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  • the_ramble_queen 41w

    The light of thousand suns
    Could not quench the dark hate
    I feel against men
    Who abuse, oppress
    Or rape a female

    I feel pain of every victim
    I read about or hear
    I live in fear
    Am I gonna be the next?

    I see injustice everywhere
    And system does little to help
    Biggest example is the one
    of Hathras rape case

    Rather than fighting
    Against the abuser
    They come up with 
    A hashtag notallmen

    They put more restrictions on us
    Blame us for one thing or other
    Victim is punished instead of abuser

    Shameful, barbaric,
    This is no place for women
    No place to be free
    Of this agonizing torment

  • antho_holic 66w

    R.I.P Humanity

    Once upon a time demons also had humanity,
    But now-a-days humans becoming demons...
    We are humans, so be humans...


  • hiddensoul 66w

    What's happening!!

    There is no upper caste or lower caste..
    Where are we going..???
    At one side India is developing..
    At the other side we are witnessing
    some people crossing their limits..
    It's terrible and horrible!!!

  • thunder_thoughts 66w

    Let's get to the top
    now it's time to be a cop.
    For all those things and
    the upcoming ones.
    Which made the families apart
    from their daughters which were as sons.
    To stop the tears that flowed
    the fears that glowed.
    now it's time to be a cop,
    let's get to the top..

    #Hathras violence :-(
    #women (need to be self soldiers)

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  • upturnedturtle 66w

    Fight for Honour

    Our country.
    Now a museum of fear.
    Us, reckless ghosts.
    Cry over her broken body.
    Honour lies not
    In howling her name
    Lies in living up to yours.

    Everything is yours to claim;righteous.
    Why do you beg?
    Be a wrathful emperor, on seeing trespassers.
    God help those sinners.

    There is a saying leaders fix
    Each other's crowns.
    You don't see a woman,
    You don't see a man.
    You don't see child nor animal.
    You see a comrade in need of help.

    Everyday battles like droplets.
    War an ocean.
    A feeble purr will become a roar one day.
    Play your part.
    Play your part well.


  • poetic_parade 66w

    Just thought of penning my words today because even getting out of our houses can get us into deep trouble these days... doesn't matter if she is studying or she is at her workplace doesn't matter how old she is... nothing matters... what matters in this country is just women harassment in all possible ways

    I definitely don't think that we even know a bit about our actions how they affect people.
    Just because we are not having the guts to take responsibility of our actions we play the blame game

    One day, you will hear Hathras case..another day this girl is killed because she prioritised her studies
    tomorrow, bring another idiotic reason to kill or rape or the least, harass a girl

    I guess history has taught something wrong..where it's written that Australia was a place where criminals, from all over the world, were sent to when they committed worst of crimes.. I think that place is India because every day when we wake up there is nothing but articles reporting crimes with the worst of reasons to present

    Is there even logic behind the crimes??
    "I don't like her so I will kill her"
    "She is untouchable so first of all rape her and then kill her in the worst way possible"
    "I like her but she doesn't like me back so I will commit a crime against her"
    "I will press fake charges on him"

    Every single day 88 rape cases are being reported in our nation and I agree not all of them are genuine but do we even know what percentage of cases are not even getting reported because of the patriarchal honour!!

    Cherry on the cake are our politicians, "learned people" .Even female politicians are blaming the victims!
    In that manner every criminal or anybody who wants to commit a crime should come to this land.
    Is there any limit on what we will get to read every morning?

    Tell me a place where a "human" is safe?
    Streets? Schools? Coaching Centres? Offices? Home?
    Just answer one question of mine..Will we ever wake up and just be humans? Or should we lose all our hopes in humanity and respect?

    If somebody stands up for a female victim..ten people will criticize him for not taking a stand for a man and vice versa..In fact we need to stand up for victims and not their genders!
    © poetic_parade

    #women #crime #rape #crimeagainstwomen #irony #necessity #life #hathras

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  • akhilkedia 67w


    उस हाथ को काट दुंगा अगर वह मिले तो जिस हाथ से उन्होंने के खून के रस निकाले है!

  • bertho 67w


    দম্ভ তোমার ,ধর্ম তোমার , রাষ্ট্র তোমার রাজা
    রামের মন্দিরে আজ কেন আর যাই না ভগবান কে দেখা ?

    অসুর আছে ,ঘৃণা আছে ,আছে জাতিবাদের লেশ
    ব্যালট এর হিসেবে করতে গিয়ে দেশটা করলে শেষ

    ওই রাজা তুই তাকিয়ে দেখ, তোর বেটির চিতা জ্বলছে
    অপরাধীরা আজও কেন তোর ছায়ায়ে খেলা করছে ?

