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  • lunatic_pen 10w

    The music is playing, she starts to dance,
    The leather and lace puts you into a trance,
    She brings her body down to meet yours,
    She's now on all fours.


    full version of my poem will be posted in my Instagram. It's a bit high risk �� dangerous leather and lace ✌️

    #miraquill let's spread #love today no #hates

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  • lunatic_pen 16w

    ah okay just feeling bored
    and I want something to write
    sing this lines in the tune of simple dimple
    or make 'em like you did rap or rage ��

    #love no #hates coz it's raining

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    Let me drive you crazy
    From top to tip
    Push 'n grip
    Pull with hips
    Kiss 'em
    Hold it
    Slap it
    Bit by bit
    Eyes rolls
    Mouth drools
    Like a screamin' fool
    till it hits the G-shock
    And puff like a lifeless trolls


  • lunatic_pen 21w

    spread #love no #hates

    So tell me about yourself?

    And this is me purely me
    nothing more and nothing less

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    I am percent HUMAN being
    with 50% ERRORS in life


  • sheikh_huzaifa 22w

    Nafraat jab dekhi humnai
    Nafraat jab dekhi humnai
    Nafraat khud hi baan gayai hum
    Dard aaisa jiss nai mitta diya nafraat ko
    Kya wo insaan ko mitta na sakhay ga.....
    #hate #hating #hatred #hates #negative #negativity #blaming #fedup #tolerance #life #people #World #lives #pod #wod #mirakee #share

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  • lioness_sakshigupta_ 25w



  • lunatic_pen 38w


    Realization hit me hard while doing it. My relationship with my ex was really toxic. I was physically, mentally, and emotionally abused. I suffered from post-partum and my confidence was lost. I realized that the universe stepped in already and removed me from the situation because I was trying to manifest a life that would require me to cut off people in my life. Those who do not share the same vibration with me were removed. It was painful thou. But I'm getting the point of it all now.

    My old foundations ended. My love for writing was tested, my circle got smaller and smaller. Things fell apart before my eyes and I can't even do anything about it. And then, it hit me. I can never control the outside, unless I learn to control what's on the inside.

    Through journalling, I figured out the things that I truly want in life, and the things that are needed for me to manifest it. I understood myself better and it helped me release the thoughts that could get in my way.

    I list down the things I am grateful for everytime I wake up and before I go to bed. I love lighting candles whenever I'm doing this and burn some incense as well while listening to songs (only the songs that have motivational lyrics. I'm being careful with what I inject in my subconscious lol). It helps me clear my mind and get a better view of what's going on with my life. I refrained from complaining about things and instead, focused on the things I should appreciate. Gratitude is powerful, they said and that's an absolute truth.

    I write down affirmations as well and imagine these things are already in my life. Some came into my life instantly, some I know are already on its way. Everything has energy and I make sure my journal has positive energy. That's why whenever I'm holding my journal, I feel nothing but positivity, hope, and thoughts about an amazing life.

    If you are worried about tomorrow, anxious with how life is going lately, do journalling. Write down the things you love about your life, everything you are grateful for and the things you wanna manifest. You might be surprised how things will go in the next couple days.

    Raise your vibration through journalling if you still find it hard to visualize. If the ground shakes, know that you are letting go of the old you. If people leave, it means they already served their purpose in your life or your vibration doesn't match anymore. Focus on the now. Not on tomorrow, not in your past. Put your energy in your present by appreciating what you already have. The universe is just waiting for you to be ready.

    So when will you be?

    xoxo ������

    #mirakee #life lesson tho ah dah #love no #hates
    #journal #wod

    credit to the rightful owner:// myself

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  • lunatic_pen 41w

    I don't like you.
    The mess you've given me
    is enough for me to know what's shit love is
    all about.
    I don't want to feel love again or pity or something
    can we just move on.

    #pain #losing #mirakee

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    I just want to live a normal life.
    Away from people I don't like.
    Away from people I hide.
    Away from you.

    Don't ruin my life.
    I just want my FREEDOM.
    Can you hear me???
    Do you understand what I feel?
    Can you just stay away from me?
    Can you just leave me alone?

    I don't want my life to be complicated as yours.


  • lunatic_pen 45w

    oh shit this is not me ��
    don't make yourself fool again ��
    Oh God help me �� don't me ��
    I hate this but I love it as well HÀHAHAHA
    Am I that bad enough ��
    or Am I that crazy enough ��

    #mirakee #love #hates

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    I started to believe .... in destiny
    But I'm scared ... of our fate
    Scared of losing someone ... I LOVE
    Like you.


