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  • heartfully 14h

    If you're reading this, I hope you'd finally be able to heal from whatever it is you've gone through. I hope you'd be able to find courage to rise up once again and grow higher ❤❤❤

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    A soul,
    Embracing the calmness of nature
    And the beauty of solitude

    The wind gently brushing up
    Against her skin

    Can you see her?
    Gently! Very gently
    Setting herself free

    As she begins to let down the luggage
    That has been weighing her down

  • heartfully 1d

    Don't exhaust yourself by pushing yourself too hard. Cut yourself some slack. You don't have to feign being strong all the time. Take a break and just breathe ❤

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    Allow yourself to live
    Allow yourself to breathe
    By taking
    One gentle step at a time

  • mindofminah 2d

    Dearest Community...

    in lieu of all that's occurring in the world, each of us have had callings and inklings in which we've bravely delved unto. taking leaps where, prior to current times, one may not have had the time/space/energy for some endeavours.. these processes and journeys of genuinely venturing unto the unknown are those that form us, not only as individuals, but as collectives.

    energies are interwoven, among realms beyond ones vision. though, that does not mean one is unable to enter, experience and witness these realms.

    we are transitory migrants.

    unforeseen divinity exists everywhere, within and without. presence, magic, the universe, euphoria, God, spirituality, source, or whatever you may deem it as, is intrinsically tied to all facets of existence. consistently shifting, permeating, and transcending.

    duality is inevitable.

    for you cannot have the light without the dark; there is no lotus, without the mud. every single human, has a plethora of differing experiences with concepts of such. internal battles to projecting without realizing; psychologically lost, mental doom and so forth. i stand, with/for/by the self, examining my personal journeys with these immensities. where i was, to where i am - and how it is now my time to embark on these new chapters.

    words truly cannot depict, how far one can truly go; and that applies to every creatures situation.

    furthermore, with each exclamation of the complexities of our gifted realities, i tread closer to stating the gist of all these words.

    i am an intuitive healer. an energy worker. a medicine maker. i am answering a calling, a divinely guided path for all of those within my reality. to aide in turning poison into medicine. my spiritual journey has been vast, with much depth. my abilities as a healer, are ever-flowing and nearly indescribable. with being heavily tied to the astral realms, and so forth - i can clear, clean and care for you on a multitude of levels. i have a divine team, of guides/figures, connected to my being. i channel, as part of my healing. connecting you to your higher multi-dimensional self, your guides, your light body; source. reading unto the finite details, regarding the interconnection and how it all forms the larger picture; whichever the situation.

    i heal energy blockages, latcher entities, un-alignment of all facets of self, voids, damage to ones psyche , spiritual inhibitions, ego, the inner masculine/feminine, childhood traumas.. i will invite/incorporate energy unto yourself, you hadn't yet known existed. i will bring you home. provide space for release, introspection and integration. to aide in invoking drive for spiritual discipline/practice, ones own calling or whichever.. and much more.. it is a pinnacle time for our generation, as the urgency for assertive communication on all planes, on what's going on all throughout/to mother gaia (our planet) is detrimental. let alone our collective consciousness and unconsciousness.

    the healing of our world, begins with the healing of oneself. through going within, you spread without. with everything being energetically connected, the ripple effects of growth are astronomical.

    as above, so below.

    thusly, allow me to clasp your hand and guide you in ways you've never afore experienced nor seen. to open chasms, that one hadn't known existed. to display to you, what is possible, in a realm of perceivable impossibilities. the time is nigh. and it is necessary.

    in order to rebuild, one must break.

    the answer lies, wherever the seeker provides.

    for the meantime, with covid, i am offering sessions via a zoom call - or in person, depictive upon discussion. they will be 1:1, and may flow in many different ways. i hope i've piqued your interest...

    thank you, for you. everything happens for a reason, and if you feel a call, reach out. my inbox is open.

    hai'chka ~ adastra

  • heartfully 2d

    Make yourself happy. Maybe even romanticise your life��
    Doesn't mean you're selfish ❤

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    Before you beat yourself up again,
    You can't pour from an empty cup
    So fill your cup.

  • poem_is_an_emotion 2d

    Trapped with nowhere to turn, life is changing beyond my control,
    causing this deep ache in the bottom of my soul.

    False pride rules supreme,
    always there to whisper in my ear.

    Time, wasted and badly spent,
    lots of hurt, lots to repent.

    Words, when used as a weapon can cut like a knife,
    capable of doing so much damage and take the joy out of life,

    but softly spoken and softly expressed
    can bring so much happiness.


  • mariateresa 2d

    I have CPTSD, it doesn't own me or define me. I continue to heal everyday. This poem is dedicated to all the victims, survivors and caregivers who shine Light with love. I see you. Keep being the flowers you are. Nothing can dull your shine or stop your bloom. There's room for us ALL!

