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  • shinyindeed 1w

    Trust In The Lord..

    When God brings you to the edge of a cliff, trust Him; one of the two things will happen.. He will either catch you when you fall, or He will teach you how to fly..

  • dosbambi 6w

    This is to encourage believers to not let go of God's hand no matter what they might be going through in life.

    God has your back no matter, how you feel!
    Only God's promises count, not your feeling...your feeling will fail you, but God's promises are "Ye and Amen" in Christ Jesus!

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    To the brother now in the valley,
    That brother going through hell at the moment,
    To the sister battling with disappointments,
    Tears have colonized your eyes like the colonial masters,
    To parents feeling helplessly helpless over their child,
    Suffering from pains that lack identity,
    That parent going around with an empty heart,
    Because your precious child just kicked the bucket,
    To you overwhelmed with confusion,
    Clueless on what to do, where to go,
    To you feeling all alone, forgotten
    By friends and family,
    To the believer whose faith
    Has refused to move mountains,
    To you, He says;
    rejoice, rejoice, rejoice evermore!
    say to your mind, "drink water"!
    for I am right besides you through it all!
    I am willing and I am able...
    ...to make all things beautiful,
    better than the former,
    in my time!

  • peppy_writing 12w


    Sometimes i wonder being quite
    And accepting things as it is
    And forgiving someone for their
    Behavior again and again.
    Is a weakness or strength of a person?
    Does this people are taken for granted or
    They are considered to a strong person?

  • nityatiwari__ 13w

    These drunken clouds , this melodious rain
    Makes me believe that our efforts never go in vain :,)

  • _rakhi 15w

    To be better person it tooks lot from you're
    patience level

  • disha_kaushik62 15w

    Hlo everyone i hope uh all are safe and sound at home. Today i came with new video which is about OCD.
    OCD is obsessive complusive disorder.
    Excessive thoughts (obsessions) that lead to repetitive behaviours (compulsions).
    Myths about OCD
    1. All neat freak have OCD: One common sign of OCD is an obssession with cleanliness auch as washing hand, cleaning our surrounding. But cleanliness complex can also be a personality trait.
    2. OCD is all about cleanliness: No, it is not all about cleanliness. One common complusion include hoarding items, cheacking and rechecking, fearing of something, negative thought. Repeating of thing such as going in and out of a door.
    3. OCD is a woman's diease: It is commonly seen more in woman than men but according to the International OCD foundation OCD affect men, women and children etc.
    4. OCD can't be treatable: It can be treatable it took some time but with help of some Medication such as SSRIs(selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors) or with the help of CBT(Cognitive behavioural therapy) can help with face their fear.
    * If you feel any of symptoms just consult with counselor or psychologist they will help you.
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  • monicadongriee 17w


    Trust the process
    It will give you a good result
    Just have faith in yourself and the one
    Who's been sitting up there in the clouds and
    Watching you.

  • eternal_chaos_9 21w

    They lack the faith,
    Ego makes them blind.
    Otherwise God isn't cruel,
    And demon is never kind.


  • kidsarol129 26w

    “God has intention for your pain, a reason for your struggle and a reward for your faithfulness.”

    You just need to believe that God has a good plan for you. Don’t give up! You may have failed, but it does not mean you are a failure, you learn from mistakes, & you will rise again and become wiser.

    Remember this all the times, don’t be drown by other’s people opinion. It’s not their life so don’t allow them to control you.

    Remember that you are still growing and that making mistakes is normal, people will leave you to follow their own path, but losing some one doesn’t have to be considered a loss, focus on improving your own self, transcend your own fears, shatter your limits, because the only thing getting in the way of your success is yourself, not the opinions of others.

    Negative people have a habit of dragging you down to their own level. Because they don’t want to be left behind. And you know what? Just ignore them. Work on yourself.

    Be positive. Don’t waste another minute dealing with a toxic, negative, energy-draining person. Being a positive and having a positive thoughts and keeping them has the power to expand your positivity.

    So let the positive words you want in your life show up and commit using them in your speech, in your art, singing them, praying them, chanting them, dancing them, posting them, using them as much and in any way you can. Because some people are wired for negativity and some people are wired for positivity, yin and yang, good and bad, happiness or hatred. You choose and you’ll live with it. ❤

    #writerscommunity #pod #keepontrusting #godlovesyou #believethat #havefaith #bebravewithyourlife #strongfaith #fighting

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  • kidsarol129 26w

    Have Faith

    When the world shrinking unto fears,
    I’d kneeled and ask His guidance.
    I’ll put my trust in Him. Because I know,
    'my God is bigger than
    my problems.'


  • hallgd 28w

    Who's fault is it?

    Abound in wonder, this body of perishable flesh and feeble bone.

    Is it my fault?

    My Savior hasn't abandoned me, nor has He left me alone.

    Satan temps, and wages in all out assault.

    No one is spared, non-christians and Christians

    Is it my fault?

    If I resist Satan, will he take a hike?

    Be faithful and obedient, He boldly taught.

    You don't have to Wonder without a clue
    or with anguish wrought.

    He said he'd be back for you

    Have faith then, his love is true.