    ওই রাজা তুমি মৌন কেন, কথা বলা কি তবে মানা
    ওই রাজা তুমি দেখেছো কি এক সন্তানহারা মায়ের কান্না ?

    ধর্ষিত আজ হয়নি মেয়েটা, হইছি তোমরা আমরা
    চোখ তুলে দেখো আয়নার ভিতরে এক ধর্ষকের চেহারা

    দলিত কন্যা কতটা দোষের, বুঝেছে সে এটা আজি
    দেশ তা যে সকলের নয়, কিছু মানুষের বেশি

    উচ্চবর্ণের রক্তচক্ষু অবজ্ঞা করা পাপ
    জন্ম থেকে মৃত্যু অসপিসওটায় হলো সাপ

    মায়ের পায়ে শিখল পরা ,অভাগীর চিতা জ্বলছে মর্যাদাহীন , অধিকারহীন দলিতদের বুক ফাটছে

    লেঠেল দিয়ে ,পেয়াদা দিয়ে, ছিনিয়ে অনলি দেহ কিসের এতো ভয় যে তোর, বাড়ছে সন্দেহ

    রাজপ্রাসাদের দেয়াল গুলোও রাজার মতো ভন্ড দলিত নারীর আর্তনাদে তার জানলা তখন বন্ধ

    ধর্ষণ শুধু যৌনতা নয়, নিপীড়ণের অস্ত্র
    রাজার দেশে খুলছে বোধয় ভারত মাতার বস্ত্র

    চেয়ে দেখো তুমি , তোমার সিংহাসন আজ টলছে কাতারে কাতারে মানুষের মনে ক্ষোভ বাসা বাঁধছে

    চিতার আগুনে ঝলসাবে তোমার অহংকারের দম্ভ কলখালি এক মায়ের কান্নায় মুছবে তোমার স্বপ্ন

    রামরাজ্যতের এমন দশা, কাঁদছে দেখ তোর নিজের প্রজা
    ধিক্কার রাজা ,ধিক্কার তোকে ,ধিক্কারই হবে তোর সাজা

  • sakkirkavumpuram 67w

    കണ്ണ് മൂടി കെട്ടിയ നീതിപീഠം
    ചെവി കൂടി അടച്ചു പിടിച്ചിരിക്കുന്നു...


  • poetic_parade 67w

    Women Harassment and Indian Irony

    As we dig deeper into articles and cases..we can find the heinous crime rates increase.. there's no limit on what you'll get to read..It literally makes me wonder what is going on with people..what do they think and most importantly WHY??..How can we steep so low..We are unable to respect each other as humans even

    Many a times I doubt if this is the very same land which has devis and strong ladies like Seeta, LaxmiBai, Draupadi in its history. We still worship them..don't we? People will physically fight with men who even look at their sisters and mothers the wrong way while they themselves are doing the same.. full fledge hypocrisy

    Its not only men who are the reason of crime charts but us, women, as well, if we teach our sons and brothers, to respect humans and not just women, things will be better

    Go anywhere.. even a simple shop and somehow you will find a creep..Why are we supporting men we know no matter what happens?

    A crime by a son is a mistake but a mistake by a daughter is a crime

    We, women, never fail to judge, taunt and humiliate each other..We degrade each other for any reason possible.. Factually speaking, these habits are instilled into us from a long time.. If we are able to break so many norms then why not this.. remember there was a time when we couldn't even write on these topics..time has changed..but it is up to us if it's changed for good or evil..Do your part..lets all try to be better version of ourselves..we can try atleast.. can't we?

    © poetic_parade

    If you think questions raised here are genuine.. the first time I'll ask you all to tag people so that we all can read this and ask different questions. Don't forget to tag me in such posts.. Thank you

    #women #crime #rape #crimeagainstwomen #irony #necessity #life #hathras #upcase #history #india #bharat

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  • ahaan_vaidya 67w

    हाथरस की पीड़ा

    इतिहास कोई उपन्यास नहीं
    जिसके पन्नों को यूँ ही पलटा जाए,
    है प्रतिबिंब बीते अतीत का
    जिससे कल विपदाओं से झुलसा जाए।

    परंपरा का प्रवाह हमारा
    मानवता के खलिहानों में बहता है,
    लो पांचाली के अपमान का प्रतिशोध
    यह कुरुक्षेत्र का रण कहता है।

    जानकी आहत न हो पाए
    ललकारती-पुकारती हैं द्विभुजाएँ
    प्राण जाए पर प्रण नहीं
    दुराचारी रावण को ये बताएँ।

    क्या नदी का प्रवाह बदल गया?
    या उगम स्थल ही सूख गया?
    राम-श्याम के संस्कारों का
    हाथ यकाकक छूट गया?

