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  • muskaanbhatt_ 2w

    Thank god, I may not be a good person but I am definitely not like you guys (the illegal ones) ����

    You guys don't even have the guts of tagging me In your posts, which you people write about me on topics which I do and write but you show with a fake description instead of the truth, but I am grateful that I am such a great person for you that you guys created fake I'ds just to write(in tuti phuti english) everyday about me and just to stalk my stuff��such a schedule free persons they are��

    P:s : they pretend they haven't read my story when in reality they read it whole from top to bottom, but say we didn't read as we don't like, it was so long, when in reality they read it all that's why they knew the story was long, and if you didn't read, then how you got to know, what the story was ,����insane, and about whom, stop giving solacements to yourselves.

    Thanks @writersnetwork for the ❤

    #pod #wod #miraquill #haters @miraquill @Miraquill_assistant @writersnetwork #monologue

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    Too much jealousy and hatred I am enjoying✌and laughing at the same time

    Few days back, I just noticed that my many so called haters are also present here on this platform,I didn't want to write about them but I was feeling bored so thought of kicking them back, so they have made fake accounts with fake known names and are posting shit about me and my writings, and are puking out their jealously and hatred from their posts which are they trying to frame about me, like they think I am faking my things, achievements and I am copying my writing from search engines and I am remixing others writing with my own and give credit to myself lol, well firstly let me explain I don't notice that much of other people but when I notice,i notice very badly.

    Firstly I am not having any fake thing as my life is an open book but you haters show your things as private,when there alot of people who know your whole history, being private on social fake media doesn't mean your real life is that much private when everyone knows the real life history of yours, the amount of open book I am on social media describes the amount of how much private my real life is,secondly I achieved alot by the grace of God and with support of my mom, otherwise I wasn't interested in achieving anything and where you wanna see the achievement proofs your place or mine, thirdly what you had written I use search engines for copying, I must say you are revealing these truth about yourself that's why you think everyone is like you,let me tell you my every post and poem poetry story writing everything it's all my own written by myself using my heart and my brain as original real writing comes from inside of us not from search engines, I may use a dictionary for my writing as I am not professional,just started writing from the start of this year after a gap of 10 years,but never so called search engines and so called books of others to write my stuff, and what you had mentioned in your 2rs posts that everyone is a self made writerwriter not just me,exactly everyone may be a self made(not going to Institutes to learn writing), but for me self made means (not having any guide,not having any one from family background as a writer, not Consulting books of others to know how to write and all as I don't buy nor read books rather then my medical books and the holy book(haters be like reading books of others but not having time to read our religious books), and continuing,not taking any known writers teaching and training to write, not going through writing platform or source to take guidance to write as I am a freelance writer without any source and guidance), writing for me is like some ideas accidently come to my mind I think just for a minute and then I write without consulting anything, it's your problem if you like or not, I don't give a shit about that, and fourthly whaT you said I am remixing my wordings with other's writing and give credit to myself, well there is a plagiarism option you can go for that to check the posts are orginal or not, you will easily get to know, if whenever you feel like I am copying and so you can report, and fiftly must say the words and language you use in your posts so called which are for me, I must say you are such a downgraded person like your mouth sticks with the smell of swear language, and last but not the least what you had posted I follow I alot of accounts then gain the new followers and unfollow again and then posted I got 100 in 10 days and 100 now in 1 day haha so (jab ata karti hu apko nahi ata karna toh mai karu us mai)wese you haters also follow hell lot of people for gaining likes and followers but in return people don't follow you guys as much they follow me because my writing is much heavier then yours, look my old mirakee account I didn't use that from 3 days and still there no one unfollowed me and it's power of writing not the game of unfollow follow, if it was that then being inactive for 3 days I would have lost half of them but see I am gaining the followers there too and you are so much jealous of that, and you guys should be jealous of that because everyone knows you haters are on this platform from a long period of time still not gaining that much,and followers likes reposts comments, they are just numbers but somehow these numbers give writers like a motivation and support to write more and more with the same enthusiasm and it shows how much people love a person's writing,may Almighty give you haters some patience to tolerate my things.dont know how many are involved but who cares.

