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  • nikhil_bhusari 10h

    दर्द तो बोहोत है सीने में हमारे
    कहा बया करे ये समझ नही आता।
    अब वो मेहेफिल भी नहीं वो शाम भी नही। (२)
    की जहा जाम पीके २ लब्ज़ जुबा से बोल सके।
    दर्द तो बोहोत है सीने में हमारे
    कहा बया करे ये समझ नही आता।


  • krevs23 1d

    Now it's nothing but fading memories...

  • shubhangi_dave 1d


    What am I becoming? What kind of void I'm filling?

    यहीं सवाल पूछ रही हूं आज कल ख़ुद से।
    सोचती तो यहीं आई हूं तब से लेकर अब तक की अब तो मैं बदल गई हूं अब कोई हिस्सा नहीं रहा उसका मेरे पास
    पर शायद ये गलतफहमी ही थीं
    शायद आज भीं उसको ढूंढती हूं
    जाते जाते मेरा जो एक हिस्सा ले कर गया है ना
    उस हिस्से को आज भी ढूंढती हूं
    कई बार ख़ुद में और शायद कई बार गैरों में
    और ढूंढते ढूंढते कई बार दूर भी निकल जाती हूं
    कि शायद थोड़ा आगे बढ़ कर ही सही वो मिल जाएं
    पर मिलता है तो सिर्फ वहीं खालीपन और पहले से ज्यादा गहरा घाव। फिर ख़ुद को थोड़ा सहलाती हूं, समझाती हूं बस
    और फिर से शुरू हो जाता है उसे ढूंढने का सिलसिला किसी और जगह।

  • draydee 1d

    Sin as beautiful as when Adam fell with Eve
    Clasped in oneness like we'd lose grasp of each other if we let go
    With every thrust she calls out to God with labored breath
    Almost as if she was asking him to rescue her from my clutches
    But even God knows those calls aren't those of someone praying to be rescued.


  • __dilettante_ 2d

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    Lɪғᴇ ɪs ᴇᴀsʏ ᴜɴᴛɪʟ ᴡᴇ ᴄᴏᴍᴘʟɪᴄᴀᴛᴇ ɪᴛ..
    (ᴀʜʜʜ...ɴᴇᴠᴇʀ ᴍɪɴᴅ¯_(ツ)_/¯)
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  • draydee 2d

    As I stared into the horizon waiting for the taxi to move
    I felt her head rest gently on my shoulder, asleep
    Rest easy, black queen
    I don't have to know your name to offer you a shoulder to lean on.


  • jubikasharma 2d


    My heart aches for your love.
    My body craves for your presence,
    for your touch.
    I close my eyes and imagine, that you
    are here with me.
    Kissing me, loving me.
    I am there sitting but looking at you,
    into your eyes, into your soul where i saw
    that, that real eternal connection.
    I hate the fact that I was wrong, i was wrong when i thought you will stay.
    Each time I look at us in the past, I cry.
    I have fought this urge of calling you thousand times.
    I miss you my Love!!
    Wait....love?? But I want to hate you.
    I thought that I hate you.
    Why is this so tangled!!
    Why can't you just come and take me with you.
    Alas! I know that even if you would come, I will refuse to go with you.
    I do remember those beautiful days of ours.
    But the moment I see you, The already broken pieces tremble in fear.
    You have broken me my Love!!
    I look at you and feel the pain of all the broken pieces pricking into my soul.
    I want you but will not have you.
    You my love have lost me.
    And I pity you for that.
    I would have stayed till the very last.


  • draydee 2d

    I know you like being sober
    But let me fill you up with love until you get drunk
    Throw judgment out the window
    Join me on this spontaneous adventure.


  • lettersbytheflame 2d

    There is no sorrow that's eternal. Every pain. Every happiness. Every loss. Every person you have ever known will either leave you or you will leave them, either to circumstances or to life itself. Appreciate life. Love harder. Live a little more. The event of life is brief and fleeting.

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    There is no sorrow that's eternal.

    Nothing lasts forever. Not even pain.

  • adi_ixi 3d

    lost without you

    it's just been a week since we talked
    yet feels like a year.
    I know you're thinking about me too;
    I miss you so much my dear

    Life feels so different without you
    F*ck I just wanna be beside you
    like the rainbow needs the rain
    without you,
    my world is filled with nothing but pain.

    I'm lost out on the open sea again,
    stranded on a tiny boat.
    'yes, there's room for two'
    I'll always wish my other half to be you.


  • one_minimal_universe 3d

    Washing face
    To remove disgrace
    Trying to get rid of that stain
    I got while loving you
    With endless pain.