    जहाँ मनुष्यता खंडित है,
    वहाँ बेटी आज भी वंचित है,
    न्याय कहाँ ? अन्याय भरा है,
    क्या यहीं देवी भी वंदित है?

    हाथरस की घटना से
    आंखें सजल हो जाती हैं,
    मानवता की शेष-अस्थियाँ भी
    समक्ष से ओझल हो जाती हैं।

    क्या इसी रामराज्य का स्वप्न
    निज-पुरखों ने देखा था?
    या सुशासन का वचनमात्र,
    असलियत में धोखा था?

    प्रण से परिवर्तन आएगा
    दृढ़ निश्चय से परिस्थिति सुधरेगी,
    फिर ही हाथरस की ये पीड़ा,
    किसी और पर नहीं गुज़रेगी ।

    फिर तो सीता भी सुरक्षित होगी
    और मन्दिर भी बन जाएगा,
    पहले स्वयं राम बनने का प्रयास करो,
    उससे ही परिवर्तन आएगा ।

  • niranjana_a_v 67w

    അവളെ ജാനകിയെന്ന് തന്നെ വിളിക്കണം...
    നാവരിഞ്ഞ് പുൽക്കുമ്പാരങ്ങൾക്കിടയിൽ കൂരിരുട്ടിനെ മാത്രം സാക്ഷിയാക്കി ചുട്ടെരിച്ച് കളഞ്ഞ ആ പെൺകുട്ടിയെ ജാനകിയെന്നേ വിളിക്കാവൂ...കാരണം രാമരാജ്യത്ത് സീതയെപ്പോലെ അനീതി മാത്രം സമ്മാനമായി കിട്ടിയവൾ മറ്റാരാണ്?

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    നാവരിയപ്പെട്ടവൾ ജാനകി...
    അരക്കെട്ട് തകർന്ന് അലറിക്കരഞ്ഞവൾ ജാനകി...
    പുൽക്കൂമ്പാരങ്ങൾക്കിടയിൽ ചതച്ചരയ്ക്കപ്പെട്ടവൾ ജാനകി...
    പൊന്തക്കാടിന്റെ മറവിൽ ഇരവിൽ കാണാവെളിച്ചമായി കത്തിയമർന്നവൾ ജാനകി...

  • aadam_ka_aaina 67w

    ग़ुलामों की फ़ौज़

    कुर्सियों पे जो आबरू के दलाल ये बैठे हैं 
    वो ख़ुद बे-आबरू हो कंगाल से बैठे हैं। 

    आपबीती किसी की ख़ारिज़ करें सिरे से 
    अपनी नाकामी का बहाना निकाल के बैठे हैं। 

    स्याह क़ातिल रातों के शागिर्द हैं ये सारे 
    दोगलेपन की सारी किताब खंगाल के बैठे हैं। 

    आंसू निकलते इनके घड़ियाल भी लजाये 
    दैत्य पहने वर्दी जगपाल के बैठे हैं। 

    बस इनका जो चले तो साया भी नोच डालें 
    मज़लूम के ऊपर ये जूते डाल के बैठे हैं। 

    ये फ़ौज़ है दलालों की, गुलामों का ये बेड़ा है 
    दबंग तलवों के सामने जीभ संभाल के बैठे हैं। 

    वादा करे ये ऐसा की रामराज्य लाएंगे 
    खुद ही ये सारे दानवों को पाल के बैठे हैं। 

    बता दो इनको जाके की फैसला तो होगा 
    यमदूत इनकी राह में खुशहाल से बैठे हैं।  

    ( जगपाल : Care taker of the world )

    ऋतुराज कर्ण 'रजत'

  • gargis157 67w

    #Hathras rape case
    #Justice to be given in 3 months

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    Please for the sake of humanity exclude ruling party and opposition ,we just want justice for Hathras victim and I request do not use caste system in this case because the kind of damage done with the sentiments of the whole family I believe today every single indian heart is weaping and please this time don't take years in giving justice like what happened in nirbhaya case .Also we thank media to take the case in highlight .we demand suspension of D.M. (Hathras).

  • sensitive_observer 67w

    Rape is ‘forced sex’. There are two words. First consider ‘sex’. It happens due to arousal. A myth regarding this is that short or tight attire of girls arouses men.

    Stop selling that bullshit!

    To all experienced men, admit how many times porn turned you on vs you watched porn because you were aroused? So it's just a lame blame.

    Moving on, one more blame that girls give signals that they are interested. Ok if it is so, and if you can read her signals and sense that she is interested, why can't you hear her screaming and sense her resistance, you asshole?

    I'm ashamed. I'm ashamed that there are some rascals roaming on streets which belongs to the same gender, same race as I do. I get ashamed when some nights while returning home, a random girl walking ahead of me suddenly starts moving in pace. I'm ashamed of her doubt. I can't explain her so I slow down. If I can why can't they?

