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  • flawsomewritings 13h

    Unknown Pain

    I don't even know

    What hurts me anymore.

    What I even feel?

    Its just a pin prick

    Deep inside my heart.

    An invisible pain.

    Tears are all that flow.

    Silence is my only companion.

    Darkness gives me peace.

    But the pitch dark soul

    Has no idea how to heal.


  • nainamathur 13h

    Long Distance Relationship

    Woh jazbaat Jo mere bayaan huye
    Na mere kalam ne woh dastan likhi
    Na mere labo par sawale -e-guzaarish Ka zikra hua
    Bas ankho ki nami ne meri woh ankahi ansuni si dastaan kehdi
    Woh sekdo sawaal ek bond mai sama gye
    Jawaab na suna chahe woh , kyuki samandar ki lehero main toofan Ka aagman ko bulaana laazmi nai.
    Par woh boond ne saare sawaalaat ka kissa zaroor kardia.

    Won Lamhe Jo hamare hai
    Woh waqt Jo tumko dekhkr tham sa jaata hai
    Woh hasi tumhari .
    Woh ehsaas tumhara Jo rooh ko mere chooh jaata h
    Woh do rasto ne Safar bada khoobh nibhaya hai ab naajane Woh modh waps kab apni mazil ko dhunde.
    Ee Zindagi kashmkash main uljhadeti hai
    na dhaage sulajh paate hai na woh tootna chahte hai .

    Yeh mohabbat ni toh aur kya hai..
    Yeh sawaal Ishq ni toh aur kya hai..
    Yeh jawaab pyaar ni toh aur kya hai..


  • natkhatiwrites 14h


    कोमल हाथों पर,
    ज़ुल्म की छाप है।
    कल रात की दास्तां
    हो रही बयां है।

    महान बनने का नाटक,
    वो सरेआम करता है।
    अकेले में रोज़ वो,
    मारकुटाई करता है।

    कब तक इस राज़ को,
    अपने अंदर छुपाएगी।
    उस दरिंदे को कब तक,
    अपना पति बुलाएगी।

    रात ज़रूर छंटती है,
    भोर कहां टलती है।
    उसके काले कारनामे भी,
    साफ़ दिखाई दे जायेंगे।

    अपनी चुप्पी तोड़ दे,
    हर राज़ से पर्दा खोल दे।
    लौटेगी फिर से बाहर,
    तू पल-पल मरना छोड़ दे।

    तू एक कदम बढ़ा,
    उसके पैर कांप जाएंगे।
    तुझेपे उठनेवाले हाथ,
    धड़ से ही कट जाएंगे।

    डर को अपने त्याग दे,
    शक्ति का दामन थाम ले।
    पहचान अपनी ताकत को,
    खुदको अब थोड़ा प्यार दे।

  • itstanmayee 17h


    Tum ko kisi aur ke Saath dekh ke , dil ko bahut dukh hua ! Par tumhari khushi uske saath dekh ke , mein bhi khush rehna seekh gayi .

  • paridhi_k 19h

    Many reasons for heartbreak

    The pain cascades the soul and mind
    Reminiscing the days gone by
    Even if they were sometimes painful
    It was the last time I was carefree...

  • harshit1201 1d


    Me Shayar toh nhi
    par dil tutta kafi baar he …

  • thepaintingquill 20h

    From a cocoon, I'll become a butterfly
    Like a phoenix, from ashes I'll rise....
    Like a flower bud you thought was dead, I'll bloom
    Like a fruit seed you threw away in the garbage,
    I'll turn myself into a tree....
    You left me scarred, darling~
    You clipped my wings, but forgot to cut them,
    Thought me to be too weak...
    A coward too scared to fly again,
    But like an eagle I rose~
    Scraping your narcissistic bondage with my toes,
    Like a snake I slithered~
    Escaping from the borrow deep in the desert,
    Like an Alchemist, I turned,
    The rusted iron in my blood into gold.
    Now I'm the Queen of my own heart.
    And I'll be damned....
    To ever let you set my forest afire again.

    #rise #queen #queenofmyownheart #poetry #love #heartbreak #pain #wod #writersnetwork

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    "From a cocoon, I'll become a butterfly
    Like a phoenix, from ashes I'll rise..."

  • akshay_vasu 1d

    Looking at her always reminded me of a rose that was dripping blood. I always felt it was drawing all its life from the inside, just to look beautiful outside.

    - Akshay Vasu

  • kridhashree 1d


    Sufferings and headaches,
    Anxiety and Weakness.
    Everything was depressing,
    And was mentally pessimistic.

    Hands were blank,
    A heart filled with pain.
    Discovering the path of light she was,
    To get a peaceful rest.

    Cried and screamed,
    She was relieved.
    Though, she knew,
    It would go again someday deep.

    Sharp like a thorn,
    Pointed like an arrow,
    Her trauma pierced her again.


    Never she left the hope that,
    One day she would attain.

    Touched, Betrayed, and Broken she was,
    But held her head up,
    As she was nothing less than a storm,
    To change the painful destiny of hers.

  • masterdquotes 1d

    Despite being taken for granted, We gotta hope to be cherished some day, by someone. #love #rain #heartbreak #hope #magic

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    They dream of sweet nothings, like drives and dances in the kitchen, random laughter and catching movies together.
    They crave passionate moments with their insecurities laid bare and their flaws on display: to be accepted and cherished, despite all that. Somewhere, between their yearning for belonging and fear of rejection, they try to survive.