  • sharmistha_mallick 29w

    The ones who love you,
    The ones who hate you
    Will forget you once, but the power
    which created you will always be with you.


  • becoming 29w


    Don't lose hope.
    Don't lose control.
    Don't let yourself slip into the dark place.
    Have patience.
    Some amount of faith.
    It'll happen. Everything will work out.

    ©Dr. Suez

  • annabelle81 30w

    #only sharing feeling. Sometimes, out of blue I feel like this. I know that is past. But, what we become now is because everything happened in the past. I dont know if other people also has some flash back heavy feelings like me. But, I do...

    #MyJourneyToReachSun #HaveFaith #SayNoForGiveUp

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    Sometimes, no... most of the times. I think you & all of them take half of me, crash it, and dump it somewhere.
    Since back then, I spending all of my times to find the half me. Trying so hard to fix myself, my mind, my soul. But still... that hole inside me still there.
    I putting my happy mask everytime, asure everyone that I am fine. Show to the world how bright and good I am. I dont know how to explain, I never fine. I am not okay. I am broken, I am failed. And I dont know how to fix myself.
    I cant make the sound inside my head stop saying I am not good and I never good for anyone and I deserved something better. Deserved someone better.
    I drag myself everyday with spelling the mantras, "another one day pass by. You just need to be patient and things will end. Soon."
    I am sad. This is so sad how we should live like this. Drag our trash bag in every step of our life. Bringing all those heavy feelings which keep pulling you down...

  • _riaa_ 34w


    This time my faith has finally grown
    And the sadness, fear and negativity
    I am no longer prone
    My heart and soul may shatter and break
    But my strength will help them be sewen
    I've now learned, that there's always help
    We don't always have to face destruction alone

  • little_uniqueness_ 33w

    God doesn't answer instantly doesn't mean he is not going to answer.

    Because God's delay are not God's denial.

  • poetviviyanniki 51w

    YOUR GIFT - Your Purpose

    Dear future planners - Finding Your Gift. Building experience, study, growing - into fulfilling your gifts, purpose. While giving back to our community.

    Create a balance, healthy routine - physically, mentally, cash flow work ethic. Community, Faith, rest, rejuvenation, "me time". School/Study/Invest wisely. 7 days a week - written down on the wall vision board/calendar.
    Learn patience, gratitude with less online time. More reading. Volunteering.
    Move wisely - be kind, mistakes aids to growth. Be confident - this to shall pass. But pass with a smile within!
    Study with no distractions, balance distractions.
    Surround yourself with a healthy, like-minded community. Have passion. Discipline aids with a grounding routine, passion. Again, read tons of books filled with paper, offline. Absorb nature. Purchase essentials locally - central market. Supporting your community. Sip, eat all-natural. Absorb lessons with a content spirit, mindset. Experiences turning into growth. Strength, courage. Vision board on your wall. Plan, creating action - short term, long term- end goals. Have faith. We got this!

    Less is more, sure. Write, plan what works for YOU. Creating action. Smile through this journey. Block negative mindsets. Absorb healthy like-minded goal setters. To each their own - vibrate your path. Sending tons of inner strength, and wisdom!!

  • hope95 51w

    You're Enough

    For all the times, when the hope seems lost.
    Look into the history, and learn from the past.
    There were times when you didn't know if you could face the next day,
    And yet eventually you overcame and walked, how mighty high you had held your head. .
    Look back to the time when, winning seemed impossible,
    Fear, so debilitating, made giving up feel easier.
    But you never gave up, you held on, strong.
    Fought the voices not unlike some siren songs,
    Luring you with words "enough you're not"
    With fists and kicks you fought against their onslaught, and emerged victorious, and kept moving on.
    You Didn't expect to win, did you? and yet that victory was deservedly earned.

    So let those self doubts go free,
    With the unpleasant screams of the world, just a buzz in those cute ears, my pretty.
    Let your confidence shine, and soul afloat.
    Keep faith, because indeed you are dope.
    Thundering clouds aren't the ones who rain.
    So the bark of this beast, is but a noise invain.
    Because the truth you seek, and the assuring voice that you long for.
    Is the voice that comes from the bottom of your heart.
    Live for your self, live to enjoy this gift of life
    You are beautiful and perfect, don't let anyone tell you otherwise.
    Your heart is the guide, your soul is the light.
    Listen to it beating, and follow where it strides.
    Feel the thrill when you can barely breathe, and yet feel alive.
    Feel the calm, that accompanies times, when you are happy and satisfied.
    Feel your breathe the way it passes through nose.
    That is you my dear, in every whisper, in every sigh, every note.
    You are beautiful, inside and out.
    The tough times are just flames
    Torching the shimmer of your diamond heart.
    So believe in your self.
    Breathe, and have faith
    Life shall be fine, as it has always been.
    Good Times are always around the corner, and soon they will reign again.
    You are always enough, my dearest.
    Have faith, have faith.

  • paakhii 52w


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  • meghnadewani 174w

    fickling life

    after every single moment, live changes its scenario ...
    sometimes its darker than shadow
    but surely ,
    Someday it will be brighter than sunshine