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  • topwrites_ 2d

    With time... Trust the process�� Don't be too hard on yourself, even if you are doing nothing trust me you're doing the best you can. Surviving is something you can throw your hands in the air and say "I did it". #trusttheprocess #healthiswealth @miraquill @writersnetwork

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    Days moving swiftly in the new year
    Plans to make it the best being vague
    To think that I had it all figured out
    Wondering if it was just for the thrill

    Hours gone and likely lost
    Eyes worn out from lingering thoughts
    To be in such state is dreadful
    Hoping this year wouldn't be deja vu

    Minutes later decided to live
    Thousands of reasons to trust the process
    To live healthily is a high priority
    Nothing should cost one's sanity

    Seconds passed by this choice of mine
    Things will definitely fall into place
    To be alive is a great blessing
    Taking each day as it comes is the plan


  • varshinithulasidas 24w


    The hand that gives is the hand that gathers
    Just surviving in this pandemic is all that matters!

    -varshini thulasidas

  • __valiant_kajal__ 30w

    It's ok

    If your tears speak instead of your words, it's ok.....

    If you're broken and feel like shouting, it's ok.....

    If you're feeling anxious, you talk to yourself, it's ok.....

    If you're tired of all the things in the surrounding, it's ok.....

    If you're unsure about your discussion, it's ok.....

    If you're not feeling ok it's ok.....

    ~Kajal singh

  • mbee_genteel 36w

    Take benefit of your health before your sickness.

  • gahala 46w


    Wide path beneath my sole
    That's where I land my tiny toes and short-length feet
    In every step that I have done
    There's a footprint that's left undone

    It's uncomfortable to see
    It keeps me do reminiscing
    What could be the reason why?
    Why there are missing in its parts?

    I wish that I can fix it
    But I only got one-way ticket
    My feet just keep moving forward
    Because forward is the only direction that I have

    There is no point for being sorry
    There is no point for being guilty
    There is no point for being angry
    There is no point for being lonely

    But I got many rooms to open
    A room for changes
    A room for forgiveness
    A room for freedom
    Lastly, a room for happiness

    I look at the road once again
    Just to see those rooms that is still closed by a lock
    Waiting for me to unlock them
    I know I got the keys, but where did I put them?


  • rupal_bhanushali 58w

    Bitter, sweet, sour and spicy are not just flavours but the way of living life.
    Everything has their role to play!!
    A balanced will help you grow and a disorder will help you learn.

  • strange_travellers 68w


    Well-being is the most important factor in a productive life. That includes the physical, mental and spiritual state of your mind, heart and body. Learn to build your own energy so you can vibe off your own greatness ~ Strange Travellers

  • bananidaschowdhury3_9 69w

    Be for your body

    As your body is for you

    Stay grateful for the healthy functioning of the matter that's encompassing your being here on earth.

    Today let's Thank our nerves for all that it keeps doing to retain and repair our body's healthy functioning

    Sending love to all the nerves of this being
    for its healthy efforts to sustain the life force.

    Take care of your being people

    Stay healthy

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    #musing #gratitude #healthiswealth #poemoftheday #toallthenerveofthismatter #poetsociety #writerssociety #writers #poets #writerscommunity

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    Those bundles of strength
    Delicate yet sense infusing
    Collaborating with the centre
    as well as backbone of the being


    Fibres of synchrony
    Stimulating impulses of reflexes
    Bringing in all the spontaneity

    The movers of the system
    The shakers from the core
    Synchronizing the inflow of life at all levels

    These network of connectives
    are an active shield
    connecting all nodes of the being
    to all its nooks and corners
    to coordinate the signals of the very being
    from the root to all its canals

    Channelizing the spontaneous responses
    to and from the centre
    and its circumferences,
    towards the environ
    surrounding the breath
    to dwell at synchronous ease

    The nerve of all this matter
    You know how you matter

    Thank you for being
    the fibre of mine
    synchronic strength !


  • enimrod 74w

    Your good health is your Right not just your Privilege. To stand up and speak out when it is compromise by external factors is your rightful call.


  • preethiscot 75w

    Today : Fun Friday!
    Incident happened : Yesterday night around at 11.30pm.

