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  • thedepressedsoul 1d

    Unrequited love

    A farrago of memories inside a puerile brain
    Cause she was lost in his deep hypnotic trance;
    A frisson of excitement caught her
    She stopped short of his lovely visage.

    It was his grandeur that sent her doolally
    Perhaps she had a premonition it wouldn't last long;
    However her panglossian thinking kept her through.
    For losing him was just too awful to contemplate.

    Trammeled in his love she saw nothing;
    Fallin' for him was fatuous, said her friends;
    But does a renegade listen to someone?
    Cause those dainty eyes saw nothing.

    He was only affable, and not in love
    Limpid enough he wasn't the one;
    The charade had been acted out
    And her triviality for him spoke.

    She lay awake all night in torment
    Memories were corporealed, repugnant she felt;
    The arcana of her love was considered a calumny.
    And the vexated soul left!

    Descended in him she lost herself
    An indictment set in,
    Grudge took over
    For unrequited love is always atrocious.

    ~ Kasak <3

  • sins_of_creation 1d

    Her flashes of kindness
    Are amazing
    She has a dark side
    But I can't sleep there


  • taltos 2d

    To Be.

    To be a shackle men put themselves in willingly.
    To be a dungeon to those obsessed by divinity.
    To be lighter than a spring breeze. To be as fertile as Gaea. To be as alluring as Apollo's chariot.
    To be the most beautiful woman in the world, Oh what I wouldn't give to be.

  • taltos 1w


    Have you ever felt a weird tug in your heart when you see something beautiful? Its weird isn't it? We grow up with an apparatus ready to pick apart anything with even the slightest deformity, yet when our eyes recognize perfection, we ache? Why is that?
    Maybe it is our soul showing us our clumsy attempts at evading the lack of acceptance we've always longed for. Because I call out my flaws every time I look in the mirror. I can't help it.
    But I don't want you to do the same.
    Maybe that is why it hurts, when I look at you.
    And I secretly wish, that even if just a little bit, but your heart also hurts like this, everytime you look at me.

  • tshegofatsopelotona 1w

    Are you close
    or my aches will never
    every beat is longer
    than the other


  • karenallen284 1w

    Aunt J

    Do you remember the time we stood in the middle of the dressmaker's shop? I was so excited to try on my customised flower girl's dress. It was blue and white.
    Here are some of the things you said to me on that day:

    "I'm glad I have been blessed with sons, instead of having of a daughter like you".
    "Boys are so much easier compared to this".
    "The body doesn't fit the dress."
    "Your shoulders are too boney."
    "Your height isn't right for this dress."
    "This is too much of a headache."
    "Dressing you up is so tiring."

    I was only four years old.

    I remember all you said because it pierced my tender heart. It was the beginning of the road where I cursed myself for not being perfect.

  • moon_pearl 2w

    #lover #ancient #heartache #mirakee #writersnetwork (a lame one again..I time travelled a bit to feel it and write it•_•..but the pain remains same TT_TT)


    You left me without a bidding farewell,
    leaving me in a maze where's no way out.
    The lotus pond is no longer willing to bloom,
    sympathising with my pathetic heart.

    The hairpin you gifted now hate my hairs,
    making 'em wave like a silk threads in the air.
    Mine robes are craving for your fragrance,
    wondering if it will ever drench me again.

    Those bamboos just mock me all day,
    while gazing at the turquoise sky.
    The wind sings me a song of a lonely love,
    howling in my chambers longing for the warmth.


