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  • shakra26lee 5w


    Drums beating through the crevasses of my brain
    Solid ice flows through the warm rivers in my veins
    Chimes sound the war of Migraines
    Damages bring forth endless pain
    Silent cries echo through the rain
    Chimes sound excruciating raging vain
    Sanity lost the war to Migraines


  • dr_stupendous 19w

    Migrainee{a person with migraine -->it's not a dictionary word I just use}
    #headache #migraine

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    Migraine tales

    Want to hide away from light
    Wants to go away from sound
    Some kind of random thoughts pop up in my mind
    Expected to be something good but unexpectedly it's something bad
    Trying to sleep on my bed
    But I'm weeping in my head
    Sometimes it is nausea followed by dyspnoea
    People say it will be okay if you rest
    I know it's a test and it's very hard to rest

  • wordsandghosts 30w

    Pain Pressure.

    Inside this place, the light should never enter.
    Lives a man, with a mind that is weathered.
    This place of pain has plagued his soul and has him begging for the end. Sometimes this place is familiar, like talking to an old friend. The medicine has no control of the pressure, in there time has no measure. The pounding all through the night keeps him awake, sometimes for days. Any glimmer of relief is lost and he slowly decays. The low flicker of a dim candle shows him his dark place. Nausea and panic glued to his tired face. Water floods the pain place, hot but not enough to burn. Floating somewhere in the pool of steam is the man's hope. A lesson he had to learn. His pain made him see, the water would set him free. He closed his heavy eyes, deeper he sank into the warmth, his mind could rest and open the door. He laid down and his life began to pour.

  • syedaafsha 40w


    Headache are caused by a chemical reaction in your brain combined with the muscles and nerves of your neck and head.

  • kskarishma 40w

    Aah my head aches,
    I am bit hesitant to say that
    its rider isn't a book as before
    it's the phone instead.

    I go far away from my book
    when my head says no to it,
    but my heart overpowered this time.

    I just don't understand why my heart likes to fight against my head.
    It's unusual but I just like the ride.


  • the_sunset_girl 40w


    "It's just a headache", she said.
    Yes, it was a headache;
    That started from the depth of her heart.
    It was a headache,
    That blurred her visions and asphyxiated her soul.
    It was a headache,
    That carved her alive until she became nothing.
    Its roots were struggling to come out,
    Piercing through her thoughts,
    Formed a lump in her throat,
    Waging war against her guts,
    And left her with nothing but hurts.
    Yes, it was just a headache;
    That came out of her burning soul,
    That emitted invisible fumes of what she called love!


  • sidharth_jeevakumar 41w

    Still Her Thoughts

    The mosquitoes hunting me,
    A headache haunting me,
    The midnight hunger nagging me,
    Sleep deprivation draining me,
    And I laid smiling on the floor,
    As I kept thinking about her all along.


  • random_nandy 44w

    The worst feeling with fever is you feel like you are better only for you to have a return of that headache and complete tiredness again.

  • jadeivy 46w


    Pain heavy in the eyes.
    Swelling deep inside the head.
    Throbbing against the skull, brain about to explode.
    All the noises of the world ringing around.
    Every scent stinging straight into the soul.
    Light coming in so bright,
    Even the slightest could burn a hole.

    Now this everyday,
    The pain won't go away.
    Not matter how patiently you wait.


  • nishutayal 52w


    I know a girl secretive and caring
    Who never expressed her feelings
    Who was an expert at hiding it
    But for every quality a person possess
    Comes with a setback too,
    Her quality was hiding her feelings
    And flaw was everytime she did
    She would get a headache ,
    Her headache was highly proportionate
    To harder she tried to hide her feelings
    She still never tried to express it
    No matter if she had hardest jolts in her head
    She would suffer all the pain
    Yet nobody in this world is able to
    Understand her feelings and
    She continues to suffer a headache
    Without uttering a word
    As she can't hurt anyone
    Nor get hurt by expressing her feelings


  • erlinay 55w

    Pain is the proof that I'm still alive.

  • slotha 55w

    Cruel People

    Someone who woke you up when you fast asleep.

  • zuhaib_hassan 60w

    Mental Disorder

    "To be in my shoes it's not so easy"

    Today world is observing "Mental Health Day" Somewhere, somehow everyone is mentally disturbed. Why we all suffering from this? Firstly we live in an extremely fast-moving world, where we just see PERFECTION. Our eyes just capture extremely perfect things, and when we compare that perfect things with our day to day life we get depression.

    Secondly, unconsciously and unintentionally we live in a fantasy world which has nothing to do with reality and when contrast occurs we get depression and face mental health issues.