  • ashish_ve 56w


    With you I shared my evenings
    With you I shared my dreams
    With you I shared the Entire myself

    A day you were not there in my lonely evening
    You took rights to dream even
    I realised am walking alone
    You moved on
    I was there left behind
    That day You buried me alive

    Nope... Isn't it scariest than getting buried Alive?

  • ashish_ve 57w


    Don't you think it's Scary If you are aware of Purpose and Validity of someones in your life.


  • dream_pen 68w

    I want to compose
    my scribbled thoughts
    I want to compose
    my unknown thoughts
    I want to compose
    my unspoken words
    I want to compose
    my unwritten words
    I want to compose
    my SELF before I ended it soon


  • dream_pen 68w

    On the first page of our story
    The future seemed so bright
    Then this thing turned out so evil
    I don't know why I'm still surprised
    Even angels have their wicked schemes
    And you take that to new extremes
    But you'll always be my hero
    Even though you've lost your mind.
    Now there's gravel in our voices
    Glass is shattered from the fight
    In this tug of war, you'll always win
    Even when I'm right
    'Cause you feed me fables from your head
    With violent words and empty threats
    And it's sick that all these battles
    Are what keeps me satisfied.
    So maybe I'm a masochist
    I try to run but I don't want to ever leave
    'Til the walls are goin' up
    In smoke with all our memories
    Just gonna stand there and watch me burn
    But that's all right because I like the way it hurts
    Just gonna stand there and hear me cry
    But that's all right because I love the way you lie


  • dream_pen 69w

    Where do BROKEN hearts go?


  • dream_pen 72w

    She cries

    The road I have traveled on
    Is paved with good intentions
    And littered with broken dreams
    That never quite came true
    When all of my hopes were dyin'
    Her love kept me tryin'
    She does her best to hide
    The pain that she's been through
    When she cries at night
    And she doesn't think that I can hear (her)
    She tries to hide
    All the fear she feels inside
    So I pray this time
    I can be the man that she deserves
    'Cause I die a little each time
    When she cries
    She's always been there for me
    Whenever I've fallen
    When nobody else believes
    She'll be there by my side
    I don't know how she takes it
    Just once I'd like to make it
    Then there'll be tears of joy
    That fill her lovin' eyes
    When she cries at night
    And she doesn't think that I can hear (her)
    She tries to hide
    All the fear she feels inside
    So I pray this time
    I can be the man that she deserves
    'Cause I die a little each time
    When she cries


  • samridhi_tripathi 76w

    You did nothing to judge me, just insisted to be decent in my choices and i realised you're the one....

  • nocturnal_enigma 77w

    Lots of Feelings ~

    Red eyes;
    Blue mood;
    Purple sky.

    Lots of whys?
    Feeling misunderstood;
    I sigh...


    Red dates;
    Yellow teeth;
    Orange juice.

    Lots of hates;
    Feeling it!
    I choose?


    Red blood;
    White lies;
    Pinky promises.

    Lots of 'but';
    Feeling dies;
    I missed...


    © Nuruliffa Emirah
    @ nocturnal_enigma


    #Red #Blue #Purple #Yellow #Orange #White #Pink

    #eyes #mood #sky #why #misundertood #sigh

    #dates #teeth #juice #hates #it #choose

    #blood #lies #promises #but
    #feeling #dies
    #I #missed

    * 13.6.2020; 8.43 a.m

    * Malaysia

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    Lots of feelings ~

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    * Background picture by Mirakee

  • tathagatkaushik 82w

    When a girl ignores you

    It doesn't mean she hates you,
    It's mean you hurt her......


  • ajaygupta 85w


    Ek Tufan mere ander Bhi hai
    Ek sehlab mere andar bhi hai
    Chuppi ko mere Meri kamjori na samjhna
    Wo jwalamukhi hu Mai
    Jo sirf intezar karta hai Fatne ka
    Tere Zindagi itni darawani bana dunga
    Sapno se darega tu
    Sab kuch hoga Tere pass
    Phir bhi kaapege tu
    Waqt hai Tere pass....
    Bach sakta hai to Bach Kar dikha
    Tu Mai wo sikhaunga Jo aaj Tak tujhe koi na saka sikha
    Vida mangega tu Teri zindagi se
    Haar jayega tu mere bandagi se
    Bhagega tu Teri har khusi se
    Tera Kal aaj se darawana bana dunga Mai
    Teri hasti mita dunga Mai
    Abhi bhi waqt hai bhag ja ........
    Bhag ja.....
    Tujhe barbaad karte waqt purana kuch nhi dekhunga....

  • naveensirsilmaz 98w


    Thanks for playing with my
    Hearts and my emotions

  • devaaa126 102w