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  • pallavi4 2d


    I broke a wing in the heart of spring
    Several seasons ago
    Forever it stalled my willingness to sing
    Rendering me helpless and full of woe

    A painful spring and summer passed
    With me perched quietly on a tree
    I sat and stared at the blue skies vast
    Until the days became a blur for me

    My broken wing began to slowly heal
    In the midst of ripe mangoes and sweet lichees
    I was conflicted about what I should feel
    And those thoughts kept me busy

    As summer passed and the monsoons rolled in
    I was forced to find shelter in a stranger’s nest
    Whether or not I should take my wing out for a spin
    I figured a little more time I’d give it rest

    Autumn came and my beloved tree
    Went from green to a gorgeous gold
    There seemed to be no surprises for me
    The days passed by me and simply rolled

    In a quest to heal my broken wing
    I turned myself completely inert
    Falling leaves I thought a new day would bring
    And hopefully finally heal my now imaginary hurt

    With the onset of winter my fellow mates
    Decided to fly to warmer grounds
    With my stubbornness I sealed my fate
    And was left alone with no one around

    This was the first winter I ever saw
    It was cold and white and beautiful
    I wholly froze right down to my claws
    Blaming my friends for having done the inexcusable

    I turned into an icicle in the snow
    Simply because I refused to heal
    Even though my wing was broken no more
    In my plight I let out pitiful squeals

    The inability to fly away like I should’ve caused
    Denial and discontentment to come and stay
    My life came to a permanent pause
    With the loss of my life that day


    25th of September, 2021

    Pic credit: Pinterest, picture credited to its rightful owner - Robbin II By Karl Mar

    Thank you @mirakee for EC 🥰

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  • _barbie__ 1w

    I hope someone in this world will understand this��

    #love #heal #life

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    Love heals,
    Until it becomes the only remedy to your pain

  • ashmita_sia 1w


    It's not easy for any of us to forget and walk past people, whom we have loved or adored unconditionally at one point in our lives. At times no words will sooth you and you'll crave for that human badly. Your emotions are valid, but you need to realise that the person is not, in your life. So everytime you want to run back to him/her teach yourself to be STRONG! Tell yourself that you need more time to heal. Reading old conversation, revisiting old pictures, all of this is Normal. But make sure while you do this, you also learn not to get triggered by these things. Once you adapt this behaviour, you'll be surprised to see a new version of you!


  • wifey_suicide 1w

    I got hoes sitting on tinder...

  • the_ice_breaker 2w

    Beauty in melancholy

    There's beauty in melancholy
    Like the cold gloomy dawn
    Which condenses negativities
    As dewdrops on leaves
    Resplendently sparkling like
    Pearls on a string
    Mesmerizing the soul!

    There's beauty in melancholy
    Like the overcast rainy days
    Relieving its burdens
    In the form of a terrific downpour
    Plummeting down as
    Dewdrops from above
    Adorning the grey sky!

    There's beauty in melancholy
    Like the mysterious poet
    Whose ideas sparkle like
    Dewdrops on paper adorned with
    Rhymes and rhythms
    Similes and metaphors
    Decorating the literary world!

    There's beauty in melancholy
    Like the despondent soul
    Whose tears sparkle like
    Dewdrops on skin
    Eradicating pent up
    Sorrows and miseries
    Thus healing the
    Soul from within!

  • _barbie__ 2w

    People say time heals everything ,
    But that's not the complete truth
    I think we get used to it

  • nocturnal_enigma 2w

    #Torimodosu #heal #wod @miraquill #healing

    * 12.9.2021; 5.33 P.M (Malaysia)

    #BrokenHeart #HeartBreak

    * Weal = Wellbeing

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    Torimodosu ~

    Broken-heart need to be unbroken. To heal,
    it takes time. For the meantime, have to deal...
    with the heart-break. Hungry, but skip a meal.
    Then, eat a lot. Become fat. Exercise. Peal...
    of hollow laughter. The pain is not fake. Real.
    Secret of who's the heartbreakers? Seal.
    Was the heart stolen? Why allow the steal?
    No. It was given. Ones mood-colour is teal.
    Self-love is important, for one's own weal.
    Only then ones can be healed and have zeal!