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    Stand with courage

    Drowning in a room filled with static noise
    Finding it hard to stay balanced and stand with poise
    Telling myself that the shame they spew doesn't suit me
    Deciding to slam the door on all the lies indefinitely
    Rising to claim my power has at times been daunting
    Becoming my own hero through it all, tirelessly searching
    Committing to the promise I made
    To always without fail, hold my head up and be brave

    For these experiences, all, have taught me wisdom
    Especially the ones that threatened to keep me down, silent and disregarded in their broken systems
    Refusing to give in, give up or quit
    Seeing through it all by using laughter and instinctual wit
    I am more than the moments that locked my essence in trauma
    Using every ounce of pain, never forgetting my worth, moving away from the drama
    Choosing to keep fighting for every breath in each moment
    We are all deserving, go ahead now and stand with courage

  • mariateresa 3d

    When I started sharing my writing publically almost 3 years ago, that was the moment my motto "Triumphing over Trauma" was born. Shining light into darkness, having the courage to be vulnerable by sharing my experience, strength and hope. We do heal, as long as we feel: Maria Teresa, Emotional Musings ��

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    Triumphing over Trauma

    Inner whispers of mystery speak
    While leaning into feelings so deep
    Observing as they come and go
    Holding onto the belief that with time abundance will grow
    No need to feel shame or worry
    Rainbow aura keeps me shielded when intuition is blurry
    Instincts sharpened by experience, teaches me to carry on
    Passionate heart is the vehicle that drives me towards dawn
    When darkness threatens to shut out the Light
    Ranges of emotions are the waves I surf at night
    "Triumphing over Trauma" as my battle cry
    Accepting this truth becomes my only guide


  • heartfully 3d

    Can I truly heal if I don't embrace acceptance? I'm not sure, but I'd figure it out.
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    Maybe the only way I can heal
    Is through true acceptance

  • yours_fortune 3d

    I'm grateful for so much
    But specially for you.
    And today I wanna say
    Thank you so much ��
    Tag that person
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  • ashmita_sia 5d


    It's not easy for any of us to forget and walk past people, whom we have loved or adored unconditionally at one point in our lives. At times no words will sooth you and you'll crave for that human badly. Your emotions are valid, but you need to realise that the person is not, in your life. So everytime you want to run back to him/her teach yourself to be STRONG! Tell yourself that you need more time to heal. Reading old conversation, revisiting old pictures, all of this is Normal. But make sure while you do this, you also learn not to get triggered by these things. Once you adapt this behaviour, you'll be surprised to see a new version of you!


  • akshay_vasu 5d

    And every piece she had lost till then arrived in front of her at once. All these years, she had grown many new pieces to fill those voids that these pieces had left. She didn't have any place left inside her for these pieces of her past anymore. The saddest part of all this suffering was, on the arrival of these old pieces, all the pieces she had grown till now to fill those voids began breaking again.

    - Akshay Vasu

  • nainnshu 1w

    The Fallen Gift!

    As I was strolling between the paths enclosed by trees
    on both the sides,
    A gift from almighty just fell infront of my very eye sight,
    As if the very root of the tree has felt that numbness in my leg,
    As if the very trunk has identified with the shards of
    my broken heart,
    As if the very branch has read all of my face and mind,
    All of them together thus bestowed a gift as a balm to all my cries,
    A leaf thence fallen blocked my very way,
    only to captivate my whole body, soul and my heart.
    That leaf as I observed too,
    Carried veins in forms different and unique,
    As if making funny faces, trying to make me smile,
    Simultaneously led me to a mysterious world thereby.
    I forgot my pain and worries the moment I then step further,
    And returned back to my home with a renewed energy and a face, jovial!
    The company of nature hence is the best company of all,
    You just need a sight wider to read those little moments present just infront!

  • lunalight 1w


    Missing them and not saying it to them
    Is like hurting yourself and not healing even you have the medicine

  • prachi_das 1w

    #poem #be_strong #healing #self_love
    Have been into writing since few months.. I try to connect with people fighting with emotions with my words. It is My first blog,I hope you like it.❤️❤️

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    Deep within thoughts ,
    Tired eyes stuck to the ceiling.
    Trying hard to let it shut.
    Soul drenched with pain,
    Pillow beneath her head,
    Damp wet with the tears
    of sorrow that she shed.
    Slowly did she finally sleep.
    In her dreams she heard a
    sobbing girl,
    A midnight call that changed her world.
    Answered it with terrified voice,
    Little did she know of the gift,
    She was to receive was of her choice.
    Suddenly the sobbing girl rose up to her devine self,
    Watching her face she got numb and stiff,
    It was the reflection of her own indeed,
    Amazed was her to see herself finally freed.
    This was the midnight call from destiny itself,
    For her to know what her
    fate has held.
    All this suffering was to put her for test,
    Not giving up ever was her successful protest.
    A midnight call changed her
    The exhausted and broken girl was all set to
    fly to the height flapping her
    wings freely.
    Tears you get for being so kind,
    Is a test of God for a perfect
    soul he needs to find.
    Don't give up,
    There's a lot for you ahead.
    While you try to end it all,
    Help yourself stay alive instead.