    The micro fun filled story :����

    I was in my room yesterday at night��and my favourite playlist was soothing a song like "pal ek pal" song from jalebi (hindi)����. I was trying to sleep hard. The room was filled with chillness☃️ I suddenly woke up and fumbling where's my air conditioner remote would be...yeah!! Finally it's placed in the bookcase. I decreased level of chillness about 26°c. It's normal freezing temperature that should be help me to sleep well. I was planning to go sleep ��and droped my blanket over to my head to toe. I heard sounded like BUZZ BUZzz...������I was in the high level of agitation. I don't know why the mosquito sounded that made me felt horrendous way?!����

    Let's jump into what's really happened yesterday night between mosquitooooes and meee!!����

    REAL PRE : why this mosquitoes keep on flying around me?! Did I have sweet fleshy?Oooopss! Not so��then why these mosquitoes are biting all over my body����? Did I look more appealing today? Perhaps!��♥️��

    PRE'S CONSCIENCE : Nopeeee! You're just pretty enough not more what you're thinking!��

    REAL PRE : ������( I was whimpering aloud��)

    PRE'S CONSCIENCE : okeiii...wipe your tearsss firsttt! You're sweet as look as 'jamun'! I think?��That's why these mosquitoes are kissing (biting) all over you!��

    REAL PRE : I'm still pureee virgin gal! How does this mosquitoes misbehaving with me����! I wanna be loyal,virgin and pure to my man,right?���� I wanna know that... these mosquitoes are male or female!!?����I hope..it all should be females����

    PRE'S CONSCIENCE : ha-ha!��It all should be female mosquitoes... Don't worry yaarr!����your virginity is safe now!����

    REAL PRE : heyy!! Could you stop here for a second, please?��How could that be?!!�� Why do you have to say such false statements to me huh?!!���� S-T-O-P I-T!! Are you insane?!��

    PRE'S CONSCIENCE : Ahh! Nope! I'm into sane!!Calm down please,!! I have heard that male mosquitoes don't bite humans! Male mosquitoes aren't suck human's blood besides transmit diseases. It's all consume food from the flower's nectar to survive! All female mosquitoes only bite humans and suck all proteins from blood for the development of their eggs.

    REAL PRE : I'm on the top of the world!!����is this true?! I'm at the stage of feverr piinchh!����❤️

    PRE'S CONSCIENCE : yeah! This all true mannn!!��

    REAL PRE : it's really glad to hear all such a good news from you!��I'm still virgin!♥️H-U-R-R-A-Y!!����...



    ✿ Mosquito means "little fly" in Spanish✌️
    ✿ The Greek name for mosquito is Anopheles, translating to " good for nothing"��
    ✿ Only female mosquitoes drink blood and male mosquitoes are vegetarian.����
    ✿ Approximately 7,25,000 people are killed every year by mosquitoe-borne disease.��
    ✿ Out 3000 species mosquitoes are known to transmit disease.��
    ✿Adults tend to attract more mosquitoes of their greater relative heat/carbon dioxide.����
    ✿ Plants like basil,catnip,bee balm,mint, lavender,garlic and rosemary can be used as mosquito repellent.����
    ✿ Mosquito lay 100-300 eggs every three days all over throughout their life time.����
    ✿ Male mosquitoes on last 10 days while females can live about six to eight weeks��
    ✿ The new coronavirus cannot be transmitted through mosquito bites����
    ✿ Mosquito repellent don't repel. They hide you. The spray blocks the mosquito's sensors so they don't know where you're!��✌️
    ✿ Mosquito have killed more humans than the wars in history.����


    There are plenty of facts about the Mosquitoes. If I left something..do share your known facts through comments! I can get to know about all the facts✌️��

    The world is full fear of coronavirus..still few people are dying by the mosquitoe-borne diseases. So, please aware of this disease. Make all your things immaculate and fresh!♥️


    If you think you're too small to make a difference..try sleeping with a Mosquito in the room. - Dalai lama��

    #Mosquitofacts #mosquitoaware #healthiswealth #clean #behealthy #happysoul #mirakee #readwriteunite #preethiscot

    @mirakee @readwriteunite @writerstolli @writersnetwork @preethiscot


    This is how mosquitoes are planning their day session for night haunt!������

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  • shrutisinha 83w


    They say mental health is a priority, always.
    But hopelessly, depression is trending nowadays.


  • amrutha_writtings 83w


    Everyone knows its dangerous..
    They themselves decided that they won't get it..

    Wearing a mask for a name sake with your nose out and maintaining no social distance is equivalent to giving the virus an invitation to enter your body..

    Ok you might be of those people who say they have the world's immunity power but just remember you are the one who transmitted that viruses to hundreds of people you met..

    This virus not only torture you physically but it will drain you, your family financially..

    Ok you might be among the richest people of this world but there are people who earn daily wages you might have transferred the virus to them..

    So please atleast not for you but for others stay home, stay safe.. go out only if there is something really essential..

  • zotzleijtaris 85w


    When the world sees pandemics like Coronavirus, it is imperative for us to follow lockdown measures and not focus much on economy, as an economic growth is of no use when its beneficiaries are dead or in hospitals. Stay safe, stay healthy, follow the medical guidelines strictly.

