me,
    “What’s your favorite drink?”
    Its hot chocolate
    Filled to brink
    Is it too late
    To have a drink?
    And now the whole world knows
    What you like and what you don’t
    But it’s only me
    Who knows if its
    A raindrop
    Or a teardrop
    Sliding down your cheeks.


  • sangte 8w

    Silent Scream

    She walks the desolate hallway
    Looking for remnant of what was
    Nothing tangible she found
    Not a thing to remind her of what was
    She lament woe is me;
    Screaming silently not to let go of the little sanity she has left in this battle.
    In anguished she call out
    Will there be respite from
    The war between the heart and mind.


  • sangte 9w

    Silent Scream

    Silently screaming
    War between the heart and mind,
    The battle is going strong
    Silent Scream ravages her entire being
    Patiently waiting out the fight
    Will there be any respite?

  • teensheldon_111 9w

    By Adjusting...

    By adjusting her hairs on her right shoulder he gently kissed that tattoo on the nape of her neck...


  • myinkyfingers 10w

    #life happens

    Recently I realized a big mistake I made was to cut off contacts with old friends and people, in order to build new relationships.Losing touch with people (other than family) who have seen my journey and who had known me for years so well, who know me who I am and why I am the way I am, made me forget my self worth. I thought I have to be devoted to the new relationship for it to work. But that is completely opposite of what a good relationship is. If a relationship demands forgetting your own individuality then it fails there itself. You need to know and remain who you are and it's usually reminded by the ones who stood up for you, who never left, who saw you fail and get back up, who witnessed what you went through and your worth, helped you no matter how caught up they were and cared about you. So today, pick up a phone or text or email and don't hesitate to contact someone who mattered. To give you a boost, I unblocked almost 38 people who I thought, my current relationship might have issues if I continued to be in touch. And there they were still present as if I never left. Most of them asked no questions. They simply got happy to have their person back in touch and most of them's reaction was, "Its ok, life happens!".

  • silver_verses 16w

    Phir ho gaya tha,
    Kuch bachkaana sa!

    Taash ke patton se bana,
    Phir ek aashiyana sa!!


  • roopa7 19w

    Wilting heart❣️

    I often wonder...why am here to be a write???Am I did English literature!!!
    The absolute answer was "Nooo"

    Whom would you teach how to break someone heart gently....?

    Words are just an emotional bytes!!taste it...words are healing sometimes for wilting heart ...make you to break sometimes for rocky demons...

    Innumerous thoughts and overwhelming pressures are bought me to here and lying on here to visit and left over my thoughts throw an faded ink .. !!!! Inspite of it, I indulged deeply and moving forward .....!!

    I have an normalised behaviour seems to hide a lot of dreams not to downcast mine in an revine...!!
    I am not blind ....I just look in an different dimension.......
    Lines are just for writing....and not to be taken...!!
    Feelings are just for holding....and not to be admiring...!!!
    Thoughts are just for dreaming...and not to be dive in ....!!

    "Your words texture shows your body gesture"....!!!