    But something
    Never changed
    And remained the same
    Like time...
    On my mind
    You and me
    Laying down on a bed
    Gazing in each others eyes
    Like infinity.

    Now when I seek
    My existence
    In your life.
    For something I wasn't
    Like your priority.

    You left me to rot
    Like a tarakota pot.
    Used, crushed and dissolved
    Back to where
    It came from.
    A paradoxical event occurred
    Rarely in my lifetime.

    It hurts
    It is something I never deserved.
    But fault is mine
    You moved
    I stayed

    A part of me evaporated
    In this cosmic incident
    The only witness I am left with
    Is time...


  • akshay_vasu 3d

    These moments made me remember my first paper boat again. I still remember how I felt that day. Someone had taught me to make paper boats. I made my first one and placed it on a stream of water while it was raining, and watched the boat float and move a bit while my heart began to fill with joy. And then suddenly, that boat began to sink. I panicked and tried to pick it back up to make it float again. And the moment I began trying, it started getting torn into pieces. The more I tried, the more pieces of it I had in my hand. That day, when I held those pieces of my first paper boat in my hand, standing under that rain, realizing that the paper boats sink. I felt something. Something that can never be caged in mere words.

    - Akshay Vasu

  • jigyasha_ 3d

    How does it feel to die slowly.

    You ever felt your heart broken?
    Did you feel empty and feel like exploding?
    Did you feel the light-head,
    a pressure in the centre of your chest.
    Somthing stuck in your trachea, feeling breathless.
    Air sucked out of your lungs,
    You remind yourself to breathe.


    Did you feel your stomach turn into knots?
    You lie there crouching like an infant trying to suppress it.
    Did you feel your limbs go numb?
    Vision blurring.
    You blink while trying to make sense of it.
    Did you hear the vacuum in your ears?
    Realise silence has a noise.


    Did you feel like crying and scream?
    Dry eyes burning , your voice strings paralyzed.
    Did you feel your chest stop thumping?
    Heart sinking deep inside your rib cage.
    Absent heartbeats.

    That's the void.

    Did you feel the void?
    A black hole.
    Pulling everything inside it.
    A Vacuum.
    Leaving empty, no light inside you.
    No life.

    What did you do?
    Did you cry? Did you scream?
    Did you die?

    But tell me truthfully..
    Have you ever felt alive again?


  • mariateresa 4d

    Reminiscencing on this beautiful day and can't stop thinking about the man who held my ❤ for 8 years. Heartache is what inspired this poem. Observing the sadness yet knowing it's all for my highest alignment and journey forwards. Can someone tell this to my ❤

    #heartbreak #heartache #lifechange #relationships #breakups #movingon #writerslife #writingcommunity #writersnetwork #mirakee #miraquill

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    A change of heart

    My heart, oh my heart, with so many loving feelings inside
    How do I tell it to stop beating your name?
    Loneliness threatens to drive me insane
    Yet I know that our road together has ended
    Moments together from the past flash through my mind Frozen in time once splendid
    You'll always hold a special place inside
    Yet alone I must continue on this ride
    Gathering all the strength and courage I can muster
    Embarking upon new adventures, changing focus, I adjust
    Living life in solo mode for awhile

  • mishr01 4d

    हमे तो एक शक्स ने ही बर्बाद करा आप ज़माने की बात करते हो,
    इस दौर मे अपनो के साथ हस नही सकते आप गम बाटने की बात करते हो,

  • akshay_vasu 4d

    And every single thing that they didn't say began lighting the bridges between them and their loved paradise on fire. Soon those bridges disappeared permanently. And they were never able to reach that paradise again.

    - Akshay Vasu

  • _yours_truly_ 4d

    "To prioritize one who'd never care,
    Is like gifting a rose
    to the heartless"

  • thalianoya 5d


    I'm busy..

    Busy watching you from afar,
    Busy watching you from my car,

    Busy trying to read your mind,
    Busy trying to make you mine,

    Busy questioning your every move,
    Busy questioning your little move,

    Busy thinking of you at night,
    Busy thinking about that fight,

    Busy wondering if you feel the same way,
    Busy wondering if I ever make your day,

    And all that 'cause I'm busy being in love with you


  • hatiseker 5d


    Sometimes, you'll find someone so toxic,
    That you'll be left finding yourself begging them
    For chances which you should be the one to give.

  • triola 1w


    •by Triola

    Or is the sudden gasping for breath?
    Of someone saying bye to the world

    Or more like an asthmatic's
    Though it's pure mimicry, perfectly acted,
    an allergy to a lover's looming heartbreak

    It's a way of saying 'I'll die if you leave me'
    Hunting cowardly for the other's pity
    An act pretty, not petty