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  • nbtasnim 2w

    Moonlit Night
    Written On: 27.04.18

    The moon; so dark, so enchanting;
    Filled with mystery.
    The moon; looking like that in a fairy tale
    Even in the real world.
    The moon; lighting up the dark
    Yet showing darkness.
    Moon; reflecting love,
    Matchmaker of lovers,
    Its beauty is beyond bounds.
    But oh, the agony of a moonlit night;
    Sitting alone on a bench,
    Under a tree
    Staring at the moon,
    Tears in her eyes.
    She is alone, with no one to lend a shoulder,
    To cry her heart out.
    She is surrounded, surrounded by lovers;
    Busy, in their own world.
    While she is alone
    Thinking how cruel can the moon be,
    Making her feel, the emptiness in her heart.
    Keeping her surrounded by lovers
    Whereas she herself is alone.
    Forced to watch what is absent in her life.
    But oh the joy of a moonlit night
    Hand in hand
    Surrounded by people
    But for them no one else exists.
    They trap themselves in their own bubble.
    The lonely still with faith;
    Look in the moon, imagining her Prince charming.
    Coming to save her, fly her away
    From all her problems.
    Little does she know,
    Only few get their Prince charming.
    The moon does not take care of all.
    Its beauty is boundless.
    Charming everyone
    But it is arrogant and ignorant.
    Moon does not see the pain it is causing.
    No one, but the ones
    Oh the ones in pain can feel it.
    They know the truth of a moonlit night
    The happiness of it;
    The agony of it;
    They can see it all.
    Because they have seen pain,
    But can do nothing about it.
    All thought comes back
    Comes back to reopen the wounds
    In a moonlit night.

  • just_happysoul 3w

    Out of breath

    I am in the point,
    where I started to move without you.
    You are the beautiful pieces
    of my broken poetry.
    By caring you,
    I want to travel,
    Miles of miles to go.


  • figura 4w


    Our hearts mirror but our paths differ. Bittersweet to each of our own until we taste honey once again.

  • rupal_kaur_anand 4w

    You have suffer enough, Move on
    #forgiveness #heartbreak #moveon #heartache #breakup

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    It's time you forgive yourself and move on

  • sana14 4w

    I knew we were drifting when we deliberately wanted to hurt each other.

    we werent like that before

  • angelssymphony 5w

    Forbidden Fruit

    Our love was like no other.
    No ordinary love.
    Our hearts connected, and so did our minds.
    We could speak without speaking.
    I can only begin to describe all of the things I could see in his eyes.
    It was like he knew what I was thinking,and dreaming and brought  it to life.
    Every day that passed our love for eachother continued to grow.
    But our love was like a forbidden fruit.
    I knew our love was true, but I didn't know it could be.
    Only time would tell.. I knew.. And I was as patient as he.. But not as patient as I should have been.
    He knew I was shy. But he also saw so much more inside of me.
    This I knew.
    If only I told him all of the things that I yearned to say.
    He was to me the most beautiful man in the world.
    And I knew there could be love after love..but none would be like this one.
    But even then I knew that he was the one..
    The one I awaited my whole life to find. Overtime I was able to read all of the signs.
    The unseen signs.
    We were both so cool on the surface, so discreet.
    Yet open.
    Our hearts were linked.
    He was the man I had always dreamed of.
    The one who connected with me Spiritually.
    But then change came.. And I was going to have to go away..
    I still would have had a little while to stay..but instead I chose to run away.
    Because our time together was going to be taken away.
    So I thought impulsively.
    And I knew I had made the wrong decision, and that by then it was too late..
    Even if I could have went back I would have been too ashamed for leaving in the first place. But I did say goodbye..You told me you loved me for the very first time.
    Even with other people standing around. Because when I came to you to tell you goodbye..and we stood directly in front of eachother looking into each others eyes I felt the love burn sadly, and saw the love we both felt at that moment shine in the background of the color of your eyes.
    I am sure you could see it in mine too. And then it struck me that this was the last time I would see him, and the fault was all mine.
    I had no doubts of his love that day. He spoke it and I was too shy.. He knew but I didn't get to say.
    We stood so close we should have kissed.
    But we didn't.
    If I wouldn't have been so foolish I would have made the right choice and stayed..and our love would have finally bloomed enough to consemate.
    And it would have been the most godliest love that could have been made between two soul mates.
    I saw him again once, but we couldn't talk.
    If only then I could have said all of what I had thought.
    It had been a year since I had seen him and it was my only chance.
    But I couldn't.
    We were at an event.
    This love was that of a teacher, And the love of a student