    Getting aroused is very normal and yes sex is our need. And you know what it is the need of animals too. But what differentiates us from them is the ability to control it. Our ethics.

    At last, as I always ask, why isn't any fear established in every male's mind? Why isn't any harsh punishment exists or getting conducted that can shake the very first thought of committing? Does first class security belongs to only celebrities? Or only those who disrespect some great leader deserves punishment? We need as frightful consequences as the torment caused. WE NEED ACTIONS!


    #rapes #stoprape #rapistscauserape #hathras #hathrasgangrape #rapevictim #hangrapists #womensafety #uprapecase

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  • bhavti 67w

    सुन भारत! मैं अग्नि हूं,
    जिसको तुम पूजा करते हो,
    है साक्षी जो तुम्हारी हर शपथ की,
    हाँ मैं वही अग्नि हूं।

    कह होलिका शीष झुकाते हो,
    ज्वाला को मस्तक नवाते हो,
    पर आहुति लज्जा की चढ़ाते हो ?
    कुपित हूं, लज्जित हूं, मैं अग्नि हूं।

    विराजित थी कभी मशालों पर,
    अब घरों को जलाया करती हूं,
    शोभित थी दीपों में,
    अब मध्यरात्रि चित्कार सुनाया करती हूं।

    ऋषियों के तपों को मैंने,
    था वरदानों से फलीभूत किया।
    हे भारत तूने मुझको आज,
    ये कैसा है अभिशाप दिया!

    इस वेदना को सहते सहते,
    क्रोध में अब विक्राल हुई हूं।
    हूं नारी स्वरूपा, जननी पालन- करनी गर
    तो मैं ही संहारिनी अग्नि हूं!

    तमस हारिणी, क्षुधा निवारिणी
    तुम्हारी रक्षा करती हूं,
    न भूलना मगर, दुर्गा के क्रोध की
    मैं ज्वाला हूं, क्रोधाश्रुओं से भरी..
    मैं वही अग्नि हूं!


  • poeticblunder 67w

    Daughters of India

    So this is what it reads when you enter the Beti Bachao Beti Padhao corner of our government's site:

    Our Mantra should be: ‘Beta Beti, Ek Samaan’

    “Let us celebrate the birth of the girl child. We should be equally proud of our daughters. I urge you to sow five plants when your daughter is born to celebrate the occasion.” -PM Narendra Modi to citizens of his adopted village Jayapur.

    Thought of breaking it down sentence by sentence with a pinch of "salty reality" added to it.

    “Let us celebrate the birth of the girl child" - so men of this country could have more to hunt with minimal consequences and if they are privileged, hunt with the government's license with no consequence whatsoever.

    "We should be equally proud of our daughters." - Yes we should be. Especially of those who do not end up in a ditch, who do not get burnt, who do not get raped but manage to get back home "safe" with just a few hands molesting her and a few eyes throwing lustful glares.

    "I urge you to sow five plants when your daughter is born" - So that rapists do not have to search for trees when they decide to to hang her in the middle of a village; so that they do not find it difficult when they go searching for wood to burn her with or without the help of the police depending on their privilege.

    "to celebrate the occasion.” - an occasion that occurs a handful number of times everyday across every part of the nation, the state of which is normalised like a weather report at the end of a news that no one really cares about; an occassion where a country that boasts itself of a thousand goddesses, where a country that calls itself "Bharat Mata", is just a big cremation ground for many a bodies and many a dreams of its daughters.


  • 29_writing_addict 67w

    सुबह से शाम एक इन्तजार सा रहता है
    ना जाने क्यों ये अब दिल बेकरार सा रहता है

  • sri_anshi 68w

    This needs to be stopped. If not the government, people have to do something. We need to understand that for every Draupadi, there is a krishna to save her. We need to become that krishna. This hathras incident should not be forgotten. We need to learn a lesson.

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    Fear is the feeling which every family of a woman feels when she is pregnant. This fear is named fear of BIRTH OF A GIRL CHILD.
    Fear is the feeling which every mother feels when she gives birth to a girl. This feeling is named fear of A MURDER.
    Fear is the feeling which every family of a girl feels when she goes out of her house alone.
    Fear is the feeling which every girl feels when a boy follows her on a lonely road. These fear are named fear of A RAPE.
    Fear is the feeling which every family of a raped girl feels which stops them from coming out and reporting that tragic incident to the police. This fear is named fear of SOCIETY.
    In all these forms, fear is something which destroys a girl, her dreams; it takes her life and sometimes even her funeral rites.

  • aryanpahariya 68w

    कि एक छोटे से अंश में,
    बैठे मामा जैसे कंस में,
    चारो ओर विध्वंश में,
    हम उठ रहे थे सूर्यवंश में।