  • msrizza 88w

    To the one who's still living in the shadows of anyone, you must know the difference between a companion and a control freak. I personally despise people who are limiting someone's capabilities, then covering what they're doing with the word "concern". Everyone has its boundaries, and we NEED to respect it (yup, that's a necessity). And to the people who are oh-so-good with manipulating someone's mind, choices and opinions, shame on you and I'm so sad that's the only thing you're good at. Here are some things you should STOP asking from anyone.

    Your belongingness - growing up sometimes means growing apart, and you don't have to blame yourself for it. 10 years from now, your friends today may not be your friends anymore, and that's okay. You don't need thousands of friends, you need real ones. Do you think all your friends here in Facebook cares for you? I don't think so.

    Choices in life - your life, your choice. You may ask for ideas, thoughts and opinions, but never allow them to control your choices in life. You are still the one to decide, and the only one to face the consequences of your choices. This is your life.

    Time, space and peace of mind - there are times in our life where we just want to sit back, relax and ignore the toxic people around us, let's admit it. We don't need to ask for our PERSONAL time and space because self-care is not being selfish.

    Who and when to love - it's okay if they want to give you warnings for certain people, especially if they know them better than you do. It's still okay to ask people especially when you are confuse. BUT IT IS NEVER OKAY TO CONTROL YOU OF WHO AND WHEN TO LOVE. Stay away from people who are bad-mouthing your significant others, because it's not healthy. Caring is not the same as controlling, be mindful of that.

    Their approval - again, it's okay to ask for opinions, but please stop asking for their permission. Allowing them to give you approvals in anything means allowing them to manipulate you. Seek for their guidance, but never beg for their approval.

    Allow yourself to commit mistakes, allow yourself to fail, allow yourself to experience pain. That way, you are allowing yourself to experience the beauty of life and be resilient as you continue growing. You don't need to please everyone, this is your life.

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  • olufad 89w

    In Every Result, there is Always a Process. The PROCESS you take determines Your Ending.


  • michaelnene7 90w


    I have heard it all, 
    At least once or twice 
    that cigarette kills. 
    She knows it, 
    But still enjoys dragging 
    A little smoke once in a while. 

    This fateful day, 
    She sat in front of her house 
    On a rocking chair. 
    Taking each drag of smoke
    Like a baby sucking on the mother's nipples,
    She sure is good at puffing the smokes. 

    She has finished two sticks already, 
    Reaching for the third stick of fag. 
    She lit it up and soon started to cough. 
    The smoke must have missed its way. 
    She starts to choke and soon slumps. 
    Help came too late for her rescue. 

    She was declared "dead on arrival" 
    She was only 94 years old, 
    She was old enough to be killed 
    By the sweet pleasures of a fag. 
    I have heard it all, 
    But will say it again, cigarette kills. 

    ©2020 ♥

  • michaelnene7 95w

    COVID_19 Purge

    It funny how all it took is a Virus, 
    To remind us we are Low lives. 
    What happens to the cash the bad leaders stacked up, 
    If this be their end? 
    They didn't think it right to put good health care system.
    They are just low lives. 

    We hustle for a nickel and dime
    Now we live like Lost souls of crime 
    Running wild to stack up foods, when we ain't free
    Stop bragging of your position, cos it's one life, you and me. 

    See us living like Rebels to virus. 
    See us appreciating more hygiene because of virus. 
    See us living like mutineers to be safe. 
    See us, we might just be the underdogs. 
    See us in fear of an outlaw virus. 
    See praying and fighting as one against a common foe. 

    I hope we make it out alive, 
    I hope we tell the stories in funny ways. 
    I hope the safety measures keep us safe. 
    I hope our unpreparedness doesn't catch us again. 

    Once bitten twice shy, I hope we learn this time. 
    The cacophony of this pandemic is Deafening. 
    We now masquerade ourselves to avoid infected. 
    Let's play safe to live and tell our stories. 
    Let's embrace good hygiene and safe measures. 
    Worst case scenario, the bad leaders die. 
    This is a purge!


  • emanyu 96w

    A semblance of your predecessors
    Like a Green snake in green grass
    You glide through our frontiers
    Unannounced and uninvited

    HIV didn't get the exocarp
    And called out for Ebola
    Who thought together they
    Would get the mesocarp
    And here you're are aiming
    For the endocarp

    Truth is you may cause havoc
    As they once shocked
    Yet the front remains blur
    Because the fibres got you hooked.

  • emanyu 96w

    A Fight

    A little news
    And boom!
    Like wildfire you hit
    The nooks and crannies!

    But hey! We might fret
    Yet we lead the fight
    And confident are we
    That you're just an episode!

  • emanyu 96w

    A Wish

    When all seems blur
    And the horizon is afar
    With shut eyes
    And frail beliefs
    Aim for the sky
    And have your hand touch the stars!
    There you'll probably redeem
    Mankind from this pandemic limbo...