    Haha well carry-on and write shit about, i will appreciate that and will do more better better in my life,so that you haters will die of jealous more quickly,I don't give a damn about you people, but let me remind you do you guys know what that person is known as who talk behind the backs, you backbite, everyone knows what that person is known as, I don't wanna make my mouth dirty, if I have problem with anyone I directly talk to them on their face not like you gutless persons who know how wrong and highly mistaken they are that's why you guys keep making fake accounts and write false information about me, which is actually about your own selves not about me or others, you are having hate and jealousy for me, talk direct on my face, stop doing kiddish things by making fake I'd and posting about my topics which I do and write but with a false information. Such an immature beings they are, may lord show you the right path and stop you from doing prohibited things which you guys do on daily basis without any guilt

  • muskaanbhatt 4w

    Woofing Cumbergrounds (Unknown strangers but somehow identified)

    When our haters bark alot
    All we should do is to let them bark
    Don't try to put an end to their snarling
    Don't try to shut them up
    Encourage them more and more to bark the crap out which they think of you but from their perspective
    Don't try to answer those schmucks, keep them buzy in thinking about you
    Make those hellcats mad by neglecting their questions and witless assertions
    Later on when those stinkers will come with a sorry note,do spare them with a leer look
    And in the same time you enjoy your strengths, ambitions, life, love, zeal and etc

  • muskaanbhatt 4w


    Kiya sab ka suwagat dil se humne
    Kya pata tha niklege kuch choor bhi un mai
    Peet peeche krte the burayi
    Mouh pai bhot bante the apne

    Meri zindagi ka pyar jo hai mera apna
    Samjhaya usne mat pad tu un mai
    Waqt kai sath wo royege khud pai
    Tu yakeen rakh hum ek dusre kai liye kafi hai in sab mai

  • digging 5w


    तुम मुझसे जल ही सकते हो बराबरी करने की तुम्हारी औकात नहीं है।
    बराबरी कर भी नहीं सकते तुममें कुछ बात ही नहीं है।

  • poetrani 6w

    Wise Woman

    Sorry timidies, you can't
    break it because it is not my ego
    which will break easily,
    it's my pride which I have
    earned by burning myself
    through years of hard work,
    scrupulous morals with
    honest ethics and dedication
    To improve myself as a wise woman.

  • sheikh_huzaifa 6w

    Phool jaisay hai hum
    Ab qaanta banaya ja raha hai humai
    Kabhi baatu say murjaya ja raha hai humai
    Toh kabhi khud tooat k murjayai ja rahai hai hum
    Kabhi sonch tay yai hai ki hum qaanta ban jayai
    Laikin phir khayal aata hai ki nahi hum jaisay hai waisay hi rahain gay kisi k liyai qaanta na banai gay..
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  • palaki 12w

    Kill them with your success
    Bury them with your smile✌♥️

  • palaki 12w

    Mouth can lie,
    Eyes can not
    People will forget
    Karma will not!!

  • dope_writer 16w


    Jalne wale jalte hai, jalna unka kaam hai
    Jalne wale jalte hai,jalna unka kaam hai
    Jala jala ke rakh kar denga akshat hamara naam hai.....

  • anuradhasharma 17w

    बहुत कोशिश हुई , हमारे नमोनिषा मिटाने की ।
    पर , उन्हे क्या मालूम था ।
    इसे विरासत में नहीं पाईं ,
    मेहनत से बनाईं हैं ।

  • themitartofficial 17w


    Respect your haters because they have a great contribution in your success.


  • meeraejaz 17w

    Baat ayse hai ki...

    dartay too hum kisee kay baap sa b Hai nhe ....

    Ki dartay too hum kisee kay baap sa b Hai nhe ....

    Orr Tum hum ko hara sakho itna Dum tOo tumharay baap ma B nhe ...