    © Nuruliffa Emirah
    @ nocturnal_enigma

  • wifey_suicide 2w

    Return to sender

    Look I'm sorry I haven't gotten back to you, it's just been a busy summer, and I know I just disappeared into thin air. Without a body to trace.
    Just sometimes I just got caught up in the things I wanted to grab in life. If I knew bettering my life would actually harm you, do you really think I would've just left?
    Alright look, I know nobody knows the whole story between us and I don't fully understand it either. But what can I exactly say? Because saying sorry can't fix what a bandaid can't heal.

  • kennessie 2w

    I hope you heal and recover your rhythm
    #hope #love #hurt #heal #writersnetwork#miraquill #mirakee


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    The heart never stops beating
    After it is hurt
    It only changes its rythm


  • iamsatyajitrout 2w


    She - You are in pain
    He - What ! No.. I am not..
    She - Yes you are...
    He - How did you know...
    She - Because you smile always...
    And you are having nightmares...

  • fatty_07 2w

    It's too late..


    Toxic relationships
    are dangerous
    to your health;
    they will literally kill you.
    Stress shortens your lifespan.
    Even a broken heart can kill you.
    There is an undeniable
    mind-body connection.
    Your arguments and hateful
    talk can land you in the
    emergency room or in the morgue.
    You were not meant
    to live in a fever of anxiety;
    Screaming yourself hoarse
    in a frenzy of dreadful,
    panicked fight-or-flight
    that leaves you exhausted
    and numb with grief.
    You were not meant to live
    like animals tearing
    one another to shreds.
    Don't turn your hair gray.
    Don't carve a roadmap of pain
    into the sweet wrinkles on your face.
    Don't lay in the quiet with your heart
    pounding like a trapped,
    frightened creature.
    For your own precious
    and beautiful life,
    and for those around you —
    seek help or get out before it is too late.

    //This is your wake-up call//

  • wmbanje 2w

    dressing up your wounds
    Dressing up IN your wounds"
    -wes mbanje

  • miss_silentlyweird 2w

    For the girl who used
    To be happy,
    To be grateful,
    Imperfect but tries
    Messy but kind,
    Full of positivity all the time
    For the girl used to be mine
    I miss you!!

    For the girl who becomes totally opposite,
    The girl I'll never knew I become,
    The girl I've never asked for,
    I hated you a lot, yet I'm grateful,
    Thank you for carving my heart vulnerable likewise strong:
    For bruising me up for that I learn to still stand
    and fight back in life even just a little.

    #once #wod #heal #randomc
    #tletterc #infinitec #heartfillc
    #miraquill @miraquill @writersbay
    (Inspired in the song “She used to be mine")

    Howdy? Been a while, kinda busy so I'll become more inactive.
    Take care guyz (^^)♡

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    // It's hard but waiting for healing is what keeps me going today//

    Once, I was young and true,
    The world seems in aesthetic view,
    Infinite, I let my hands drew,
    Hope and happiness without due,

    I ride a bicycle towards rainbows,
    Jumping, flying high wasn't scared in bestow,
    With a list of positivity that let my heart grew,
    Yet, without clue I become someone I never knew,

    It's not simple to say I don't recognize me,
    However today I'm not in the skin of glee,
    Perhaps my body contain melancholy,
    Spilling over through soul abysmally,

    My canvas filled with messy lines and blank,
    Now, I perceive the world blurry dark to be frank,
    Towards me good things can't hold neither yank,
    Cause these shadow demons grinning swank,

    This girl I'll never knew become someone I embrace,
    As of now we are traveling a journey without trace,
    We playing arcade of losing games,
    We are running bare foot in flames,

    In future maybe we'll continue stirring life,
    Baking all pain, hurt, whine— that cutting us like a knife,
    However in future we know this mixed up ,
    Will make us taste a beautiful healing blowup


  • joybirdpoetry 2w

    Van Gogh and Venus

    I take my soul walking
    in the orange glow of dusk
    drawing rejuvenation from
    an ambient radiance
    the colour of marigolds.

    I take my soul walking
    with the Kookaburra's laugh
    bursting out from high above
    the sky-scraping eucalypts
    that kiss a blushing pink sunset.

    I take my soul walking
    under a Van Gogh painting
    where a Moroccan blue palette
    beautifully brushstrokes
    into a deep eventide indigo.

    I take my soul walking
    under a blanket of stars
    Venus showering me with love
    as she glows like a diamond empress
    for to make me whole again.


    #torimodosu #heal #wod #pod #writersnetwork #writersbay #miraquill

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    Van Gogh and Venus

    I take my soul walking
    in the orange glow of dusk
    drawing rejuvenation from
    an ambient radiance
    the colour of marigolds.