  • nocturnal_enigma 1w

    #Torimodosu #heal #wod @miraquill #healing

    * 12.9.2021; 5.33 P.M (Malaysia)

    #BrokenHeart #HeartBreak

    * Weal = Wellbeing

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    Torimodosu ~

    Broken-heart need to be unbroken. To heal,
    it takes time. For the meantime, have to deal...
    with the heart-break. Hungry, but skip a meal.
    Then, eat a lot. Become fat. Exercise. Peal...
    of hollow laughter. The pain is not fake. Real.
    Secret of who's the heartbreakers? Seal.
    Was the heart stolen? Why allow the steal?
    No. It was given. Ones mood-colour is teal.
    Self-love is important, for one's own weal.
    Only then ones can be healed and have zeal!

    © Nuruliffa Emirah
    @ nocturnal_enigma

  • ndeenda_elao 1w


    I still think of the
    Words I said
    The emotions
    And hurt you felt

    I paint myself
    As the victim sometimes
    Just to understand the pain
    I just never get it.

    Yet time and time again
    This guilt and lunging
    Pain in my chest
    Overwhelms me

    Is that what you felt?
    If so, how did you heal?
    Did you even heal?
    It hurts.

    It really does.


  • harsimrankaurkohli 1w


    Little by little I let it get better ,
    Let all the pieces come together ,
    And make me lay on a bed of Heather ...

    Now as I see for what I became ,
    From where I came ,
    No more in vain ...

    I do feel love soo bright ,
    Floating as a feather day in and night ...
    From the faith I had , Never questioned what might....!!

    As now I stand above my defeats ...
    I know that the things that treat ,
    Me with pain ,Helps me to be firm on my feet ...

    Like the sun I shine ,
    And carry moon like peace ,
    As I see the fruit I reaped ...

    From letting it come together piece by piece ,
    Healing the wounds rooted deep..


  • mighty_are_the_fallen 2w


    Achingly bitter are my dreams,
    The ones I have in place of every memory.

    Repression and forgetfulness,
    My sweet gentleness.

    I wish I knew,
    All the things I wished to forget.

    I screamed and cried for years,
    So afraid the child I was,
    Trembling with bloody back.

    You needed help.
    You needed kindness.

    They gave you fear.

    You pushed it all away,
    But now I am left here,
    Crying to heal,
    Left with the mistakes of years of neglect.

    I dream in the shades of trees,
    The things that lurk.

    I refuse the shaking,
    The heat,
    The tears and the bile.

    Let me dream of the things we fought to forget,
    Let us heal,
    Let us mourn.

    Our heart is heavy.
    Cold and afraid.

    I will continue,
    So the abuse will never persevere.

  • mighty_are_the_fallen 2w

    I Remember Waking

    I remember waking.
    Opening my eyes and breathing,
    Yet my life is so distant.

    I grew so cold with myself,
    Like another person,
    That now I find myself learning more about myself.

    Everyday I find I have preferences,
    I did not wake with them,
    Yet I remember waking.

    I find myself,
    In the creaky floors that drive me mad,
    In the gentle breeze that makes my heart swell,
    In the foods that I refuse to eat,
    And the ones I eat so freely.

    My ears used to belong to creaky floors.
    That gentle breeze was such a fright.
    The refusal of food tasted like a swollen lip,
    Gluttony like starvation.

    I find myself so interested with myself.
    All the things I learn about myself.

    It's almost like a dream,
    But I remember waking.

  • puttbicker 2w

    Torimodosu is a first person action/exploration game. Taking place in a sacred land that has been over run with an invasive force from the west. In dark times like these you rise from your deep slumber. It is your purpose to reclaim this previously peaceful land and remove the darkness that comes with these invaders.


    At 07:18 pm, September 08, 2021.

    #torimodosu #pod #writersnetwork #depression #healing

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    People watch Netflix. With candies and popcorn.
    Trying to imbibe an experience virtually
    Like a virgin wanks to an utopian porn.
    God observes detached their reality abysmally.

    Postmodern world and far too brittle egos.
    Shallow folks with Social Media guns.
    Anencephaly is a result of digital "amigos"
    Who monetize you with tea and buns.

    These people with no skill to learn and earn
    Feel entitled for the God must be fun.
    No listening skills. No capacity to adjourn
    From a "virtual" argument. Godly burn.

    These people will give unsolicited advice
    About how being "depressed" is so cliche.
    Asking you to be good and act somewhat nice.
    For them your reality is a cheap ballet.

    Heal yourself first. The world shall come later.
    Be cruel to abuse. Be open to empathy.
    You can survive it all. Have faith mister!
    It's a Torimodosu. You don't deserve pity.

    Just love. All of it.

    Putt Bicker.

    © puttbicker