  • shinys_words 18w

    To all my haters....I am sending you a big mfs

  • joban8 19w


    Ajj Kal bhut mildey ne lok menu ,
    Par ਖਿਆਲ ni kisey da mere nal mileya...
    Dua ਘੱਟ te ਬੱਦੂਆ bhut dindey ne ਸੁਣਿਆ menu,
    Par khud di mang nal v ਮੌਤ da raah ni mileya....
    ਅਫਸੋਸ k oh lok ਅਫਸੋਸ v jta ni skde mere nal....
    Kyuki murh ਸ਼ਕਲ dikhaun ਏਸਾ koi ohna nu ਬਹਾਨਾ nahi mileya....

  • pallavi4 19w

    Dear Haters,

    I’d like to thank you for being
    Extremely mean and hateful towards me
    For convincing me that I had no talent
    Whatsoever as far as the eye could see

    For your ugly, venomous words I’d like to thank you
    That flowed so easily from your mouth
    Thank you for shutting the doors in my face
    Making me feel like an outsider that was cut out

    Thank you for discouraging me to write
    For poking fun and making lewd jokes
    For saying all I could do was to rhyme words
    And for not being there when my spirit broke

    You are the reason I have strength in my pen
    You are reason I never feel let down
    You taught me how to dust myself and
    Stand up alone up from the ground

    I thank you from the bottom of my heart
    I hope one day I can tell you how grateful I am
    It took your words to break my spirit and help
    Me rise permanently and keep away from sham



    10th of June, 2021

    Pic credit: Pinterest, picture credited to its rightful owner- “Rotation” by Enric Gener

    #wod #gratitude #haters #letter #thank_you @writersnetwork #writerstolli #writersnetwork #mirakee #mirakeeworld #readwriteunite #thepoetrycommunity #poetry #pod #writerscommunity @mirakee

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  • __quotes__forever__1214 19w


    Haters will listen when you speak less

  • __quotes__forever__1214 19w


    Haters hate because that's the only thing they can do

  • one_little_words 21w


    If you have enough audacity to badmouth someone. Show the same guts when someone talks bad about you.

  • j_a_esquivel 22w


    I've grown tired of spectating.
    I was pretty bored chatting up the gatekeepers .
    Sometimes I can't tell the difference between motivation and spite.
    I've tried to not let words hurt me, but I know which words hurt.
    And which ones just sting
    I carefully tip toe between wit and being malicious.
    It's hard to find a tune when all you hear are screams
    Their shallow bravado producing tone deaf mantras
    Some noises are caused by insecurity and others by validation
    Yet the words they say hang in the air
    Like a neon sign just levitating next to your bed.
    Don't dwell on statements from the ill inspired
    Instead rearrange the letters
    Break the sign and take what you need
    Remember that doubts are anchors
    And your ship is well on its way already.

  • pallavi4 23w


    To all my ill wishers and haters,

    For your discouragement and meanness
    I’d like to thank each one of you
    For encapsulating me in a bubble of doubt
    So I was unable to comprehend which voice was true

    For poking fun and jibing at me I’m grateful
    For saying it was never the right time
    Neither had I any talent of any sort for
    All I could do was make words rhyme

    I would’ve never touched a pen like I hadn’t
    In the whole decade I spent listening to you
    You’d become the ringing voice in my head
    A privilege I’d given to very few

    They say time is a great healer and one should
    Trust it to make to take the stinging pain away
    Your demoralisation and dejection gave me
    Impetus, strength and conviction everyday

    I am who I am because you were you
    The path to wisdom to me you’ve shown
    Your oppression caused me to discover
    A courage inside that I’d never known

    You are the audience I want today
    To be able to read what I write and create
    It has been so much fun finding my voice
    And rising above your pettiness and hate

    With my best wishes


    15th of May, 2021

    Pic credit: Pinterest, picture credited to its rightful owner

    Thank you @writersnetwork for the repost! You made my day !!

    #wod #audience #haters #letter #courage @writersnetwork #writerstolli #writersnetwork #mirakee #mirakeeworld #readwriteunite #thepoetrycommunity #poetry #pod #writerscommunity @mirakee #pallavi_wnreposts

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