  • angelssymphony 5w

    All I Ever

    All I ever know is heartache.
    I never even get the chance.
    It slips away beneath my fingers just the like ocean's sand.
    My love runs much deeper than the ocean ever can.
    Death to my heart is brought quickly by the reaper, just as quickly as as I found a keeper that my heart demands.
    I lay around heartbroken,
    Time after time it ends,
    before it ever even had the chance to begin.
    A curse unbearable to live with.
    Why must it be this way.
    I only wish for once I could have a love that would stay.
    Sometimes it blossoms, only then to die.
    And each time it happens I die a little more inside.
    Sometimes it is only a seed that begins to sprout,
    but becomes a useless seed because it was ripped out of the ground.
    I don't know how I manage to live another round.
    I keep it on the inside, and try not to make a sound.
    People could never understand, the love my heart demands, and the one that does that sees past my facade, well it always comes right to a stop.
    Why do I always become so teased with true love.
    It's all I ever live for, it's all I ever dream of.
    The pain is like no other, it never goes away.. Like a scar it fades, but leaves memories that will always remain.
    It takes you by surprise,
    when someone captures your heart inside their eyes.
    Because they see past the surface, and the beauty that's in mind.
    No one knows the struggle that I live through in life, They think they have felt pain, but they never have had death after death of love happen time after time.
    It is hard to keep hope, And not just drift away.. These are the things that can cause a person to go insane.
    I would rather not know love at all rather than to keep feeling this way, It's like a cycle that repeats itself, Just like the sun that rises, and sets day after day.
    It shines for the meantime, but then it goes away, and leaves you in the dark until a new day. But the only difference is day or night it stays, And causes my heart more, and more dismay.

  • geminiverses 5w

    Going Bare and Being Rare

    My heart feels shattered
    Stripped of all its worth
    My mind is scattered
    Give me a wide berth
    Let me fall apart
    Come undone right here
    Please let me restart
    Not live out of fear
    Sparkle sized pieces
    Spread across the floor
    Hatred increased
    Love myself? No more
    I am here to grow
    My growth isn't free
    There's so much to know
    Forever Searching
    Hoping to find home

  • anonymousquill 5w


    The firefly in the jar beside my bed
    Is but a dream of your smile
    To warm myself tonight;
    An afterglow of things left unsaid.

    A spectacle to behold
    Of freeform flow;
    Tell me how you like them,
    The songs we sang of old.

    I do not seek in my solilouqy
    To be too deep,
    And sink beneath melancholy;
    The despair of antiquity.

    The firefly beside my bed
    Flutters and hums;
    Its light turned low.
    Our silent songs must already be dead.


  • namelessdawn 5w

    Seven years of relationship
    I have lost like a paper clip
    stabbed in chest but I am undying
    So stunned that I can't even realize the crime

    I won't blame her, I believe some faults are mine
    What I thought to be a tree & built my nest
    that is washed away by flood
    It turned out to be marely a vine

  • artfanmade 6w

    I wrote to you a hundred times
    But I hit backspace
    Before I hit send


  • lookingformyikigai 7w


    The sudden bursts of tears
    Turned to night long crying in pain
    The body seems perfectly fine
    It was my heart that ached.

    The eyes are now swollen
    They look bloodshot red
    I check my body for a fever
    I just feel incapable of even leaving the bed.

    I just lie down there
    Covering my mouth while I cry
    I didn't wanna make a sound
    I was trying to be as sly!

    My stomach feels knotted
    My head now bursting
    Is this how it is when you cry all night long?
    Body tired, and my mouth is dry and thirsty.

    I want this to be over
    I want to feel okay
    But I guess staying this way is convenient now
    Am I weird to be thinking this way?

  • ritu_chauhan_here 7w

    ग़म नहीं जो तू चला गया
    नादिम निगहाओं का झुकना अभी बाकी है,
    चाहे लाख कह दे ये ज़माना मगर
    उम्मीद-ए-आख़िर मुलाक़ात अभी बाकी है|

    ये सियाही ऐसे ही नहीं जलती
    तेरे काजल की तारीक़ी अब तक बाकी है,
    जब आओगे लौटा देंगे
    मोहब्बत के कुछ हिसाब अभी बाकी है|