  • girlnextdoor477 2d

    Ultimate Cosmic Joke

    *Trigger warning*
    (Words are figurative)

    Life is a fickle thing.
    A trickster.
    Some may even say cruel.
    You give me this opportunity,
    A chance to open up.
    So I take it.
    This was nothing but a test.
    A test that I failed.

    Something bad happened and it obviously changed everything.

    You dangled a gift right in front of me,
    Only to take it away before I even knew.

    And here it goes,
    I found yet another one who's unsure.
    Unsure of their feelings.
    Unsure on what they want to do.
    Open up they say,
    So I do, only to have what I feared come true.
    You say you need time to think things through.
    How can you say you're sure of me when you don't know what to do.

    My heart is already hurting,
    Breaking into a million pieces.
    I know what's yet to come, so do I pull the trigger myself.

    Or do I wait knowing the result.

    Waiting for you to do it yourself ?

    I fight every urge to just push you away, to shut you out before you have the chance to say.

    Yet, a glimmer of hope remains.

    I'm angry, not at you, but at myself.
    I took a chance knowing I shouldn't.
    I suffered a loss...more than one.
    I watch the clock ticking,
    Staring at my phone,
    Waiting for the other shoe to drop.

  • manseehada 2d


    Tere sath bataya hua har ek pal yaad ata hai ...
    Tujhko kho dene ka dar ajj bhi dill ko satata hai ...
    Akhir koi itna apnapan jata kar humse door kyu chala jata hai ..
    Ki uske jane ke baad bhi dill usi ke liye dharka jata hai ...

  • lucifer_77 2d

    She enjoyed giving scars on my heart,
    thinking she was carving beautiful designs.

    Those scars bled my heart out,
    but yet she failed to hear my cries.


  • blucifer 2d

    Gains and losses

    At the gym, missing you so
    it's the closest I can get to you
    the way I constantly break down my body
    just to imitate the way my heart broke for you

  • aadityasharma 3d


    Pata sab reheta tha mujhe

    Par ab mujhse baate chhupane lage hai

    Jo kasme khate the jaan dene ki

    Aj wahi jaan lene pe tule hai


  • draydee 3d

    She's the quiet I go to for inspiration
    Quiet that you watch from afar like swans in a lake
    She feels like the guilty thrill of your first exposure to porn
    The cycle of guilt and regress
    I should stop loving her, shouldn't I?
    I'd tag her but she's mine! Mine alone!


  • khamosh_alfaazz 4d

    इक दिन उसने मुझसे कहा कि मोहब्बत हो गई
    हमने कहा हमे भी हो गई
    लेकिन ज़माने से कहें कैसे किसी को गवारा ना होगा
    मिलना हो उससे लिखा वो ना हमे मिला
    सारी उम्र उसकी बेवफाई का सिला हमे मिला
    यादें मिली भीख में तो यादें ही सही
    कभी मैं उनसे कभी वो हमसे ना मिला
    जब उसका था होना तब खींच लिए हाथ उसने अपने
    आज उसका हाथ किसी और के हाथ में जो देखा तो
    मेरे ना थे वो
    दिल को ये दिलासा मिला
    ज़िन्दगी की ग़र ये सच्चाई है तो
    कबूल हमें ये सच्चाई ही सही
    मेरी नांव को कभी उसका सहारा ना मिला
    साहिल तो देखे हमने भी बहुत
    बस इक ग़म यही रहा कि हमें कभी वो किनारा ना मिला

  • ayushi_m_writes 4d

    I will wait

    I don't know what is happening,
    Is it just me or time really seems to travel fast.
    It seems just yesterday we met,
    Outside of a train station,
    With my heartbeat fast,
    Eyes filled with tears of joy,
    Heart filled with sentiment,
    As my love arrived.
    I still feel the same, everytime I see you,
    The same pacing of heartbeat,
    The same adrenaline rush,
    The same feeling of nervousness,
    The same safeness when I hold your hands,
    The same everything, from the day we met.
    I still feel the same love for you.
    I will always feel the same love.
    That day I awaited you, to be close to you.
    Now I await you, to be in my life forever,
    No matter how long the wait is.
    Maybe someday we might reunite.
    I loved you with my whole heart that day,
    I still love you with my whole heart,
    I will always love you the same.
    You're staying forever in my heart.


  • honeybear1643 4d

    Your Lies

    You could've at least told me if there's something wrong
    Maybe its because sometimes I'm not as strong
    I feel like I'm being replaced
    Yet I cope by keeping a smile on my face
    Do you think that it's weird?
    Because this is what I've always feared
    If you think I'm not enough
    Then at least... don't try to bluff
    I'd rather be hurt from the truth
    Because at least it would let me improve

  • shreyacat 4d

    Sadness laced with hope ��
    #writersnetwork #heartbreak #love #pain #broken

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    Your Rejection

    One afternoon I sat under the maple tree
    Plaiting a crown of roses for you
    Soft red and white petals fell from my fingers
    As I smiled, thinking of your laughter

    And darling, even though all you gave me
    Was a crown made of thorns
    I still smile and make this gift for you
    In hopes that we'll still have a happily ever after.