    I take my soul walking
    with the Kookaburra's laugh
    bursting out from high above
    the sky-scraping eucalypts
    that kiss a blushing pink sunset.

    I take my soul walking
    under a Van Gogh painting
    where a Moroccan blue palette
    beautifully brushstrokes
    into a deep eventide indigo.

    I take my soul walking
    under a blanket of stars
    Venus showering me with love
    as she glows like a diamond empress
    for to make me whole again.


  • pranalishah 2w

    - Torimodosu -

    The body aches to breathe sometimes,
    The ache tends to seep through the bones sometimes,
    For cries die down in the whistling winds,
    And tears just about drain the oceans pits…

    Sometimes reasons are
    far from one’s comprehension,
    But then sometimes,
    it’s the only route to be travelled
    in order to move a step further in life…

    It’s difficult without a doubt but then
    the journey will most certainly be worth it…


  • puranidiary 2w

    Well you can read it not only from a pov of tree but also relate with our own life cycle.
    The first para signifies our birth right from our mother's womb to surviving as a toddler , then happy moments of childhood daily learning something and growing into a teenager where we experience love, pride and chase a purpose to work, then its mid age where we experience hardships ,some bitter farewell, loneliness and try to see the good in every bad and at last in old age we try to look back at all our deeds, we grief sometime and then we feel proud too, we learn how much all those hard days helped us to grown into the person we are today and at last we accept the sweet sleep of death, leaving our existence behind in some form to preach our next generation.we all have emerged from the same soil and one day we all will be buried in this soil only.
    ~���� (random writings at its peak)
    @writersnetwork @miraquill #once #start #wod #pod #ceesreposts #tree #life #existence #heal . #dewdrop

    -when i say i m on break don't trust me ��

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    Once when i was young like a planted seed
    Engraving my existence into the ground
    pushing up the stiff soil to anchor aloud
    I sipped the sprinkled petrichor to survive
    and swallowed many suns to spit the cold life .

    At the crack of dawn, once i bloomed as tiny leaf
    Swirling with the breezes reciting hope and belief
    Few dewdrops then found shelter upon my skin
    And i felt the love cradling and cavorting within
    Seasons passed and i breathed few more sunsets.

    At the time of siesta, once i fathered few flowers
    Metamorphosing their petals for fireflies to cower
    I saw the lovers hovering around me in late hours
    And soon the fruits quenched hunger of travellers
    I chuckled then at being crowned as philantrophist.

    Evenings etched endings on my evanescent euphoria
    I saw my leaves scribbling an epilogue to our love story
    And i suffused solitude as storms gulped my glory
    I saw the nests being turned abandoned hiraeth
    With every faded farewell i failed to fathom faith.

    Now at night I'm few monsoon old withered tree
    Gazing up at blank sky carrying gist of glee
    For my roots are tired witnessing the barren land
    And i sigh helplessly looking at the evanescent sand .
    They pierced my bruises to snitch my spark but
    I transversed many galaxies from brown to white bark.

    Now its all dark and dead as i breathe my last
    I bid my adieu to future as i get flashbacks of past
    I survived, i bloomed, i suffered, i healed it all
    Amidst all mayhem and merry i choose not to fall

    Once again i scatter my existence into the earth
    And kiss the renaissance to take another birth
    Until then i leave my lessons and life story in this song
    To let the world know,once i was here standing all young.

  • syncope 2w

    The Clinic

    I keep returning to the clinic with a hope that someday the depression will lift and I can pass on the gift of healing, of hope and a life worth living

  • sahnah 2w

    Wander in the depth of the veridiscent nature to bury the dark sorrows in the quietness where reign the blowing zephyr without any restraint will bring to the ear sweet healing sound by chirping birds. Open the arms to feel the coldness that never felt before in life and let it settle in each dead corner of the body to heal the disconsolate soul this time.

  • achal234 2w


    Recovery was necessary
    After that heart break
    Healing was going on
    And after sometime one mrng i got up
    And i felt that i didn't miss him anymore
    I didn't stalk him anymore
    I found myself moved on

  • miswaram_ 2w

    Heal with Nature

    Travelling into the raw wildness of tranquility melted with the serene calm ambience of nature and from soil to sky the mind travelling... opening the eternity of blue sky and in night sleeping on a sea shore listening to sounds of waves fading away and absorb beautiful positive vibes, be yourself in a world of peace and harmony of innermind......