    Thirdly and most importantly we are HUMANS. We have emotions. Our mental health, particularly in this era, hugely depends on our Social Circle. We expect people to understand us, we expect people to understand our minds, we expect people to put themselves in our shoes, sadly people don't do the same. They have nothing to do with your problems, they will never leave their comfort zone for you, and when people don't live up to our expectations we get depression.

    How to cope up with this issue?
    As a Muslim we must have a strong belief in Allah, as Allah Almighty Said, "Beshak, Allah ke zikr se hi Dilon ko sukoon milta ha" Al-Quran [13:28] Make a standard for yourself. Learn to appreciate yourself. Try to spend quality time with your parents and family. Try to best use of your time and in the end don't forget to read "MAN'S SEARCH FOR MEANING" by "Viktor Frankl" May Allah bless you with endless happiness.


  • anthonyhanible 64w

    Happily Ever After

    Death holds my peace
    Why do I have to wait
    This life is nothing but a headache
    Filled plate
    Overflowing cup
    Damn my appendix just bust
    Damn the doctors just found an aneurysm
    Happy no I'm not
    Crying but I hide my tears
    Sad but I walk around with a fake smile
    Happily you'll be
    Ever After
    I go
    I know
    Don't lie

  • bhawna__ 65w


    When I was introduced with the pain..
    I was in a relationship..
    I don't know the beauty of love..
    But the pain of falling ..
    And I shattered..
    I don't have the pieces of my my broken heart..
    It shattered into small pieces..
    It was too small..
    "The sand of some flesh and blood".
    The sand I couldn't hold back to my eyes ..
    And ..

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    I have never felt love in that journey but pain.
    Only pain.


  • disha_sikka 70w

    स्कूल की यादें।।

    अब हमारा स्कूल जाने का मन करता है।
    पहले असेंबली में खड़े रहना अच्छा नहीं लगता था,
    पर अब वही करने का मन करता है।
    पहले क्लास में बैठना अच्छा नहीं लगता था,
    पर अब वही करने का मन करता है।।
    अब हमारा स्कूल जाने का मन करता है।

    पहले स्कूल जाने के ख्याल से हर सुबह रोते थे,
    पर अब ना जा पाने के कारण उदास बैठे हैं।
    दोस्तों के साथ खाना खाने को तरसते हैं हम,
    एक डिब्बे में चार हाथों को देखने के लिए रोते हैं हम।
    तू ही राम, तू ही रहीम अब कहने को तरसते हैं।
    पहले जो पसंद नहीं था, अब वही करने को रोते हैं हम।
    किसी को कुछ कह नहीं पाते,
    पर स्कूल जाने को अब उदास है हम।।

    ऑनलाइन क्लासेस में पढ़ तो लिए हम खूब,
    पर हो नहीं पाए हम उसमें खुश।
    दिन भर रहते हैं हम अब उदास,
    जी नहीं पाते है हर पल का एहसास।
    बारिश की बूंदों में भीगना हमें सताता था,
    पर अब वही पल हमें खूब तरसाता है।
    दोस्तों के काम को अपना कह कर चेक करवाना याद आता है,
    फिर से अब हमें यह करने का मन करता है।
    अब हमारा स्कूल जाने का मन करता है।।

    ऐ स्कूल अब हमें तुम्हारी याद आती है,
    अब हम तुम्हारी यादों को सोच कर खुश हो जाते है।
    दिल को बहलाने के लिए हम हंस देते हैं।
    दोस्तों के साथ खेलना अब हमें खूब याद आता है।
    कैंटीन की लाइन तोड़कर आगे जाना याद आता है।
    सिर दर्द का बहाना लगाकर मेडिकल रूम में सोना याद आता है।
    पढ़ाई को इग्नोर कर दोस्तों से गप्पे मारना याद आता है।
    अब हमारा स्कूल जाने का मन करता है।
    प्रार्थना करने का मन करता है,
    क्लास में बैठने का मन करता है,
    अब हमारा स्कूल जाने का मन करता है।।

  • vswrites97 80w

    कुछ तो कहो

    जितना कहेंगे
    उतना कम सहेंगे...

  • vswrites97 80w

    मेरा दर्द

    आजतक में लोगों के दर्द को महसुस कर अपनी कलम के जरिए बयां करता आया हूं फिर अपने दर्द को कैसे छुपा लू? नहीं ये मुझसे नहीं होगा...

  • whosthisgirl 81w

    Lately, I've been the worse version of myself. I do not want to hate but I can't help. Forgiving is not an overnight task. Ironically, at the end of the day, I will feel guilty. #heavy #frustrating #headache #mirakee

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    It's not easy to tame the hidden beast side of yours that has been awaken.

  • i_am_solanki_ritu 81w


    तुझसे ज्यादा तो मेरी चाय
    ने वफ़ा निभाई है,
    जब-जब हुआ तेरी यादों में
    सिर दर्द एक-एक
    घुट ने दी दवाई है...